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Like everyone else, I too am a "Stalker", have...

Like everyone else, I too am a "Stalker", have been for quite some time now. I have found this site to be very ... very helpful in my decision to choose Dr Almonte as my doctor. I love the way she sculpts the bodies of voluptuous women ... Simply Amazing, I am convinced that she has gifted hands. I have been blogging, sharing comment and opinions on other postings and I truly feel a sense of community on this site ... Thank you R.S Team.


I am a wife and Mother of three who just decided that enough is enough. The minute I hit my 40s, I began to gain a lot of weight, particularly around my mid section. Clothes not fitting properly, constantly having to wear girdle ... "Confinement", I knew I had to do something.
In 2010 I had a grand wedding to attend, and in an attempt outfit ourselves better, my friend and I decided to try LIPOSUCTION ... No research, no investigation nothing, just on the word of a friend ... Foolishly we went to another State in the US ... I won't mention the Dr's name but I truly think that he experimented on us ... because the procedure was costly and the results were the same, we were soooooooooo disappointed.

Before so pictures

Closer to my goal

Well ladies, my sx date has officially been set and deposit paid, March 20, 2015. My girlfriend would be going with me, but she's not going to have any procedures done at this time. I became quite concerned when I read about some of the problems reported by Niina Biina after she had her sx. The hard painful lumps that she described got me worried for a minute, I don't know what caused it, but I became quite concerned. I do hope and pray that all goes well with Niina. I guess at the end of the day, we women must have faith in God and confidence in the Dr's we choose to perform our procedures.

These are some of my Wish Pics

Hey Ladies, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I have been reading/reviewing your post and gathering information. I have submitted some wish pics that I like ... Enjoy. In my research, I have observed that some people are disappointed with the sizes of their butt in particular. Everyone has a right to Superb expectations, but at the end of the day, we have to remember that the pics we post are named so far a reason ... we are all different, our shapes, sizes, body structure are all different ... but there's nothing wrong in wishing ..... lol. So even though I have posted these pics , I won't be terribly disappointed if I don't look exactly like them, but in the end ... I know that I'll look good ... just saying!!! ????????????

Still awaiting Hemoglobin results???

Hello Dolls, I know that I hadn't posted on here for a while, but I keep in touch every day. To date I haven't gotten my hemoglobin results, the reason being that I had to have a Stress test, Ekg, Blood work done, but at different times ... hence the delay in getting my results back. My next PC apt is on Monday so hopefully I will have the results by then. In the meantime I am keeping up with my iron and vitamins.

Flight Booked!

Although I haven't gotten my Hg results back as yet, I've already pad my deposit and booked my flight ... because I believe that all would be well.
I just can't seem to loose the weight. My weight has been stuck at 240 lbs for the longest while. I have been juicing, trying to eat healthier, I've ever tried exercising but nothing seem to be happening. I certainly wouldn't want to go to DR and not get anything done. I spoke to Leslie about the fact that my BMI is slightly over 35; I am convinced about that, but she said she needed to see my Hemoglobin level ??? I am trusting God that all will be well.

More Wish Pics

I just LOVE her shape ...

Wish Pics

Some more Wish Pics ...


Good evening RS family, I finally got my hemo results today and it is 12.9. I forwarded a copy to Leslie, she said it looks good and encouraged me to continue taking my iron and vitamins to which I replied ... " I most certainly will". When I did my blood work in early January, I had no Health Insurance, therefore I had to a for everything ... my Dr Specializes in Heart disease, so I did EKG/STRESS TEST and BLOOD WORK ... it was costly but worth it, he is very thorough, and all my results came back very good ... Praise The Lord!


Something must be going wrong with my Scale, because every time I go to measure my weight the results are always 240lbs??? No matter what I do, that weight is just not coming down ... HELP!!! Soooooooooo I have started juicing daily, because I want to loose at least 10 lbs before SX which is on March 20th. I think that is a reasonable expectation. I found something on the Internet that I have started using called "IDEAL SHAKE", it really helps curb my appetite and sustains me well throughout the day. I started using it about two weeks ago and it tastes great. I would mix and blend just about anything, add some Ideal Shake mix, and some vitamin C in powder form ... The result are Superb. I land on using the mix, which comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, right up to the time of my SX ... I should definitely loose some weight by then. Also I have added some more Vitamins and Supplements to my everyday regime.


Hey RS family, I am convinced that Dr Fatima Almonte is indeed a genius. After looking at the results of my Sis who had her SX yesterday 2/20, and many other voluptuous women, I am soooooooooo excited and encouraged that my results will be beautiful as well. I am so happy and excited for her and all the other women and sometimes (men), who is willing to take a chance and do something to improve our lives. Too many times, we allow FEAR ... False Evidence Appearing Real ... to hinder us from accomplishing great things in our lives ... Let us continue to support and encourage each other on this journey of Self - realization ... because trust me RS family ... WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!


Hey Ladies, it's been a little while since I last posted on my page ... but I am always in touch with you all, reading your reviews and comments which is always so uplifting and encouraging. I am just days away from my sx and right now I am just getting everything together. My suitcase is packed and I am double checking to make sure I have ever thing I need. I have basically stick to the list that I got from Leslie and added some things that I've plucked from other people's list that I thought I might need.

I do plan to stay in DR for eight days only ; since I have to get back to work. My girlfriend who is going with me would use the opportunity to take advantage of the scenery and possibly the beautiful beaches in DR, this is her first time also. She would be staying at a hotel nearby.


I am in the doctor's office presently as I write this review. I did not have Health Insurance for over a year, and therefore, had to pay for everything out of pocket. Could you believe that now that I have gotten the Insurance, which I have to pay over $400.00 every month for the family, I am told that I have to get a referral/permission from my insurance company, because my regular Dr who happens to be a specialist, isn't in my plan's network ... I was so upset that I had to pay $100.00 for this visit. I really needed to see my Dr one last time before going to DR, because I needed a release letter from him, also prescription for strong pain meds .


Has anyone ever heard of any restrictions about leaving DR before the 10 day mark? Someone who was there recently told my girlfriend this, that one has to get a release letter from their DR to leave the country in less than 10 days? ?? I am praying and really believing God that all will go well and that I will be able to leave in eight days. I am currently taking my Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Blood Builder, Vitamin B12, and a few other vitamins to ensure that all is well when I get to DR ... I am also juicing regularly.




Hello again RS family .... where do I begin??? First off, my girlfriend and traveling companion missed her flight which was early on the morning of March 19th, every thing was a mad rush ... busy ... busy ... busy, I was so disappointed that I had to fly solo because those people at the check in counter were not playing! I eventually utilized both of our seats on the plane, and my girlfriend was able to get on the next flight.


After about an hour at the Airport, I was finally picked up by the driver, can't remember his name, but very kind and patient man, and taken to Cecip. Very beautifully decorated. Met with Leslie and Raquel first ... very warm reception, beautiful ladies. Went through my paperwork, signed the relevant documents and made my payments.


After talking care of the paperwork, Raquel then took myself and two other ladies to do our blood work, then X RAY ... and somewhat between that time ... I finally met the woman herself ...DR FATIMA ALMONTE ... A petite little woman with a very big heart indeed ... Beautiful! Dr Tanya, also very warm and beautiful. My next stop was to the Cardiologist, a refined and proper looking man, office looked a bit dated, but very personable and engaging personality ... Very thorough too!


Everything was well so far, because myself and one of the other ladies were Asthmatic, we both had to meet with the Pulmonary Specialist the next day. LET ME TELL YOU R.S FAMILY ... AT NO TIME DURING MY EXPERIENCE AT CECIP WAS I ANXIOUS OR AFRAID ... I HAD THE PEACE OF GOD ALWAYS!!! The Pulmonary Specialist cleared me for SX, $140.00. Oh I forgot to mention that my pressure was high, and so I was given two pills, one one the evening and the other on the morning of SX ... it worked. I was the last person for SX on that day ... After all was said and done, I was informed by Leslie and Dr Almonte that the Cardiologist recommend that I be not turned over on my stomach so I would not be able to get any Lipo to the back or BBL ...... soooooooooo disappointed, but safety first ......... OK here we go into the wheelchair, up to the OR. I was placed in a room, given the famous BLUE PILL, told to relax, next thing I know Dr Almonte comes in, marks me up ... I told her how I felt about not getting my BBL, but she reassured me that she would Lipo as far back as possible, she also stated that I had fat behind my muscle for which I had to diet and exercise ... but she reassured my that all will be well, just relax and she will be back in about 20 mins.


I'm having trouble uploading my pics ... will try again later.


These are some of the post surgery pictures.


These are some of the pics that were taken yesterday.


Part Two of my DR experience would be coming soon, I am quite busy at work right now, but as soon as the time permits I will share my experience.

My DR Experience cont'd ...

Hello Dolls and Divas, I know that it's been quite a while since my last post, for which I do apologize. I did promise to update you all about my experience. My surgery went well, no complications, however, about two days later I began to experience difficulty breathing. Now as you know I am Asthmatic so naturally I thought that this was related. I informed Dr Almonte and she recommended the use of my inhaler which helped minimally. The next day, I had a follow up visit with Dr Almonte and by then my breathing had become progressively worse, I had great difficulty in climbing the stairs to her office. After the examination she sent me for X ray and blood work after which I returned to the RH. Not too long after she summoned me back to the hospital, only to find out that my blood platelets had dropped significantly, I think it was around 10 when it should have been around 165 or so. She then sent me to another facility to be tested again, by that time my breathing had gotten worse, so upon my return from the second blood test and by the time she got the results of the second test I was rushed to the ER

My ER Experience

From the moment that I was admitted to the ER, I knew I was in great hands. I never for one moment felt anxious or afraid because of the Excellent care that I received. All of the Dr's and nurses that attended to my need did so with such care and Excellence. Dr Almonte would come quite often to check in and reassured me that all will be well, she even told me that she wanted to stay overnight in the Hospital with me one night ... what a testament to her great care and compassion as Dr and as a person. I truly felt like a celebrity in the ER ... lol. At one point I began to think, how am I going to pay for this great Hospital stay .... then it dawned on me The INSURANCE!!! After the third day my Plait let's had risen high enough for me to leave the hospital. Thanks to DR Almonte and her attention, warmth and commitment to her patients all went well, what a great testament to her and her faithful team of beautiful souls.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have been looking, reviewing, surveying Dr Almonte's site for quite some time now and I've been totally impressed with everyone she has done ... I feel very confident that when she is finished with me ... I will be very satisfied. I had faith in DR Fatima Almonte even before I met her. Based upon my research on her and her work, I knew that she was the right Dr for me and today three months post op, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my SX. I take pleasure in recommending her to anyone at anytime.

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