May be 50 but i'm not going to look it! TT, BBl, Lipo Sculpture. Dominican & Dr Almonte it is!

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I am 5'7" 155 lb 3 children woman I turn 50 this...

I am 5'7" 155 lb 3 children woman I turn 50 this year! I'm determined to look my best and I've got some work to do to get there. I have noticed my skin is becoming rippled and lax the older I get so I am going to start going to a gym and see if it don't help.
It's been 2 years almost to the month, since my first lipo procedure and I am in no way happy with it and I'm not willing to pay them more to poke me again for subpar results, they've already had two chances.. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me :)
I have two Dr's in mind one is Dr Almonte in the Dominican.. I did get a quote from her she's booking into August as of now great prices, great work, just nervous about traveling outside of the USA for surgery especially since I’ve never been operated on before. But GOD do I love her work! Let me know if you would like a recap of her quote.
The other is Dr Leedy out of Cleveland he is my "close to home" option I go see him in a few days for a consultation. If he is even close to her price I will go with him, I know he won’t be though and so in will come my dilemma... Travel or home?????? I will feel safe and secure close to home and I know he's a good surgeon. His results are not as impressive as Almontes but it's a trade off I’m willing to make if he's not way out of the ballpark. Was considering traveling to Florida but not after recent events, no thank you!
I know I need a TT and want full torso lipo and may as well have some put into my bottom... not a lot just to shape it a bit I have been blessed with butt, I'ts just an old butt now :) I know they do this in the DO all the time together not sure how a US Dr. will feel about it. I would just go for a MM but I have a strong history of breast cancer and I can not see waking any sleeping giants by messing with my ta-ta's. so they will just have to sag. LOL
Either way, I will be picking and booking a surgeon by the end of the week!
My significant other is not happy about my decision says I’m beautiful just the way I am and what am I doing it for? ... Why am I doing it? Because, I want to show my body without feeling ashamed. I am doing it for me and that's the ONLY reason. I want to walk on a beach confidently in a bikini. I want to wear my tight jeans and not have rolls hanging over. I love my tank tops and want to wear them again without being self conscious of it or covering it up with a jacket. I want a flat tight tummy. It's my money I’ve worked hard for and it's my body. I just pray I come through it all healthy first and foremost and then happy with my choices I’ve made.

I've made my decision after MUCH contemplation. Dr Almonte it is!

I did go to my in person consultation with Dr Leedy. Nice guy, I wasn't impressed with his liposculpture before and after pics I just kept looking and thinking to myself I would not be happy with that. Mind you i've already had 2 conservative shotty procedures done by smartlipo cleveland.. don't get me started! Plus he wouldn't do multiple procedures i needed done at once. I'm sure it's him being 100% comfortable with the care he is giving his patients but I know it can be done and safely. He also wanted to give me a vertical scar, NO Thank You! All in all the USA just does not shape you like the DR Doctors and that's a fact! Looks at the pics.
So I am securing a date in December for my procedures. Now to get my passport, wish pics and things to travel with, oh yeah and keep my courage up! I keep thinking good lord can they really fix this ageing body? I hope so I am dying to feel good about how it looks in a bikini and if it doesn't at least look great in clothes! Wish me well!

Put deposit down and applied for passport today!

STEP 1: Is done, I have secured my date with a transfer of funds. I chose the end of November so I could spend the holiday with my family. They would kill me if I left for Thanksgiving. There are only two members who know I'm going for now, the less the better because I don't want the lectures! I'm 50 I can make up my own mind. My Daughter and my Fiancé are the only ones I will confide in for now. My Fiancé is not happy he told me that they were going to lure me down there and steal my organs... LOL because that's what they do! OMG then I had to google black market organs to be sure that wasn't a thing in the Dominican.. well, it is, as with every other country. Just like sex trafficking. Only thing I have going for me is that I don't think their looking for 50 year old organs or vagina. LOL STEP 2: Done. I went to title bureau today and applied for my passport.. I took the crappiest passport photo ever! Made me realize that that face lift is a priority! Anyway it is one step closer to this becoming a reality! I would love to find a travel buddy! So all you November Almonte Dolls come Forward!

Quote info rom Almonte

Forgot to post this earlier. Hope it helps someone :) Thank you for your images. Dr. Almonte has reviewed your request and suggests the following procedures: Option 1 Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist + BBL Option 2 Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist + BBL It is very important that you check prior to planning your surgery the following : Hemoglobin levels and BMI. The BMI limit is 35, it is very important that every patient is physically ready to have these procedures. The hemoglobin level must be minimum 12 to have any procedure performed and 13 and above to have full liposculpture. The minimum stay required is 10 days after SX day. Below I have detailed the costs for these procedures. When are you planning to come? Option 1 US$ 5,100.00 Option 2 US$ 4,450.00 Includes: ?10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring (Recovery House available: My Home Patient care RH, The new life, Armonia, Tropical. Due to the high season the RH will be assigned depending on the availability of each one) (US$55.00 extra per day if you bring companion) (US$25.00 additional per day if the patient wish to have a private room for herself Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray Post operation medications 1 Post op garment 1 night at the clinic Free of charge consultation post op Without the Recovery House Option 1 US$ 4,250.00 Option 2 US$ 3,600.00 Includes: Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray Post operation medications 1 Post op garment 1 night at the clinic Free of charge consultation post op Important: Patients with the following conditions will not be able to have sx: - Low hemoglobin level below 12 - Recent abortion or surgeries procedures performed - Patients with cancer history must have a Doctor clearance and must also have an evaluation by an Hematologist whom would give the authorization for the surgery to be perform. - Patients with high blood preassure, diabetic, Thyroid must also be evaluated by a specialist in the field. Medication that must be stopped before surgery: - Aspirin - Weight loss pills or any pill that contains Phendramine must be stopped at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. - Diabetic patients must suspend Metformin a week prior to surgery and must consult your head Doctor to substitute with any other medication that does not contain this component. Prior to your arrival we must prepare your body by taking Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C, it is very important we assure you are not anemic since that will enable us to proceed. It is best if you can have a CBC test to check on your Hemoglobin levels, it must be above 12 to have any procedure. The ideal level is 13 and above. There is a security deposit of US$350.00 required to save your date can be placed through the Wells Fargo Bank Account 7049658086 from Yeiro Mateo, Wells Fargo Back Account 2301542722 from Fatima Almonte OR Western Union under Yeiro Mateo. Credit card payments of remaining balance at the clinic must be Visa or Master card, there is a 5% transaction fee of the total amount to be paid. This deposit must be done in dollars and is NON REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE, although it is good for a year in case you need to change your surgery date and your quote is valid for 6 month. The remaining balance is to be paid in US$ cash ONLY. Once your surgery scheduled, you can ONLY change your date 2 times in case you need to. Surgery days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Dr. Almonte has a very strict rule of only 3 patients per day, and therefore it is very important that you save your date on time. I will need for you to arrive the day prior to prep for surgery. It is preferred that you arrive before 6:00 pm to have all of the evaluations and blood tests performed. You must contact me 48 hours prior to your surgery to confirm flight arrival. Please advise me of any medical conditions or special medication taking at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or doubts. I look forward to having you here, have a blessed day! Best Regards,

Get $10 Tourist card online as soon as I get my Passport

I'm going to get the tourist card out of the way as soon as I get my passport don't want to wait in long lines for it in the Dominican.
The Tourist Card allows a stay of 30 days in the country, after which, if wishing to stay longer, the Tourist can extend his or her stay paying a fee which will be proportional to the amount of time he or she wishes to remain in the country. If information on the matter is needed, contact the Ministry of Migration.

To obtain a Tourist Card the only requirements are a Valid Passport and the payment of aUS$10.00 or €10.00fee.

The Tourist Card is valid for a year from the date of purchase and is only valid for one person, who will only be able to use it once. The Tourist Card can be acquired at point of sale locations in land, air, or sea ports in the country; it is also available in Dominican embassies and consulate offices overseas and in Tour operating companies. It may also be purchased through the online portal at

Okay my wish pics

I want natural curves nothing outregeous on the butt just a lift and a little more projection. I want to get rid of the bra roll area and the back fat and have a nice curve from butt to back. I have a decent butt... for a white girl. :) I want the armpits are addressed and the knees if she can. Seems like a tall order but I have faith she will do just that!

Whatsapped Leslie

I whatsapped Leslie asked if there is anything I need to be doing she told me in June/July go to my dr to get a baseline test on hemo and be sure everything is okay. To start to take my vitamins then as well. I have actually told another soul I'm doing this. My step daughter. I guess I want to be comfortable discussing it and not feel as if it's a dirty little secret. Don't know that I will te the world but it's a step forward!
I get so excited when I think about it now knowing it is really going to happen and feel relieved I am over the researching Dr's process!

A little weight gain

I am in full blown menopause, hot flash hell and everything that goes with it, I have been for 5 or so years now and I keep gaining weight.. I gained 5 more pounds so now I am at 5'7" 160 lbs! Holy cow! I can't seem to lose it and honestly I figured if I'm going to have it cut/ sucked out why would I bust my ass now to lose it? But I will not let myself go over that 160 mark..... I use to say that about 155 :(

Dieting is underway

December is to far away and I cannot stand the fact that I can't get my ass into my jeans without looking like I've been stuffed into them so I am doing a 21 day diet. Low calorie. No alcohol, no sugar, oil of any kind... No fun! I've done it before and dropped 18 lbs in that 21 days but didn't keep it off in the long run. I will do it again.. I keep telling myself I can do anything for 21 days and I can! Here's to dropping 18 lbs by the 9 th of June! Wish me luck this is not an easy diet to stick to its all mind over food! I know it's not a healthy diet but I need quick results to appease me. Patience is not a strong suite for me.

Passport has arrived :)

Makes it more real and makes me wish I had a closer surgery date... November 30 th is to far away. I have been telling people I will have surgery but in a joking way so I don't think they know if they should believe me or not... It will be a huge surprise when I say I told you I was going to do it!
I really want a mini face lift as well but one thing at a time don't want to complicate one with the other til I heal from the previous.
Need to make first apt. for blood work soon to get a baseline of where I'm at. Taking daily vitamin and I must say I do feel better. Haven't started buying supplies yet. So many things to do and no real urgency to do them.

Oh My Goodness... November 28 is right around the corner!

I think about it every day and grow more and more nervous, Only because it's out of the country. I am going to pick up a home hemoglobin test. I haven't started getting supplies. I am conflicted because some ppl say you don't need to take all that stuff and other pack an additional suitcase with supplies. Anyway in the next few days I will be booking airfare... gathering supplies... and getting blood work done to see where I am at. I have gained about 10 lbs so now I'm 163 :( honestly it is menopause and stress. Life is stressful this last year or so. But I don't want to bust my ass to lose it if I'm going to go to DR and have it sucked and tucked out. I will concentrate on that after TT, Lipo, and BBL. I am thinking of traveling with a friend who is a nurse and having her oversee my well being. It would give me piece of mind. Happy preparations Ladies! God bless you all.

Looking for late November 2016 surgery buddies for Dr Almonte

I would like to make some connections here for ladies heading to the DR for procedure with the lovely, talented DR Almonte. I have to look but I think my procedure is booked for the 30 of November. I really don't want to chicken out and need buddy system support so hit me up if your going to be there around the same time :)

Looking for all inclusive recovery home inDR

I really don't want to have to be bothered with gathering all the supplies packing him and hauling them around. I would much prefer an all-inclusive recovery home I have checked out essence but they don't have any availability for such short notice. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thank you

Dec 1 SX here I come!

Just talked to Leslie my SX is booked for the 1st of December. Still don't have a recovery house but I will contact Serenity as I have a SX buddy who is having surgery by a different DR but same day and pretty much the same procedure. Feels good to know I will have made at least one contact there. I am thinking of staying 14 days so I hopefully don't have to deal with the drains. I am also contemplating having a nurse friend come with me for at least 7 days but that will cost an extra grand to do that... hummm, decisions, decisions.
I haven't booked airfare but will in the next couple days. I go for my first blood work tomorrow. When that comes back I will feel better about booking airfare.
I haven't bought any supplies but will get on that as soon as the bloodwork comes back. Everyday I think about backing out, guess that's normal though, but all i have to do is look in the mirror and I say oh no... you're going!
Saying a silent prayer for all of you on your journey.. God bless

Blood work good!

All systems go. My Hemo is at 14.1 I just started taking the iron and folic acid so I think all was well before that. I do take a multi vitamin and extra C as well Doc suggested I take vitamin D so grabbed some of that.
It appears as I am healthy to undergo the procedures I have chosen. Now the dilemma of the recovery house and should I bring someone with me ? That's an extra 1K on me.
Anyway I have put my faith in God that if I am not meant to do this then things will not work out. So far all has fallen into place for me.

My home recovery house Early December.. Surgery Sister wanted

I have asked Leslie to secure My home recovery house one reason is I want to travel lite and she said w their house you don't need as many surgery supplies. Then I looked on their site they have hospital beds a huge plus for me looks very clean. Bright and cheery. Nurses on staff. The ladies have been very helpful already when I contact them via FB.
Hoping to make contact with another surgery sister:)

My Home Recovery

Have to say they have been so helpful in addressing my questions through messenger on FB... and trust me I have asked a lot! Leslie has always been very responsive as well. Starting to get excited about it.. nerves are lessening and excitement growing!
Some wish pics. Not that I will ever have these bodies I am 50 and have not exercised as I should but that will change after this procedure. I'm going to keep my investment up. Love the shapes.

Paid in full no turning back!

I am almost packed and ready to go my balance has been paid in full and I am excited... Need to quit scrolling through the feed I can't take those picture of people's incisions laying wide open with infection! God bless them, only thing worse would be to not make it through the surgery at all.

The rest of my journey as it occurred Customs in the DR

Okay ladies... customs was a little stressful to me there were so many different lines and not a lot of English signs or speaking employees to direct me. So let me save you any confusion you might experience.
You will be given two pieces of paper a white one and a blue one while you're on the plane to fill out for customs. If you have your tourist card already printed then you stay to the right, pass the exchange places and continue forward to the line that winds around it says visitors. Make sure you have the address of where you will be staying you need it to get through customs. When you approach the customs desk hand them your passport in the blue paper you filled out. My customs young man didn't speak any English so that was a trip but before I walked away he put his phone number on a piece of paper and said my number with a cute lil smile... lol I have sons his age... But very flattering, he was a cutie :)
Then you proceed to baggage claim after you grab your bag you head to another desk before you exit and give them the white paper he takes the paper and you proceed to head to exit. Leaving the airport and walking out into the crowd is a trip have your camera ready, there's a row in the center and there are literally hundreds of people standing on either side of it, some with signs and names on it some just waiting to greet their family but it is a busy place I wish I would've videotaped ( but I couldn't my phone was locked up) it was so cool.
On the airplane somehow my iPhone reverted back to this blank screen.. I couldn't get it to revert back to the apps part. It didn't help that I forgot my Apple ID password. I guess it's not uncommon because lesley said it happened to her too. I had a hell of a time getting it back! All my information was on my iPhone so I suggest you write down the numbers that you need to have because if it happens to you you're screwed until you can get to a computer and fix it. Thank God my driver was there and I didn't have to contact someone because I wouldn't have been able to I would've had not a single number on me because I rely on my phone for everything . Bottom line write down every number that you need in case that happens to you because it caused me stress.
Got to the clinic went through the blood work and x-ray the urine sample the EKG then they checked me into a room at the hospital I got the last room here so I'll be here for two nights and then I'll go to the recovery house after that. Kind of glad to be at the clinic because I got my own private bathroom here I'm weirdo about sharing restrooms.... and I'm going to be in a room with three ladies sharing one bathroom. This Ohta be interesting.
I am to take a shower tonight with antibacterial soap. Take another one at six in the morning put my surgery gown on and Dr. Almonte will be in to see me in the morning before she does her for surgery she marks are the girls up then I get to go back to bed till 11 when my surgery time comes. So say little prayer for me and happy healing to you ladies that have already had your surgery!
I will keep you posted if I can after surgery.

The rest of my surgery journey Pulled through!

Pulled thru ladies... Thank you for your thoughts and prayers they mean a lot when you all alone over here. Here's what happened; just like everyone says DR Almonte is a Doll! Very kind and puts you at ease. She came in and marked me up. I asked if she thought I could achieve that hourglass look she yes. You have a good foundation to start with. She said are you having your butt done I said yes but I don't want no big ole booty, I'm 50. She said you just want to fill it in. Yep exactly. During our talk the nurse came in with the infamous little blue pill. She said it Will make me relax and to keep happy thoughts dont stress about anything. I smiled and she said yes just like and hugged me. I was then wheeled to the operating room and the smell of medication was everywhere. Not one that I enjoyed either., kinda like a dentists office. I was help walked into the room they were going to perform surgery and they quickly began to put the IV in, I didn't feel sleepy at all and was getting worried. Then they injected this cloudy white substance in the IV and I was out. Don't remember anything until I woke up back in my room while they were putting on my compression stockings.
The nurse I hired was here and not that I needed her for much I did need her because you are positioned in the hospital bed in the upright position. You can not move at all, every little wiggle you make while trying to reposition yourself hurts like hell. The DR came in and checked on me and then I got more pain medication in the line. This was approx 6:30-7. The pain I feel is coming from where the drain is. If it weren't for the drain I would feel much better, all in all it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be but don't get me wrong it hurts.
They brought me a bowl of soup in and jello and juice I took 3 sips of soup and it was going to come right back up. I heaved once or twice but didn't throw up. My nurse said it was normal and I told I wasn't going to eat anything. From there fell back to sleep I couldn't keep my eyes open. I woke up around 2:00 and asked my nurse to please get me my pain meds I had tears in my eyes it was hurting so bad. I then took 1/2 of my Percocet because I was afraid it would make me nauseated and throw up. God knows I didn't want that! I had the nurse go into my backpack and get me a granola bar and ate it so the pill didn't lay on my stomach and make me nauseous. Not much longer the hospital nurse came in emptied my drain and catheter. I have been sitting like a statue for the entire day, I can't move. My whole body is swollen so much that I can't even make a fist, and that's where I'm at as if now.
So do you need a nurse? Probably not 100% necessary but I am glad that I had her to retrieve things for me. It was well worth 50 that I spent.
I will keep you posted I can't see my body yet, when I can I will post before and after surgery pics for you to see. Happy healing and thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Xoxo
PS one other thing my vision is wonky I'm kinda seeing double unless I look straight forward, hope that goes away soon and don't know if it's normal. But since none of the room nurses speak good English I cant ask. My room nurse speaks English but not the best I have to point and explain a few times what I want to her.

The rest of my surgery journey My Home Recovery House

Ladies I am at the recovery home. My Home. My experience here so far has been very good. There are people who are not happy with the food, they feel it should be healthy food and their right, for instance last night we had Alfredo for dinner. But the lunch was fish and it was good.
I feel very good overall, I take it that I am not the norm. When the driver picked us up( there were 3 of us) he said that we were all looked like the best as far as not leaving in pain that he had seen in awhile. I had a lady ( I will call her an angel ) because she has been so supportive and reassuring to me, she speaks fluent Spanish and has helped me with communication as well. She had Lipo and BBL and the other girl had boobs, Lipo BBL. We all felt pretty good leaving the clinic.
The women who work here are nice. You have buzzers in your room and they come if needed. They keep you up on all the medication you leave the hospital with.
The hospital fills your prescriptions that will cost you $40 USD.
There are plenty of bathrooms, every room has one and there common restrooms as well.
I am on the third floor but stairs were no problem for me.
If I can give you one thing to bring I would say bring a Muscle relaxer as I am in no pain from TT but my back is killing me walking hunched over. Honestly I didn't need extra pain meds so that was a waste for me but I would kill for a muscle relaxer ;) well not kill but i sure would be grateful.
I leave Faja open at night per Almonte's instructions, she said very important to walk hunched over but it's not like you have a choice in that matter.
I will keep you posted.. Happy healing and again thank you for you prayers and well wishes!
PS I did see my body for the first time last night and it is NICE! She did me proud! It was at 2 am so I didn't take pics but I promise you I will as soon as I can.

Just a thought or two

a thought or two...
Ladies you will find different Doctors have Different protocol as to when you receive your massage, stage 2 Faja. Etc. Bottom line is we all get to the same end results.

Another thing you will find is everyone has different pain tolerance, different draining amounts, fluid colors etc. We all eventually end up with the drain out listen to your Dr Drink fluids, walk as soon as you can. You will progress as you should.

You will have your good days and your bad both physically and mentally. Your first 3 are the worst physically and the mental kicks in later.

Everyone wants the end results now it seems, and want answers to questions no one but God has.

There are a lot of uncertainties as your go home date approaches.

Your in a home with a lot of women with different personalities and some wear on you thin at times as yours may them.

Your in a third world country where things are just not the same as what your accustom to. A smile goes along way to break the language/ culture barrier.

Be KIND, Be PATIENT, because your patience will be tested at one time or another, be HUMBLE. Yes you are an American and expect things to certain standards but they are Dominican and are trying their best with their resources and authority. They do not set the rules they follow them to keep their job.

At times it seems like a race to the end result but it's the human race we need to keep in mind, so love your fellow man as you wish to be loved. People become so self absorbed at times.

It is a beautiful country and people.
Happy Preparation and Healing surgery sisters.

12 days PO and a Vaginoplasty :0

12 days PO and drain free ladies! It did not hurt at all. :) I am feeling a little nervous with out it as I do not want a seroma. So say a prayer it goes well I leave here Wednesday and she said she would see me one more time before I leave. She said no massages for 1 week after the drain is removed.
Now for my secret that I've kept.......
I did something that you did not know about while I was here.... A Vaginoplasty! I know I'm crazy! It was not planned for and here's how it unfolded.
A lady in my recovery home had a vaginoplasty and she was in no pain, none at all, it was something that had crossed my mind as I am 50 years old with 3 natural child births. Well I went for it! I was 7 days post op TT BBL Lipo draining little feeling very good. So I had the consultation with the gynecologist and the surgery was scheduled for the next day. I was scared to death worrying if I was putting my body through to much trauma but was not worried about recovery as I had seen the lady at the house go through it with flying colors...
So I am admitted into CECIP again they came into the room to start the IV no English speaking women in the bunch. The lady who puts my IV in wants to put it into the same vein I had used the first surgery I asked her to please put in my vein by the crook of my elbow. She said ok and puts it in. There was pain and I should have known something was wrong my arm began to swell huge the saline was not going into a vein. She walks into give me the pill I am looking at IV she says pain? I say yes pain and I push on my arm showing her the fluid building up. She says oh and quickly rushes around to remove it and I tell her use my hand. So she finds another vein in the hand and places it there. Water leaks out of my arm. I was scared thinking it would cause complications but all was well. So again I say a prayer and take the little blue pill and remembered everything as I walked into the surgery room was laid on the table in a different manner more like Jesus on the cross this time, both arms extended and and feet put in stirrups. The next thing I remember I wake up in the recovery room trying to hold my head up and telling the ladies I am in pain. They inject something into my IV for pain and I am out again. I am released to go back to the recovery home and recoup. OMG this is the first time I needed my Percocet thank God I had them. It hurt and I set myself back in recovery. I swelled all over again, was draining more and in pain where I wasn't before. I should have known that like the previous surgery the recovery is not the same for everyone. This young lady had not had children so she did not need muscle repair like I did. I have to say I have one good looking vagina though! LOL and Dr Almonte and I were talking about it today her sister in law had it done by the same Dr and they were so happy they sent the Gynecologist a gift after the first month! There were also other ladies in the office that had relatives that used him and were just as happy! That made me feel good about my decision seeing as I jumped into it feet first and did not do my homework at all. Thank God I have been put in good hands. I am confident that in the end it will all be worth the pain.
It is my fiancée Christmas present.. the gift that will keep on giving!
Happy healing ladies!
The DRs name is Dr Carlos Regalado he works out of CECIP. His assistants number is 1 (809) 978-5639 contact her via what's app.
Dr Almonte said he is hands down the best.
Cost varies from 2500- 3500
Depending on what you need done.
Medications are additional 65 to keep clean and heal well.
Recovery time ( when you can have sex again ) for me will be 6-8 wks.
I had muscle repair, labia trimmed, outer labia fat injected, g spot enhancement, bladder lift.
Recovery care consists of creams, spray, antiseptic soap, pain cream. Massaging where fat has been injected. It has been 3 days and I cannot sit on it for very long but that may just be me?
Ask if you need help with anything else.

5 weeks PO

It's a slower process than I thought it would be. I'm 5 weeks now still have swelling in the front belly pouch area. But not too bad. I Wear the stage 2 Faja 24-7, am just now returning to work everyday and my back gets tight and aches, I have to be sure to not lift to much but that's hard in my line of work all we do is lift bend stretch.. The Vaginoplasty is still healing but coming along, ripped stitch is healing well. I'm at 4 weeks with that.
I haven't tried to put my jeans on For some reason I just feel like they won't fit. I feel as if my legs seem to have gotten bigger. I have to get on the scales to be sure my weight is in check, but it should be.
Lipo is still a Bitch it feels like you've been scalded all over your back and sides. Just sore to the touch. When I take off the Faja I am all ribs in the back area so I know it's going to be sometime before that ever feels normal again.
All in all I have been blessed with the healing process this far and am looking forward to 4 weeks from now when I know all will be so much closer to normal again!

Couple things you may want to pack

Couple more things you may want to pack:
long maxi skirts and not just maxi dresses. I needed more clothes than I packed as I dressed everyday and did not lounge in pj and robe all day
BLOWDRYER.. especially if your Caucasian and have to wash your hair every other day like me. It would have been nice if the house had one but they didn't.
HDMI stick to get Netflix in your bedroom TV channels are limited otherwise.
Extra blanket / pillow for plane and bedroom esp if your in a room with other women, some are hot some are cold it's a struggle sometimes.
Muscle relaxer in addition to pain killer to get you through those first few days walking hunched over.
Lose fitting sports bra to go over Faja
50 Singles for tipping, change is hard to come by
Flavor packets for your water
I will add to as I remember more.

27 Days PO

Okay I am 27 days PO for TT BBL and Lipo and sometimes think I feel worse than when I had the surgery. ( I'm sure it's just me expecting to much to soon) I had honestly expected to almost feel like myself again by now. I see pics of people a month PO and they don't complain, looks like they're good to go! Granted I did have the Vaginoplasty a week after my first surgery and it has literally been a pain in my vag... lol I recently split a suture on the outside that will take extra healing and care. Just what I needed.
I need a pep talk from the vets to reassure me that I am on the right track and healing as I should be. I don't think I should still be having terrible back aches at times from being on my feet at work. I tell ya I move slow and I can't wait to go home and put my PJs on and lay on the couch in the evening!
Sometimes I even wanna cry but it will do no good so I suck it up and move on.

I finished my surgery journey for you because I hate when people quit. Dr Almonte Rocks!!

I owe it to anyone going on this journey to share my story and I OWE IT TO DR ALMONTE. I put my faith, trust, body&iLife in her hands and she did me proud. Thank you Dr Almonte and may you continue to bless the lives of many more women. God Bless.

My Pictures

I took my old pics down but now realize how important they are for you to actually see her handy work. So here they all are in no special order.

More photos

God Bless you on your Journeys!

Now to figure out how to revise rating and give Almonte the 5 stars she deserves! (My original was Thai I didn't know if it were worth it but it surely was!
However it was not the cost that took me to the DR it was the quality of work they did and the shape I was looking for. I did go to consultation in the US and talked to a few more Drs but their work was not like Dr Almonte's. In the end I made the right decision for me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have researched and researched and after all of that research I went with Dr Almonte. I feel safe with my decision based on her reviews and her track record. I am now 3 mo post op and I can say I made the best decision for me. Dr Almonte and her staff lived up to my expectations. I am eternally grateful for the care she gave me and the quality of work she did

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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