46 Yrs Old Looking for That Outside Body to Match That Inside Heart! !!! Dominican Republic, DO

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My goal is to lose 60 more pounds by June 1,2015....

My goal is to lose 60 more pounds by June 1,2015. It's hard work but i know I'll make it. I must admit it's getting harder as i lose the weight,and sometimes I just feel like giving up. ...But i look at where i came from at 320 pounds and where I'm at now at 192 pounds.LAUGH and say girl quite playing! !!! Lmbo

This fat WON'T GO AWAY!!!



Stuck In This Body!!

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I'm at a Plato and can't move forward.

Leaving the gym wanted to share

I'm Happy Happy not much but i lost two pounds! !!! Maybe this beach whale body of mines is back on track.

17 days Togo for my surgery Yah!!!!

I'm so excited and wanting these 17 days to come and go!!! Tired of carrying this extra body in my belly and arms...lol. Packed and ready to go I just came from the gym so I posted some pictures just to remind me NEVER to go back here again.


Hello to all my Realself family!!! God is so good all the time!!!! Well it's almost time for my big transformation and I'm so excited.. I don't have a care in the world from the moment I laid my eyes on my doctor Dr. Fatima picture I knew she was the one for me. God fearing and her cometary are just as beautiful bed side manners I hear are just as beautiful. I've recommended her to so many people that have gone on to have their surgeries and they look fantastic..... All I can say is my day is around the corner. See you soon Be Blessed........Love Is The Key .....


All I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU LORD FOR KEEPING ME AND SAVING MY SOUL.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ME!! I'm still worried right after surgery I vomited about three cups of blood since surgery my breathing had changed the doctors assistant said it was normal but I'm often gasp for air with a deep sound from within. Now 6 days post op I've only seen Dr.Fatima once for about three minutes. Had another appointment today to just now be told it's cancelled.....
I stated once before I'm not sure why a I am throw to the side like a nobody is just beside me... Tomorrow I think I just want to get out maybe I'll fill much better... ALL TEARS AND READY TOGO HOME!!!!

want My Butt And Breast Done.

Well I'm still here trying to get this weight off I seem to go up and down like a yoyo but I know it's a life style. By June I except to reach my goal.

Up Dates Of My SURGERY...

My oh my where do I start!!!! It's been(10)ten mouths. I have fat still on my belly thought I just needed to work out more but it's NOT working.Two days ago I went to a cosmetic surgeon for a free consultation and was told no the fat on abdomen should have been removed in surgery. That I would need a revision surgery to get rid of it. WoW you could have knocked me over with a feather I was going to have another surgery anyway to get a breast lift but now that means a little bit more work. Okay Dr. Fatima I'll be back and I only want YOU!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had my surgery yet.

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