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Well I've been wanted to do this forever, been...

Well I've been wanted to do this forever, been doing my research get quotes from doctor s in NY wasn't happy at all.was on the Internet looking for the best plastic surgery doctor and real self came up. Looking around. OMG DR Almonte, I love all of her work .so I call the number the person I spoke to gave me her cell phone number I spoke to her on the phone and tell her what I wanted to get done, BBL TT full back , flank and under arm liposuction. , am 5"4 190 pounds I was 223 last year I decided to get my sexy back so I started to walk everyday doing the 10000 steps and it's work, now am on the 10 days green cleanse diets trying to lose 20 pounds by then, am so excited. I did like Dr robiris but she told me to loses 30 pounds and she can only do TTand liposuction but Dr ALMONTE just told me to start take iron, vitamins and folic acid

Dr Almonte, BBL TT full back,flank and under arm liposuction.

Thank you guys, yes my sx date is may 1st excited and a little nervous but can't wait, today is my 6 days on my 10 days green smoothie cleanse am not hungry everything is going well so far.

Dr Almonte ,BBL,TT,FFull Back Flank and under Arms Liposuction..

So anyone out there know which RH inDR is the best I don't know which one to stay am going for 14days my sx date is May 1st am ready..ready.ready.

Thanks very much,RH is include in my quote..

Thanks very much .yes RH is include in my quote,so am 6 pounds down on my weight.i don't buy my ticket as yet am planiing on geting it the end of this month.

so this is what Dr Almonte. going to work with

So this is what Dr Almonte is going to work with my sex less self anyway went to my doctor to see if I can get my hemo read but my insurance is expired lol.but I checked it December and it was 11.7 have been talking my iron, vitamins c and folic acid all most 2 months now so I hope by the time my insurance is ready next month it up to 15,

50 days counting down.

50 days and counting down, I put up so new picture of me. am supposed to be slimmer in those pictures but I look much bigger lol ,I k dr Almonte will take good care of me I need

29 days yes it's comming.

29 days for me to be on the flat side ..

well iit's less than 3 weeks to go.

Well it's less than 3 weeks to go on the flat side, went to my doctor yesterday did my blood work hemo is 12.5 I can't believe I've been taking all these vitamins for almost 2 months now and this is what happen ..Am very, very disappointed , last December it was 11.7 come on I need the liposuction on my back so bad. Am also taking blood builder am just going to stop talking it because I read on someone review the it doesn't help the hemo at all , I can't believe I should have been 15 by now oh hell.. o lord help me this day to make everything go well for me and all the dolls before and after me in Jesus name AMEN. .

got a little stomach infection

So my sinus acting up on me and my doctor gave me antibiotics .and I also havin stomach pain I hope everything is ok before may .that s my sx day..doctor said that I got stomach infection and it will clear up in 10 day , don't want to cancel my sx day but if am not well I would need to change the date..I hope not but God knows best. ...

Well am counting down

This is what you call count down 18 days to go..thought I had alittle set back ,so I went to my doctor to get my check up for my sx my stomach feel puffy and bloated just to fine out that I had tapeworm what the f..k ... He did nt exactly came out and said that but he say everyone has it ,just act up on some people ..he gave me some medication for 10 days and said it will all gone soon before my sx.. But me being a Jamaican had to look up the pills that he gave me on the Internet ...that's how I know that it's tapeworm o Jesus help me .i need to get something to deworm me before my sx..I spoke to Lesley Marie yesterday and she told me dr Almonte said I just need a clearance pass .i guess it from my doctor.anyway like I said being a Jamaica I need something more like ..Vermox..Zentel.... And I will be good for MAY1 ....I was just wondering why my HEMO is so low because of these damn tapeworms ,I been taking my vitamins, irons, folic acid sence the first week of February and my irons is still low12.5come on .wel am gonna take care of these guys this week. ...TAPEWORMS..YUCK.

Thanks to all the RS dolls ..

Thanks to all the real self dolls , you guys are all so very supportive and I love it.. Am feeling much better medication is working ..so am looking forward to do my sx May 1st can't wait to get on the flat side..suitecase already pack ,money put away to take with me am all good just waiting for the day to come.......dr here I come!!.

16 days omg,omg

16 days omg,omg am really,really counting down .. Well I just order the Hema..Flex on Amazon I need to boast up my hemo so I can get my back lipo,am not got take the vitamedica because my hemo is low and I need it to be 15 , pluse you cannot take any iron are any medication while taking the. Vitamedica so it out for this trip.next time when am going to do my BL and my bat wings lol yes am going back I want to look gooooood ,,and I also need to lipo my fat face mm not cute at all.

dr Almonte here I come

Dr Almonte here I come... Flat side am gonna be in couple days,it's definitely two and haft week left for me to look good .to look sexy.ohhh yea..

Wrong review.

It's less than two weeks left for me to be on the flat side...yeaaaa..

Ooohhhh god

So am going to leave work on the 27th .going to dr on the 30th.,my SX is on the 1st ..I just can't stop counting down the days and waiting for the day that dr Almonte going to make me pretty..looking forward to recovery..I hope my HEMO is 13 and over because I want to do everything,everything omg,omg.am freaking out.JESUS HELP ME..

10 day counting.

10 days counting am ready,ready,ready like Freddy lol dr here I come..

9 days to go..

9 days to go on the flatside

8days counting.

8 days counting.8 days to go on the flatside

7 days left for me to be on the flatside,Hey Almonte Dolls.

Hey Almonte Dolls who else r going to do SX on May the1st, 3 days leave for me to go home from work..then am going to my doctor to check my HEMO to see if it reach 13 . am just hoping that it pass 13 so I can do all that I wanted to do,so it's 7 days left for me to be on the flatside i just can't wait.

6 days to go

6 days, to go ....deep breathe,deep breathe,am excited really, really excited and just thinking how times fly..next week Friday this time I will be on the flatside..dr Almonte here I come in Jesus name amen..

5 day to be on the flatside..

5 days To be on the flatside.looking forward be meet that side of me.can you believe next week this time am going be flat and sexy, am getting my sexy back LMAO,,OMGbut right now I just need PRAYERS from ALLLLLL my Realself family thank you....1day before I leave work..

4 days 4 days, oh yes!!!.

4days oh yes tomorrow is my last day working until the next 3 weeks ...taking 3 weeks off my job stay in dr for 14 days because I don't want to come home with the draining inside of me I think it's too much ..just hoping everything workout for me,going home to finishing packing my suitcase..DRALMONTE am going to trust you with my life please,please take GOOD care of it...

3 days to go

3 days to go .. dr Almonte here I come. I can see that I gain some weight and it all on my damn back if I can't get aggressive liposuction I don't know what I would do I need it more than ever, am just hoping my hemo is over 13 ..some pictures before I go to dr..

So a soooo mad right now

So am so mad right now , visit my doctor yesterday to check my HEMO and the damn thing is low 11.9 come on have been taking my irons for almost 2months and a half .....nah at going on I don't know my sx is Friday it was 12.5 like 2 weeks ago..I don't know what to do I whatsapp Lesley I hope she can help.. I need the full back liposuction do bad more than anything else...doctor gave me some new irons but I only have couple days o lord left..guess I had to ask dr Almonte to give me IV irons no other solution

Even my spelling is getting bad

Even my spelling is getting bad OMG am mad right now....am so sorry about the miss spell...

Am at the airport yeaaaaaa.

Am at the airport yeaaaaaa ...on my way to dr..dr here I come irons low are high am getting something done. .

so I reached dr yeaaaaaaaa.

So I reached dr... it's 2.30 pm and I still haven't seen dr Almonte are Lesley Maria, I leave ny 5.59 am fr jfk land in dr 9.23 oh I forgot my driver name any way I'll get it later but he was very pleasant speak English well, I didn't tips him I told the when am leaving I'll do it.reach the clinic 11 am do my blood work x-ray and everything still waiting to hear the results of my HEMO ..lucky me am staying 14 days so if they give me IV irons I sill got 10 more days left. .that it am outside still waiting on dr Almonte and Lesley Maria. .

trying to update some info

Trying to update some info my sx go well ..today is my third day since my sx am staying at my home which is very nice ..my HEMIO was very low 11.8 so I didn't get to do all my sx .i was planning on coming back thou so it's ok my health comes first.. I was going to do IV irons but talking to Lesley Maria and Robin that sometimes taking IV doesn't work and I may end up lose those couple days so I deside to go with the tummy tuck am coming back to get the full back liposuction, bbl and bl..I met some nice people staying at my home. .this is the only pic I took yesterday. .

Thanks..and thanks to all the Realself family

Thanks... And thanks to all the Realself family support is coming in from all direction...nuff love.. So am on breathing treatment offer my TT I had a hard time catching my breath ,my sinus was draining and it went into my lung a little fluids but am ok just had to spend money that I don't want to but like I said before my health comes first.. Am trying to write this post for couple days ..

Dr Almote is the best.

Dr Almonte is the best am telling you she so sweet and down to earth..the MY HOME recovery House the best Cathy, Diana, Anly best care every Annie gives the best massages $25 per massage...so I went to the dentis to get my mouth looking all good.. DR NOVA ..809.981.4901 $500 don't regret it wroth it ,wroth it

trying to post some pics

Trying to update some pics

pictures update

Pictures update

Dr Almonte is the best

Dr Almonte is the best am telling you I only did tt but I look as if I did liposuction can you imagine when I finally get liposuction and my bbl how amazing I would look,, Annie gives the best massage ever.I would recommend MY HOME to anyone who coming here to do sx this is the best place to come ..the nurses, doctor s they are wonderful, , Kathy, Anly And my favorite Diahanna very , very nice people.

pictures update

Big difference am very, very happy with my results. ...December here I come again full back liposuction. ..bbl and bl. I think I look awesome.

drainage is still in

Still have the drainage in its been 15 days sense my sx and the drainage is putting out more than 50 cc omg I need to go back to work

second stage fajas

Second stage fajas love it lollol worth every penny $150 dr Almonte. .love my body! !!!!!!!.

To day is 20 days sence my sx.

To day is 20 days sence my sx,am having a hard time keeping the second Fajas on ..the damn thing is so tight ..am so happy with my result dr Almonte did a good job...very excited to go back and finish up,am back at work didn't tell my boss what I was going to do am walking alittle bend over he's just looking at me questioning......just told him that my back is hurting lol that should keep him quite...

forced myself into stage 2 fajas

Forced myself into stage 2 fajas

today is the 27 days since I have sx

Today is the 27 days since my sx am so, so, happy I chose dr Almonte she is the best am telling you she is so sweet did I mention that Ihad pizza with her oh yes I have pizza with the great dr Almonte am so happy that she did my sx.love her love her. And am going back in December.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Almonte is the best plastic surgery doctor in dr , she has the the magic touch. .I love her and would recommend her to everyone and anyone who consider doing sx ..am so glad that I chose her the best money spend and am going back in December. .round 2.

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