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Ok, here goes, I have been on this site...

Ok, here goes, I have been on this site religiously for months. I joined officially in January. I'm scheduled for a TT, BBL and possible BA in May. Here is my story, I had a gastric bypass in 2010 and have lost 130 pounds. My current weigh is 180. I feel so blessed to have had the surgery because it changed my life. I could hardly do anything at 312 pounds. Now I have so much energy and feel great..EXCEPT...without clothes, my body is a HOT MESS!!!! THE FAT WENT BUT THE SKIN DECIDED TO STAY. Everything sags!!

I really need a total body lift but cannot afford the procedures. I checked with plastic surgeons here in NC and was given a quote for $16,000, that was just for a tummy tuck and breast implants. After that quote last year, I gave up looking. Well fast forward and thanks to the internet, I came across this site and starting researching other plastic surgeons. Yily's results blew me away and her prices are right up my alley.

So after sending her my information, I was given a quote of $5,500 for TT, BBL and BA w/implants. I'm still on the fence about having 3 procedures at once so if anyone has had this done, please share your insight. If I decide not to do breasts, my TT and BBL will be 3900. Deposit is already paid.

I already have my passport, plane ticket and reservations at Playa de Sol, switching to the recovery house 3 days after surgery then back to the hotel.

After seeing all the love and support you ladies give, I decided to blog my journey as well.

I am anemic even though I have been taking iron...

I am anemic even though I have been taking iron supplements for the past 3 months everyday, my hemoglobin is still only 8. I will start iron infusions tomorrow and will go once a week for 4 weeks. This work out perfectly. By the time I see Yily on May 12, my iron should be at least to the acceptable 12. Im so excited about this surgery. I started ordering supplies last week.

Arnica Montana
Dyna-Hex 4
Boppy Body Pillow

I will have to look at other posts to see what else I need.

I want to know what type of compression garment I need. Some say butt in some, butt out..we will see. Im all about saving a buck so if I don't have to give Yily $140

Its 45 days until my surgery. I'm not nervous yet...

Its 45 days until my surgery. I'm not nervous yet. I won't get nervous until I'm actually sitting in front of the dr getting marked up. I guess you call it delayed reaction. Having mad issues with my guy. I don't know whats going to happen with him but we will see. Right now I have decided to concentrate on me and my needs. I have spent the better part of my 45 years making sure that everyone around me was ok. Now it's my turn. My children are grown and flourishing so now mama gon get her groove back.

I have spent too long in this body that, well Im not going to say I despise but I will say, Im not proud of my body. I look great in clothes but out of clothes is terrible. I'm not expecting miracle, just an improvement.

Someone please tell me what happens if you don't...

Someone please tell me what happens if you don't get massages? Can I massage myself or buy a massager? What is the Epifoam for? The ab board? Did any ladies get a TT and/or BBL and not use these? What were your results? What is the purpose of putting maxi pads in your compression garment? I'm just really trying to figure this all out before I leave. Also Im planning on staying at a hotel during my recovery. For you vets, is this a realistic expectation or should I stay at the RH at least for a couple of days.

Got my iron infusions today. Going shopping to...

Got my iron infusions today. Going shopping to look for maxi dresses. 34 days and counting

Wooohoo, time is getting closer. I am taking my...

Wooohoo, time is getting closer. I am taking my vitamins, bags already packed and just taking care of logistics. I am ticked at Yily's office. I called yesterday 5 times to speak with Yira and she was never available. I had one of my Spanish speaking amigas call and speak with the other lady and she was evasive as to where Yira was and when she would be available. I am still sticking with Yily but she really needs to get an office manager and get her employees more organized. I understand they are probably getting bombarded but get with the damn program and adjust accordingly.

On another note, the boyfriend and my daughter are getting tired of me looking at tittles and ass all day. I am soooo ready. My pics are honestly pretty bad but I know I have a shape under the skin so I'm anxious to see what Yily will do.

Hello ladies, In less than 30 days I will be...

Hello ladies,

In less than 30 days I will be in Santo Domingo and on the healing side of surgery. Hey, here's a secret....shhh don't tell...Mami is gonna get her coochie falana fixed too!! Well if Yily will work with me on the price I will. I emailed her about a v-plasty and she quoted me the full 2,000. I informed her of my other procedures and asked if she would give a discount, guess I will have to wait until Sunday for a response.

OAN--I'm off to get my iron infusions today. I can tell a big difference in my iron levels because I have more energy and I don't crave ice any longer. I am calling my PCP in a couple of days to get my official levels checked again. PLEASE PRAY FOR 12 for me!!

One more thing and I will let you beauties go. I have an awesome website that teaches you Spanish I at least want to be conversational when I go. I'm leveling up and learning a lot so if you ladies are interested, go to that site. Screw Rosetta...too much damn money Stone.

Ta Ta for now

Its getting down to the wire and I'm experiencing...

Its getting down to the wire and I'm experiencing cold feet. I'm so nervous and scared. I feel like Im ill prepared. Had lunch with a girlfriend today and she was telling me how its crazy to get all my information on the internet then fly to a foreign country. I know she means well but some people will never take a chance and do something different to change their life. Im confident that I'm doing the right thing but still apprehensive. Help sistas I need some support right now.

Thank you so much to my roomie Miss Windy City for...

Thank you so much to my roomie Miss Windy City for calling me with your wisdom. So glad I met you and I look forward to meeting you in DR!

I can believe in 12 days I will be in a new body!!...

I can believe in 12 days I will be in a new body!! I have been looking in the mirror sucking in my stomach and pulling up the skin to try to get an idea of how I will look. I remember when I had my bypass, I could not fathom looking slimmer and wearing a size 11-12 but here I am! Now I am getting rid of the skin and will finally be in the body I know that fits who I am on the inside. My thighs and arms will still be jiggly but hey whoooo cares!! I want my tummy flat! The big booty will be a bonus.

I bought a wahl heated massager (thanks petitemami) to supplement massages when Im not able to get them. Everything is packed. Taking vitamins, waiting on final hemoglobin report (fingers crosses!). Yo estoy estudiando mi espanol) ayyy!! Yendo dispacio! ready scared and excited.

Oh yea here is a tip to cut down on staph...

oh yea here is a tip to cut down on staph infection. When you shower before surgery, don't rinse the dyna hex off. You can take a regular shower with regular soap, then shower with the surgical soap and don't rinse. My surgeon gave me those instructions before my bypass. Don't worry about suds because this soap does not suds up.

In 8 days I will be on a plane flying to the DR. ...

In 8 days I will be on a plane flying to the DR. After iron infusions, my hemoglobin is still only 11.

My emotions are all over the place! In 4 days I...

My emotions are all over the place! In 4 days I will be having my surgery. I'm trying to have realistic expectations which is why I don't have wish pics. I just want this belly gone and to fluff my booty up. I have sooo much to do that Im a little paralyzed right now.

Going natural so I need to two strand my hair
Give doctor information to my family
Clean my house
Pick the books and movies I'm taking
Pick up medication
Put Money on google voice
Call Yily's office for final confirmation

The list can go on but I'm so overwhelmed cant grasp the concept that I will be flying out of the country in a couple of days.

There seems to be a lot of misinformation going on...

There seems to be a lot of misinformation going on. I am having surgery on Monday with Dr. Yily and am all nerves. I've seen enough positive reviews and have enough common sense to filter out drama and exaggerations but I'm really curious to see people who are 6 months out or more..I want to know how there life is going after surgery, did they have much fat absorbtion? Things like that...I already know surgery will be an emotional time but when dud their life return to normal and would they do it again

Tomorrow Im flying to DR! I will arrive around...

Tomorrow Im flying to DR! I will arrive around 12ish and will stay at JM spa. I have a layover in Miami and am so excited. I wish it was longer because Ive never been there. Maybe i will get to see some sites after i arrive. Soon i will take the naked pics down and post some before-before-after pics. Meaning me at 312-180-after tt and bbl. Pray for me ladied. Im scared and anxious. I want and need this surgery so bad. I keep fearing something is going to go wrong and I wont be able to get it

At the airport

At the airport

Ok at the airport in Miami waiting for connecting...

Ok at the airport in Miami waiting for connecting flight. My dumb behind went to baggage claims unnecessarily and had to go through security again. Ready to get there and decompress!

Hey dolls just wanted to do a quick little update....

Hey dolls just wanted to do a quick little update. Like I posted early still at spa maxing and relaxing. Well actually sleeping and eating lol. Ready for manana ahora! Will try to update as soon as I can.

Recovery is not fun

Ladies, I am still here at JM spa recovering from tt and bbl w/lipo. It has really been tough. Cannot sleep well at night because I cannot find a comfortable position. I will save my total review of Yily when I get home after 3 weeks. I don't like my stomach. there still seems to be a lot of loose skin. Hopefully it will go down as I am extremely swollen. Again, if you are expecting 5 star service then you don't need to come to the Dominican Republic. Your expectations need to be real. The staff at CIPLA do not wear badges so you don't know if you are dealing with a nurse or an aide. They don't wear gloves which concerns me. The language barrier makes recovery a little worse.

Where I was I have burn marks from lipo and my T-shirt was sticking in some places. The staff here at the spa is very kind and very clean. The food is good but I don't have much of an appetite. Had a fever of 100 last night but today I'm better. Waiting now to get my faja taken off and washed. I know you guys are anxiously awaiting pics and I will try to accomodate as soon as I can. Everyday is getting a little better, I'm not walking over as slumped as I was. I'm just ready to feel 100 percent. Oh yea, I was awake during most of my surgery. It did not hurt but I felt them injecting fat into my booty and Yily did not sew me up. Another doctor did.

leaving tomorrow

Hey ladies Im here at the spa and leaving tomorrow. I really miss home. Had a massage and a facial today. Been trying to upload pics but no good wifi so I will wait til Im home. For right now I will say that CIPLA leaves a lot to be desired. If you can help it, bring someone or buddy up. Someone stole this girls purse. Just be careful.

I'm home

I'm home. God Bless America. There is no place like home. Soooome where over the rainbow. The flights were ok until they lost my damn luggage with my antibiotics in it. American stated the luggage was left in Miami and they would deliver it tomorrow morning. I hope so because I am so afraid of infection. If I don't get my bag tomorrow morning I will call my pcp and get a script asap.

I had a wheel chair. Ladies, if you get a tummy tuck, I highly suggest you get wheelchair service. Let's see, where to begin. Tummy tucks are NO JOKE. I am walking slumped over. SHOUT OUT TO MY GIRL MS WINDY CITY. THAT HEFFA IS DA BOMB!! She really took care of me. Love you for that girlie. I will call you soon. I get dizzy and feel faint so I'm trying to take it easy.

This is my theory. Once you get your surgery, you will not be happy with your results. The biggest reason is, you will be SWOLLEN BEYOND BELIEF!! You will not be able to see your desired shape yet. Ladies who have not seen Yily yet, I'm sorry but what they say is true. It feels like she doesn't really listen and take into account what her patients want. You have to make sure you really let her know what you want and be firm. I agree that a lot of times she cannot give us what we want due to our natural body shape but I do think her delivery could be a lot better. She means no harm but her people skills could stand some improvement. This is not a bash, it is my observation and nothing more. She lifted up all my flab on my tummy and said "You have no fat, this is just skin." I was like I know doctor but I want a flat tummy and the fat that I do have injected into my butt. I told her to just do her best and she nodded. I asked her was there a charge for fat transfer to my vaginal lips and she nodded yes but said she would not charge me and I was grateful.

I'm trying my best not to freak out because my tummy still looks bad. Yily said it was swollen and would go down in a couple of months. I believe it will but when you wake up from surgery and you have been wanting something for so long, you just expect immediate results. Plastic surgery is not like that. My body has been through extensive trauma and now needs a chance to heal and repair itself.


Nobody talks about this that I have seen but my damn back is burning like shit!!!! As I am sitting on my boppy now my back is burning!! The only relief is arnica gel. I swear by it. It is such a pain to put on though once you have your faja on with your t-shirt and then you need to put the maxi pads over those areas on top of your t-shirt. That helps. Oh well ladies, a sista is muy cansada. I will update more tomorrow. I will say that my family was like WOW!! Had to slap boyfriends hand away. He bet not thank about touching me until next month
Sorry if I am all over the place but i'm tired and sleepy and still in pain and oh yea, guess who decided to show here ugly head. Aunt flo... You got to be kidding me!! I been through all this shit and my period wants to come on??!! SMH. Night Night yall.

A few pictures


Need help and advice from tummy tuck and back lipo vets please

I am so swollen and bruised. How do you know if you have a seroma?? My back is totally swollen and hard to touch. What can I put on it??

love my new shape!

I will be taking pics as soon as these drains come out

new pics

Drains are still in. I go back to doc tomorrow hopefully I will get them removed,


I took my own drains out yesterday. I washed and sanitized my hands sith antibacterial soap. Cleaned scissors with alcohol, snipped the stitch, cleaned area and gently pulled it out. Wasn't bad at all.

I have a seroma! Help!

I have a seroma below my belly button. I am pretty sure it is a seroma because my tummy is swollen down to my mons and when I push on my mons I can feel the fluid go up to my belly. I have no idea what to do. My insurance is running out the end of this month. If I go to the emergency room, I'm not sure a doctor will know how to drain it. Is there anyway to dissolve a seroma without having to go to a doctor? drinking extra fluids? taking an anti-inflam drug like aleve? Yily sucks at follow up so I am at a loss as what to do.

ER today

Hello ladies, hope everyone is well.i have been having a heck of a time. This tummy tuck is taking its own sweet time to heal. I was afraid I had a seroma or worse so I went to the emergency room this morning. Good news no seroma but I do have a navel infection. Sorry I havent posted pics but even though Im loving my results, Im ready to feel better.

No navel infection

Ok so the ER doctor was wrong. I went to a plastic surgeon and he informed me that I do not have a navel infection but my sutures were in too long and needed to be removed. He removed them and just told me to put gauze in my navel for a couple of days while it heals He did mention that my TT scars were healing nicely and stated Yily did an excellent TT on me. I am healing slowly but surely. Still swollen and am very uncomfortable without my garment on. Cant really clean my house which is annoying. Still depressed cause I lost my job. Overall I'm still highly blessed and favored and still loving my results. Oh yea please sent prayers up for one of Yily's patients. She is dealing with a pulmonary embolism. It comes from having surgery then flying. Please ladies take all necessary precautions like your shots Yily gives you as well as buy some really good compression socks also stay in DR or where ever you go as long as you can so your body can heal. I should have stayed longer myself. I'm not saying she did not do this but just be careful and take all necessary precautions.
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