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Here's a little history on myself....I had a...

Here's a little history on myself....I had a gastric bypass in August 2000. I weighed in at 375 being only 5'2". It never dawned on me that I was over weight, I always had a boyfriend even at my highest weight, i got around great, worked a full-time job. I was also raising my kids. One day I looked in the mirror and realized I didn't want to die as my Mom did from being overweight(600#). I lost about 175 and kind of Plateau from there for about the last 10 years. My weight barely budged ,no matter what I did. It always hovered around 200# give or take. I have tried medifast, hcg, vegetarian, just about everything to lose weight after gatric bypass. I exercise quite a bit and have joined just about every gym in my area at some point, even hired personal trainers and never lost the desired weight. My body type is considered a pear body type, which I like, but would love a smaller pear shape. Talking to my physician and she introduced the idea of going out of the country for plastic surgery. After extensive research and weighing my options and my gut feelings. Also the price of going out of the Country, would be paying a third of the price comparison to anywhere in the US....I decided to go with Dr. Almonte. I have received confirmation that my surgery for April 20th is a go. I'm excited,nervous, with a ton of questions. So far communication has been easy, and being patient helps, when waiting on a reply. I will be having a tummy tuck, full back lipo, lipo on waist and flanks, including a Brazilian butt lift. I have never written any review on myself before, but excited and wanted to share in maybe someone else is thinking about taking this road. Also would like if anyone had any advice or experience they would like to share.

After over 175# weight loss

Here's a few recent pics of me of how I'm looking now after significant weight loss. I carry it well (underneath clothing).
I'm ready for a different me. I have known this body for way too long.
My legs/thighs and butt have always been my problem area. So not sure if I really need the Bbl. Lol
I'm currently waiting to hear back from Almonte assistant Lesley which she is who I have been communicating with. I just wanted to make sure I fly into the right place and how long should I plan to stay.

My before and after photo

Time is ticking. I'm about 4 months out before my big day, but the planning has already begun. So far I have made my deposit, set a date, bought my plane ticket and secured my Recovery house(My Home). The next thing to do is to get my passport renewed, since my name changed since I had it. I have started shopping at thrift stores for some of my supplies that I will need, like boppy pillow, robes, etc. Which I feel most of the things will be a one time use so why spend a lot on them. You girls have been helpful with posting your supply list and it has helped me quite a bit to prepare. The things that has helped me prepare are YouTube and
Realself. Other peoples experience is valuable to me at this time.

Time to work on BMI

I just found this chart and it put me in a panic! I don't want my trip to DR to be a wasted trip. I'm hoping to have all my procedures done on this round(TT, FULL LIPO,BBL) and that means I need my BMI to be 35 or under. Seriously!! Today is my first day with the green smoothie cleanse. I will try this along with cardio in the gym and at home. My height is 5'2" and by this chart I need to lose about 25# :(. I have been this size for a long time. So this is going to be a struggle for me.

Less than 90 days away

Time is flying by and I'm getting excited more everyday. I enjoy reading other people's success, the journey's, good and bad, helps give a perspective as what to expect. I tried my smoothie cleanse the first week and drop 10lbs. I am still eating clean/low carb and ramping up my exercises. I went to the doctor for check up and CBC testing, and my hemaglobin was at a 12.6, that's almost where I need to be to have full procedures. I have since started a extra iron supplement 2x a day, fingers crossed, I will be returning to the doctor for another CBC at the end of March. My doctor knows I'm leaving out of the country for sx but won't approve for pain medicine. I will have to find that elsewhere ;-). I will attach a few pictures of what I look like now, pictures say a thousand words, and I can tell my body is changing.

28 days away

It's been awhile since I reviewed,but I have been keeping up with everyone I follow here. I'm super excited with all sorts of thoughts running through my head. I just can't wait to get there and get this over with. Lol. I have another CBC testing done this week for my final numbers. I am still exercising everyday and my goal is to hit #175 before I leave. I drink my green smoothies once a day and the protein shakes occasionally for additional iron. I'm taking multi vitamins twice a day along with my iron, cla and lcarnitine for a fat burner. Finally received my new passport and card. So will I still need a tourist card? I will probably get one anyway to be safe.

Has anyone made a deposit lately to Almonte?

Can someone please help me with this. I wanted to make another deposit and pay off my Sx. I contacted Lesley to make sure their Wells Fargo account information was up to date. And to my surprise the deposit account information had changed. So I'm so glad I contacted them before hand. This was because I known they switched accounts from Bank America, so I figured I check. Anyway I want to send money to Wells Fargo, especially after hearing on IG about someone getting robbed at gunpoint. I'm not trying to scare anyone but this is reality in these Countries. I don't want to carry this cash on me. Now because of so much Fraud, I don't know which Wells Fargo account to make a deposit. Can someone please let me know if you made a deposit recently and where? Thank you.

Time off from work

I am a highway maintenance worker meaning I take care of the highways and that can be a variety of things,from truck driving, to actually getting out of my vehicle doing manual labor. I work with all,,,ok all men here and one of 2 black women here. I requested 3 weeks of vacation on my job, I have a lot of time saved, being I have been here 18 years. My point is, my boss signed my vacation time and never asked one bit,where I'm going or what I'm doing thankfully. I don't want anyone at my job to know, like I said I work with allll men, and this place is a rumor mill. I have been working out all the time, so I know they will notice the changes and say oh you been working out, and I will say yes! Lol

Paying for surgery

Some people may want to know how you afford surgery....it's called sacrifice!!
I know this is something that I've wanted for a long time and was willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. For myself, my children are all grown up and out of the house and have started their own family. I have no one to care for but myself. Which makes it a little more easier. I have to depend on my full time job which is my only income to pay for my procedures. Winter is our busiest time of year,which means the more snow we get the more I can work and the more money I can make. Well guess what? This year was a record for hardly no snow....like wtf! We are known for snow. My plan already was to put $500 in a separate bank account every paycheck,which I did. What a sacrifice when you are use to shopping how you want. Anyways the money I put to the side has allowed me to have my procedures done. I can not rely on a tax return, well pretty much I will end up owing the IRS man. Lol
I purchased my airline ticket with my credit card. And slowly paying it off. My supplies I needed I bought something with every paycheck, which worked for me to plan my trip months out. So anyone looking to have surgery done, just take your time and plan it out.

I'm in the Dominican

What a long day it has been. I made it to the Dominican and purchased my tourist card ahead of time online so I got in the visitors line, yes the lines are long but everything went smoothly. When I walked out of the airport there was someone waiting for me with my name on a sign. He drove me to Cecip where I took all my preop test. I finished paying and found out I can't have surgery until Thursday morning because the clinic was full. On top of that my hemo was only 12.3 wth.... just a month ago it was 13.1. I will have to settle with whatever procedures I can have done safely. I'm ok with that. Anything I get will be a improvement.

5 weeks post op

It's been a long while. I haven't forgotten about everyone. I just been enjoying life. Ok. I was supposed to have surgery Wednesday April 20th, but the hospital was full. So instead I stayed at the recovery home on Tuesday night and went to the hospital Wednesday afternoon to stay the night. Almonte came to see me that night and marked me since I was the first surgery at 6am, she told me I didn't have enough fat for BBL, which is ok, because I really didn't need a BBL. She refunded me $400 for it. Surgery day went well, I took the little blue pill and don't remember anything after that. I woke up and received really good pain medicine for the 24 hours I stayed in the hospital. After that it was whack medication, but I really didn't need anything. The pain was minimal. I had lipo on my sides, and outer thighs, along with a extended tummy tuck with muscle repair.

My Home recovery

I chose My Home for my after care, during my research I chose them and reserved a spot with them ahead of time for $75. They responded quickly when I message them and I am glad I chose them. Here's why.....when I showed up on Tuesday night they were waiting with open arms. I forgot when I got out of the airport at the Dominican there was someone waiting for me with my name on a sign, and I was very happy to see him. Ok. So, once I got into the house, they fed me right away. I felt good about my choice. I left there on Wednesday and came back on Thursday afternoon after surgery. From the time I was there, I felt like a priority, everyone there was always concerned about making sure you take your medicine on time and making sure you eat, and will cater to your every need. I enjoyed the food, but it's not what I normally eat, so get ready for plenty of rice and bread. It was good to me. Most girls there would order out if they didn't like the food. I wayyyy over packed. My Home advice you to bring your own supplies, so i did. Which I never used anything they wanted me to bring, so I was kind of annoyed about that. They have allll the supplies you need there. I left a lot of things there. I stayed 14 days and was given $75 back, for what, i still don't know, but I didn't dispute it. They did have a holiday on May 1st is Labor day I think. Anyway, plan your stay according to your needs. My Home has real hospital beds, which I loved, the food was a 3.5 stars, but the women there will cater to you. They will clean your drains, wipe your but, dry your tears, and cook and clean all day for you. All without a frown on their face. So forget what you heard about people stealing, I kept a lock on my suitcase but I never felt like anyone was going to take anything from me. I felt very safe there. They have a secure automatic gate, to keep the intruders out. They made sure I was on time to all my appointments, which I had 3 appointments with Almonte.


So I stayed in the Dominican Republic for 14 days total. Unfortunately I had to leave with my drain in. I was still producing 100cc of fluid the day I left. The day I left I did not order wheel chair service, OMFG! That was a big mistake. I felt good enough to walk, but didn't realize what I was in for. It was like a damn adventure, trying to get back home. By the time I made it home I was swollen to the max!
I kept my drain in for 15 days, after it was producing under 100cc ,I was so done with that drain. I took it out slowly myself, I bandage the hole up really good and took a shower. Nothing happened. I didn't die! Anyway, I instantly felt better. I endure swell hell on my ankles and feet for 2 weeks and that went away. I did not purchase a stage 2 faja. I kept the 1st one and have had it taken in a couple times, but honestly I don't really wear it. Me and faja don't really get along. I went back to work after 3 weeks, the sad part is my boss who is a Caucasian male, never asked me how was my vacation, none of the guys really asked me and I was gone for 3 weeks, but whatever. I just celebrated my 18th year with this company and they still treat me like shit! But I make good money, so I'm hanging in there. Anyway I'm loving the way my procedures and body turned out.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Let me start by saying, this/her/she/Dominican/MyHome is one of the best choices I have made for my life. I was lead to her/them by God, I have no other explanation. Fatima Almonte/MyHOME was my first choice and I stuck to it. She and her staff are very knowledgeable in their practice. I felt very safe with putting my life in their hands.

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