41 Year Old Mother of 3 in Need of a Long over Due Mommy Make Over! Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm scheduled to have my TT, LIPO, BBL surgery on...

I'm scheduled to have my TT, LIPO, BBL surgery on November 10, 2016. I was surprised at how fast I got my consultation and surgery date, I used Surgicoordinator and they were pretty good with contacting me and giving me information. I'm super nervous and it hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm going to finally get the body I've been wanting for so long! I'm not overweight, but I have stretch marks all over my stomach that have been there for the last 23 years (my youngest child, my son, is going to be 24 in June) I tried to convince myself that the marks are there as a testament to motherhood but you know what.... I'm over it!!! my testament to motherhood is having raised 3 strong, smart, productive children... I don't have to wear these marks as some sort of war paint to show what I've been through. So I've decided to take the plunge!!! I feel like I've failed myself in not being dedicated to the gym in order to achieve my "goal body" but alllllll the cardio, weight training, aerobics, cycling in the world will not remove the stretch marks... a Tummy Tuck will! I'm also getting Liposculpting and a BBL... why not? I want to be confident and not have to pull and tug and hold my belly in every time I wear a dress or an outfit that hugs my figure. I am 5'7" and weigh 175lbs. I'm curvy but not in the "right" places... or shall I say too curvy in some places and not enough in others.

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