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I have been working on me for a long time. I had...

I have been working on me for a long time. I had VSG surgery in January 2013 and loss only 30lbs. I have gained 20lbs back. Was thinking about a revision surgery but came across this site and Dra. Almonte. I think a TT, BBL, and Lipo is the way to go. I love her work and it seems that she specializes in bigger girls. I'm scared to go to DR for this but I'm excited at the possible outcome!


So I received a quote from Dra. Almonte of 5250 for tummy tuck, Lipo, and BBL. I also got in contact with Gianna Colombo to stay at her RH. I have gall stones and must have those removed prior to having this surgery and I have to wait up to 4 months after the removal. Dra. Almonte doesn't have any openings until Oct 2016 so that actually will work for me. I can slowly stock up on supplies and maybe lose a pound of two lol.

Date Set

I've set the date for Dec 1, 2016! Can't wait! I will have Lipo, TT, BBL, and Lipo to inner thighs. Now I need details. I'm thinking I want to do this alone. My only fear is traveling back with bags and pain. Should I have a companion? I see people taking everything but the kitchen sink with them. Is all that necessary??? I'm posting some more wish pics.

Changed date

So I waited too long to secure my date so now I'm looking at mid Jan 2017. I'm trying to search recent journeys but I keep seeing people who had surgery in 2012-2014?? Is there a way to see more recent stories on here?

1 step closer

I had my gallbladder removed yesterday finally. My surgeon said my hemoglobin level was at 14.6!!! I hope it remains that high! I am ready to secure my date. I asked Dr. Cabral for an estimate. He gave me 5500 I believe. I didn't get any dates from him though. I emailed him like he asked and then nothing. I will be sticking with Dra. Almonte. She was my first choice and I love her work. Next week I'll pay my deposit and get my date for late Jan or Feb! I'm so excited.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have received a quote from Dra. Almonte and have chosen a RH but I haven't gotten the rates for that yet. It seems from what I've seen so far she only operates on 3 girls per day and no major complications reported.

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