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I have been working on me for a long time. I had...

I have been working on me for a long time. I had VSG surgery in January 2013 and loss only 30lbs. I have gained 20lbs back. Was thinking about a revision surgery but came across this site and Dra. Almonte. I think a TT, BBL, and Lipo is the way to go. I love her work and it seems that she specializes in bigger girls. I'm scared to go to DR for this but I'm excited at the possible outcome!


So I received a quote from Dra. Almonte of 5250 for tummy tuck, Lipo, and BBL. I also got in contact with Gianna Colombo to stay at her RH. I have gall stones and must have those removed prior to having this surgery and I have to wait up to 4 months after the removal. Dra. Almonte doesn't have any openings until Oct 2016 so that actually will work for me. I can slowly stock up on supplies and maybe lose a pound of two lol.

Date Set

I've set the date for Dec 1, 2016! Can't wait! I will have Lipo, TT, BBL, and Lipo to inner thighs. Now I need details. I'm thinking I want to do this alone. My only fear is traveling back with bags and pain. Should I have a companion? I see people taking everything but the kitchen sink with them. Is all that necessary??? I'm posting some more wish pics.

Changed date

So I waited too long to secure my date so now I'm looking at mid Jan 2017. I'm trying to search recent journeys but I keep seeing people who had surgery in 2012-2014?? Is there a way to see more recent stories on here?

1 step closer

I had my gallbladder removed yesterday finally. My surgeon said my hemoglobin level was at 14.6!!! I hope it remains that high! I am ready to secure my date. I asked Dr. Cabral for an estimate. He gave me 5500 I believe. I didn't get any dates from him though. I emailed him like he asked and then nothing. I will be sticking with Dra. Almonte. She was my first choice and I love her work. Next week I'll pay my deposit and get my date for late Jan or Feb! I'm so excited.

Date secured!

I've finally sent my deposit to Dr. Almonte. I'm scheduled for February 15, 2017. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Since I seem to always be single on V day and spend the day bedding miserable and shut in I'm going to spend it traveling and getting the body I want.

Still thinking about which Recovery House to stay at. Still battling guilty feelings of being gone from my kids for 10 days in another country. Still trying to get my mind right for this major change.

Here's my updated pics.

Counting down

Hello All
I am still unsure which recovery house to stay at. I told my mother today what I was doing and she will be travelling with me. I didn't think she would because my father is elderly ( like way older than her lol) and 10 days is a long time to be gone from him. But she surprised me and said she wanted to go. She is from Cuba and has not been back "home" since she left when she was 12. She wants to go there also for a few days. My mother is also a nurse. My question is would I need to stay the entire 10 days in DR since she will be with me and can take care of me and would I be able to make a 3 day trip to take her to Cuba? What do you guys think?

Getting close

35 days away. Last night I bought plane tickets. I've gotten some supplies. I'm concerned about my hemo. I'll be taking a cbc blood test tomorrow to check. I still haven't chosen a RH. Well I did pick Serenity but they are booked so I don't know where to stay. If anyone had any suggestions please let me know.

Hemo level

Just got my results and my level is 13.5! Yayyyyyy! I've also not had a cigarette since New Years Eve! I've had some cravings but not bad enough to smoke. I hours I can completely quit this time. I really don't want to smoke anymore. Anyhoo I'm going to start the recommended vitamins of iron, folic acid and multivitamin today. I'm still gathering supplies. Plane tickets have been purchased. 10hr total travel time...I'm more afraid to fly than I am too have the procedure smh but I'm sure we'll be ok.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have received a quote from Dra. Almonte and have chosen a RH but I haven't gotten the rates for that yet. It seems from what I've seen so far she only operates on 3 girls per day and no major complications reported.

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