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I have been working on me for a long time. I had...

I have been working on me for a long time. I had VSG surgery in January 2013 and loss only 30lbs. I have gained 20lbs back. Was thinking about a revision surgery but came across this site and Dra. Almonte. I think a TT, BBL, and Lipo is the way to go. I love her work and it seems that she specializes in bigger girls. I'm scared to go to DR for this but I'm excited at the possible outcome!


So I received a quote from Dra. Almonte of 5250 for tummy tuck, Lipo, and BBL. I also got in contact with Gianna Colombo to stay at her RH. I have gall stones and must have those removed prior to having this surgery and I have to wait up to 4 months after the removal. Dra. Almonte doesn't have any openings until Oct 2016 so that actually will work for me. I can slowly stock up on supplies and maybe lose a pound of two lol.

Date Set

I've set the date for Dec 1, 2016! Can't wait! I will have Lipo, TT, BBL, and Lipo to inner thighs. Now I need details. I'm thinking I want to do this alone. My only fear is traveling back with bags and pain. Should I have a companion? I see people taking everything but the kitchen sink with them. Is all that necessary??? I'm posting some more wish pics.

Changed date

So I waited too long to secure my date so now I'm looking at mid Jan 2017. I'm trying to search recent journeys but I keep seeing people who had surgery in 2012-2014?? Is there a way to see more recent stories on here?

1 step closer

I had my gallbladder removed yesterday finally. My surgeon said my hemoglobin level was at 14.6!!! I hope it remains that high! I am ready to secure my date. I asked Dr. Cabral for an estimate. He gave me 5500 I believe. I didn't get any dates from him though. I emailed him like he asked and then nothing. I will be sticking with Dra. Almonte. She was my first choice and I love her work. Next week I'll pay my deposit and get my date for late Jan or Feb! I'm so excited.

Date secured!

I've finally sent my deposit to Dr. Almonte. I'm scheduled for February 15, 2017. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Since I seem to always be single on V day and spend the day bedding miserable and shut in I'm going to spend it traveling and getting the body I want.

Still thinking about which Recovery House to stay at. Still battling guilty feelings of being gone from my kids for 10 days in another country. Still trying to get my mind right for this major change.

Here's my updated pics.

Counting down

Hello All
I am still unsure which recovery house to stay at. I told my mother today what I was doing and she will be travelling with me. I didn't think she would because my father is elderly ( like way older than her lol) and 10 days is a long time to be gone from him. But she surprised me and said she wanted to go. She is from Cuba and has not been back "home" since she left when she was 12. She wants to go there also for a few days. My mother is also a nurse. My question is would I need to stay the entire 10 days in DR since she will be with me and can take care of me and would I be able to make a 3 day trip to take her to Cuba? What do you guys think?

Getting close

35 days away. Last night I bought plane tickets. I've gotten some supplies. I'm concerned about my hemo. I'll be taking a cbc blood test tomorrow to check. I still haven't chosen a RH. Well I did pick Serenity but they are booked so I don't know where to stay. If anyone had any suggestions please let me know.

Hemo level

Just got my results and my level is 13.5! Yayyyyyy! I've also not had a cigarette since New Years Eve! I've had some cravings but not bad enough to smoke. I hours I can completely quit this time. I really don't want to smoke anymore. Anyhoo I'm going to start the recommended vitamins of iron, folic acid and multivitamin today. I'm still gathering supplies. Plane tickets have been purchased. 10hr total travel time...I'm more afraid to fly than I am too have the procedure smh but I'm sure we'll be ok.

24 Days until transformation

Only 24 more days omg it's getting real. I don't have all my supplies yet. I need the medical stuff. I don't have clothes to take. Idk what to take. Will I be much smaller afterwards that my current clothes won't fit? I had gastric sleeve surgery and have gotten down 3 sizes but still shop like I'm still big. So I don't know what size to buy if I'll be smaller. It's dead winter now and can't find any maxi dresses when I did go look. Will I need a converter for the power plugs for my phone and tablet? What should I do about being able to make calls from there? I'll have to talk to my kids and my mom will have to check on Father Time. I'm nervous but excited...

What to tell the kids?

I have 20 more days to go and the anxiety is building. I have a 12yr old and a 7yr old. They hate when I have to travel for work. What or how can I tell them what I'm doing without scaring them? Any insight will be much appreciated.

13 DAYS!!!

So I'm about 2 weeks away from my transformation. I am getting really nervous. I keep sending messages to Lesley asking her details about the RH that I'll be staying at and I'm not getting the info. I even Whatsapp'd her. She responded and said that she had already sent me an email but she would send it again. That was over a week ago...nothing. I don't want to be stuck without a place to stay. The places that I had picked previously had no availability so I had go with whoever they use. I also am concerned about travelling with my mom. She's Cuban but she has an American passport. I'm nervous that this president may order a stop to all foriegners coming into the country. Well hopefully you guys can give me some advice on these issues...

8 days and counting

It's almost time. I'm almost done packing. Booked my own RH since I couldn't get a response from Lesley in a timely manner. I'll be staying at Diva Dolls International. The communication had been great and the pics on Instagram make it look like very upscale and comfortable. I'm pretty much mentally ready for this...

11 hrs until take flight

Well this is my last but laying my fat ass in my own bed lol. Tomorrow night this time I'll be in the air. I'm excited and scared. Finally told the kids I was leaving and the boy performed like I knew he would. The girl antagonized him as usual to make it worse lol. Had to bribe him to be good while I'm gone. He'll get a $60 game for guys ps4 smdh. My mom and I cooked up a week's worth of food for my dad and brother because they'll struggle without us lol. My bag is packed. Was over weight by 3.5lbs so had to take a few things out to put in my carryon. I'm posting pics if my supplies. I don't get too many responses so I won't list what I'm taking. But sure if anyone is reading these or not...well can't post the pics is saying the files is too large. Don't know how to shrink them...


I shrunk them to get them to load

Shit Just got real!

Leaving for the airport in 2hrs! omg I'm so nervous. My stomach has been upset all day with the runs. To add insult to injury my period started today! I don't bleed heavy so I'm not too concerned about my hemo dropping but I am low key a little bit concerned. But I'm pushing forward. As soon as we get to the airport I will take my Benadryl to sedate me because I hate flying and Mother Earth (my mama) will prob be on my last nerve from the moment I pick her up lmao. Pray for me ya'll. I took her on a 7 day cruise and by day 3 I was trying to jump ship to other cruise ship that I could see in the distance bahahahahahaahah. I love her to death and cannot imagine going without her. She's a nurse and Cuban so she will be my caretaker and translator. I don't speak Spanish. My dad is American and would not allow it smdh. Anyhoo I left power of attorney's in place for the kids and left a letter of my last wishes for my cousin just in case. I also left letters for my kids just in case. I have faith though that all will be well and I will look like a Dime Piece at the end of this process. Next update I'll be in the DR tomorrow!

Less than an hour away!

I'm at Cecip waiting on Dr. Almonte. I arrived in DR yesterday. After I completed my blood work, chest xray, and EKG Dr. Almonte decided that I would go first so I had to stay here. It was a very long day with flying all night. There's a 4hr difference from Vegas to here so I'm all jacked up. But I was able to sleep. I got up at 4am showered and am just waiting on her now. I'm scheduled for 5:30a. The RH is absolutely gorgeous. So far the staff has been great and the driver has been patient with all the trips I had to do back and forth. The food is soso but appears freshly made so there's no complaints. Well I'll update when I'm on the flat side!

Made it the flat side!

so far so good. I'm just really waking up. After surgery I was sweating profusely but freezing like teeth chattering freezing. They gave something for pain and nausea. I was out like a light lol. I'm eating soup that was given at lunch time that I missed. The dinner was crap didn't even touch it. My sides are burning not unbearable though. Can't have any more until 11p which is another 5hrs ugggh. Overall things are going great.

1st post op pics

Day 1. I've been confined to the bed all day per Drs orders.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have received a quote from Dra. Almonte and have chosen a RH but I haven't gotten the rates for that yet. It seems from what I've seen so far she only operates on 3 girls per day and no major complications reported.

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