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I am looking to get a whole body lift but dra....

I am looking to get a whole body lift but dra. Duran said that is too much to to at one time for me. So we have discussed a tummy tuck, BBL, Lipo and maybe my thighs, ...but we will discuss when I get there she said. So that is what is included in my price. I had thyroid cancer about 4 years ago and I was already knocking on 400 pounds door. So after they removed all my thyroid and had to keep adjusting my meds I was very concerned that I would keep blowing up . So I wasted no time after that to get lap-band surgery about three years ago. It has been wonderful for me...life changing, I was even a fat child so I have never experienced life like this and its wonderful. However if you don't keep working out so that the skin shrinks with you ( cause you are losing weight slow enough that it is possible) you just end up wit a melted mess. so now I am unhappy... I have gone from one extreme to another and it is mentally stressful . I can keep up with the kids now and be active with them, go to amusement parks and ride the rides but under all my clothes all the time I have to put soo much on under my clothes just to hold everything together. even when making love , I have to make sure I keep things on to keep body parts where they should be. My desire is to make love just in my birthday suit! , have one layer of clothing between me and the rest of the world, to not have to look in the mirror and question the choices I made to weight less and live a healthier life with my children. Dra. Duran is a excellent sculptur and I know looking at her work she will give me the body I desire. I looked no where else because she gives curves like no other. I cannot wait to be done and caress that beautiful body that would be my own!

Not sure?!!?!?!?!

sorry it has been some time. well I have new developments. I had one person metion to me a lower body lift so I have been looking into that now for some time. I am in nyc and found a dr. I was looking into some time ago. I went for a consultation with my boyfriend. the things the doctored was taking about doing to me was very different from what I had discussed with dr. duran. it was so different that got even more confused. I have only sent pictures to duran and we discussed what to do for me base on pictures and conversation on the phone. Going in for the consultation in person and having the doctor put their hands on you and really discussion your options put a lot of light on the situation for me. if your body is already tight and you need a little help then most likely what dr. duran provides is fine but I have none of that going on. I wish I maybe made a trip down to dr. to have an appointment with her first to make sure I don't have a warped sense of what I expect for myself and without doing that I don't know if I go down there and lay on her table if I will in fact wake up with what I want. which is a smooth shaply body. the nyc doctor does nice work but no one sculpts like duran but what about the rest of my body ?? legs knees there are lumps all over the place. so now my boyfriend and mother want me to use this nyc doctor...btw he goes to jamica once a month to do sx there so I would be going there getting nyc care for oversea price and still get nyc post care so my family feel that is a safer decision and I wont have to worry about not having anyone want to care for me if I have issues when I get back home. but I want a duran body. I don't want to take such a rick and not get what I dream about. what do you all think?
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