"39 , 4 Kids, A Soccer Mom Who Just Wants to Get Her Sexy Back Before 40. Dominican Republic, DO

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My goal is to get my sexy back , feel better about...

My goal is to get my sexy back , feel better about my physical appearance without a wearing a girdle and be a healthier soccer mom. So that I can live a happier, healthier, more productive live. I've already booked my flight for my husband and I. I have packed things like adult diapers, pain meds, body wipes, summer dresses, flat shoes, lip gloss , my lap top, sleep wear, powder deodorant, reading materials etc. I have my passport ready to go and adequate child care lined up. I am soooo ready to go. Nevertheless, I have really great communication with Leslie Dra. Fatima ' s Assistant. She has made both me and my husband not just feel welcomed but also safe. Her manners were great, her response time to our questions and concerns were even greater. Not to mention the finances were within our budget. I've seen Dra. Fatima ' s work and I trust that she will make my wishes come true. I'm looking forward to becoming a Fatima Doll and getting my sexy back like I was a undergrad in college again. ?????

nervous now

I'm leaving first thing in the morning. So I decided to go out to a fancy restaurant with my hubby. On our way back we caught a flat. I need to get home and rest my body prior to leaving at 6am. Besides the point I still have to pack a few small items. Lord I hope you aren't trying to stop me from getting my sexy back. I'm sooooo nervous because I really want my TT I'm sick and tired of wearing this stupid girdle!!!!

less than 24 hours before surgery

God is good all the time. ...?? I made it safe to DR. And boy when I say that I am very pleased It's no exaggeration. I got to the air port people were very welcoming and my taxi was waiting. That was' not all I was than driven straight to the doctor's office where I was immediately greeted by Dr. FATIMA lovely assistant. After conducting the paperwork I was escorted to have my ex ray, blood work and EKG. It was less than a half hour later that I was placed in my personal room. When a gentleman brought up my belongings and a warm meal. I must say that the customer service here is great, the patient relations even greater. Dr Fatima Almonte and her staff so far gets five stars for impeccable hospitality.?????

Just a tid bit nervous.

I work up at 7:00 am began my morning prayer and worship, took a shower and was so ready to go. I spoke with my Doctor and felt very confident that things are going to be okay. Now I'm in my room just waiting for the nurse to come and get me. I'm just a little bit nervous. Perhaps it's because it's almost time. God please calm my spirit.... You said be anxious for nothing..

3 days after surgery

It's been three days since my surgery and my legs are very swollen. However, my doctor was great in offering me advice and medication to reduce the swelling. Everyday that I'm here at the Armenia Recovery House I feel just a little bit more welcomed. Even my taxi driver has been very informative about places that my husband and I can go to past the time. E.g the mall and the Christopher Columbus house. I like the quality of service and my new belly. We'll just have to see about the legs once the swelling goes down.

pounds dropping

Its almost been three weeks and I'm feeling great. Although my husband seems to think my butt has gotten smaller. I think I look great. I even feel healthier. I've dropped 2-3 pounds a day. Thanks Dra. Fatima Almonte for helping me to become a better person. Now off to get my massage and drainage. Yes I'm still draining because I have swelling still in my flanks. However, Leslie was very good in directing me to professionals within my geographic location to take care of me as far as massages and drainage. They really are people persons. If I had to select a doctor for more surgery it would be Dra. Fatima Almonte and her staff.

sey, healthy and satisfied.

I am very pleased with my new bod. I've been walking 30 minutes a day and eating right to maintain it. I only consume 1200 calories per day and drink lots of water. I continue to get my massages and wear my garment. I now have three. One for sleeping, one for wearing in the house and one for my outside attire. However, for the first time I showed my belly and boy did I get many compliments. I must have given Dra. Father's info to 30 people. I am very pleased with the level of service I received.

Gotta Thank God

Thanking God for providing the finances to have the surgery.

feeling like I'm 21 again

healthier life
It's been almost a year and I feel magnificent. Dr. Fatima has really helped me to feel healthier and senior than ever. I was 245 lbs wearing size 18 now to 179 lbs wearing size 6. I soon love it. God truly blessed me with Dr. Fatima.

thicker than a mother

40 and fabulous.

clothes or no clothes I'm sexy

Clothes or no clothes I'm that sexy mother. I look and feel good thanks to my Dr. Fatima Almonte. I am 11 months post opt, I still periodically wear my faja, I work out 5 -6 times a week and clean eat to maintain my new bod....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've seen the great work that Dra. Fatima Almonte had done on at least three friends and boy do they look great....

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