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Hi a little about me. I am a 36yo mom. My weight...

Hi a little about me. I am a 36yo mom. My weight issues started long ago due to bad choices, laziness, depression & stress. In 2011 I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery & since then have lost over 100 lbs. I am looking to have a Tummy Tuck, Lipo of bra folds/back/flanks/waist/arms & maybe a Breast Lift. I started out planning to have surgery in the states, but realized I couldn't afford everything I wanted so after doing some research I decided on Dominican Republic. I am nervous & still looking into Dr's but I am ready to reclaim my body & do something for me!

It looks like Fatima Almonte it is!!!

So after doing my research, I requested quotes from Almonte, Robles and Medina. Dr. Medina & her assistant are extremely nice, helpful & responded quickly, but my heart has been set on Almonte for a while now so after receiving my quote I knew that I would go with her. (I never did get my quote from Robles but im ok with that). I heard a lot of great things about Almonte's assistant & I have not been disappointed. Lesley is great, responded to my questions fairly quickly & I appreciated the fact that she didnt seem to care that I was sending her messages on a weekend. For those still looking for a doctor, don't be afraid to ask your questions no matter how big or small. We all know that the reason most of us pick DR is because we want to be able to get more for our money, but when picking your surgeon don't just go for the person that will give you the better deal. Go with the person that makes you most at ease & takes the time to explain things to you. I started out wanting to have a full mommy makeover (tt,breast lift, lipo all over & thigh lift) & I was quickly told no. My first thought was what! I have heard of several people going to DR to do all kinds of things at once, but the reality is that everyones case is different. Dr. Almonte took the time to let me know what was best for me & what a toll that would put on my body at one time. I really appreciated that, because my health is what is most important. One of my other concerns was what happens if I come home & something goes wrong? Nobody wants to think of that, but you never know. So I asked this question to Lesley & she told me that Dr. Almonte can refer me to a colleague in my area for post ops if needed. This was great news & for me sealed the deal! I asked Lesley for available dates in October & I am happy to say I am more than likely going with October 28th! I know it seems close (which it is) but I am currently not working so I figure why wait. Lesley is in the process of sending me all the final details via email & then all I have left to do is confirm my date, send in my deposit & start getting ready for the next step...

It is official!!!! My surgery is scheduled for 10/28 with Almonte in DR!!!

It is official! My surgery is scheduled for 10/28 and the flight is booked. I already started purchasing the essentials like maxi dresses, cotton tank tops, comfy sports bras and granny panties for my tt lol. They have booked me to stay at My Home RH. I have heard good things about them and I am hoping it works out. I am still waiting to hear back as to what medical supplies I will actually need. I don't want to buy unnecessary items or over pack and I hear that most places provide such things as chux pads etc. Now I have to get my passport expedited which is going to drive me crazy, but it is what it is. I have travel insurance in the event that something happens but I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Excited to get this going!

30 days to go!

Hi ladies. So i have been taking SSS Tonic with OJ for a week now to get my iron levels up. I hate the way the iron is making me feel. Ive been queasy and almost everything i eat gives me a stomach ache. Needless to say ive had to start taking an antacid as well just to try to help ease the discomfort. If anyone is looking to buy this product, i would suggest trying your local Kmart. Its the only place that had it in stock in my area and by far the cheapest price i have seen. I got a 20 oz bottle for only $6.74 per bottle. As of yesterday i was 30 days away from surgery so i also started taking folic acid and arnica pills. I hope all this stuff works because i really hate taking pills. I am almost done with all of my supplies. I will post a list if what i have as soon everything comes in.


So after researching on RS & FB I came up with a list of supplies. Some of these things I already had around the house. The rest i purchased to use for sx and post op at home. Here's my list:

5 Sterile water syringes
Alcohol pads
Sani wipes
Stool softener/phillips milk of magnesium
2 lidocaine patches
muscle relaxers
antihistamine/anti-itch pills
Precription pain meds
2 adult diapers (if i do bbl)
25 chux pads
Neosporin/A&D ointment
Wet ones/germ-x wipes
Baby wipes
Feminine wipes/deodorant
Arnica gel
Arnica pills
Sleep aids
Pez Urinal
3 house dresses
2 buttoned pj tops with pants
5 maxi dresses
5 granny panties
3 stretchy sports bras (no wires)
2 pairs of flip flops
8 wife beaters
1 T-shirt
Anti embolism compression socks
Measuring tape
Travel size toiletries

It may be a lot but i am better safe than sorry. I will post a supply update when i return from DR. And will let everyone know if i actually needed this things.

So I have decided to add BBL

So after some thinking i decided not do the arm lipo because i am afraid of having more loose skin. I have decided to add the bbl instead. I already have a booty but after loosing over 100lbs its not what it used to be so i am hoping that this will help reshape it lol. I have added some wish pics to show what i am hoping to achieve overall

Hemo Update. 7 days away from the flat side!!!

My Hemo was only 12.3 when I had it checked on 10/10. Ladies I cannot stress the importance of taking your supplements & eating iron rich foods as early as possible. Stay away from coffee, tea, red wine & dairy. They all prohibit the absorption of iron. Please do your research. Had I done this earlier in the game my hemo would have been much higher. I reached out to the Dra and she told me that I would be ok for my tt, lipo & bbl, but i am probably not going to be able to get the breast lift i was hoping for. I did increase my intake in all things hemo related so we will see what happens, but I am leaving it in God's hands. If its not high enough then the breast lift is not meant for me at this time. I can always save that for Rd2 lol. It's crazy how time goes by so quickly. In 7 days I will be in DR & will finally be back on the flat side. It has been a long time coming & I cant wait!!! I will keep you ladies posted as I get closer :)

Arrived in DR!!

I arrived in DR this afternoon. The flight was great and the driver was waiting for me as soon as i came out of the gate. Neper is a very nice man. there was another girl ariving at the same time & I am happy to say we hit it off well. lesley is a sweetheart & stayed with us while we ere getting all our testing done. my hemo is 12.9. It is high enough to get my tt, lipo & bbl but I am still waiting to find out if i can get the breast lift. The good thing is that Lesley believes I have a good foundation since I dont have too much fat so the Dra will let me know once she sees me tomorrow. fingers crossed. I have added some pictures of my room and the meal they give you.


Here are some pics of the clinic

Back from DR

Hey dolls. I am finally home. I will be taking the next day or two to settle in and will post my review.
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