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I'm expecting a great fkight, great experience, ...

I'm expecting a great fkight, great experience, and overwhelming results I have received my quote from Dr. Fatima Almonte. I have read great things about her and her assistant Leslye and how much kindness they show towards you. I'm going to need that coming out of surgery and recovering. I am a military wife and I just flat out need my body regenerated after having 3 children. They are a blessing but not to my body lol. I used to be a size 3 before children, then I was a 5/6 after my 1st child, 2nd child a 9/10, 3rd child I went to a size 12/14. I work out and dropped 18lbs total but my stomach never goes back to what it used to be..FLAT! It was recommended that I have a full tummy tuck, with liposuction in the front, back, and underarms, along with a bbl. I originally wanted breast implants with my tummy tuck and some lipo. .but I believe I may can wait on the beast implants...we will see. Right now my concentration is on whether or not the day I'm trying to go can I get X2 plane tickets on that day. Also, praying for a smooth transition and a nice RH to stay at while we are there I received a list of them to stay at and I think it will be Armonia. You guys give me some pointers too along my journey. WHAT are the, Fajas? Are they like girdles?

Questions, preparing, and excitement!

Im still looking for a good rh. Im leaning towards My home RH and Real Recovery house. Does anyone know anything about these two. Dr. Almonte assistant Lesley has been great! My surgery is not until next year but I want to make sure I have everything together. I look at this website daily!

Waiting to make deposit!

I love the communication that I have received from Dr Almonte and her assistant Lesley! Just looking at some recent pictures everyone looks great. I'm a little concerned about the drain bag since I keep reading about it being clogged, and all of this swelling and bloating..I thought if I keep the Faja on it will help with that right? I can't book a flight yet because the airline doesn't book out that far online..December 2015. I know I need a tourist card I can get that online before I fly...and I read where a lady got a letter from her doctor and she was allowed to keep her Faja on when she had to go through security. I'm definitely requesting a wheelchair for sure! I'm a bit nervous with going to another country I haven't told any family except my MILaw she's supportive. .my hubby is coming with me..any advice on when I should start with iron supplements. .h as any supplements made you sick at all?

Help please

Anyone who has been to DR. Almonte please tell me a nice RH to stay at. I was advised to stay at The Real Recovery Home I think that is what it's called. It's very new. But I wanted to stay at a nice one that has hospital beds and a place where my husband can stay in with me. But I'm so confused I don't know where to go I just read a review of the dolls recovery home. I haven't made my deposit yet and I don't want to be moved at the last minute. I like air conditioning and don't want to be hot. So someone please tell me your experience and where you think I should go! I still don't know where to get the best airline ticket flying from Atlanta Georgia to Dominican Republic help please!!

Just Made my Deposit! *Butterflies!*

I have just made my deposit but my question to other dolls that are using Fatima Almonte is how did you feel after depositing the money..I want to make sure I'm not getting scammed...Leslie was on Whats,app with me and she is super sweet...but you know this is money going to another part of the world. I'm one step closer though to becoming a Almonte Doll. Duran never responded to my messages so I gave up! But any past present experiences with paying for their surgery would be helpful!! Thanks you guys I'm thinking of those who are already having it done or anticipating like myself, and I believe in the power of prayer and that the blood of Jesup will keep us!

?I just read someone's post about their experience....

I just read someone's post about their experience at the DR with Dra. Almonte. I'm definitely going to be asking about gloves, etc..infection control...I'm nervous because it seems like the "nurses" are not trained that well..If they are really nurses at all. Nevertheless, I'm going to keep my eyes open and pray like never before. I was looking at Serenity RH, has anyone heard of them, or Luxury RH...I really would like recommendations. Lesley seems pretty nice..I hope that it stays that way even while I'm there. My husband is coming with me so that should make it easier! I'm losing more weight as well. I'm having loose skin around my midsection however it will soon be sucked out!!


My hemoglobin level was a 14.6! The guy said wow!! I'm thinking the same thing as well! I haven't found a recovery home yet...sigh! I've been working out 4x a week and seeing results..I just want to be on after the surgery...

Passports Have Arrived

Hello everyone my passports have arrived and I will be purchasing my plane tickets next week. This is really happening! I will be staying at Silhouette Recovery House. Can anyone tell me what they brought with them that seemed to help them....i have seen pads, arnica gel and tablets, I am just wondering my sx date is December 28th its approaching fast!!!

Changed Date

I will be seeing Dr. Almonte on February 29th! I had to push my surgery date back.

More wish pictures

Here are some wish pictures I would really like a natural look along with a small waist, no rolls and a flat tummy!

Time is approaching!

I ordered, arnica gel, blue pads, lipofoam, and arnica pills. I saw where eating pineapple before surgery helps with swelling too! I am so nervous right now. Feb 29th is the BIG DAY!! Pray for me please! If any of you have any suggestions on what else to bring please share. Granny panties for sure! I have some antibiotics, prescription benedryl, and some pain meds. Clothes what do i need shoes what do i need slippers, flip flops??

Plane tickets purchased

Well things just got real, I purchased my plane tickets! No turning back! Silhouette recovery and Leslie with Dr. Almonte are both awesome. Silhouette inboxed me to check on me! I thought that was sweet! I fly in Feb 28th sx on the 29th. Pray for me please! Positive thinking over here!

7 more days

Words cannot express what I am feeling right now! I will place my before pictures the day before surgery and my after pictures after surgery. I am nervous and excited...I really want good results with no complications. That would really be nice. I have been praying and asking the Lord to allow me to live and have a safe flight back home with no infections. My physician would not give me any antibiotics. I have some left from a previous sinus infection that I had...but that is about it! I am staying at Silouette Recovery with my husband. The owner seems to be very nice and Lesley who is my Dr's assistant is fabulous! I can't wait to meet them. From what I was told by the recovery house owner the lady who does the massages charges 35.00 per massage. I thought that was higher than what I have seen from others which was 25.00....maybe it varies depending on the level of skill or amount of time. Also, has anyone seen a number of mosquitos over there when they went for surgery? I was given a Hep A vaccine I already had the Hep B vaccine...i wanted some doxycycline for Malaria precaution but the doctor said I only needed it if we were going out doing missionary work. I told them even if I was not I needed it for precautionary measures. They still did not give it to me. I am going to see if I can still get some and I would feel alot better.


Well I am here and will be on the flatside tomorrow. Please say a prayet for me! Thank you!

Surgery Complete

Dr. Almonte and her team did great! At first I was a little bummed because I was not going to be pulled as tight due to my asthma..but she had my best interest at heart and it all worked out! It has been exactly 4 weeks and I still have swelling. I am waiting to see a stateside doctor to do a ultrasound and remove some fluid that I have on the left side of my tummy. Other than that I am ok
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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