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I have being doing a lot of research for a couple...

I have being doing a lot of research for a couple yrs on Dr's in DR that I'm interested on getting sx with, u named it, n probably I have look @ it already. My search narrow down to Cabral or Duran. I have got a quote from Cabral but my heart is leaning toward Dra, Duran I mean I love her work n to me it seems more natural n according to the body type of the client goal.

Getting closer to where I want to be ! ! !

I'm getting closer to where I want to be before surgery, like o said lady's this is a process and I am getting my body ready for that big day so far I have lost a total of 36lbs by eating healthy and going to the gym at least 4 days a week and doing a lot of cardio. Today I send Dra Yily de los santos an email inquiring about a quote and she answered it in less than an hour. She quoted me $ 4500 for bbl, tt, and lipo. But like I said this is a process and I still have a way to go. But I'm planning to inquire Dra duran for a quote once I get to my ideal weight, I still have 25 more lbs to loose.

Just waiting for Dra Yily ! ! !

Hey dolls, I'm just waiting for dr Yily to confirm my sx day, and I'll locked right away. Already got my flight book. This week going to my pcp to get my hemo check and see where I'm standing.

Today I got my physical exam done! ! !

Thanks god, everything went well now I'm just waiting for my blood tests to come back and give me my hemo level. So I can know where I'm standing with my hemoglobin, and start taking the vitamins and pre-op supplements starting February.

Deposit made

Just finished making my deposit, to secured my surgery date. Already have my flight booked and now time to star buying and getting everything ill need to travel. Ooh and I'm just waiting for my blood test results, but meanwhile I'm taking iron 65mg one pill a day and Calcium Citrate with Magnesium and Zinc, with D3 vitamin two pills per day. Plus my normal gym routines and supplements.

Starting to build my list of supplies for surgery

This is only some of my purchase. Based on what I have seen on others rs review list of must have.

My lab results.

Finally got my lab report done back in January 2017 and my Hemoglobin level was 11.6, with out drinking my supplements, hopefully now it should be higher because I have being drinking my supplements daily, but still will try to drink/ eat,more iron base supplements and veggies/ fruits.

Finishing packing

So today I'll finish buying all my supplies for my trip to DR, and I'll finish packing and get my luggage ready for the trip.


Omg I'm super excited and nervous that day that I have being planning and waiting for so long is finally here so my flight leave a little bit after 5am tomorrow morning and I'll be in DR around 8:48am and planning to go to Dr Yily office on Friday for all my pre-op tests and hopefully if everything is good, get my surgery on Monday morning.

Soon to be snach

When to cipla on 03/22/17 for consultations with Dr, Yily de los Santos I was the first person there for pre-op consultation. Got my blood and x-ray done, saw the cardiologist and she told me everything was good to go and they ask me if I wanted to wait until my schedule surgery day or if I wanted it sooner so I said the sooner the better so the receptionist told me ok comeback today around 2pm and we'll see if I can schedule you for tomorrow and I said I only have one request and that's I want to be the first person that the dr do surgery on and she said we'll see when u come back today. After getting there around 2 pm of the same day they told me that my hemo was low it was 11.6 and she gave me a prescription and told me to go back to the clinic on Friday 3/24/17 around 2pm. Let's hope for the best????????????????So on Friday 3/24/17 I went back to Cilpa and re do the hemo test and it came back at 11.7 I was so stressed because that is what I didn't wanted to hear. Because I took everything she prescribed me and more cause my friend made me a lot of natural juices to help build the hemo level up and when I saw that results I was like "what only 1 point up" omg and they send me to another laboratory to outside of Cipla to do the same test again the place name was Elohim laboratory and the test came out @ 12.1.
I was so happy and excited, after I got the results I had to go back to the clinic to take it to then, then the receptionists told me to take everything down to the first floor to register for surgery on Monday 3/27/17. After registration I went back upstairs to make the payment for the surgery, she gave me my receipts and told me to be there on Monday @ 5am and gave me her phone # and said that she will call me to confirm the timing. And hopefully everything will be good to go on Monday morning, I hope to be the first person Dr, Yily de los Santos do surgery on. Another little thing that I would like to add is that today I heard a girl was crying in Cabral office because somebody stole her money in the recovery house I felt so bad for her but to me that wasn't nothing new because I had read that before in other girls reviews that's why we need to get informed before we do anything specially knowing that you going to a place where you don't know no body and they just take care of you for the money ???? ladies take care of your stuff because you are aware that you are a stranger in a group of strangers. 3/26/17
One more day for my dream to become a reality, can wait to get snatch by Dr, Yily de los Santos. I'm super excited, happy, anxious it's a mix of motions but not scare I think it's because I haven't assimilate my reality, I have being here sense Tuesday 3/21/17 morning and I still can believe I'm here I think it's because I haven't been out as much I'm always stuck in my friend house and I don't have much friends here I bearly know anybody here. I left DR when I was really young I was about 8-9 years old, I don't travel to DR as much, I had about 12+ years without coming here so I really don't know the area. And my friend don't like to go out either I'm hoping for my recovery to be smooth and un-painful. Today is going to be a long day but planing to take it easy today and relax this few hours I have left in this body.

A dream come true

Finally had my surgery on3/27/17 Luz told me to be there by 5am and there I was about 15-20 minutes before the time when I arrived there was 3 more girls scheduled for surgery With Yily as well she took then in and after a few minutes took me to my designated room and ask me what I was getting and mark me and gave me the blue pill to drink right away, after approximately one to two hours the anesthesiologist came in to the room and took me in a rolling bed to a nice clean little room hooked the iv and after that I only remembered waking up in the middle of the surgery saying I'm uncomfortable and I didn't feel any pain that's it. Then I woke up again in my room shaking but no pain at all just discomfort. Sleep a little but now I can't go to sleep. The assigned doctor came took my blood pressure and said that my pressure is as I haven't had a surgery, I told her that I can't go to sleep and she told me that at 11-12am the nurses come and changes the sheets and give me something to sleep. If I don't told my friend to go get the nurse I guess I don't get the sleeping shot but I did and it didn't work at lease for me. Yily came to my room around 5 in the morning and told me I was good to go home and after all the I end up going home around 10am. They schedule a appointment for me on Thursday at 8am to zip up my faja and hopefully to take out the drainage.

It's so true!!!

As the days passed by the better I feel on the third day of my surgery I really started to feel better thanks god the night before I was able to sleep at lease for a few hours, and now as the day goes by I noticed that I'm able to move more freely. Still in pain but is not as painful as I thought from a 1-10 I give it a 3 the discomfort is more terrifying than the pain but like I have always thought everyone is different and each body have their own way to heel. On 3/30/17 I here the follow up appointment and I hope they take this drainage out, I'm a little scared of them closing down my faja I had read that it's painful and that is what I'm most scare of now to start getting pain after all that I have being in with this surgery and no pain yet. Another thing is that first massage I hope it's not painful ether by now I definitely need to get that massage I feel so big and I know it's because of the water in my body my feets are not swollen but I feel my back and tummy very swollen and tight.

Massages experience

So on 3/30/17 I had my first massage it was a little be painful but after I felts so much better and a lot more flexible I could see the difference in my body and my shape already, I know this are not my final surgery results but I'm planning to take it to the top I want maximum results so as soon as the doctor told me I can start my gym routine I'm planning to go and keep eating as clean and healthy as possible I'm not giving up my Herbalife products just because I had the surgery done, now is when I have to be consistent with it if I want to better my results. To me this is a life investment that I'm not planning to ruined.
Today I got my Second massage I wasn't as painful as the first one I feel more flexible and I'm able to do more stuff on my own now even though the girls advice is not to do any heavy stuff but if I feel like I can do it and it won't hurt me I'll do it.

Just had my first shower!!!!

Omg I feel like a new person after that shower, even though it wasn't a good regular shower but the sponged one but I feel super clean and fresh.

10 days!!!

I can believed that it have being 10 days already, every one that see me said that I have being recovering quick and thanks god with no complications at all even the massage therapist at Cipla said that she is surprise of how good and smooth my recuperation have being.

Check up time!!!

Here at Dr Yily de los Santos office waiting for my turn to see her assistant and hopefully get this drained out.


Another picture


I did not got my drained out the Doctor said that on Monday she'll take it out but and then I just have to take care of my incision and change the tape every 5 day. Thanks god I got thru this with no inconvenience and no complications at all everything is good and normal. The only thing that I would like to said is that there is no pain in my opinion is just discomfort because you have to get use to sleep in a very strict posture and the areas were you receive the treatment feels very tight specially the abdomen if you get a tt like I did , but even though I'm less then two weeks pos-op I feel like I haven't got my surgery yet I feel like nothing have happened I'm very happy with what I see so far.

Three weeks

Omg I can't believe it have being three weeks already, every day it is getting better and I feel so much better by the day. Today I got me another faja much smaller cause my second stage I had to take it in and I can be without it. I was half the day without my first second stage faja and I was feeling like I was about to blow out and I when and got me another one and found a place for the massages and took a package of 10 massage for $450.00 and after i feel so much better.

A look at my cut

Starting the gym!!!

On May 1st I decided to get back to the gym. I don't do any heavyweights or anything like that but I do a lot of walking and light cardio work out just to keep the shape and lose a couple of pounds that I want to get ripoff to look a lot better after this surgery.


Here you can see the difference.

Almost 3 months!!!

I felt great I'm almost done with the recovery period and so far I haven't had any surgery complications but one minor thing that I'm already taking care of and is nothing major, thanks god cause I was really concerned about. I had a little lump on the top of my abdomen and it was hard but It wasn't painful, I thought that maybe I had an open stitched on the in side or a hernia, but I consulted with my surgery doctor and she said to put lotion on it, how is that going to work? But I when for a second opinion and they told me to massage that area and put on warm towels, that the reason why I had that wasn't a broken stitch,it was because of not getting massage right now I have some fluids left inside and eventually i have to help it come out now before it can really get bad.

One recommendation

To all the future dolls and to the ones that are already in recovery, this product right here was my must have during recovery before and after. Even the doctor during post surgery appointment told me that my healing process look like if I had surgery a month ago, nd I was only 14 days out of surgery, it comes in different flavor but I really like the pineapple because I know that pineapples help with swollen and I guess that's why I buy this one. There are different brands but I usually buy 'tis one cause is one of the cheap ones that I can find.
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