34 Yr Old 5 Kids...Future Duran Doll! Lookout WORLD!!!

Hello fellow Realself Sistahs! I have finally...

Hello fellow Realself Sistahs! I have finally begun my journey to the new me. Im excited, terrified, in denial, and overwhelmed with joy! This has been a very long wait for me. I have been a member since 2012 and I have really enjoyed reading everyone review...the good, the bad, n the ugly! Lol. But i really appreciate how you ladies have helped me along the way. I have my date for Dr. Duran and I can wait for her to snatch me back in shape! Now I jus need to book my recovery house and I am officially in the game. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I will be getting a BBL, TT and Lipo. Im debating on if i want a BA, if so my price will be $6,900. Which is still great! I have a lot of knowledge about these procedures, since i have been researching since 2003. If anyone have question please feel free to ask. Not to mention...i am a nurse too!

Soooo...im still searching for the best recovery house!

Ok. So, I still need to find the best recovery house. I have done some searching but I just can not make a decision. Im a little confused to why your companion have to pay so much money to stay when all they are really doing for them is feeding them. Most houses charge $75 per night and $65 per night for your companion. That will be $150 per night for 7 to 10 nights. Its like im staying at a Marriot or something! Crazy!! But i guess I have to do what I have to do...or go to DR solo. Lol. Ill keep you ladies n gents posted

Needing a whatsapp number for Duran Assitant

Hello Dolls!! Im in need of a whatsapp number for Duran assistant. I really dont want to call her office and hope someone answers every time I need to talk to her. I am wanting to add a procedure and would like to have an easier way to reach her, especially since I am her patient now. If anyone have this information please let me know. I have one contact number to Duran for whatsapp but every time I contact her on that number she never responds. PLEASE HELP!! Lol
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