35 Yr Old 5 Kids...Future Duran Doll! Lookout WORLD!!!

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Hello fellow Realself Sistahs! I have finally...

Hello fellow Realself Sistahs! I have finally begun my journey to the new me. Im excited, terrified, in denial, and overwhelmed with joy! This has been a very long wait for me. I have been a member since 2012 and I have really enjoyed reading everyone review...the good, the bad, n the ugly! Lol. But i really appreciate how you ladies have helped me along the way. I have my date for Dr. Duran and I can wait for her to snatch me back in shape! Now I jus need to book my recovery house and I am officially in the game. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I will be getting a BBL, TT and Lipo. Im debating on if i want a BA, if so my price will be $6,900. Which is still great! I have a lot of knowledge about these procedures, since i have been researching since 2003. If anyone have question please feel free to ask. Not to mention...i am a nurse too!

Soooo...im still searching for the best recovery house!

Ok. So, I still need to find the best recovery house. I have done some searching but I just can not make a decision. Im a little confused to why your companion have to pay so much money to stay when all they are really doing for them is feeding them. Most houses charge $75 per night and $65 per night for your companion. That will be $150 per night for 7 to 10 nights. Its like im staying at a Marriot or something! Crazy!! But i guess I have to do what I have to do...or go to DR solo. Lol. Ill keep you ladies n gents posted

Needing a whatsapp number for Duran Assitant

Hello Dolls!! Im in need of a whatsapp number for Duran assistant. I really dont want to call her office and hope someone answers every time I need to talk to her. I am wanting to add a procedure and would like to have an easier way to reach her, especially since I am her patient now. If anyone have this information please let me know. I have one contact number to Duran for whatsapp but every time I contact her on that number she never responds. PLEASE HELP!! Lol

Sooo...probably will need a buddy!!

So its been a while since I posted and I feel like I have gotten nothing done. I still need to get my passport, booked my recovery house or brought any supplies! This is crazy!! My surgery is in 3 months. OMG!!!????.. Now I also may need to find a buddy because I maybe traveling to the DR solo. So if anyone is having surgery in March on or around the 23rd and need a buddy plz let me know! My uncontrollable ability to procrastinate is my downfall! Lol. I have to get on it and quick. Does anyone have any recommendations of recovery house or condos to rent? I want to at least be able to enjoy the island life while in recovery...you know!! Talk to you ladies soon! Kisses

Found a recovery house!

Have anyone heard of Pedro's Recovery House? I was referred to this house by Jazmin who runs the Jazmin Recovery House. It looks beautiful on the facebok page. Antonia handles all the buainess for the US guest and even has an American telephone number. She answered all of my questions and responded almost immediately every time I texted her. I will upload some pics. Im also looking for a buddy. I'll be leaving from Charlotte, NC. If anyone will be heading to DR on March 21st from Queen City please let me know. Sorry couldn't upload pics but here is the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pedrosdoll/.

Need to sell my date!!!

I need to change my date and want to sell my date for March 23rd of this year. If anyone is interested then contact me. I need more time to save so I cam get everything i want done in the DR at once. I do not want a round 2. No no no...and I don't want to travel by myself. I already ferl nervous about being in a foreign country away from my kids and it would be nice to have someone with me during and after my surgery. I'll be booking my recovery house with High Class Recovery. Hopefully Wendy can help me change my date for September or October this year.
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