33 Yr Old Mommy Ready to Be a Almonte Doll - Dominican Republic

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Ok, I've been doing a lot of research (2 yrs now)...

Ok, I've been doing a lot of research (2 yrs now) and this site has been a huge tool. I'm hoping to have my SX with Dr. Almonte in June or July of 2016. I'm super excited and ready for this experience. I already have my quote and was told my BMI had to be 35 or lower so im now working on losing weight so please all tips, suggestions, and feedback is welcomed. Also my boyfriend is coming with me does any one know of a RH, that will accept men.

Day one towards a lower BMI

Ok it's day one of my weight loss, positive energy is needed. They say anything worth having is a hard road traveled, but I'm ready. So I'm starting with a cleanse (out with the old in with the new). Looking at the dolls that are done gives me so much motivation thanks to everyone who has shared their stories, you have no idea how much of a huge help they are to me .I've got some wish pictures figured I would upload thoes. Thanks again and any one going next year (mid to late) and u need a SX buddy let me know my boyfriend will not be able to stay the entire time ( work)


I have a question does anyone out there know of any girls getting thier SX done with a BMI higher than 35
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