Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL...........MADE IN THE DR!!!!!!!!

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After a successful breast reduction last year (in...

After a successful breast reduction last year (in Florida) I had put my 2014 TT/LIPO/BBL sx on hold because I GOT MARRIED in January (and was planning on having a 3 and last child!).. BUT it is NOT happening. No more babies for me.. Im sorry i put my plans on hold for someone else.

I have decided (almost 80%) to go with a Surgeon in the Dominican Republic because i LOVE the dramatic work they do!! THEY SCULPT!!!!
I am leaning more towrds Dr Duran for pleasant, personable and professionalism......i Love Dr Yily's work as well, but i read that she's not pleasant :-(
My middle is a complete mess!! i have a huge tummy with lots of stretch marks, loose muscles and love handles (that i hate). My butt is flat and i have no hips.
I want extreme lipo on my back and sides and upper tummy with a tummy tuck tightly with CURVES. I then want the fat transfered to my butt giving me roundness and *a BOOTY*! i want also a little bit of lipo on my inner thighs (if possible.....AND THAT SHOULD EQUAL A SCULPTED *doll*. LOL
I dont want to be unrealistic but i do want to see and love my results (dramatic)
Do you lovely ladies think that i am being unrealistic?
And how much should i expect to pay for TT/LIPO and BBL?

research enough and now .......

Hi dolls...... i have been busy busy with work and all of my extra time us spent on RS.
After communicating with DR. Manuel Diaz, i have decided to chose him for my surgery.
He answers every question and makes me feel comfortable. His quote includes EVERYTHING...even massages.
I will be staying at CIPLA clinic for the duration of my recovery.
He says i will have a private room for me and my guest.
I will check my hemo today and hope it is a 12 or above,
i will make my deposit next week !!!!!!
If anyone has pics or info on CIPLA RECOVERY STAY PLZZZZZZZZ SHARE.


I got my Hemo results today and it is 11.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need to hurry and get these levels up...
I already made my deposit to Dr.Diaz and scheduled March 17!!!!
Ladies, how can i boost my Hemo in a month???
I take iron (2x per day)..Vitamin C(once)..Vitamin B12(once), Folic acid(once).
I drink Green machines 2xpd, eat veggies,..started eating salmon 3x a week..and i started eating liver yesterday
Im not a big eater cuz im weight concious...i actually wanted to LOSE 10 POUNDS before surgery, but now im concern that if i have to increase food intake to get my iron up, i will most likely gain weight rather than lose any!!!
any quick iron booster tricks????
thanks a million!

bought GERITOL

Study to show yourselves approved.....
I wish i had some feedback, but im not the type to wait around for help, i go and search for info..now based on some of the rs reviews this GERITOL is suppose to aid in bringing up my hemo so, im starting today.
I tried to find DESOUZA'S LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL but with no success...
I will take another CBC at the end of the month to see where i am at... much love girls.

ONE MONTH AWAY !!!!! the struggle continues.......

I am exactly ONE month away from my sx.
I tested my hemo about 2 weeks ago and it was 11.6. So I am still on the mission to raise my hemo numbers........
Dr.Diaz said i need at least a 12. Im gonna include pur-absorb (rs sisters suggestion).
This is breakfast....lunch will be tuna and dinner will be liver......
Blessings dolls.

11 days later............

and i have ordered another test...Im going in tomorrow to check if my hemo has gone up after 12 days..
My *redlightspecial* is coming in a couple of days, so i want to check before it gets here because my first test was AFTER i left..
im doing the test again so i can know if what i have been doing is working or if i should try a different approach.
I check with Diaz DAILY and we are both set and ready for my date with him...he is such a darling (excellent communication: answers all questions)....i WILL book my ticket IF my levels went up! :-) xoxox

the devil is a liar

So, i pay for another test, wait for the results only to realize its the wrong test !..i dont care about my glucose,im perfectly good...i want to know my iron levels. They messed up..Smh.
I did call CSR and they will do the test again (the right one ).
(hopefully they dont need to draw more blood).
Im just waiting on these results to book my ticket.


to a 12!! ...THANK GOD!..
Now i will increase iron big time (advised by Dr.Manuel)..
I also made my reservations with MARIA'S RECOVERY HOUSE: (she has Facebook, IG and website). Her prices are great for me and a companion with private room and bath etc. She has free international calling to USA (thats a plus for me).
Getting ready to buy supplies, pack, request time off from work and book ticket asap!
i love you girls ...blessings.


Oh my,.... its becoming more real...
I got my tickets!!!!!!!, also requested wheel chair assistance on return flight.
I also Western union my deposit to MARIA'S RECOVERY HOUSE (let me know if yall want her info).
Ok, one last stop :SHOPPING FOR Supplies....


I went shopping today and pretty much got all my NEEDED supplies...i also have a few other items coming from WALGREENS.COM.
I tried to pack light and figure if i run out of something or need something else, ill buy it in DR.
(Yes,Im frugal...i shop walmart...thats why i can afford anything i want...i work hard and always try to get the most out of my dollar.)

Speaking of saving.... i booked a 3.5 star hotel for cheap, for the first night in DR instead of staying at The RH (i told my RH that im losing by paying them $130 when i cant eat dinner or breakfast before surgery and wont need care post surgery)...... she tried to convince me not to but i ignored her..she later told me to cancel the hotel because SHE WILL LET ME STAY THE FIRST NIGHT FOR THE SAME PRICE AS HOTEL...YEYYYY. LOL
"Favor "


So i read in the grapevine that CECIP CLINIC (where some popular DR surgeons operate) HAS CLOSED TODAY....of course i went to research it for myself.....and it appears to be INDEED FACTUAL !!!
I pray that God be with each and everyone of us who seek to enhance our appearances at such a high risk.. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.


Im doing whatever i can to raise my hemo....
A guava with red peppers and beets shake...i added a little prune juice for sweetener (haha)..prune juice is high in iron and it will aid in good bowel movement (all the vitamuns i take and im never constipated)

My walgreens order came (quick )
So im adding liquid chlorophyll to my hemo boosting scheme.

I will stop vitamins next week but not iron. (Will keep it up until after surgery )
My cycle is due 4 days after surgery and i really dont want a blood transfusion.

Shout out to cuteface_soon2bthinwaist!!!!!!!!
Check out her honest, nonbias, informative review

17 DAYS UNTIL........

Wow, im 17 days away from METAMORPHOSIS!
i just purchased my female urinal/P EZ, arnica pills and travel pouch (for cash and valuables).
I also purchased my tourist cards online (one less line to join in SDQ airport).
Let us go !

pre surgery prep

I just wanted to share some pre sx info i learned.
No nail polish on nails.
Stop taking vitamins 2 weeks before surgery (with exception of iron and vitamin c, if need to boost hemo )
Relax, pray, focus, pack early, get lots of rest, eat healthy and exercise.
Start taking bromelaine 7 days before sx
Start taking arnica pills 3 days before surgery.
Communicate with love ones (especially love on your kids) :)
Stay away from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and aspirin.
Im not stressing about pain pills from home because my Dr reminded me that oxa forte has same components as percocet so its just as good (i saw a patient review and she said the same ).

I am in contact with the other lady who is schedule to have sx with my Dr on the same day ! (Feels good). Cant wait to meet her.

I am a cool person and an open book so if you ladies have any concerns or questions, please DM me.
Lots of love dolls...xoxox

the waiting game.....

so after you ask almost every question, book your Dr, get your tickets, reserve an RH, buy all your supplies and purchase your tourist passes.....its only one thing to do :WAIT !!!!!!!!!

Its not easy, but it drags. The excitement is starting and you become anxious.....

I stopped taking vitamins with the exception of hemo boosting supplements.
I will start bromelaine on Monday and will take another CBC Test as well....really hoping to be at a 13!!!

Here's final pics before transformation

Hemo hemo......

I am 5 days before the big CHANGE!!!!! Yeyyyyyyy.
BUT i Got my hemo results today and i am a little disappointed. Its 12.2. Im ok with it because i started bleeding 3 days before i took it. Its from stress..stress.stress... my son broke his arm and leg on sunday !!! He Had surgery on monday ! and now started doing therapy today using a wheelchair. Im just thankful he's alive.
And im very thankful my hemo isnt lower because i read a lot of other posts where girls hemo went down, for no reason, after weeks of iron consumption.
Worst case (if necessary) ill take iron shots in DR.... but i doubt ill need it.
Just say a little prayer for us plz. Thanks RS sisters

i fly out in a few hours

I leave in the morning for DR.... I am getting excited.
I will go directly to the clinic to do labs. I'm praying all goes well because I am so ready for this surgery.

Here are my current measurements.
40 C
38 waist
45 hips/butt.

My wish measurements......
30 (or less) waist
50 (or more) hip/booty
(Trying not to be unrealistic)

Ok sugars, I will update as much as I can.....please say a prayer for safe travels. Thanks. Xoxox


i made it here dolls.
My flights were on time and very smooth.
I knew i was headed to a Spanish speaking country when most of the passengers were going off in Spanish.. Lol
Immigration officer was very sweet and everything at the airport is pretty organize. If you can, get your tourist card online ( i saved lots of time by not going on that long line)
My driver was waiting for me with a sign that had my name on it.
We had to drop another girl off to Cecip (her 3rd visit to DR, this time for bbl and her body still looks blahhhh).really need to do your research and chose a right Dr and take care of yourself afterwards.ijs.
Moving on.....we picked up a patient from cecip who told me she got a bad faja burn cuz her roommate wouldn't turn the AC on (not nice ) shes now staying at Maria's #2.
i stopped at the RH for about 30 minutes. My mom was eating so i left her there and went to CIPLA to do labs.(xray,blood work).
Omg....cosmetic surgery is the business....so many girls are in and out of CIPLA.
The xray guy was very friendly but Lisette (blood lady..i think thats her name) was all about work.
Diaz assistant speaks very good English.
There was a lady there and my goodness, she got her waist SNATCHED !!!I MEAN FLAT.
I asked my driver to take me to a nice restaurant but he said he was too busy..lmbooo.
I went back to RH and had a nice meal. Very tasty.
Maria is young but very hospitable. Her staff is super nice as well. Im staying in a temporary room with 2 hospital beds but will be in my reserved private room after surgery.
Ac is freezing cold (yeyyyy) with remote. place is very clean and spacious. Room has a walkin closet, a tv with remote and a set of drawers with lock and key (will post pics ).
I will return to CIPLA at 7 am tomorrow.
Xoxox (please say a prayer. Thanks )

Any questions ???


Can you do this ? Yes you can.....is it easy ? HELL NO IT AINT !
so the day of the surgery I went in,had to be there for 7 a.m. Waited to do my EKG in Diaz office with Jose. there were other girls waiting to see the masseuse brunilda. after the EKG, i pay Pebbles.Diaz came in after 8am. we talked a little bit then he took pictures, mark me up and then I had to go downstairs a few hours later to wait in this room where they take your weight, height and your blood pressure and then find you a room. there were at least six girls waiting jusT FOR YILY. the nurse call one patient per doctor at a time therefore I did not have to wait too long and then I had to go upstairs to the 4th floor to wait to be assigned my room. that took forever. around 1pm they finally put me in a room within 10 minutes pebbles (diaz assistant) came and gave me the famous blue pill and then I went to go poop considering and I won't be pooping for the next few days. while I was pooping the guy came for me to take me to the OR.
I did not fall asleep right away from the blue pilL.they wheel me from the 4th floor to the third floor where the operating rooms are. it seemed like I was going through a morgue. and then the nurse stretch my ar, give me an IV next thing I know I can feel cold water very very cold water on my back and sticks and I was like ouch and that's all I remember!!!!
my next memory was waking up in my room with my mom there and feeling very uncomfortable!!
it was very rough trying to sleep on your back when everything is swollen, your booty, your back. the nurses are really nice and are always available. this morning around 6:40 a.m. Brunilda came. she was very very nice and very gentle she gave me a massage and I feel so much better afterwards. massages are needed girls.
my hemo dropped from a high 12 to 6.7 so I had to get blood transfusion today I needed two bags for a total of 250 US dollars after I got the blood I felt much better.
my driver came to pick me up around 4 p.m. after my blood transfusion today. I had to buy medicine from the pharmacy (not in clinic..too expensive) on my way to the recovery house the total was about 110 US dollars and now I'm at recovery house. they took my Faja off to wash it and now I'm just waiting for it to come back cuz I think I really need it anyways that's all for now will update later.
love you girls


My drain will be removed by day 4 because my fluid is now clear...at first it is bloody with lots of fat (Eeeeewwwww) ...but not its just clear liquid and my nurse said thats a great thing. Im happy cuz many girls talk about how comfy they are after the drain is removed.
i cant wait to do a full review on her, her staff , her driver and her home.
My sromach is so much smaller, i can eat a lot.
OH BTW, i forgot to mention that when brunilda came, i drank half of a small apple juice and right before she started my massage I VOMITED! !!! LORD JESUS! !THAT WAS CRAZY HARD !!!!!!!! i tried to control it by doing a little at a time but my body just wouldnt stop bringing up...thank God all i had in 36 hrs was just that juice.
I guess im warning you to try small sips after surgery.....allow your body to take it in and try again... but make sure you dont have to sit up right afterwards.

there is hope.....

Today was a very good day.
I had a chicken salad for dinner last night (around 8pm). At midnight i decided to take 2 Tylenol pm, 2 iron and 2vitamin c....i started feeling bad (cuz stomach was empty). I ring for my nurse (Sulie) asked her for something light like fruits...she took 30 minutes !! Bring me a plate of fresh fruits, chopped and nicely decorated. Lmbo. I almost told her next time just bring the whole fruit but i Appreciated her effort and giving a nice presentation even after hours...
I did feel better and slept until Maria came to ask what i wanted for breakfast.
Brunilda came, gave a good massage around noon. I CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I ADORE BRUNILDA (My first thought of her after reading a few reviews was that she's a MEANIE !)But the lady is sweet, caring and knows what she's doing !!
Faja was off to wash so i had her take a quick pic of the PHATTY (named by my girl Gigi1724) lol.
I stayed up, chatting, walking and mingling with two other sx girls. I went in my room around 5:45 and i POOPED ALL BY MYSELF !!! I took everything off, did the number, wiped clean and put it all back on ! Danm im proud of myself. :)
My stage 1 is now closed on the 3rd hook so im ready for stage 2...tighter baby..
Well wishes to those coming and happy healing to you current patients..

the good, the bad and the ugly

I love my results. Scar is thin and low.
Drain is CLEAR.
Friday: icecream and cake party.
Saturday: pizza party:THESE CHICAS ARE BAD but sweethearts.
I got a blister on one of my butt cheeks :(

i am a very open person so i had to share this.... I dont like ppl sharing only good and hiding the bad.
I noticed a small pocket of fluid, Brunilda drained it with a syringe on thursday and now its a blister/bruise. I hate sores !!!!!!!!! So im going in to see my Dr at 10am tomorrow. (YES, ON A SUNDAY)!!!

Sweetlady. (Here's the package for the blue pill )

i almost died! !!!!!!

Crap..i lost the first review !!
Summary : Went to the beach and couldnt make it back to the car.
Car had to come get me!!!!! I cried tears .Lord Jesus :my back screamed :not one more step and i just couldnt.
Sx girls were mad Cuz i needed to go back to Rh cuz my back was busting open and my legs and feet were swollen. (They werent complaining cuz they didnt have aggressive lipo and you cant tell the difference in before and after booty pics :their DR told them to put on ten pounds to see results ! Wth !)

Be compassionate and considerate of others.
take your time ladies....your body needs to rest and heal properly!!!!!

emotional train wreck

Lord help me get thru this......one day at a time sweet Jesus.
The emotional spurs are real. Feeling overwhelmed, tired and sore! Tearssss.... It even gave me a headache...
Just remind yourself why you did it and what the end results will bring...(newbody,newwardrobe,moreconfidence)

I miss my babies so much.


from my second mommy...(Brunilda) i cried !

Explicit - Click to view

Yesterday was good but today was even greater..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WOMAN WHO BIRTHED ME !!!! i love my mom.
Even though i didnt get to take her to dinner on the beach (cuz cabs were way too expensive, $100 USD!!!). But we enjoyed it indoors.
Frank the cab driver is the BEST . speaks GREAT english and very nice.
We had cake (so goooooood ) Dominican made pizza from Pala pizza (yesss papi) and icecream from BR.....
MY DR.DIAZ EVEN WISHED MY MOMMY A HAPPY BIRTHDAY (i have no clue how he knew.....but thats so sweet:#MYDR.ISWAYBETTERTHANYOURS)
I met 5 amazing dolls on this journey and a whole bunch of amazing nurses/persons !!!!
I hate goodbyes, but my babies have won the tug of war (between me staying longer in DR and me going home )
I was doing fine with my goodbyes until then. Here is a woman who i didnt like before i knew her and in one week i love her like a mother !!!! She gave me gifts and facials and massages and hugs and kisses and pet names.. (now its so hard to say goodbye ) i see her one more time at Diaz office in the morning..Lord give me strength !!


Sorry for keeping my faithful followers waiting.
GOT DRAINS OUT AND FELT SO LIBERATING. IT was A blessing (quick and easy...I felt nothing).
Got my last DR massage and immediately Diaz and Brunilda had to put stage two Faja on me! !!!! I told them it was impossible! !!! But they prove me wrong. I was stuffed in there....and ooh la la. ..SILHOUETTE! !!!!!!SEXY.LOL
Went back to RH to get bags and head to airport.
I Got wheelchair service (thank Jesus cuz I got special short line preference every step of the way! !! ) GET WHEELCHAIR SERVICE PLZ !!!!!!
flight was all smooth (thank God we got second best seats on the plane (agent selected...second row, seats behind legroom..very roomy) ..try to remember to ask for more room (just in case agent is not smart and nice. Lol)
It was the longest flights in the world because sitting there stuffed in stage two FAJA is soooooooooo uncomfortable (but u should try to sleep on the plane if u can) .FAJA needed on plane so cabin pressure don't swell u up too bad.
It felt tooooooooo good to make it home. Hubby gave me a great massage, I washed off and HE PUT ME BACK IN FAJA (WITH PADS TO PROTECT MY CREASES :LIKE UNDERARM )..YESSSSS, I slept in my stage two lastnight ! I took two pain pills when I got home and I was so dumb that I thought my pain was gone! !!Lmbooo.. BUT I WOKE UP AROUND 5AM IN PAINNNNNNNN AND DISCOMFORT. ..(felt like I was back in DR, hit by a macktruck) ahhh shucks! !!

no worries...taking it one day at a time..
Started using neosporin on my TT scar.
By booty bruise is completely dried up and healing very well (will post pic later)


I had my first massage today and even though her technique was different than mi madre Brunilda, it was very effective. I even got up and WALKED ALMOST ALL THE WAY UPRIGHT !!!! My stiffness were smooth and i cant wait to see her in 2 days.
I was so blessed to find her online when i googled postoperative lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) because my personal masseuse charged $100!!!!! This lady charge me $120 for 3 sessions ! Thank God.
Stage two faja is tight but doing its job very well :shaping and decreasing swelling.

is this really worth it

4am, i woke up after 3 hours of sleep, Unhook my stinking garment (that is currently very padded ..under arms, lower back and sides !), wake my hubby up to close it back before it gets too hard from extra swelling... and i am walking around my house, took 1600mg of Motrin to try and numb me.
I Find myself constantly feeling sick and tired and sick and tired of this discomfort! !!!!!!! I need one good night sleep. I need one normal day with no swelling. I need waking ups with no swelling, it hurts in a very annoying and very uncomfortable way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sat there and ask" is it worth me feeling this way 12 days post op". is this feeling worth me paying $7000?????? Time Off from work.... handicap (thank God i wipe my own poop and pee from day one)....i cant lift my niece. ..play with my kids...walking all hunchback (im much straigher now)....coming back home just to pay more money for necessary massages which effectiveness only last for about 7 hours!!!!!!
I cant cook, clean..etc..i tried to have sex (and Immediately got a yeast infection that im currently treating with monistat) sorry hubby (not trying again no time soon..lol (a lil humor)..i didnt get any instructions from Dr about sex. :(
My whole day is spent wondering if it is even possible for me to be ready to go back to work in one more week !!!!!!!!!! (My job is strenuous)
And i keep wondering when on earth will i feel normal again....if only the swelling and discomfort would just GO AWAY !!!!!!
My experience overall with DR AND MY DOCTOR AND RH was not bad, no crazy complications or mishaps .... ALSO i do love my results so far but Golly...........THE COST IM PAYING IS HIGH.
Ill update when i am over on the other side of this mountain.
(My girl Gigi,,,i am praying hard for you baby... i love u)


Im sorry if i discourage my readers but i am open and will update MY journey and thats how i was feeling.
However yesterday was a much better day. I felt better, so much so that i postponed my massage for today (hubby gives good massages in between anyways )
An RS sister recommended tighting my garment. So i stuffed my stage 2FAJA with 3 hand towels and about 5 maxi pads and closed it on the second hook. The compression was great and it helped a lot.
I need to order lipofoam but its like $60 for 5 sheets (all i can find). Is that regular price ??
I walked for about 30 minutes. Im drinking lots of water, pineapple juice..taking bromelain, arnica pills, vitamin c, iron,and motrin..daily.

It gets better.....slowly....but better.

My Gigi is in surgery right now !!!! Plz say a prayer for her. Thanks girlies.

(Will try to post pics later..RS is freaking out)


Most recent pics


Forget about a good night sleep post surgery!!!!
I wake up at least 5 times thru the night to pee (i have to cuz i feel like i cant breathe if i dont peepee)
I also change positions at least TEN times thru the night.

Ladies, the discomfort is real...and talk about annoying.

I went to JOANN'S craft store and bought half a yard of foam, cut in half and place in my faja (from rib to rib,covering my back) and im telling yall, the cushion feels really good and makes compression better..(and im on my 3rd hook )
At the rate im going, i need a smaller size faja every week.,...

Good luck ladies...but be mentallly prepared so you wont be mentally destroyed!



I went for a massage 2 days ago and my masseuse FELL ASLEEP SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE MASSAGE! !!!!!
I was so upset !! Im paying for an hour massage aNd this lady wants to sleep on my time. And she tried to lie to me saying she's not sleeping she's feeling for problem areas...yea, like im stupid.
I told her i was done ,got dress and left.
Hubby said my booty felt to good so she fell asleep while touching it. Loll

I paid in advance for 3 sessions, she gave one (very good first ) now she owes me two (the last dont count !!!)


Im suppose to be returning to work in 2 days, but my body is not ready so unfortunately im going to take another week off.
There is a lot of muscle spasms.....yikes !!
Still hardness on my rib cage to underarm area, certain spots on my booty, on my TT scar and lots of swelling on lower back.
However, i can feel and see a lot of the swelling on my back going down.
Booty shrunk a little (to me.lol).
I love my results still !!



Here are a few pics of MARIA'S RECOVERY HOUSE . Breakfast of your choice (even homemade pancakes )...heavy lunch..and light dinner.
Juices were always FRESH and so good (all day)
She only serves bottled water.(unlimited)
The house is very clean and cozy. AC (with personal remote control) in each room. Extremely hot water all day. 24/7 friendly and caring nurses and assistants (you are given a bell to ring for nurse when needed). They give you your meds and meals on time. .
Complementary laundry service.
Clean linen daily. Bed chuxs are provided (save me some money).
Cable tv (with less than 10 English channels. Lol )

Bring your own entertainment (movies,books,music etc)

I highly recommend Maria's Recovery House (especially house #1 where i stayed).

No work

I decided to take two more weeks off work..
Im not walking like normal. I still Cant stand straight for 4 hours and im walking slowly. My job is strenuous and very fast paced so im listening to my body and staying home to recover more. I dont want to push myself too fast..i dont want to hurt my body.
I love my job for being patienT With me.

The breast surgery was a breeze so i thought this sx would be too but boy was I extremely wrong !!!!!!!

29 day challenge: swimsuit

Swelling is going down good. Itching is annoying..thank goodness for dermoplast. Im down to 2 massages every week.
My scar is healing nicely. All of my lipo wounds are healed.
ok. Any questions, please ask...

Here's my almost ready for summer beach body swimsuit shots .lol

my waist......

Is currently 31 inches !!!!!!!
(My period is on so i know im also bloated)
Wowwww. I cant wait till all the swelling goes down !
From a 38 to 31 ........

6 weeks Update

Ok, so i am OFFICIALLY HALFWAY through my recovery (statistically it takes 3 months for almost all swelling to go away)!
I LOVE MY RESULTS. I DO NOT REGRET MY SURGERY and most of My Experience is a distant Memory.
I look amazing without clothes! Hooray.

But houston we got a problem...well, 3 PROBLEMS.
1: my belly button started oozing 2 days ago...i am currently treating it with antibiotic ointment (couldnt find the powder recommended by Diaz...well, its online but i figure it will take too long to get here and it cost $50!!). Because i needed to let my bb air out and dry, i slept without my faja (first time) last night ...and it wasnt too bad. Im leaving it off for 2 days. I suggest you keep bb dry always !!!!
2: the spot where my scar is on my booty is annoying and causes me worry....... i dont know what fluid feels like but when i push on it like im massaging the spot i feel its like pushing fluid (i dont know if its just injected fat that has not healed yet).
(Waiting on word from Diaz about that)
3: BOOTY GREED IS REAL.........im thinking of going back for ROUND TWO.! (Next year) lol.

The lipo is the hardest part girls, i still have certain spots Still hard like over my rib and under my arm (Bra roll area).
Other than those..healing and recovery is going great.
I am sleeping comfortably now. (Not on tummy yet)

Thats all for now honeys. Xoxox

Hello DOLLS!!!!!

Sorry, I've been missing.....working, kids, shopping and SHOWING OFF MY NEW BODY! Lol

Following my last post, i went to the ER (i dont slack about my body)....i was given antibiotics for ten days but i dont think it was needed. .i think Diaz instructions to keep bb dry and add ointment sufficed.
My BB is fully healed but i still keep round guaze in it (to keep shape )
My booty issue is almost completely gone
I have hardly any discomfort. I haveno more hard spots. I sleep all night !!!!! I still wear my garment religiously. Im wearing a small ! hubby massages me . times a week.
I started sleeping on my tummy a little bit. Yeyyyyyyy.....
I went two days without my garment. And i put it back on today easily (not much swelling)..only thing is i do miss my faja and feel secure with it on because when im bent over and i try to straighten up, my tummy feels extremely tight !..... i have one more month to freedom of not needing faja....

Congrats to you lovely ladies who made it on the flat side and good luck to the upcoming patients.....its worth it !!!!!!


Someone requested a front view......yes, very curvy. :)

More than FOUR MONTHS !!

All is well....
I hate realself sometimes....write a long reiew and it disappears!
Ladies, im loving my results ...head turning and compliments....and of course a whole bunch of folks wants to know the secret...nosey !
Diaz is still here for me (doing scar treatment now )
Heres a few pic
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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