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Can some one please help me? I am wondering how to...

Can some one please help me? I am wondering how to wire my deposit to Dra Yily Santos. Neither one of my credit unions will do international transfer and I dont want to pay an extreme amount in sending money. I would also like to know what others supply list look like. February is around the corner and i would like to start shopping.

Supply List Vs Essentials

Ok Iam scheduled to have Mommy Make Over February 18th in the DR. with Dra Yily De Los Santos. I have seen these extremely long list of things you will need but I really only want to take the essentials with me..meaning items needed within the 1st 10 days. I will have everything else at home when I get back I just don't want to over pack. Please Help!

Omg 8 weeks Left

Does anyone know how many drains I might have with Dra Yily? I basically getting a mommy maker over so i was wondering if I she would give drains or one.

I am just about done with supply list. Working on my to do list as far as how things will be handled at home while I am gone. My boyfriend is going with me and my father is coming to stay at my home to see about my son for two weeks for me.

Last week I started to get really nervous; has anyone else done this. It kinda comes and goes. Over all im excited i just have those moments where I just feel like omg this is really gonna happen soon. I was hitting the gym til i pulled a muscle in my back and as of today there is OT at my job so i am gonna work as much as i can before going out. I took six weeks off no pay. I plan on paying bills in advance and using savings to suppliment the rest for a couple of weeks. I should also have my tax money back my then so i have that cushion as well.

Really looking forward to this new chapter in my life, just trying to make sure i cross all my T's and dot all my I's as best as possible.

Supply List Looking Good

So I went to Target yesterday and was able to get Wet Ones Big Wipes which are antibacterial wipes for $2.68, the Hibicilens soap for $6, Scar Away for $18 and I got a boppy pillow for $4 omg. I have been putting this list together while trying not to break my pockets...thanking God every step of the way. I am also not planning on checking any luggage...WATCHMEDOIT!!!! Maxi Dresses are on the way and headed to Roses one day this week to get robes for the $5. Exciting myself over here...goodnight!

Before Pics

Six Weeks

This is coming up so fast. I'm having all kinds of emotions and feelings going on right. I excited but sad at the same time. I don't want to leave my son...even though he has been gone from me for about two weeks over the Christmas Break. Frustrated feeling like I don't really have things in order..confused at time not know what to expect...crazy thinking is this all really worth it. I tell myself yes yes yes...you can do it...you will be fine...you have nothing to worry about keep praying.


Well its getting close to that time...6 weeks to go. I have most of my supplies and taking boyfriend to get passport Monday. I am starting to have crazy dreams if not sleep at all. Thinking about asking my pcp for some sleeping pill. Working 10 to 12 hour days just to make sure while I'm off nothing is lacking. My baby's birthday is in a few days so preparing for that as well. Just all around nervous. One thing for sure I won't be worried about hair. Yeah me!!! I will get pictures of supplies and suitcase once I get everything separated.

counting down the days

February 18th is going to be here before I know it. I mean it's literally a couple weeks away. I'm all packed just waiting on a few things to come in the mail, and trying to get my boyfriend back is a whole nother issue. I'm not really nervous anymore just really anxious to see what the future holds as far as my body. I haven't forgotten to take pictures of all of my supplies. Also I'm not checking your bag I'm taking a carry on using a vacuum sealed type bags - so I can take everything that I need in my carry on without any issues. It really wasn't hard finding a lot of carry on size things. Amazon and target was really my best friends with the travel size things, just FYI. Just wanted to checkin and give my feelings on my last few weeks before my surgery. Overall I'm feeling good I feel like I'm pretty prepared. I did my research, I'm going with who I want to go with as far as Dr and recovery house so I'm happy thus far. And I will be a checking in soon but I'll definitely be taking pictures of my supply bag and how a packed so you can see that for people who want to carry on instead of having all of the suitcases... it can be done Ladues... it can be done.

My packing

I'm have a carry on luggage and small duffle bag. Using vacuum bags just to make everything neater (will show when done). I will be throwing Kindle, headphones and small purse in duffle. Yeah Me!!!!!

A Waiting Game

So i am going to get my hair touch up today and i decided that i am going to get a few massages before i leave to relax me some more. My dad will be here Saturday, Super bowel Party at my sisters house... I want to do like 3 days of straight protein drinks to make sure my system is in order. I have written out my sons schedule for my dad. I will be taking some days before I leave to spend some mommy and son time with my little one. I am excited...I just feel like i am trying to come down with a cold. Ugh, gonna try to knock it out in the next couple days because you not supposed to take any meds with in two weeks of surgery. I am really just ready to get everything over with. Still waiting for my boyfriend to start putiting something together but i guess men are different from women. So i will let him be until next week sometime. Hope everyone is doing well and for those post op praying for speedy recovery!!

Ready Ready Ready

Well my blood work was fine on this end so we will see when i get there. I have gain a few pounds but i am really not to worried about that, its not anything drastic. My baby is not happy that I am leaving him at all but i promised him I would call him everyday. Other than that I am just ready to go....I am sure I have more than enough supplies to get me by. I will try to check in again prior to flight. If not see ya guys on the flat side.

I'm here

We made it in today.....I had a panic attack on the plane but I'm good now. I'm at kindness rh and they have been excellent. Blood work in the am, surgery on Thursday. Feeling blessed. Will update pictures tomorrow, I'm worn-out now.

Surgery was Wednesday

Everything went well. I am loving my results. I've been in and out of pain and I will stress again to the ladies to make sure you bring paid meds and take them around the clock. My boyfriend has been much help but these ladies at Kindness RH have been my life source. I can see me visiting them even just because. Pictures coming soon.

Finally Pooped

It doesn't seem like it should be such a big deal but I was horribly I'll yesterday and today...Gas but unable to pass it or anything else. I finally went and I feel like a new woman. I am sore and I try to rest as much as I can. I walk up on the roof and look out over the city and I try to walk down when I wake up to eat breakfast. The rest of the day is spent in my room. My boyfriend massages, and rubs me, wipes me down, and the other times the nurses are doing it. Please surrender ladies let others help you. Now AS PROMISED pictures

Day 6 postop

I've been having the worst headaches ever... I can't say of my life because I suffer from migraines but they have been pretty bad. They say it's from all anesthesia. I'm feeling at least 70% better overall. Headed to do a little shopping for my son. I can barely eat but I was expecting that due to having a gastric sleeve done about a year ago. I'm super excited about my journey now and I'll try to keep updating. Any questions ladies just ask.

22 Days PO/Drain Removal

So I am still really swollen and I finally stop draining. I was so excited to be preparing to have drain removed right...co-wrong. Let me make this understood, the removal itself did not hurt, it felt weird yes but that was not the source of the pain. The pain was from my skin healing over the stitches. I wanted to scream and shout but my doctor cleaned all the dead skin and was finally able to get all of the stitching out. Once that was done it was easy to pull the tube right out.

I feel pretty good overall. Sleeping for me is still a battle because if i sleep on my back my butt hurts, if i sleep on my side my breast hurt. Sleeping on my stomach is definitely not an option. Bending to pick up something...struggle, trying to reach something even a little high....struggle, putting clothes on or off..struggle...the feeling i get when i look in the mirror at my new body....PURE HAPPINESS. I cant wait for the swelling to be gone so that I can shop but until then dresses and stretch pants with button down it is. Oh Garments are a BITCH!! i feel squished in it and bloated with out it.

Recovery House Pictures are Still to come. Kindness Recovery was the BEST

6 weeks

Sorry for the delay. I've gone back to being full time mommy, and back to work. Overall I am doing ok. I had a small seroma that I had to drive 2 hours away to have drained because the Dr's in Augusta GA want to either charge out the Ying yang or refuse to see me because of having goes out the country. BOTH cases were very unfair but such is life. I found a place in lawerenceville ga that will see anyone one and check your out. Thank God for that. My back feels like it's burning from the inside but I've been told that is normal for aggressive lipo. Crazy thing is I'm plotting on round 2 of just lipo for some target areas. My iron is still a little low, sharp pains come and go on my sides and breast, sleeping is still not back to normal.....I use lots of pillows and still find a hard time comfort. With all this said, I'm happy with my results and 8 look forward to being able to go to the gym to tone. Please email with specific questions that you may have. I'll answering what I can.


Nothing but good things, great people, excellent help, good food, very clean. I would stay and recommend time and time again.

Slow Motion

I have days when I feel like omg I don't see my results..then I have days when I'm like yeah I it is gonna be nice. The burning sensation in my back from the aggressive lipo is real, and I hurt so bad right under my rib cage but Dr says it's fine. Still healing feels like in slow motion....

Swelling Hell

Ok ladies...I need help. I had tummy tuck with mr, bl, bbl, and liposuction done February 18th. I have been wearing my garments up until about 2 weeks ago, now can't seem to stand the garment for long at all, I mean I'm itching and scratching and I have tried several things. Now I'm in swell hell, and I'm afraid that if I don't get my garments back on that it will affect my result..which are the bomb btw. My primary care Dr says I should be OK this far out but I'm not sure. What should I do??????
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