31 Year Old Mother of One Getting TT, Lipo & BBL with Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi I'm new to real self as this is my first...

Hi I'm new to real self as this is my first surgery. I will be getting Tummy tuck, lipo and bbl with Dr. Duran!!! I'm very anxious and excited and scared and full of mixed emotions but also feel confident due to all the research I've done. I'm 61 days away!! I'm staying at Essence house recovery home. I can't wait to share my journey with you gals! Xoxo

What I Look Like Now

So heres what I look like now, I lost about 25 pounds and went from a 10 to a 4, although I look skinny, I'm heavy due to muscle mass so my current weight is 155-160 give or take. I'm going for tummy tuck as my ab muscles have extended, and when I sit my belly flops over which I hatteeeee. I've done weight loss before and for some reason don't get to the point where I don't have to feel self conscious about how I look.

Now I am also doing lipo for the flanks and hopefully she'll do arms but I'm doing bbl. Not too much but just enough to fill in the gaps to make my butt nice round and even. I already have an hourglass figure but my belly comes out which my trainer says its due to my ab muscles. 

Here are some pics btw I'm going to Duran 9/22/2016.

Recovery House

Hi loves does anyone know if a good recovery that the rooms have
their own bathrooms? For single rooms? I booked with essence recovery
home but later found out that the single room doesn't have its own
bathroom, I asked the owner of I can book a double and pay extra but
just in case it's not doable I'm looking for something that's nice and
has its own bathroom with the room.

Duran Doll 10 Days away!!

I'm 10 days away from surgery I am anxious nervous excited and all around nervous.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She has a high demand due to her wonderful hands, based on the quote given she shows that she takes good care of health first. I had a quote from another doctor in DR (I will not bash) who didn't ask certain questions and didn't show concern, Durans office did! I read and researched her a lot and noticed a lot of her health precautions. She doesn't operate if nicotine is found in the blood stream, and if multiple areas you want are a health problem she doesn't operate either. Keeps me at ease. Looking forward to meeting her and becoming a Duran Doll!!

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