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Well as the title states, I am a married mother of...

Well as the title states, I am a married mother of two. Like every other mother on here, I've put everyone's needs before mine for the last 16 years and I'm ready to change that for once. I am 5'4 around 215 working to get to 185 by surgery in January. That's a lofty goal, but I'll do what I can. I have received a quote from Dra. Almonte for $4900 to have a Tummy Tuck (my main priority), liposculpture, arm lipo, and a BBL. I don't want a stripper booty ( I may be one of very few girls on here that doesnt) I just want that azz that makes you do a double take real quick LOL. I work in corporate america and a stripper booty wouldn't really go over very well there. LOL but hey to each her own, i don't hate, shoot, i be the main one lookin at stripper booties that walk past. LOL. But this stomach tho...i want it flat as a board....like anorexic flat....like....suck all the fat out that you possibly can and then suck for a little while longer just in case....then leave the suction on and go to the bathroom and come back then turn it off. LOL Stomach...we've had some great times...at Golden corral and endless shrimp at red lobster, but its time to go our separate ways now. lol I wish I could get these sad saggy titties lifted too, but Dra. says save it for round 2 which i fine... I have enough stomach to work on.

I am planning to have surgery January 14th. I wanted the 10th, but i'm trying to plan around my period. The less things I have to worry about, the better. So hopefully i'll be off my period on the 9th. I'll recalculate after my cycle next month and if i can get an earlier date....COOO! I'll definitely do that. The bottom line is, I've been uncomfortable in my own skin for far too long, and I am ready for a change. Atlanta is filled, with beautiful black women who have had they surgery already and walk around in their bodycon dresses and stilletos and I don't own a single bodycon item....cuz the way this stomach is setup....UGH! Wait til yall see it, it's pretty gross. Anyway. I've been stalkin for a year and finally decided to review. I am looking for some surgery buddies. I plan on staying at My Home Recovery and would love to link up with others having surgery around the same time.

So my hubby is one of those...I love you the way you are guys....cute...but yea....ugh whatever. But he sees that i'm insistent and determined to do this so he like...well damn, some ass gonna be a nice change LOL Since we have 2 little girls at home, he can't come with me, and besides I don't really want him to see me in that initial recovery, I want to roll of the plane and have his jaw drop. LOL My little daughter too, she LOVES rubbing and squeezing on my belly, it makes me soooo uncomfortable, but she will literally climb up on this thing and go to sleep like its her own pillow...THATS IT...this ish gotta go. LOL

I literally can't wait. its all i think about. I want this done but of course I'm terrified. I'm so terrified that i will be that 1 in a million that has a major complication or worse. But, I'm staying prayed up about this and going to try to get into better shape to give myself a better chance. I went to my PCP a few weeks ago, my Hemo was 11.4 so i have been taking about 3-45mg slow release iron pills per day. I see alot of good reviews for the blood builder, so I plan to get that too. I have roughly 12 weeks until my date and I got ish to do! So I usually drop weight by cutting carbs....the hardest thing in life. So i've been doing that this week and i've got the headache to prove it.

I picked Almonte because 1. she has a nearly spotless record. 2. communication is excellent. 3. her results on plus sized women...AMAZING. I wanted to get surgery here with Dr. Okoro but, its just too expensive. 10K for a TT and 3 areas of lipo. I can't afford that and the work in DR looks alot better for half the price....decision made.

Yall have to ignore me....i love to laugh. Laughter is my medicine....so if you are offended by anything in my post.......KEEP ROLLIN. Only positive vibes allowed here so take any nonsense elsewhere!

Thanks for all the love ladies!

I really do appreciate all the well wishes and support ladies!! So let me start by saying I been doin my thang with this eatin lol. I'm officially down to 209! I know that Im focused offered me a cheeseburger for dinner and I declined and ate baby spinach leaves with a cucumber and some vinagrette...WHO ME?? Yes me! Yes ladiesthe cheeseburger connoisseur and ranch dressing QUEEN (for real tho I put the ish on everything like them Frank's commercials)lol yep Cheeseburger bobbys is another of my fun times with this belly. Smh. So I ate the ish and although I wasn't happy about it....I did it and thats all that matters to me.

So of course I drive my husband crazy talkin about this. He admitted that he don't want me to change.... So a little background . We been together since I was 16. We got our first apartment when I graduated at 17, had our first daughter I was 22 and got married at 25. We have daughters that are 6 and 9. We been thru it ALL together....the good, the bad, the UGLY. but we always stick it out cuz we are genuinely really good friends. I am a very simple and practical girl. i rarely go out unless its with him. i I don't wear makeup everyday, wear jeans and sneakers most of the time. I don't have Twitter or instagram accounts. I'm on Fb and I barely post. I don't take a bunch of selfies, when I do him or the kids are in them.. I have always been this way even when I was skinny when we first met. Now at first I'm thinkin.....ain't u a typical m an to insinuate that all girls with bangin bodies are self absorbed IG junkies. Lol But then I thought about I deserve to be a oil self absorbed. I mean to a point....not excessively. I don't plan on running to get social media accounts or cheatin because I got a nice body lol that's crazy. So I told him I want to feel better about me so I can feel better about everything I do around here. That's it. That's what this journey is for me. So he was jus like....."well...you don't have to start wearing makeup all the time do you? cuz I like touchin your face". Smh lol Men be killin me.....always hollerin they don't like girls with a lot of makeup or weave...but be all in the bish face and bed. Smh. Men...yall like whatever we say yall gonna like as long as its attached to some poonanny. Lmao :-|

i forgot

My bday is Sunday so I doubt if I get a chance to post again this week but if any of you ladies know how to get me added to one of these Fb groups for future dolls please inbox me.....this ish is like findin Bigfoot....errbody say they exist but ain't nobody seen the ish! Lol nite ladies!


Hey ladies!! I hope everyone is doing well!! Great news: my deposit is confirmed! I will have surgery Jan 14th!! I'm super excited about that! Still searchin high and low for a buddy so please hit me up if you going in January! I was doing food as far as dieting goes got down to 207 and then my mom moved to Atlanta from St. Louis and ill be doggone she ain't been here for a week and my slacks was hella tight this morning. Lol she know she be cooking! Jeezus be an appetite suppressant lol. You know how you be scared to look at your checking your account after you know you have overspent...well that's how I feel about the scale right now. I'm scared to look! Lol but imma check tomorrow. Anywho I've been following a lot of other ladies and many of them have started Instagra pages to make it easier to update their journey so I started a page to follow them and post my own journey. Add me @almontedoll2015 .

I started takine the blood builder and i can tell the difference already! If you need an iron supplement, i highly suggest it. I got a 90 count bottle from the natural store for about $24. They don't upset my stomach and its a lot easier to get up in the am. I have been searchin for my flight and I think I have settled on a delta flight. $600...man how i wish SouthWest went to Santo Domingo. But anyway I am sleepy so let me go for now! Don't forget to add me on IG!!
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Excellent communication. Seems very sweet and professional.

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