30 year old Mother of 4....TT, BBL, LIPO - Dominican Republic

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Hello Beauties, I am new to RS....after stalking...

Hello Beauties, I am new to RS....after stalking for awhile and being indecisive in regards to choosing a PS, I have finally decided to go with Yily!!! Results of RS user njprbeauty stamped, signed and sealed that decision!! After giving birth to two sets of twins by csection and gaining weight due to DepoProvera birth control, it has been a very hard journey to get rid of this stomach!! Hopefully with Yily's help I will feel more comfortable with my body! I know some people don't like to post before pics but I am not ashamed because this will soon be just that, a picture!! Plus my motto is, "once you acknowledge your own flaws it gives others nothing else to do but compliment you!" Lol! I admire and respect you all for being willing to share your journey in it's entirety. I especially love and sincerely thank those who put prayers in their reviews and updates! I receive it in Jesus name and spread it throughout!! YES I am TERRIFIED to have my procedures done!! Lol!


Does anyone know anything about PS Tamia Medina? I just went back thru my emails in effort to delete al the old, and I notice that she was extremely responsive to me and answered every single thing I asked. Crazy thing is looking back on all the beginning emails, I originally was trying to contact Dr. Duran, and some kinda way Tamia Medina was the person I ended up receiving responses from. Weird! My original choice was Yily, but I have sent her an email with other questions and she has yet to reply as of 3 weeks ago. Can anyone attest to Tania Medina's work?


IDK but I just feel a sense of ease and comfort with Tania Medina. She literaly replies to EVERY email and question regardless. I have researched her credentials and found more pics of her work as well! Yily is just extremely difficult to get ahold of and AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! Lol! I am getting calls from out of state numbers, but no vm! So im not sure of this could be Yily or an asst of hers trying to reach me but I don't answer numbers I don't know without a text or a vm. I will try emailing Yily once more and then im throwing my hands up! :(


It's not like I am having the procedure done within the next month or so, but what if I was? I would have gotten no communication from Yily to establish and confirm. I need a PS that actually shows an interest in communicating with me. Surgery is a serous thing, especially cosmetic surgery, this is an alteration so people have a lot of questions and concerns to ensure their safety and satisfaction. I know these PS are extremely busy, trust me I know this! They have ppl contacting them from all over the U.S. so it's pretty impossible to answer every call/email within the same day. But I think a month is well enough time for a PS or their assistant to have established some kind of contact with a potential patient. At the end of the day, that is money walking away from them each time. Anyhow, I am going with Tania Medina. I absolutely love her! She is extremely responsive and will answer your craziest of questions! Lol! I like that she is friends with Duran so their results don't really differ too much. At first I couldn't find any results for her, but after thorough research I found ALOT of her work and I must say I am highly satisfied! I love that she responds in less than 24hrs, majority of the time it's the same day within the hour! And she never gets tired of talking to you! You know how our nerves or simply just our inquiring minds will have us forgetting things we wanted to ask, or thinking of new things to ask, so it ends up being a million emails we are sending?...LMAO!.....well let me tell you Tania Medina does not mind one bit! Its just this odd level of comfort I feel with her! Not to mention I see no deaths or negative things tied to her name, and her credentials check out! So sorry Yily.....TANIA MEDINA IT IS!!!


I have updated my estimated cost of my procedure to include my stay as well. I have been getting a lot of questions and inquiries regarding whats an estimated TOTAL so listed above is my personal total but it does not included my airfare. I have not decided on a date yet so theres no way to guesstimate what the cost of my airfare will be if I book it far out in advance. But the listed total above is a guesstimate including my procedure, meds, 10 massages, transportation as well as a 2wk stay at Upscale RH
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