29 with 3 Kids Via Csection Ready for my New Dream Body - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm a 29 year old mom of three via csection who...

I'm a 29 year old mom of three via csection who has lost a ton of weight. My legs look awesome but my back and stomach look gross. I have extra skin from so much weight loss and c sections it's time for me to get rid of it. I've been a mom for 10 years now and I decided to treat myself for once. I have a special needs son who I have been through a lot with and now two little girls. It's MY TIME I decided to go with Dr.Yily to get tummy tuck bbl and lipo I'm SOOOOO nervous because I want to come back in one piece lol. I wanted my breast done but I'm currently breast feeding. Im planning and hoping to bring my pump with me to pump and dump for the 10 days I'm out there. I'm already packed believe it or not just a few more things and I'm ready. Prayers are appreciated my recovery house is luxury and my flight is 5/23/16 anyone know of anything they feel like I should bring and maybe even a list of medications I can get from here instead of buying them out there? I'm really praying she's a good dr I see great results and every body is different so just praying for a good out come. Good luck to any dolls going and who have gone and who are planning on going. Don't be scared to update us so we know exactly what we are getting ourselves into. Is it like 10x worse than a csection? Nervous but exciting.

Soon to be yily doll before

Count down

This is going to change my life & I can't wait to have my dream body

Soon to be a yily doll

I'm getting nervous but more excited my time is almost here and now I want my chest done but I can't because I am breast feeding so I guess next year would be more ideal maybe it's a sign not to do so much at once.

Horror stories

SOOOO SHIT GOT ME BUGGING OUT.... Before going down to DR I must ask yily dolls if it's really dr yily doing these procedures from this page on FB Dominican Republic Plastic Surgery Horror Stories
IVE BEEN SEEING AND READING HORRIBLE STORIES idk what to do now ????????. I have one month and ten days and idk what to do all I want is a safe surgeant and good results ????

3 weeks and one day away

I must say time flew in 3 weeks away and very happy with dr yilys staff on my paper work that needed to be filled out for work. Now the struggle is thinking of leaving my children for 10 whole days my heart is aching wish I can take them with me. Anywho a few questions anyone know how the plane ride home is after bbl tummy tuck and back lipo?. ... & approxm how many days will I finally start to feel a lil better I'm thinking the 4th -5th day in...also with money do we give them US cash or do we have to change the money and now I'm hearing about a 10$ visa? Ladies help!!!!!!

Time is ticking

I'm two weeks away and scared shitless I'm so worried that I won't come back to my kids that I'm having second thoughts. Am I being selfish will God punish me for wanting to change how I look? Idk the things that are R running through my brain. I just pray it all goes well I just can't take the fact I'll be away from my three kids for so long oh lord ????????????????

And it's almost time

I'm excited but so nervous leaving I can't believe I'll be a yily doll soon ???????? last week of work will be next Thursday then the 23rd I'm on that plane and I'm out 24th is surgery I keep looking at my kids and getting upset for leaving but it's me time no? Idk I hate the fact I'm
Leaving them for 10 days I feel so selfish ????????. But I'm so ready for the body I deserve ??????


So I'm one week away until I get on that plane to change my life I'm so emotional I wish people would understand how this will change my life. I see so many woman on here with nice bodies going to get work done that they don't need I'm like I wish I had a body like that. I have been over weight MY WHOLE LIFE I lost so much weight and I have never experienced a body with no belly and I mean that since the age of 5/6 ???? even if YiLy told me she couldn't do a bbl just saying God forbid I don't care just take my damn extra skin off and give me a flat belly I don't need to be snatched just like I said all i want is to wear something and feel comfortable wearing it; I'm so sick of long shirts covering even with all this weight loss I'm so proud of myself but ready to look what I've been dying to look like. I'm ready to feel like a woman and this is why I say to everyone I'm Going and will let u know exactly how dr yily is I'm Going to keep it so real I wish these Drs knew how they change people's lives just hope she appreciates and cares for her patients we shall see. Have a blessed week y'all ????

4 days away

I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't shitting bricks. Today was my last day of work I walked out like r u serious I'm leaving and when I come back to work I'm going to be A total different person. Holy shit I'm getting my body done it won't hit me till I hit DR Monday. I wrote to Sasha yest just to confirm everything she hasn't written back oddly but I know she's probably busy. I'm just praying to the almighty Jesus that I'm not going to regret this as much as I'm trying to stay positive im getting a lot done bbl tt & lipo and I'm not the one to act like something wrong can't happen and it can't be me because it can be ????especially now seeing that the 29year old girl passed in Florida getting this procedure done and she had a 3 month old baby and my baby girl is almost 6 months so yea I'm nervous cuz it can happen. I'm praying yily is what everyone has been saying latley a great cautious clean dr

4 days

3 days

2 days until I'm in santo Domingo and 3 days until my whole life changes wow. Just spoke with Sasha she said I must fast Monday so as soon as I get off plane I go right to clinic for blood work. My surgery is Tuesday so maybe if I get everything done then I can be the first one in on Tuesday fingers crossed I'm starting to get excited now ???????????? ??????????????

One day and I'm out ??

Cannot cannot cannot believe I'm out tom getting up at 3.30 am and getting driven to the airport at 4.30 to be extra early im so ready but so scared and for some reason sad I guess I'm already home sick from my kids u people have to understand I'm a mom 24/7 I work part time come home and with my kids like all day so can u imagine 10 days away from my babies ugh. But with the grace of god he's by my side so I can come back more confident and ready for a new me and mommy to my kids maybe I need this little time away to figure it all out ????????. I'll keep y'all updated from the time I get to the airport to my arrival to the clinic as much as I can. Please prayers are appreciated for Tuesday for me. ?????????? I'll be putting before and after pics up as well as soon as I'm out and up for new pics lol xoxo

& im off

Ladies it's about that time ALREADY HERE AT the airport very early. I'm actually better than what I thought I was going to be. I'm ready for this journey and I'll keep yous posted.

& now for the wait


Ok ladies well I made it first time on the plane since I was 5 yes I had a heart attack and the thought going back on plane to go back home ??????????????????. Anywho got off plane joses son picked us up from the plane brought us to clinic got blood work X-rays and paid YOMI. Seen cardiologist thennnn they take u to a diff clinic for paper work and questions medical history. Then finally we got to go to recovery house ladies it's a longggggg day ,so night before eat and bring snacks I did not bring any I was starving so after Jose took us to a buffet to eat then we went to RH sorry. I slept like 11 at night they woke me at 5am smh now I'm here at clinic with a few ladies ready to get done up. Nervous yes just ready to get this over with already much love y'all I'll keep yous updated.

& I did it

Well I'm in lots of pain and I had to get a blood transfusion I would never ever do this again lol I know end result is worth it butttt this mornings care in the clinic was horrible in very happy I'm at my recovery house ladies are nice.

Going home in 4 days ????

Well ladies it's been hell I wouldn't recommend this to anyone no lie the pain u have to be mentally ready. The recovery house I'm in I love the nurses it's one of the luxury recovery houses. I didn't know there was more than one but anyone these nurses are great here. Saw dr yily Friday she wants me to start my massages I started Friday and it was horrible but got one today and it wasn't as bad I'm trying to not go home with this drain. My stomach looks so beautiful my ass I have to see in time idk im not feeling it right now but I guess in time it will shape out she could of put a lil more fat at the bottom I had wide hips already and like a sponge bob ass big on top u know? But over all like I said I just wanted my damn extra skin off and she performed that and I'm very happy with my back and stomach pain? Yes much I just can't wait four more days and I'm home then I see my dr in the us on the 6th he can do all my blood work after this damn blood transfusion and tell me if I'm lacking any vitamins. When I saw yily the second time she was actually nice and caring i wish I would see her more bc this is a major surgery but I guess this is how it goes. Any questions yous can inbox me if your planning ur trip out here there's alotnof crap u really don't need.

Before & after

Upset about my bbl with dr yily

So I had a bbl done she added so much hip that I didn't need because I had hips my ass was sponge bob square pants and all she did was widen it she keeps saying give it time but speaking with US professionals your ass dosent grow out of no where it's just your hip swelling may go down a little and make ur ass look bigger I'm a kindA big boned girl SO I wanted more of a bubble not too much but enough to make me look natural now I'm just flat and square with big hips. My upper back and tummy tuck look great but I'm so sooooo upset about my bottom idk what I'm GONNA DO because that lipo was no joke never again.


Sponge bob square ass after bbl

round 2?

Suckssssss that I'm Not satisfied with my bootay so now I'm thinking of a round two just for bbl smh dr yily did not perform the Job I had faith in her to do some maybe satisfied with there results but my butt just ain't happening ev en my man said she gave too much upper no lower ass looks crazy. So now since I wanted boobs I figured in like a year or two I'll start researching Drs for my bbl and boobies ???? so upset tho I didn't wanna do my bbl again it was worse then the tummy tuck. Granted she skilled my tummy but my ass I just can't deal. Idk any suggestions on who skills bbls and boobies let me know.


As the days go by I see it getting worse ????????

Tube removal after 13 days

Not bad yesterday I got my tube removed dr said I look good lots of swelling still but it will go down he said in about 3 months and in 6 months I'll see the final result so ok. Still thinking of a round two just for boobs and we will see how my ass shapes I'll do a small bbl too if need to but I still have time. I'm healing well and will be heading to work next Monday God a good. Xoxo

Almost 3 weeks already

Hey ladies well in good news dr yilys office does write to see how your doing? Not sure if they genuinely care because when you write back they don't respond or if like j said they probably just do it go look good idk. Still waiting to see results I got two cute dresses today that I'm excited to wear once i can take this faja off I wanna work out so bad can't wait. I'm excited to see the new me. Have a blessed day y'all xo

Not used to no extra belly

Hey y'all just giving everyone an update so my tummy tuck scar isn't straight I'll upload a picture and left side of it has more fat then the other also when I sit up the too kinda folds over its weird I'm not really complaining just because I had so much extra skin that I'm so happy it's not there but on the other hand she's a professional Doctor not sure if that really should of happened especially traveling so far and paying so much. One thing I like about her is she answers me back when I write to her on what's app not right away but she def lets you know what going on she told me wait the three months then send her pics Anywho I'm getting used to my new body just wish my bbl looked how I wanted it's still looks the same I guess I might go back for round two not sure as of yet. Other then that I'm feeling ok I'm scared to go back because I came back ok don't want to play with fire. Hope everyone is doing well.

Tummy tuck lipo bbl with dr yily on 5/24/16

Here's some of most recent ????

Shout out to my nurse in DR

So while at the recovery house I was only comfortable with one nurse well two but this one stood out. Her name is Lisette she knew what she was doing and actually cared she was so dope and so real too.especially when I was crying and nervous she made sure to call the dr and get any refunded money back i needed basically she does her job the right way and for her I'm grateful. She does do visits to either the recovery house or to a hotel/motel I have her what's app if anyone needs a nurse by there side and if I ever go out there she's the first one im visiting. ???????? I had to put it out there lol

Round 2 with Cabral

Hey y'all so just an update I'm so not happy with my results so I've contacted Cabrals office to schedule a round 2 for bbl and some lipo and possibly breast lift or implant unsure. Any who I can't wait to just be happy with myself. I
Mean I'm happy that my extra skin is off but my tummy tuck line is crooked making my twat look higher up in one side kinda idk it's weird I would never go back to dr yily.

Changed my mind round two with yily

I know u think I'm nuts i feel it , anywho I feel safer going back to who I went too in the beginning. I'm confident that the second round with yily will be perfect. I'm
Hoping to talk down the price as well. Anywho I'm setting the date for NOV 2, 2017 which will be a Thursday so I'll probably head out there WED the first for all the pre op blood work bla bla and stay till Tuesday NOv 7th. Then run home God willing to my babies ????. I'm gonna start now to get what I need so I don't save it for last minute and I'm prepared. I at least have an idea of what to do and what I really need this time and not waste money on things I don't need. But I'll keep everyone updated on my round two journey xoxo ????.

Dryily Never Again

Once she gets your money she dosent care how the results are and when you advise her and send her pics of the job she did she expects to give you a discount rather than fix the job she should of done correctly the first time. I was going to even go back to her but after much thinking I love myself too much to even go back to that place ever again. Plus why am I paying for you to fix what I paid for? DISCOUNTTT? How about u fix it for free smh ????.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It's all about the money smh

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