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In full effect yal!!!! I have been lurking on RS...

In full effect yal!!!! I have been lurking on RS for a while now. And after soooo much research and reading countless emails and speaking to several doctors, i can say i am Officially booked!!! June 14th it is going down In the DR (<< LOL). Woot woot. Dr.Maikel L. Jimenez Ferreras for a TT, Lipo of the arms, stomach, full back and inner things. Price includes the RH (Tropical Recovery Deluxe, with Ms.Ruth). Sent my deposit in last week. Hope to get a surgery buddy if not I'm going alone, my best friend just got knocked up and aint finished cooking until May, so i aint waiting another year for her to finish breast feeding and crap I'm trine be snatch for my 29th birthday in September. (Virgo baby!!!) I told her i would wait to get my boobs down with her.

So a little about me i am 28, 1 son (2 yrs old going on 25) i am a nurse, I am originally from NYC but moved to Orlando FL in 2012. It was a spontaneous move as i had a lot of friends here but i got knocked up and all my friends took jobs that caused them to move away ( like flight attendants in stuff like that) So i was alone and pregnant (Sons father is here but yal i would need to write a book to explain my man drama lol)

Anyway i was a teen model back in the day, ya know slim thick kinda thing, got on the Depo shot and i blew up like a blimp, pair that with working at Mcdonalds and next i knew i was huge. before pregnancy i was 256, after pregnancy i was 298.... After the 1st year post baby i thought the weight would come off, i was breast feeding and everything.. sike, my body was like nah chick you staying at 281.... Then i got depressed and aint wanna do nothing. Finally i was like i need to make some moves. I signed up for planet fitness and try to go 3 times a week, but its more like 1 time away due to working 2 jobs, i own a small soap making business, the toddler, and I'm back in school needless to say i am booked. In December i found a Groupon for a weight loss clinic in my area. And started in the beginning of the year. I was prescribed Phentermine (appetite suppessent), a carb inhibitor, some vitamins and a Lipotropic/B12 injection. Weekly check ins and 7 weeks later i am now 264. I had a series of ups and downs due to me working night shift and being so busy but I'm losing about 2 pounds a week. Some weeks are harder then others but I'm in this to win it. 2 weeks ago i added in a weight training vest with aboloene wrap, i wear this combo at work and sometimes when i sleep. I was a size 22 jeans 4 weeks ago i can now get into my old 18 jean (talk about winning!!!) Im down 10.5 inches overall in body measurements. I have 1 week left in my 8 weeks before i take a break from the Phentermine. Then on March 24th i start again with this time with Phentermine and HCG injections, Super eager to see how this all plays out. I want to lose 40 pounds by June. I overall healthy no medical issues but i am anemic. Taking my iron daily and i have a closet full of Geritol and Blood builders ready to be added in the coming months if needed. Anyway i covered everything i could think of. Im embraced of my body so it will take some time to get pics up (Hell i didn't even want to send them to Dr. Ferreras lol) anyway I'm ready to be snatttcheddd huntiii!!!! Operation Snap Back is coming soon!!

Getting my items together

I am slowly getting my items together for surgery. Any must have items?

Found the courage

Uploading my photos. We are all here to support right? Please no negativety... looking to lose abiut 45 pounds.... there she blows.... 264 5ft 5in

Flight drama

So I'm looking at flights and I'm only finding 19hour long flights!!! Omg is crazy. I am not flying on a new body with 19+ hrs of flight time. I'm flying out if Orlando FL you would think it would be easier to find a flight. My SX is scheduled for 6/14 so I'm looking up flights for 6/13 and they all get in after 3pm which is a no no. I would hate to fly out on the 12th as its my son's 3rd birthday and I wanted to spend it with him. Ughhhh

Well I'm thinking of changing PS

OMG im in love with Dra. Almonte's work!!! Her TT incisions are pure perfection. I sent in for a quote early early this morning and a few hours later i had a reply from her assistant. quoted $5250 for TT with lip to full back, abdomen, flanks and waist along with a BBL. Only thing missing is arms but as long as i work out i can wait on my arms for when i get my BA/BL next year sometime. I forgot it was income tax season so err body trying to get snatched lol. I asked her if there was availability for June so hopefully there is, I'm praying to the heavens above that there is because i already requested the time off of work. If i do go with her I'm going to have to forfeit my deposit with Ferreras however the deposit was sent to Ruth for the recovery house so now I'm curious if i can use Almonte and keep my depsit at Ruths Recovery tropical deluxe. Hmmmm i wonder. because without the RH from from Dra. Almonte the price is $4,400... I was speaking to Ruth through Dr. Ferreras Whats app so I'm not sure if it is possible. I mean worst case i just loss the deposit because i know i will be happy in the long run...Any advice dolls?


Yaayyyy! I'm so happy. Only thing isMy surgery wI'll be pushed back to August 11th (I was June 11th with Ferreras ) to her being booked before that. (Taxes season rush)... I love that she only does 3 patients a day 3 times a week. Lesley her assistant was fantastic in answering my questions and responding back to me. Gives me time to get healthier only downside is my birthday will be 4 weeks after surgery... so looks like I will be staying in. Anyway I'm looking for a surgery buddy around my time so hit me up!!!


This is the pic that started it all. I saw this and was like Girl wake up this is yo doctor right here!!! Not over done and very natural

Weigh In

Today was my weekly weigh in at my weight loss clinic... I weighed in at 262.. 2 pounds down this week... it was a rough week but 2 to 3 pds a week is healthy and won't shock my body skin making it all saggy in shit lol. Anyway I'm on my 3 week Phentermine break and will restart on Mar 24th with HCG injections... In the mean time I been taking all my vitamins,a multivitamin from my weight loss clinic, a prenatal pill which has tons of zinc vitamin C and folic acid... ton of stuff. I have a carb inhibitor and a metobolic enhancer. I am also taking Geritol in OJ every morning to kick start my day or night (I'm a night shift nurse ) gotta get that hemo up. I'm thinking of buying Pur absorb and blood builder to add in. I have been waist training with a Vest for several hours a day. I have 2 different creams for it. 1) is a cafe slimming and toning cream I use at the gym when I work out or when I'm soaping (I own a soap making business, hence the profile pic, it soap not food lmao) when I'm at work or if I want to sleep in it I put on good old abolene. Both options I wrap LOOSE with Seran wrap apply a tank top then my vest. I started this routime about 2 weeks ago and my damn vest is already comfy on me in the second hooks. (they can be pricing for plus size) It still gets the job done but I need to purchase another and shipping on them things can take foreva (Cardo B voice lol) anyway a co worker gave me some of those It works wraps and ima try them on my arms in a few days so I'll let you all know how that goes .... as for my Diet my son's father is doing the 3/4 military diet seems Doble and close to HCG so I plan to try that out in a few days. Just Google Military diet and the free website with all the intructions and info is there. Anyway ladies that's it for now..

Requested a Quote from..

Cosmicare rh, Sea Lily rh and Maria's rh.... I am still waiting on Cosmicare's quote I called and spoke with the owner Keisha who said they would be going out sometime tonight as she was out of town. Sea lily im waiting on a reply as well...

Marias RH quoted $60 per night with transportaton included. 50% off massages.

I really would like to stay at the RH with Cosmicare so hopefully i get my quote soon. And Sea lily looks pretty nice too.

Cosmicare Recover House quote

Okay I recieved my cosmicare rh quote. I'll attach all the info in the pics. Honestly it works for me so I went ahead and secured my date with $250 deposit. All I have to do is show up with clothes. It's an private atmosphere as I will have my own bedroom and bathroom. A king size bed too! May be expensive for some but I believe in quality so I'm rolling with them. I wasn't impressed with some of the other RH I looked at. It's a total of $1635 (a march sale is going on) for a piece of mind. The owner Kesha is a pleasure to talk to. Now I just gotta get my flight.

Possible Post Surgery Cruise!!!??

Gorditabella85 and I are thinking about doing a post surgery cruise!! The Carnival Victory out of Miami Nov 28th to Dec 2nd in a interior rooms is $600.06 total for 2 ppl. It does key west and cozumel. Oceanview is $620.06 and balcony is more at $820.06 for 2 ppl in 1 room. You can always decrease individual cost by adding more ppl to the room max is 5..The $150 deposit and remaining is due sept 29th!! .now who else is interested? ??

Flight is booked!!!

Shit just got real yal!!! I booked my flight!!! First class with wheelchair service in the way back.... I'm so excited yet I got them butterflies in my belly like girlllllll.

Started my HCG and Phentermine

Yesterday (3/24) was day 1 of HCG, Lipo tropic B12 injection and phentermine. I maintained my weight loss from the previous round of phentermine only and came in at my 262.8. So next Thursday I will weigh in again and see how I did. I feel pretty good not hungry. I'm actually stressed from House shopping so food has been the last thing on my mind. I need to get better at drinking proper amounts of water. But it week 1 of 8 I have to kill this cause I can't afford to be sent home in August lol. Everything is booked and now I'm sitting here count my days down. I'm still taking my vitamins and my Geritol. I estimate I have about 2 days worth left and then I'm going to get my Hemo tested to see where I am. Then I will be starting a combo if Pur absorb, Chlorophyll drops and Blood builder pills along with the Iron in my vitamins. My lipo tropic B12 injection is once a week so o don't need an additional pill. I take prenatal vitamins because of the high dose of iron, and folic acid in it yes it have Vitamin A in it and I plan in stopping that brand andswitching about 6 weeks out from surgery. ALSO in case your wonder my Phentermine and HCG cycle ends May 24th so that is plenty of time before August to clear my system of it. Dra. Almonte requires a 6 week stopping point. We'll that's all for now.

Omg My Arms!!!

So my arms are absolutely DISGUSTING!! I was 279 before and my arms are a jiggly mess. Like I lift my a out and say if I'm pointing the fatty skin is hanging and swinging and shit. Omg it's so bad. I been trying to lift my BD 5 pound weights that he doesn't use but shit something has to give. I can't be snatched with nasty arms in shit lol. I originally planned to have a arm lift with my boobs in round 2 but I may have to consider begging Dra. Almonte for a arm lift if my hemo is over 13 lol. Anyone have any arm routines they can recommend?

Busy, Busy, Busy.... 118 days until surgery! OH MY!

SO its been a lil minute since a updated. So much has happen. Most importantly I BROUGHT A BRAND NEW HOUSE!!!! WOOT WOOT! Ok, ok, i am super excited. It is a new build so i have been picking everything from cabinets, to floors to how many outlets i want in a room. Needless to say this is a very time consuming and stressful thing but i couldn't be more proud. I mean not to toot my own horn but Im not 30 yet and this is a huge accomplishment for myself. Also my business has been booming, my 2 year old is about to be a Threenager (LOL) , Finals are coming up for school andddddd I'm working full time as a Psych nurse. I don't be having time to breath!

Okay onto the other stuff lol. Well my HCG journey has been soon hard. I discovered my Phentermine was no longer working for me (Yes that happens sometimes and your body gets adjusted to it) even with my 3 week break my body was like oh no hunty you hit your platform. I am stuck at 260 for 3 weeks. Now let me say the phen is an appetite suppressant so it works with the HCG injections. I was in a wedding last week out of town and guess what? I forgot my Injections at home. so i hadn't had an Injection since last Tuesday and today is Thursday (Friday now its 2am) well i checked in at my weight loss clinic told them what was up she gave me the motivation i needed along with my girl Angie (Gorditabella85) as i was so down since i had gained 1 pound in that week. They then adjusted my Phen! She said she could not believe i had been on 30mgs a day for so long as it was the lowest dose and i seemed to be doing ok until the HCG was added. Well they doubled my dose so now i take 30mg 2 times a day for 60mg total. I got my B12 lipotropic injection and i was on my way. YES! So i plan to start fresh with my HCG in the am but we will see how i do this week.

I also got my Hemo labs back from April 1st.... it was a 11.7 :( and later on after i had my labs drawn i got my period early. So I'm pretty sure i dropped some more. the 11.7 was just with my prenatal vitamin and my multivitamin only, i wanted to see what i was starting with so i could monitor if my new stuff is working. So the plan is to take Iron pill 325mg 2 times a day along with blood builder pills , Pur absorb, and the ChlorOxygen drops and lots of water, Starting Monday, do this for 4 weeks and test again to see if anything changed. Fingers crossed and god willing it will change. I also have some detox teas to drink as all that iron is sure to constipate me lol. So my mind is clear in terms of surgery but i need to get this weight off and this hemo up as i have 118 days until surgery!

HCG Failure, But I'm still loosing weight, Weigh in

Okay i am not going to try and kid myself by saying HCG injections is easy cause they are not. I can't keep up with the meal plan because i just don't have time. Im so on the go that meal prep is not even a factor for me at the point. Its finals week so hopefully my schedule will slow down a little where i can prep meals but its on hold for the moment. I weigh in at 257.8 today. So i broke my 260 plateau finally! Omg long time coming but i did it. May not be much to you all but i haven't seen 250's in years lol. I been having 2 boiled eggs with a slice of honey wheat toast for breakfast. Lunch has been either a Smoothie or an Acai bowl. Dinner has been a Nutrisystem dinner since for some odd reason i had an excess of nutrisystem dinners. My new set of meals just came in today well the frozen portions at least so i will expect my non frozen items to come soon. Still taking my iron sups. Off to go study for some finals....

Been a while,

Hey yal, Its been a while, it's so much more interactive on IG which is where I'm always posting under my sx page there. Couple of updates thought I have 39 days till sx. I currently weight 247.6. I'm trying to get down to 220s so I can have a TT with lipo to my full back. I decided that's my back rolls and this gut is what is most important to me so if I can't have a BBL then so be it I'm coming for rD 2 anyway for a BL and arm lift. Still taking all my supplements , Blood Builder x 2 day, Iron x 2 a day, Purabsorb and I ordered Thothema liquid iron vials on ebay so I will add those in 2 weeks prior to leaving. I changed recovery houses due to all the drama going on with Cosmicare. I'm now booked with Highclass RH, Wendy was awesome in response time and I'm looking forward to staying here. I hired a Private nurse, Dennise for my sx night. Who has been a night in shinning armor. She responsive and sends beautiful quotes to me daily. I have 2 awesome sx buddies who are like my best buds lol. I love them girls to infinity and beyond. I ordered a custom supply box at a outstanding rate from Postopbarb on IG. I swear IG is where it's at lol! Um other than that preparing myself for this journey. I still have a deposit with Ferreras so if anyone is interested feel free to reach out to me. I'm checking my hemo next week so I will be able to see where I am and what I need to do.

Update Update

So sx is in 6 days yal!!! omfg. I do not know what to do with myself. Last Hemo check was 12.1 right after my period, i been on a heavy iron building routine. I officially decided to go back to Dr. Ferreras because the most important thing to me was a tummy tuck and full back lipo and i was not confident that Almonte was going to do my back lipo. So Ferreras it is. Im still staying at Highclass with my wonderful buddys. I actually won a booty pillow today on IG fom HappyBootyPillow. So i dont have to go out and purchase a boppi. But yes im just working and working until sx day...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Switching to Dr. Ferreras, Almonte and her team were great in reponse but at this time there are somethings i needed done Round 1.

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