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Trying to make it in a world full of barbies...

Trying to make it in a world full of barbies DURANDOLL in the making. Trying to find my once skinny waist. So this is my journey sx date April 20,2016 I must say this has been an emotional roller coaster. I went from being determined about getting a new body to being afraid to being nervous then anxious then excited and then back to being afraid. As you wait for your sx date many things get in the way of your decision. Like hearing of girls dying then reading bad reviews and experiences with and about your doctor. I decided to make a profile to help those who are like me afraid of surgery but not happy with their bodies.

Anxious 4 weeks and counting!

So my hemoglobin is at 15 which I'm pretty excited about. So far I've been taking my vitamins everyday.
Which is
Folic acid
Vitamin C
Juices with spinach and beets in it
My bag is pretty much packed already
Including maxi dresses tank tops shorts my supply list is pretty much done as well
Maxi pads
Compression socks
Antibiotic cream
Arnica tabs and cream
Travel toothbrush
Travel toothpaste
I will be taking Percocet for pain and allergy pills for the itching
Feminine wipes
Dial soap
Lipo foam and board
Will be buying my girdle over there due to sizing difference after surgery
If I left anything out please feel free to comment ")

Wish pic

Some before pics

23 days away!

Just to think that in 23 days i will be on that operating table I pray to the lord that I'm making the right decision I just can't look at my belly anymore. For a couple of years now I've been wanting this but more so after gaining 17 lbs in a year I blame it on the late night after club eating. My cousin and I are scheduled on the same day as per our schedule confirmation she's going first. I couldn't have asked for a better person to join me on my journey I kno this will make our bond even stronger. Love you Jess. I plan on giving detail by detail of my journey as I hope to help someone ease their nerves. Happy Easter lovely ladies

6 pounds down 6 more to go!

Hello ladies just putting this out there for anyone who needs to lose some weight before sx. It won't be a dramatic weight loss but atleast 5 pounds per week. My breakfast is oatmeal at 8 am,at 12 for lunch I was eating pure guacamole when I say pure I mean no chips with it just a spoon and guacamole. At 3 or 4 pm I would drink a green smoothie cucumber spinach green apple pineapple and ginger or u can leave out the cucumber and just have the rest together. At 6 pm I would eat grilled chicken with broccoli or salmon with broccoli. I drink water from the bottles atleast 6 a day. (I'm not a water person) hope this helps someone!

How to build hemo! (Iron levels)

Every morning or every other day depending how queazy you are I drink a smoothie of beets,spinach and carrots I sometimes add pineapple to it to ease the taste and also taking iron pills only once daily due to my hemoglobin being 15. Before I started this regimen my iron was 13.5 and in less than a month it was 14.5 and now 15. Try to not over due the iron intake if your levels are high. Only if your iron less than 12.9 iron can be harmful!!!

18 more days!

Just purchased my lipo foam and back compression board. As the days go by I get more and more anxious. Heard of another girl passing this week. So sad to think that you would be leaving your family behind god forbid. My mom is my biggest supporter and she has so much faith that it eases my nerves.

14 days left anxious/worried

Each day I ask myself if I'm making the right decision "/ 2 beautiful kids and an AWESOME husband who accepts me as I am. The epidural is my biggest worry and also waking up in the middle of the surgery. I've been reading a lot of reviews trying to ease my fears.

Typo at my last post 14 days until the flight 18 until the actual surgery!

Sorry I'm counting down my days til I leave to dr and not the actual surgery date. Best of luck to everyone!

9 days till my flight 11 days til the surgery

So yesterday I went to my PCP she made me feel a whole lot more comfortable with my decision. She told me that this is like brushing their teeths to them because they do it everyday (surgery). She didn't feel comfortable giving me Percocet which is fine my mom had surgery recently and gave me hers. She did give me antibiotics omeprazole and more vitamins. Pray for me guys the day is getting closer and closer. I do plan on buying a portable travel safe since we are traveling with a lot of personal items. I've read that u will need a blanket and to wrap your hair in a scarf to avoid getting fluid on it. Stacking up on my vitamins and drinking lots of beets juice and red meats. Goodluck girls god us with us.

7 days until my flight 9 days until surgery

I've been doing a lot of research on how to prevent blood clots during and after surgery. My cousin and I are wearing our compression socks on the plane ride. We plan on moving our feet a lot on the flight. We also plan on bathing with hibiclens 2 days before the surgery as oppose to the night before. Feel free to comment on anything else I might need girls thanks.

flying out in 2 days surgery in 4 days ????

I remember saying how it was weeks away and now it's days away omg! Pray for me ladies I promise to update you guys on everything. Received my travel safe for cash phone and jewelry. Right now I'm just optimistic and ready to get it over with.

Landed in DR 4/18/16

Got here like on Monday so didn't get to do anything come Tuesday morning by 7 am we was already at CIPLA. Did all our labs saw a cardiologist and pulmonary doctor due to asthma history. All the labs come back good hemoglobin was 14.6. We was all set for Wednesday's surgery. Bring extra cash the pulmonary doc was $100 extra dollars if you have asthma.

April 20 day of surgery

So we got to cipla at 6:22 am we were the third people there. And some other girls who have had sx already were there as well and told us their horror stories. One girl told me not to go to Marias recovery house one told me that she bleed out from her iv and needed a blood transfusion. So that had me really worried as for some reason I was very calm the day of the surgery there was no longer fear. There was just anticipation. They put us in a room where we were gonna be staying that night in CIPLA after the surgery in the 4th floor. The guy comes in and gives me the blue pill and like 30 mins I was being wheeled in to the or I don't remember how it looked because the pill knocked me out. I didn't wake up during surgery thank god that was one of my fears I also don't remember the epidural being inserted. All I remember was waking up at the end and telling the doctor that my stomach was killing me. which was the tummy tuck the muscles that was repaired omg! It was seriously the worst pain of my life the meds that they gave me did very little for me. This day 2 and I am in pain but not as bad as yesterday thank god. They released us from CIPLA this morning and we are at Maria's recovery house so far so good they are attentive to us and so were the nurses at CIPLA I cannot complain about them because they did their jobs. Putting on the faja this morning was rough because it was the first time u get out of bed and u are EXTREMELY sore your back hurts your ribs hurts. But we managed and I didn't pass out i did get very nauseous when waiting for the wheelchair to pick us up but thank god I didn't vomit that would of been heal. I don't think I will EVER! do this again this is defiantly not for the weak you could never prepare for this because It is hell! Times where u are over the pain and the process but it will be for a better me! Goodluck girls

Marias recovery house review and Dra duran

Marias recovery house I really like it here they are super nice and attentive. The food is great and they have plenty of water lol cuz you will need it. Dra Duran was great she checked on us lastnight and this morning she did not disappoint. I told her that I was afraid of the insertion of the fat but she made me feel comfortable she is super stylish just as people describe her. I think I made a really good choice with her. So far everything is well eating and drinking well pain mostly on my muscle repair your back will feel like a brick and so will your ass. But I know that this is temporary and things will feel smoother.

Some DR pics

Maria's recovery house

I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for this recovery house they are so good. She washes our fajas and stockings and cleans us with wipes. The food is delivered to us on our beds in trays with whatever u want to drink. The hardest part is getting out of bed sooo painful you feel like your back is burning and your stomach too. When you eat you feel tight like when the food goes down or liquid. I am bruised on my lower back my stomach feels really stiff and tight. Hopefully when we get our massages we'll feel better. Hydration is key and rest as well. Some advice on medications I purchased all the stuff I saw someone post that you will need for post-op and I must say I was upset. The augmentin I didn't need because she told us ciproflacin and forte which is codeine I brought percs but can't tell which one helps the most I'm leaning towards the forte which we paid $170 for everything for the heparin shots I brought my own omeprazole 14 day one I only needed it for 10 days. Bring lots and lots of wipes pads and loose panties we had to buy some I also brought my own chucks (puppy pads) arnica cream is important and sterile guazes. Wife beater tank tops that are long too we use this everyday.

Procedures I had done

Tummy tuck lipo and bbl not a lot just filled in some dents

Do not waist your money on a BBL pillow

We purchased this pillow from Instagram it says BBL pillow on it black and very hard. We had to purchase 2 boppy pillows instead and we slept like babies.

Wound care

Make sure you pack antibiotic cream lots and lots of big period pads. Lots of wipes sterile gauzes and surgical tape. Antibacterial wipes soap and hand sanitizer. You will drain like a faucet from the back and when you have a tummy tuck from the front as well. U will need help to get around and to pee so don't be shy to ask. Unfortunately here at Maria's they do clean the floors but I have seen some unsanitary things. Money being handled with gloves on and the beds are not being wiped down. I do not smell Clorox just soap for the floor. Just have to be honest not bashing anyone. they clean you once every morning but u have to be on top of them to clean your back drain and your heparin shots.

Follow-up appt today

Went to see Duran for a follow-up I was so unhappy!! Because we had 2 hours waiting for her the waiting room was extremely packed. She had my back drain taken out with a blade but didn't feel anything. Closed my faja up for the first time lord!! Had to hold it in lol while my faja was being washed I swelled up like a whale =\

So let me tell you guys about the massages

Let's picture you have a big bruise on your leg and someone trying to squeeze the blood it of it yeaaaaa it's that real. Thankfully the lady at Maria's recovery house got us the best of the best. His name is J and he is very knowledged at what he does. He makes you feel weak lol but he does his thing. You drain like literally a faucet we are so sore though but it's what's gonna get all that fluid out. He charges $35 per massages as oppose to $15 that Maria told us about but we hired him through the nurse not Maria and he is truly worth that price. He massages you with his own oils wipes you down with wipes and then puts your faja back on. Oh and today the cleaning lady took the day off at the recovery house ???? Let's pray we don't get any bacteria I wiped the toilet with antibacterial wipes thankfully. The nurses are so good they make you feel so comfortable and never a face or attitude.

These came in handy

PEZ from Amazon and surgi lax from Vitamedica it its cascara sagrada an herbal laxative that works wonders. With all the iron you may become constipated and with these pills it is pain free and easy. The PEZ u can pee standing up and for me the hardest thing was sitting very low to the tiolet and getting back up but with this you pee standing up with no hassle.

Cheap finds

A surg sis bought her compression socks on Amazon for $9 Duran charges $35 also bought flip flops from old navy.com at that time for $2.50 ! That's all I've been using.

8 days post op!! Who would of thought

So today I went back for my follow up ladies you will wait for more than an hour so go with patience and have this is your mind. Her assistant removed my drains the doctor checked me said everything looks great gave me the ok to fly. She assured me that my wound wouldn't open (my biggest fear) boy I will say this this journey is definitely not a walk in the park I will say because of the tummy tuck because girls with just lipo look stronger. Day 6 was when we really felt better no longer dizzy or nauseous. We had more energy after day 6. But the swelling hurts when they have to lay you down on that bed for the first time (we sleep in a sitting position) lorddddd that was rough the worse part of today was putting on that stage 2 faja it felt like an eternity she struggled so much I have fat legs lol the massages today were almost unbearable but thank the lord that we are getting them because we both have a lot or fluid in the back Duran had to drain my cousin with a syringe due to the accumulation not painful but having that in your back is the fluid you feel your back heavy and hot I love my stage 2 faja the brand is fajate and it fits perfectly

I'm home!!!

I got home yesterday 10 days post op I will tell you that I was petrified that my incision was going to open. Thank god that didn't happen I was a bit uncomfortable because for the past 2 days I can say the anesthesia has COMPLETELY worn off. I can now feel my incision feels like a big cut not that bad tho I can tolerate it. I got my first massage here in NY and I have to say it was the best hour wait of my life. Being that our massage therapist was a guy and now she's a women lord what a difference. As for sleeping thank god I've managed to get rest and not wake up every 2 hours like I used to do in DR. I plumped my pillows to kinda have myself in a sitting position and one pillow under my legs. I'm finally almost seeing that light at the end of the tunnel! I will say this has not been the easiest journey and I can honestly say thank god for not having any complications which I'm sure those who do have last more time in agony and pain. There are desperate moments expenses tiredness but I feel that in a month I will forget all this has happened. We saw a case where it was day 25 for a women and she looked miserable one of her stitched became infected so she had to have numerous visit with dra Duran at day 21 she was bent forward a lot! And looked like she was in pain. Dra Duran is an amazing doctor and with title it becomes overwhelming. I thanked her so much for my life forget the body my life!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am glad I chose the safest Doctor forget the body (which she does the damn thing with that lol) but overall she plays no games with your health and I am thankful for that.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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