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Ok so i have started my journey on becoming a...

Ok so i have started my journey on becoming a duran doll I am very excited but also very scared after reading all the reviews I decided to go with her because she will give me the results that I'm looking for after making my decision I decided to contact her and get a quote so I just came on here and I went to her profile and I hit call which directed me to her surgery coordinator I can't remember her name but she sent me a questionnaire email I filled that out and I uploaded 4 of my body pictures and I sent it to her and she informed me that it should take maybe 3 days to get a quote so a week went by and I didn't get a quote so I called and she informed me that she was going to work on it so the next day I got a quote now I only wanted to get lipo and BBL butt Duran included a tummy tuck so I contacted the surgery coordinator back and I told her that I did not want to get a tt and she told me that she was going to let her know and get back to me so that following day she sent me an email saying that Duran said that will be the best way to give the best results I will have to get the tt and I was like ok well i guess im getting a tt although i know i need it i just wanted to work around it lol so my quote was 4800 lipo BBL and tt plus a $200 fee for the surgery coordinator so as of now that's where I'm at I wanted to know have any of you ladies use a surgery coordinator before because she was telling me that it would be very helpful if I go with their services so I just wanted to know your experiences if yall ever used duran surgery coordinator???

need her number

Can someone give me duran whatsapp number please

still no response

I have tried emailing this lady like crazy i email her up to 10 times a day and still no response i got quote coordinator already everybody's telling me not to pay them so I'm trying to hang in there and just be patient but damn this is crazy lol

got something back

So this morning i email her 10 times again lol and guess what i got something back well not a quote but just saying we got your email and she will have you a quote as soon as possible so im getting somewhere i guess lol but im still going to email her everyday until i get one.....and i used her Gmail and Hotmail and she responded with her Gmail hope that helps you ladies out


When ever the hell i get my quote lol should i pay all up front or should i just take the money there with me cause i see some people pay the whole thing before they go and some just take the money and pay when they get there cause i read one review well a couple of reviews of people getting they stuff stolen then I just read another review about how they mixed up somebody's deposit so what do yall think is best????

i have so much to update

I have so much to update you guys on first things first I went and applied for my passport she's told me it should take about 4 to 6 weeks and I paid $135 total plus I had to pay for my picture but I just went to Walmart and got that done for $7 for two pictures so im happy about that cuz I knew when I went to apply for my passport there was no turning back from there but moving on soooo i was just going to pay the sc because of the stress of getting ahold of Duran but thanks to my UK buddy on here sorry I forgot her name she encouraged me not to pay them and just keep on trying myself which I did and guess what it worked out...... so since I don't know if my phone have calling out of the country included in my plan I went out to my corner store and bought a calling card the one I got was boss revolution's I paid $5 and it gave me 3 hours of talk time the next day I woke up at 7 I live on the east coast so it's around the same time frame and i began calling oh yeah i forgot to mention the night before I set up my schedule emails meaning I went to my settings and I told my settings to send the emails at 6am and every 10 minutes after that for a hour because i wanted them to remember my name lol and the worked out great for me but back to the calling so yeah i called and when they didn't pick up and the lady come back on ill just press 212 again so i did that for like 10 minutes and one of her assistants picked up she asked me what was my name and my email as soon as I told her she was like oh okay because she saw that I sent all of them emails back to back to back then the friendship started lol she said she was going to get me a quote but I did not let her off the phone I asked her so many questions from what days do she have available to do you think I need a tummy tuck lol she was very sweet she told me she would send the quote by the end of the day so i said ok.......i have to go i will come back tonight to finish this update


What vitamins should i start taking? And my sx date is august 10th and a already know in going to have to boost my iron any suggestions on how to do that?




What vitamins should i start taking? And my sx date is august 10th and a already know in going to have to boost my iron any suggestions on how to do that?


So since my ass can't sleep im up thinking about how i can make my own bbl bed lol i know dont judge me lls lol but no really i think it could really work cause i was in jo ann today and they have these thick ass memory foam pads and its kinda like the size of a twin bed so if i get 2 of them and put them together and cut out the part for my but i think it will work a bbl bed for less then 30 bucks well they was on sale shit its worth the try for me lol that yall think?? Good idea or no ???

Recovery House!!!!

I will be staying at Betty's Recovery House i have been speaking to the same lady sense day one she have been very good with getting back to me and answering all my questions and she have great customer service she worked with me and all my concerns so yep i have chosen to go with them she is charging me and my husband $70 a night each plus a couple other things they offer like cook,driver, laundry our total was around $1,300 i paid my deposit $300 now we are locked in IM SOOOOO EXCITED AND SCARED!!!! now on to the next step susupplies :-)

been MIA!!!!

My ass been MIA i got a ig sx page and haven't been on here since ig sx page is poppin great tips great pre op and post op advice just very helpful and very detailed and good communication but my Sx is still going as planned... back to ig i go
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