25 Years Old 1 Child.. Weigh 190. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello 1st post so I have been waiting for this for...

Hello 1st post so I have been waiting for this for this for years and I've decided next year I'm going to DR!!! Yay well as of right now we're 7 months away from surgery date I have picked my surgeon Dr Manuel Diaz still have to put the down payment etc. but I am here to follow some journeys I'm so excited in 2011-2012 I lost 114lbs on my own ... So I have a lot of excessive skin... Last year I had my son so this year coming up I am looking forward to my tummy tuck and lipo on my back flanks && waist !!! I'm super excited

I've been reading reading

I've been reading reviews and I actually found one bad review on dr Manuel Diaz I don't think it's enough to steer me away from him because everything else that I find about him is great .... Still scares me does anyone have any intake on dr Manuel Diaz???? Help me out here girls!?

What do u guys think

Soooo what do u guys think ... Lol is it possible to make me look like my wish pic

New date

Okay so I'm back and we are rescheduling til April 11 the time is almosthere !!!!!

Gained weight

if this xoom.comwould let me leave my deposit !!

3 days til Surgery W Manuel Diaz Guzman at CIPLA

friday night surgery is Tuesday morning I am having tingles all over my body. Crazy how I actually did this .. I've been talkin to my cousin whom I will be staying with In santo Domingo .. She is going to help me slot so glad I got to stay with her my nerves have calm down a lot .. A lady recently died at cipla with another doctor . She was getting 5 surgeries done at once tho . Let's pray for me ladies

Good morning real self .. Diaz doll in the makin

this time tomorrow I'll be on the flight to DR don't know if I'm missing anything but I'll be checking on everything today ! Emotions on running wild I'm scared ain't gon lie .. Leaving my hubby and son and going with my best friend.. Thanks god for my Dominican Republic family my aunt and cousins are going to be with me .. ????

Flat side

im on the flat side n Jesus it was hard ????Bits been 5 days I swear I wanna still drop pain is unbearable worse than giving birth drainage is crazy I'm just hanging inn

Idk how much of TMI this is but ...

popping sucks !!!!! I've popped 3 times in 8 days I'm 8 days POST op this has been a LONGGGGG 8 days .. Omg its to much idk how you dolls do round 2 I'm in here like why the fck did I do this .. I'm getting migranes and all everyday ????.. It's probably cuz I'm not eating but some days I am .. If you get that... It's a lot and I'm hoping it'll be over soon ????????????

Doctor Manual Diaz Review

he's a really nice guy. He has answered his phone everytime I called .. I see him like everyday cuz I get my massages over there .. N if Brunilda (his massage lady) tell him u need him he comes n works on u.. They been having to drain me like with the needle 3 days straight I didn't drain all that well my flight was til Tuesday but he made me stay til Friday so I'm still here

4 weeks post op dr Diaz DR

4 weeks post op dr Diaz DR Cipla tummy tuck and lipo on the back flanks and waist
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Manuel Diaz Guzman

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