Dr. Luis Plazas

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I've been waiting for weeks for my quote for Dra...

I've been waiting for weeks for my quote for Dra Duran, that's the only doctor I've fully researched and love her work however, what's up with the wait time? Why even say 2-5 days if you have us waiting weeks? Ugh! Makes me feel like if anything were to go wrong I'd have no way to contact her.

Starting to rethink... does anyone know of any other great doctors I can start researching? Help ladies!

Soon to Be Plazas Doll!

So my first choice was Duran because I heard so much about her. I requested a quote Nov. 11th and never got a response although I was told 2-5 business days. It's officially been over a month and no response. So I said forget her! I researched others as well (Tania Medina, Almonte, Yily). Then I discovered Plazas and realized his work was so much better than anyone else I've seen. Blessing in disguise maybe? :-). I requested a TT, full laser (includes abdomen back flanks arms and inner thigh), and bbl. He quoted me at 4850 which is like, AMAZING!! I'm thinking about going around March or April. But considering how eager I am I'll probably go before then! Anybody went to Plazas? Any advice? Talk to me!


So I decided to go with Plazas for sure! I got my Quote and I'll be making my deposit soon. Sx buddy? Anyone else going to Cali Columbia this year? Thinking to go around May or June. Let me know please! Xoxo

Wish pics

Hopeful to look curvey and beautiful like these women! :-(

Plazas or Jimenez???

I'm stuck between Luis Plazas and William Jimenez. I hear Jimenez may be better!? Help?
Dra Duran

DR LUIS PLAZAS notttt Duran my bad

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