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I am 25 years old, 4 kids and happily married. I...

I am 25 years old, 4 kids and happily married. I want to get a tt, bbl, and lipo. I just want to be sexy again... body wise lol. I decided to go with dr. Almonte because of her work. I know she doesn't have a lot of reviews but what I have seen I like, so I am going to start this journey of my life with her to make it happen. I have decided for my sx date to be July 7, 2014 leaving from Houston, TX . I'm soooo ready but my hubby is against it

Almonte or Baez

Almonte or Baez that is the question. While I was researching doctors I had came across dr baez, so I sent her an email and she replied 2 days later with a price of $3800 which isn't bad but dr. almontes was $4750 and that was with an all inclusive package with a 10 day stay at a recovery house. I was really considering baez but decided to go with my first choice. I hope she can give me the results that I want cause I dont want a lil booty. I want a big booty judy lol

pre op pics

I gathered up some courage to post my pics. All I see is fat on my back and tummy and I can't wait until it is goooone. BTW I'm 5,10 and 230 lbs and my goal weight is 165 because I think I look good at that weight and plus I do not want to be a skinny girl. Lol. So I have decided when I have 3 months left to surgery I will lose some weight not to much cause I need it for my bbl cause I want a striper ass as my husband calls it. :) I'm ready

Starting to get real

I haven't did a review in awhile but I have been stalking the site lol. In the beginning I was having a little bit of a dilemma of which Dr I wanted to go with it. So I just kept getting quotes from other doctorsbut I just chose to stay with Dr Almonte because the communication is there it only takes her assistant maybe a few minutes to email me back which is good and her packages are all inclusive which is a plus because that means I would not even have to bring all that money too Dr. So all I have to do is just bring my extra money which is good. I know one thing I am ready to get my sexy back and have a flat tummy and a big ass. So hopefully she fattens me up back there lol I even went out to Victoria's Secret and bought me a cute little swimsuit that I plan on getting in this summer and I have already started buying a couple of little outfits cute. I am so ready I just need to know what things I need to bring with me.


Flight Booked

I forgot to mention that i booked my flight at the beginning of January because everyday i would just randomly check ticket prices from different airlines and the cheapest was $698 from Houston to Santo Domingo. imagine how much it would be if i booked a lot closer to my date....shit crazy. Another thing that kept pissing me off was that a lot of the airlines wanted to leave Houston and have freaking 6 plus hour layovers in Newark or Jfk :/ I'm right here in Houston, so who in the hell wants to do that extra ass flying? Um...Not me, so I finally found one on American Airlines that leaves Houston to Miami to Santo Domingo. ...With 1 hour layovers....which is GREAT by me. I will also be changing my seats on the way back to first class, so I can have extra space for my new booty....


So I went to the post office on 2-11-14 to do my passport just to get it out of the way because I heard that it was taking longer than usual for them to process passports in a timely manner, so to my surprise my passport was in my mailbox box today which is 2-24-14!!! That's a week and half. I still have a while to go but I'm getting myself ready by reading everyone's page and trying to figure out what to expect. I'm also paid in full and I will be taking 3 months off of work and it's even better that I will still be getting paid my regular salary. I love working for state!!

Finally told hubby

Hey dolls! I haven't updated in a while, so here it goes. I finally told my husband about getting work done in Dr and he is actually fine with it, so that means he will take off to be with me in Dr which is great because I was a little nervous going alone. He doesn't know how happy he has made me because I love him sooo damn much and I would have missed him and it would have made that a long ass 10 days without him. I will be emailing Lesley today to let her know that my husband is also coming along and last time I checked she said it was $55 a day for another person, so I'm cool with that. Another thing is I wonder if they gonna try to charge us if he stays at the hospital with me the first 2 days? I hope not but I'm going to find out. But I am paid in full and I am ready. I even bought me an ipad to take down there so I can watch Netflix and buy stuff on iTunes.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so good.. I've emailed a few times and my response time was super fast. I love her work and hear she's really sweet.

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