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I'm a mom of 3 & so ready to get my former...

I'm a mom of 3 & so ready to get my former body back. As my kids are getting older I'm finding more time to take care of myself as far as working out eating healthy etc.

I 1st looked into getting a tummy tuck 5yrs ago. As I started looking into it I got pregnant, then had a hard time losing the baby weight, then got pregnant again, & have had a hard time losing this baby weight. So now instead of just wanting a Tummy Tuck I also want some lipo, & a BBL.

I'm overweight for height, I barely make 5ft. So now that I have my hopes set on getting surgery sometime in March or April I have made it my goal to lose 30lbs, I'm hoping to lose 3lbs a week or 10lbs a month. My hubby is 100% supportive & I've gone to 2 doctors & I wasnt really pleased with their before & after pictures. The 1st doctor wanted me to lose 50lbs then he would do the surgery, he wanted me to go to his weight loss clinic 1st to lose the weight which would cost $700. The 2nd doctor 2yrs later told me I didnt need to lose weight 1st but quoted me almost $10,000 for Tummy Tuck & $4,000 for lipo & if I made my surgery appt that day I would get a discount of 20%. Both experiences of these free consults left me feeling uncomfy until my aunt said she was going to DR or MX to have surgery, my cousin had mentioned to her that DR was a good place to get surgery. So I started looking into DR & made my decision to go there instead of here in the US.

I sent an email out & have exchanged emails with Dr, Yily de los Santos, I'm hoping she lets me know what dates are available, I also asked her if she thinks I need to lose weight to get the best results & if so how much.

Ahhhh I'm getting so anxious, I keep stalking my...

Ahhhh I'm getting so anxious, I keep stalking my e-mail waiting for her to e-mail me back!!!

Yay I finally heard back from her, she quoted me...

yay I finally heard back from her, she quoted me for $4,800 for Breast, Butt, Tummy Tuck & Lipo, if I want lipo of the inner thighs it will depend on my iron levels & that will be $250 extra. I saw my GYN today for some problems with belly after my c-section, so it tirns out I have Uterine Cells growing right under my c-section incision in betweeny fat & skin so I need to get that removed before any type of Lipo or Tummy Tuck, just so the cells wont apread to other parts of m body during the plastic surgery procedures, he said I wont habe any restrictions after the surgery to remove those cells since they are not going in through my andominal cavity. He said there will be no problem with me going through the Plastic Surgery afterwards. All my labs have come out good, no diabetes, thyroid problem, or anemia. He said I'm in good health so very happy about that. Im scheduled for a CT scan next week just so they can have 2 images of the area I already had an ultrasound done & the mass is the size of a pencil eraser its not big but it causes me a lot of pain the 1st day of my period & the 2 day before my period. So now I'm thinking of going to DR sometime in late April or early May instead of March. Not sure sure about May since we will be moving from Hawaii to Washington, I have a family wedding in July that I want to be ready for so I dont know on the dates. I emailed Dr Yily back explaining everything to her so waiting in her response to see what she thinks on how long I should wait to get the PS with her. I wont be put under for the surgery to take the mass out it will be local or epideral type he said whatever I feel more comfy with.

I heard back from her & I plan to have my surgery...

I heard back from her & I plan to have my surgery on April 29 2013! I'm soo excited I've been looking at flights, I plan to fly out on Sunday the 28th. This will give me enough time to lose 15lbs. She suggested I stay 2 weeks at the recovery house, my hubby said maybe I should stay 3 weeks just to be sure I'm healed & recovering good. He doesnt want me to have problems on my flight back to the US. I plan on flying back on the 14th day after surgery. She suggested I stay at the Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house” it is $90 a day. It includes transportation to & from the airport, 1 room with 2 beds, 24hr nurse, security, WiFi, & transportation to & from surgery, & 3 meals a day. I really wish my hubby was able to go with me he took care of me after my c-section & he did a good job. I was hoping my mom would go with me but we will see, if not I will be going alone. I'm actually not scared to go alone what I'm more worried about is being lonely at the recovery house. I am going to contact the recovery house to get more info & to let them know my surgery dates.

So I needed to switch my surgery date due to some...

So I needed to switch my surgery date due to some dates changing regarding our move to Washington. So I emailed Dr. Yily & asked her if I can switch to mid Feb & she said yes & for me to pick a date I'm thinking either going the 18th or 25th, I still need to send her my deposit. I'm so excited I bought my vitamins like the iron pills, vitamin c, b complex + vitamin 12, & folic acid. I still need to buy that vitamedica pack, & the rest of the supplies. Hubby wants to buy me a suitcase with lock. Also I'm going to buy some pull up sundresses. I cant wait!

I just posted up my wish pics! Not sure if they...

I just posted up my wish pics! Not sure if they are realistic but as long as my tummy is flat I will be happy. My mom will be going with me after all so my hubby is relieved. He's been my #1 support system along with my mother in law who is flying here Feb 11 to watch my 3 kids & take care of my household until I come back, she is staying with us until March 20 when we fly back to the mainland. We are moving from Hawaii to Washington. My mother in law is a God send, she is amazing. Se took such good care of me during my last months of pregnancy when I was visiting her & my dad in law, she also took care of me after I gave birth. She cooks soo good & always asked me what I was craving or she took me out to eat. She basically spoiled me & my kids, I'm so blessed to have her & my dad in law in my life. My Mom is amazing as well she has my back & supports me in everything no matter what. She wasnt to happy that I wanted to travel so far for surgery but shes been positive & supportive. She is staying the whole 2weeks at the recovery house with me, I told her she can come back early so she wont be bored but she insists on staying the whole 2weeks to make sure I'm ok & she wants to make sure that I'm ok on my flight back. I emailed the recovery house as well to let them know mom is staying with me. I hope to drop 5 more lbs before I go. I was about to send my deposit but now I'm not sure with all the issues going on with Western Union.

Bad news, I'm going to have to postpone my surgery...

Bad news, I'm going to have to postpone my surgery for now. My Dr called me today with some news, it was weird that he called since today is Sunday. So what was supposed to be a simple removal of endometriosis from my c-section scar has now turned into something more. I had to have a CT Scan so my GYN could habe 2 images of the area he was suppose to operate on. My Scan showed a growth by my appendix so now I'm being reffered to a Surgical Oncologist so I can have surgery & remove this growth asap. He advised to post pone my Mommy Makeover until this is taken care of. I was happy that Dr. Yily was able to move my surgery for Feb but now I dont even know if I will be able to have surgery on my original date of April 29. I'm just hoping this whole thing gets taken care of soon. I'm glad that they were able to catch this growth now before more time passed.

So my 1st surgery to remove this mass is this...

So my 1st surgery to remove this mass is this coming Tues the 19th of Feb. I keep getting asked if I'm nervous or scared but I'm not I just want to get it over with so I can move on with my life & continue with plans to get my cute sexy figure back & continue a happy life with my husband & kids. For some reason I feel that I will come out of this 1st surgery ok. My Surgeon said if everything is good that I could get my Mommy Makeover within 4-6 weeks.

Oh yeah I sent my deposit today via paypal!!! I...

Oh yeah I sent my deposit today via paypal!!! I really want to pay the remainder of my balance through paypal as well. I really dont want to travel with so much cash.

So I didnt have anythig on my colon it was a cyst...

So I didnt have anythig on my colon it was a cyst on my ovary. I have a follow up with my GYN on March 6. I sent Dr Yily my deposit & emailed her a week a ago & again a few days ago with no response yet. Paypal sent me a notification that she picked up my deposit, the thing that worries me is that the paypal is under my hubbys name & another email address, not the email address that I've been communicating through with her.

Its been about 2 weeks since sending my deposit to...

Its been about 2 weeks since sending my deposit to Dr. Yily & emailing her a couple of times still no response, I called & left a msg I hope someone calls me back. I'm sooo ready to do this.

Tried calling a few times today with no luck, also...

tried calling a few times today with no luck, also emails have not been answered. Im getting a little anxious because I want to book my flight.

Yay she emailed me back finally & apologized for...

Yay she emailed me back finally & apologized for not being able to respond sooner, she said she is really backed up in emails. But I did confirm my dates, I got clearance from my Dr & my Iron levels are good. I tried buying my ticket on Orbits .com but had so much trouble it kept telling me to that my card was not authorized so to re check my credit card again I did it a few times & hit click on the 4th try I logged into my bank account so I get the number to call my bank & find out whats going on & there are four $2 charges from Orbits pending so now I feel stupid for submitting my purchase that many times when I should have checked my bank the 1st time it got declined. Ugh I'm so frustrated!! I tried calling Orbits but kept being transferred to different automated machines.

Also on another not I was planning on losing weight from now until surgery date but I have not been able to be consistent with my workouts & my eating habits are super bad now that my mother in law is visiting & making all these yummy meals!!! Plus we are in the process of moving back to the United State the movers came to pack everything today & my house is a crazy mess, the last few weeks have been cleaning out all the old paper work, closets & kitchen. I cant wait until I have my flight!

So I finally bought my ticket!! I fly out Sunday...

So I finally bought my ticket!! I fly out Sunday April 14, I go into the clinic on Monday the 15 to get my test done then I will have surgery on Tues April 16!! I'm also ordering my supplies sending them to my moms house since we will be out of this house by Wed & staying in a hotel until our flight on the 21st of March to Texas.

Hi ladies I haven't been on here much with the...

Hi ladies I haven't been on here much with the move & visiting family. I celebrated mine & hubby's anniversary this past Monday & also planning my 4yr olds birthday party on Sunday. I was worried about my passport but guess what I got it today!!! All I have to do now is pack!!! My hubby & oldest son fly out on Tues to Seattle to get our house & everything is ready. I fly out on the 14th with my mom to Domincan Republic & my 2yr old & 4yrold stay behind with my mom in law. Time is flying!! I have not packed or gotten anything from my list except for my tickets, passport & vitamins. I will be taking my before pics this weekend before hubby leaves.

One more week!!!

one more week!!!

Ahh 3 more days!!!! I still have not packed!!! I...

ahh 3 more days!!!! I still have not packed!!! I will prob end up doing it on Sat! I started gettimg nervouse & scared of infections, death etc but got over that already, I just want to hurry up & get there already. I just confirmed with JM Medical Spa again, I've sent her so many emails & I've called her a few times too, I'm just scared that when I arrive no one will be there to get me!! lol

Omg I only have tonight & tomorrow to get ready...

omg I only have tonight & tomorrow to get ready fory trip!!! I will be hittig up Wal-mart, & Walgreens & Sephora it is VIB week at Sephora so going to ise my coupon code for something I've been wanting for a while & its the Naked Pallet Lol I know I must be the only one on the planet who doesnt have this yet!! I will take it as a gift to myself for finally doing this surgery that I've wanted for so long. I wanted to back out again but hubby doesnt let me!

Omg I cant believe I'm actually posting pics!!!...

omg I cant believe I'm actually posting pics!!! I'm so grossed out & disgusted!!!! Ugh viewy before pics at your own risk!! Still need to take pics of the back view but I was too wide for my bathroom mirror to capture it!! But I'm wide & square like.

OMG I leave tomorrow!!!!

OMG I leave tomorrow!!!!

Packing right now!! It hasnt hit me yet that I'm...

Packing right now!! It hasnt hit me yet that I'm flying out tomorrow. Everyone keeps asking me if nervouse or scared but I'm not it doesnt seem real yet I guess. I'm flying from Tx to Miami then to DR. #teamyily here I come!!

At the airport right now eating breakfast waiting...

at the airport right now eating breakfast waiting for my flight. omg its barely hitting me right that I'm actually going!!!

In Miami about to board to go to DR!!!!! I hope JM...

In Miami about to board to go to DR!!!!! I hope JM Spa are there to pick me up, I confirmed with them like 3x my biggest fear is to be stranded at the airport over there! lol

Hi ladies I arrived last night! My surgery is...

Hi ladies I arrived last night! My surgery is tomorrow!

I'm here at CIPLA were just waiting, I've been...

I'm here at CIPLA were just waiting, I've been here since 7:30am, Yily is seeing all her f/u patients & OMG these girls look amazing, all the Yily girls at the recovery house look so good. I had my blood test, x-rays, ekg & blood pressure. My blood pressure was a bit high since I'm nervous but the Cardiologist told me to do some breathing exercises to calm down which helped. So far everyone has been so polite & helpful so no complains at the recovery house or CIPLA yet. I've taken pics of the recovery house & I'll post as soon as I can.

Hi ladies recovery has been long & hard for me...

Hi ladies recovery has been long & hard for me today is 5days post op & I'm slowly getting my energy back, the feeling of nausea & light light/ fainting has slowly been going away. I update more details when I feel better, especially since the Wifi here is really slow & choppy.

Hi ladies! I'm feeling good today except for my...

Hi ladies! I'm feeling good today except for my back, its sooo stiff! I had aa migraine yesterday too. I'm so ready to go back home & finish my recovery there. I still have lots of swelling. I hope that goes away soon. Here are some pics that I've been taking so far.

I finally had my drain taken out yesterday! It...

I finally had my drain taken out yesterday! It burned & felt weird coming out. I also bought a new faja since the one I was wearing was burning my arm & the hooks broke. I changed my flight for Monday because I've been ready to go home since last week!!

Hi ladies I'm at the ER with an infection. I...

Hi ladies I'm at the ER with an infection. I stayed in the Dominican Republic for 16 days, saw Dr Yily's intern for all my follow up, & kept up care afterwards, I've been in the US for a week now. Not sure how my other labs are going to come back & I wont know what type of infection I have until my cultures come back, also my stitches in my belly button started coming out.

7.5 weeks post op

Hi ladies I've been feeling pretty good. Still feeling tight & like a burning sensation in the areas that got lipoed when I over do it, I still have some swelling & it gets worse when I do to much. I'm still in a size medium & I'm happy about that. I was busting out of an XL & size 14 pants. Here are some photos.

loving the chin lipo more pics!

One thing Im loving is the chin lipo, Yilly sucked me dry! People were like OMG your face looks sooo thin! I also think it was from staying at the recovery house for 16days & eating healthy boring nasty food 3x a day & drinking tons of water that I lost weight in my face not only my chin, I didnt get lipo on my inner thighs but they too slimed down. My chin still has some swelling but the bruising on my neck has disappeared, also I developed a hard ball under my chin & was worried it was going to stay there but its almost completely gone at 6.5weeks post op I can only see & feel the lump if I lift my neck a little which is still really hard for me to do since I'm still super tight on my neck, it was so hard for my hair dresser to wash my hair at the salon when I went for my highlights since I couldnt tilt my head back into the sink but he's had several clients come in recovering from plastic surgery so he tried to make me as comfy as possible. I dont wear my neck compression thing no more & I plan to get Spanx as my next girdle/garment.

Burning Sensation

I've had this burning sensation these past few days! Especially when I get out of bed in the AM like on my sides under my ribs & by my shoulder blade area :( I hope these go away asap!


Still itching like crazy!! It had calmed down last week but its back with a vengeance!

swelling & tightness

I'm officially 8weeks post op, I'm feeling good except at the end of the day the parts that got lipoed are super stiff & it hurts I swell if I dont drink a minimum of 64oz of water. I also started using mederma on my scar, I wasnt sure what what to buy as far as scar therapy but my Plastic Surgeon here in the US recommended Mederma.

new pics

2.5 months post op

planning round 2

people think im crazy for planning round 2. i just want to get done what wasnt able to get done the 2st time around. like arms inner thighs & breast lift. as long as hubby supports me 100% people can call me crazy, dumb for going again even after all my issues with my belly button etc. not sure if i want cabral or yily.

New Pics

Went shopping for bathing suit tops for our upcoming vacation, I choose a tankini style top, Its a family trip with my parents, brothers, sisinlaws nephews nieces etc so i feel weird wearing a sexy swimsuit, if my hubby was coming or if it was a vacation for me & hubby trust me I'd be wearing a sexy 2-piece. I also lost more weight for a total weight loss of 40lbs.

officially 3 months post Dr. Yily de los Santos

I'm very satisfied with my results.

new photos 3 month post op

here are some
pics at my 3 months post op

weight loss

at my 3 month post op date I have lost a total
of 40lbs not sure how but 20 more pounds to go & I will be at my ideal weight, even though im loving my results so I'll be happy if I stay
at this weight.

#Big Booty Girl Problems Pics!

so I went shopping & I'm offiacially a size 8! Which is a biggie for me sonce I was bustig out of a size 14 sometimes the 14 wouldnt zip so I needed a 16!! Only prob is my butt dont fit in them!!! All my size 10 clothes fors me BIG on my waist!!! But I'd rather have big booty girl probs than big hanging belly problems!!

forgot to mention plus need help

forgot to mention that my butt is sticking out from the top & if I bend over a little there is crack showing!!! Can someone recommend some good fitting jeans? I've tried Jessica Simpson & Bebe super skinny, Abercombie super skinny, & CK super Skinny jeans to have the most stretch to them, I tried on a size 10 regular boot cut pants & those didnt even go up my hips!!!

5 months Post Op pics

I'm feeling great! I'm back to normal activities & I hardly swell anymore & no itchy skin! Yay, I do Zumba & Yoga & weight taining on my arms.

In the hospital again

Ladies its been aoat a year since surgery & I could not be happier with my surgery. I still have issues with mu belly button, it retracted in then an abcess formed & got severerly infected, the pain started about month ago, 3 ER visits later & a docotrs visit I'm in the hospital revovering from surgery. I came into the ER & they called in the surgeoms who said I needed surgery asap since I was so sick, they put me under general anesthesia & I had complication from the anesthesia, my lungs spasmed as they were taking
it out so they had to rush & insert another one & give me meds for it, I was still out while this was happening, & I also took longer to wake up, so because of these complications I was put in ICU to recover just in case something else happened. My family is flying in to help withy recovery, I was alone through this whole ordeal since hubby was home with kids, he doesnt like leaving the kids with other people since our youngest has Autism & doesnt speak any words. This is my 2nd day in the hospital & I'm still not feeling 100% I keep coughing up liquid &y throat is in a lot of pain & I cant seem to catch my breath. I feel nauseated & dizzy & light headed I'm on IV antibiotics & fluids since I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything just in case they need to rush me to the OR in casey lungs collapse or any other complication should arise. I wish they had used a spinal block for this surgery instead of genetal anesthesia
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