OK! That's It.. I Will Be Somebody's BBL and LIPO Doll....Baez or Duran? That is the Question. - Dominican Republic, DO

After almost 3 years of research, and having at...

After almost 3 years of research, and having at least 3 of my friends get this procedure done, I think it is safe to say that I am ready to take the plunge as well. At first I only wanted a breast augmentation, but over the years I've lost my sexy body and shape. Dieting and gym are not doing it for me. I want to do this for ME. I consider myself a risk taker, but I gotta be honest, when it comes to surgery I am more of "Take it slow, are you sure bih" risk taker lol. So after taking a realllllllllly slow, and asking myself are you sure bih a thousand times...I am ready. Well, I am not going next month or in the next 3 months, not even 6 as I have other things that I am working on in my personal life ( such as my career, business, where to possibly move to and paying my student loan). My new body is a very important decision, however I don't simply want to look good, I want my life to be on "Fleek" on every level.

What have I done for far ?

Well beside following sooooooooo many doctors and stalking some dolls on IG, and live and breath here on Realself, I have contacted 3 of my top doctors.

Dr Duran...YES, getting a hold of that lady was not a piece of cake. I emailed, called, sent messages on fb, what’s app, DM'd, sent letter in a bottle and screamed out her name on top of a roof top building to finally get a reply. That was in October or Nov of 2015. Duran quoted me $3900.... I was all set on Duran until I kept looking at other people's result and some were a hit or a miss (In my opinion)

I know I mentioned 3 friends who got the procedures done, I do not want to discuss their business much but they have inspired me to “JUST DO IT". One went to a Dr in Florida, she got BBL, LIPO and a BA, I do not remember the name of her surgeon. She looks good and is happy with her result. The other two went to Dr Duran. My best friend's went in March 2015 , her result I LOVED, and still do although she went for a revision with a different Dr as she felt like DR Duran did not work well with her body type. I cannot wait for her to recover to see her result, and I really hope that this time she is truly satisfied and happy. My 2nd friend literally just got back and is still recovering. So far so good...although she is already considering going for a 2nd round, but she is still healing.

For a while, at the beginning of 2016, I stopped thinking about surgery since I had other things and still have other things that I am working on. I never stop following other people's journey. During that time I started following and fell in love with Dr. Julio Molina Suarez's work. His works look great and his dolls look natural. I emailed him a couple of times, and even sent him messages on what's app but her never replied. According to some of the reviews here I can tell he is more expensive than Duran (Most of his BBL and LIPO patients said they paid between $4200 and $4500)

Shortly after, I stumbled upon reviews of Dr Australia F. Baez, started following her, read almost, if not ALL of the reviews here on RS, and she was automatically bumped to #1 on my list. I emailed her, and she replied the same day with a quote. Hers was $3300. Now, yes Baez is less expensive than Duran, but that is not the reason why I am leaning towards her. For my health and body I do not care about a discount. I just happen to fall in love with her work and the nice things people are saying, her bedside manners and more. Yes Duran is VERY popular, she is the Beyonce of plastic sx in DR but Dr Baez's works speak volume as well.

I heard back from Dr Molina

I usually delete my messages on what's app but yesterday ( Saturday ) out of nowhere Dr Molina texted me back. He sounds very professional and writes good English. He asked me for my name, age, height and weight. Asked me if I am taking any medications and if I have gotten any other procedure done and if I am allergic with anything. He asked to please send him a couple of pictures and what exactly do I want to improve about my body. I replied , took some new pics, for some reason the pics I took early in October 2015 I was fully naked in. I used them to get a quote with Duran and Baez, but with Molina because he is a guy I said let me leave my underwear on. It's silly I know, he sees vagina and naked woman all day. But hey, whatever I took some new ones which I will also post later on in my journey so you ladies can have a before and after. Anyway, Molina asked for $4200. So I was correct. His ask for 1000 $ deposit to secure a date vs $200-$300 like everybody else. his reply was long but very detailed.

The struggle is reallllllllllll !!

The struggle is real.. I CANNOT make up my mind. I not only read the good stories, I also read the bad, the not worth it. I realized that each and everyone of them have a couple of bad reviews, it's just that when they are bad, they are sooo bad that you want to reconsider. I just read a couple of bad reviews about Baez, I never considered Cabral. My reason is unfair to him, the poor Dr had one death, but the media makes it sounds worst not knowing what really went wrong. But...it seems like a lot of people who were not happy with their first round went/are going to him and are happy. So, i will go ahead and request a quote.

So far I have Duran $3900
Baez $3300
Molina : $4200

Got a quote from Cabral

So instead of emailing, I decided to save Cabral'# and he was online on what's app. Earlier today I went to google translate and made a little paragraph in Spanish. Copy/Paste it to Cabral, sent a collage I made (Front/left side/right side/back) and not even 15 minutes later he replied. His quote $3800.00
So him and Duran are about the same range.

Also i read that ppl in DR get charged less, so i used a different email and pictures (of me) and sent that Spanish paragraph to Duran and Baez. You know how it goes with Duran.. hopefully she replies.

Sooooooooooo my top 3 are Duran, Baez and Cabral. As i was just telling one of my friend ( a Duran doll) I am in NO rush at all. I am not getting this thing done until next year, so not only do I have time to get my money together, I also have time to think ( God's willing, of course). As of 2:27 pm on this fine Tuesday afternoon ( lmaoo) Baez is at the bottom of the list and Cabral is on my mind heavy lol.


I've decided to go with Duran. I see that she is in Cuba now. I will be making my deposit soon to secure a March or April 2017 date. So I have about 10 months to prepare for this.

Medical Clearance

Spoke to one of my friend, and also read some answers here on RS ,it is suggested to try to establish a physician/patient relationship with a general medical doctor from now on (If you don't have one like myself) who knows you and your medical history. They even recommend getting a clearance from a cardiologist.

Usually blood tests are done to make sure your hemoglobin levels are good ( this is one of the most important details when going for liposuction ), no diabetes , kidney or liver problems are present. No urinary infections or clotting issues.

So my next task is to find a physician to get the test done early that way any abnormal findings ( If any) can be treated and stabilized before the surgery. Even if all is good, I will also get the same test done at least a month before the surgery, because a lot can change in our lives and health condition. I have to make sure i am 1000000 % healthy, having a nice body is not worth the risk of not checking and assuming all is well.

1st physical with my Dr

I have my first physical scheduled for Sept 9th. Right now I am 192 lb and 5'4 I am really not happy with the way I look, the heaviest I have EVER been, I am going to working on shedding some pound. If I need to gain some more before sx I simply will.. I get weight so easily that wont be a problem.

List of supplements

I ordered some supplements from VitaCost and it came to about $24.00

- Vitamin C
- Folic Acid
- Vitamin B12
- Iron

and this Arnica Gel

What else do I need ?

List of what you'll need

Found this on 'DURANDOLL ATL''S page here on RS since I am using this as a diary, I figured i'd post it here so I can come back to it later on when I am ready. She also mentioned a site where you can get some of the supplies for cheap, it's www.vitalitymedical.com

This is courtesy of MissBigBuns:

Here's a list of what u need, leave that other mess at home!
1. Baby Wipes- a lot and non scented. U will be tired of the smell by like day 3
2. T-shirts- go inside faja, about the size u wear now
3. Underwear- to wear outside your faja because u vagina will be out at the bottom and u can walk around in your faja and panties or if your faja is getting washed u can wear a t-shirt and panties.
4. Thick Pads- to go inside your faja. U need at least 50 pads. Them thins I brought were a joke.
5. Neosporin- cuts and burns
6. Ensure- I didn't drink mines because they were nasty but u are suppose too.
7. Water- the bottled water there is nasty.
8. Post op meds- have your PCP prescribe them because DR will try and rip u off. Try to charge a person $500 and the person left and went to another pharmacy and got them for $150.
9. 2 or 3 sundresses
10. House shoes
11. Fanny pack
12. Chux- maybe 25 if that.
13. Arnica gel and tablets
14. Bromelain
15. Hibiclens- sponge baths
16. Water pills
17. Laxatives- didn't need but a few girls did.
18- gauze and medical tape to cover drain whole once removed.
19. Toiletries
20. PEZ
21. Gloves- for nurses and massages if they don't have any.
22. Disinfectant wipes- clean toilet and sink behind yourself especially when sharing a room.
23. Phone charger
24. Alcohol pads- not many
25. Sleep aids- sleeping will be hard.
26. Itch cream and Benadryl!!!
27. Flip flops
28. Robe
29. Blanket
30. PASSPORT!!!! Bring it everywhere!!!

Tourist Card

You'll need one and it cost $10, that line can get VERY long, so to save on time order you card online


it's valid for a year. Now I don't know if it is something that will be mailed out or that will be delivered digitally to print, but i'd say order it at least a month or two before departure or as soon as you book your flight.

Hemoglobin level

So I had my physical done back in August 25th but finally went to the doctor today for my regular check up. I didn't mentioned anything about sx to the doctor yet but I saw on the screen as he was showing/reading me my test results that my hemo level is at 12.2 ???? My friend also told me that she thinks in DR it's one point lower which may means that it's really 11.2 for them.. sooooo I need to get my hemo to 13 according to Duran's instruction. Time to start popping some iron and beet's juice.

Date secured and partial flights booked !!!

Because of a major training I have coming up in March for work I will not be able to go in March as I wanted to. After 30+ call to Duran's office yesterday this morning I was able to get a hold of someone and reschedule for MAY 23rd. I live in VA but will be flying out of NYC since we do not have any non stop flights from the DMV to SDQ. I want to be able to have surgery the same day I land in DR. I just purchased my flight from DC to NY and NY to SDQ. I will get to DR at 9:30 ish am which means that I should be able to go straight to Cipla get my tests done, pay and hopefully get the sx done. At least that's what both of my friend did.

My advise on how to get in touch with Duran and her staff

I don't care what others have to say but getting in touch with Duran's office is not easy, but it is also not impossible. I always get an answer even if it means it took me 30+ calls, and that is because I am impatient.

So how ?
1- I suggest you start by creating a very easy email address just for surgery journey if you are serious about it like durandoll2017@gmail or yahoo or bblbody2017 ... Anything simple so that when you call it's not hard for them to understand or spell. I didn't do that at the beginning and used my current email address which consist of my first and last name, it was a bit of a struggle.

2- Download this app call REBTEL. $5 gets you an hour or so worth of calls to DR, it saves the number you call so all you have to do is click on the number next time you need to call. They do give you 5 free minutes when you first join, but sometimes it takes more than 2 calls to get through Duran's office. Plus you will need to call again to confirm your deposit is received, your date is confirmed and etc. I wish they had $1 or $2 option but they don't.

3- Now that you have Rebtel downloaded and you created an easy email, go ahead and email Duran at Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com the night before or at least 2 hours before you call. Use the app and call her office at 1-809-331-5050 (CIPLA's #) and as soon as you hear the prompt dial ext 212. The best time to call in the morning is between 8am and 10am and 2pm to 3:30. Google what time is it in DR so you can get a better idea on their time vs your time zone. Now my spanish is bad, really bad, but once I get someone on the phone I say " Habla ingles? " or I ask for Wilkilia, she is Duran's new assistant. Before it was Fania or Elizabeth. So, ask for someone who speaks english, tell them you need a quote or whatever reason you are calling for, while on the phone with you they will check the email. That's why you need an easy email, if you tell them Durandoll2017 they will find it right away. Ask for the person's name and use her as a point of contact. So next time you call, you ask for that person like " Puedo hablar con Wilkilia ? " and that is how I get in touch with Duran's office.

Rebtel's website to add minutes: https://www.rebtel.com/
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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