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I had my surgery , thank god it's over. I'm a...

I had my surgery , thank god it's over. I'm a mother of two, 5'5 and I was only able to gain 4 pounds putting my weight before surgery at 137 lbs. I was at Angela's Recovery house for the first 6 days and Dominican fiesta resort the last 8 days. I enjoyed both but the resort was awesome. I had my nurse ,who did the massages also , come to the resort. I had a mini tummy tuck, liposuction, BA, butt contouring (since I didn't have enough fat for brazillian butt lift). My Cipla stay was terrible , the morning shift nurses were not responsive , they would answer the phone but would not follow up. I was sol when it came to pain meds, food and water. My iron had dropped tremendously and all they gave me was soup, water and guava juice. When i was being released i was so weak I couldn't stand or walk, I had to have wheel chair assistance and the male nurse had to carry me into the transportation vehicle. Ladies bring your own pain medication and iron pills, when you go for surgery pack protein drink like ensure or boost , you will need it once you get release.
I followed the blog and bought all the items suggested which was way too much. All you need up to the next 3-4 weeks is. Bed pads, the thick Kotex pads (old school ones) which will be used as buffer between compression garment and your skin, they will use 4 at a time so you may want to buy 2 packs (suggested brand: Cottony at Walmarts), baby wipes which will be used to clean yourself, since you can't take bath or shower, guaze pads the large ones which will be used to cover your incision, surgical tape the paper one, alcohol wipes,1 tube of bacitracin, at least 2 tubes of Arnicare arnica gel which you can buy at Walmart, urinal which you can order online from Walmart , a good sturdy neck pillow which u can sit on make sure it's comfortable , foam pads which you will use after about a week as buffer under your compression garment ( this will prevent indentations of the compression garment on your skin) , cotton like thongs and panty liners to wear over your 1st stage compression garment( Your vagina will be exposed otherwise), latex free gloves, compression socks the ones that look like thighs but come up to your thighs ( you can order from walmarts). Anti bacteria soap surgical soap (which you will wash up with the night and or morning before surgery.

I have to admit recovery was terrible , I was in pain, I was swollen and had lots of inflammation and i could not sleep well because of my procedures during my whole stay in the DR. Dr Duran and her staff was excellent and very supportive . Dr Duan was very attentive and available every time I went to the office. She also made a house call to check on me my first day after being released from Cipla. I love the work she did on my body and will post pictures later when my swelling subside. So far my tummy tuck scar and areola scar is almost invisible. I'm just now able to walk up straight without feeling stomach tightening. After surgery I gained about 20lbs . The weight didn't start coming off until 3 weeks post I now only 2 lbs heavier than pre surgery.

My transportation guy who took me everywhere I needed and wanted to go was awesome, his suv was new like, very clean and it had air. His driving was excellent. He went above and beyond to help me. He took me grocery shopping almost every day, places to eat out , sight touring and to Cipla for my follow up appointments, and of course to the airport. He is very reliable and was always on time ,He attends church and is a god fearing man . His name is Cisar Castillo cell ***-***-**** email ck******@***.com and he speaks English fluently

My nurse who also did the lymphatic massage was awesome she works directly with Dr Duran and up until my last week in the DR she worked out of dr Durans office , but due to dr duran making more room for her new and follow up patients , she now have to come to you. Her name is Yanira Rojas. She speaks only Spanish , I used my iPhone Spanish translator app to comunicate with her.

Good luck to all you ladies make sure you get your iron checked out before you go if its low they will not do the procedure, you will loose a lot of blood during surgery. This site was very helpful to me I'm just paying it forward hopefully this info will be of some help

Post op 6-8 weeks photos

Indentations on my stomach are from lipo board I had under my garment, yes I just bought another garment from dr Duran size xxs, I found the web site that sells exact same garment misfajas.com. I will be wearing my garments for 1 year until all swelling has subsided, no hurry in fact it looks a lot smoother anyway ( look at photo in long blue dress). I will be buying short fajas for when I exercise. I will post next photos 6 months post.

Sorry trying to learn how to add pictures

Also ladies I must tell you I just turned 50 and I'm loving it yeah.

pre and post op photos 6-wks

look no more cellulite, also dr duran lipo my veejay jay, sorry can't show that one but my husband says it looks great i didnt know it looked bad before , he never said anything.

Back to work

Well ladies, I'm back to work finally after over 11 weeks of healing. First day my legs and feet swelled up. By the third day I was ok. So in all it took 12 weeks for my healing just to be able to work. I still have swelling on my lower back and buttocks but it's going down beautifully of course I'm still wearing my garments. For those of u who post comments I will check this site atleast once a week and respond. Good luck to all and best wishes .

Hi ladies , just an update

Sorry for the long delay, very busy with work and my kids who are in college( grad school and under grad). I just came back from santo Domingo about 3weeks ago, I went with a friend who was having lipo and fat transfer. Needless to say it was her second trip to have procedure done. Ladies please make sure your blood count is up to part start taking your iron pills months in advance (slow fe highly recommended). Dr Duran will not perform any surgery on you if your count is lower than 12, the average healthy person is 13-16 for women. There were five people including my friend who were turned down because of this. Some of the people were dr Yily patients. The clinic is the one who set this standard therefore none of the doctors will touch you. It was disappointing to see these ladies come have procedures done just to be turned away. After trying methods outside of dr Durans knowledge my friend was able to get her blood count up and have the procedure done. I will not say what she did but will highly recommend you make sure your iron count is up to part. You will loose a lot of blood because of the procedure. Dr Duran will prescribe iron and protein to help you boost your iron up after procedure. I had a balcony which I stay on sometimes slept and I walked a lot to aid in boosting my iron after surgery, along with prescription. As a last resort she will give you a blood transfusion. Make sure you buy enough protein drinks they are very expensive over there I think it was like $3 a small can of ensure. You can buy boost or Walgreens brand or whatever you like just make sure you have plenty. Don't forget iron pills.

I will post new pictures in April ladies remember once you have the procedure done the work doesn't stop there you have to eat calorie restriction and exercise or your pain will be a loss. I have been in weight training for 7 weeks now and loving my body. I cheat when I go on vacations and once I return I use a cleansing tea (ginseng slim tea and 1 bag of ballerina three extra strength tea) make sure you drink it within a few days after cheating before the fat gets solid. You will loose everying you gained. Micorwave both bags together for 2-3mins in 9 - 10 ozs of water , you may want to add a sprinkle of propel water sweetner or something similar to eliminate the taste, let sit for 4 mins then drink it. Good luck and hopefully this will help you

Contacting dr Duran

Hi ladies Dr Duran is very busy I went back just early march and everyday I went to her office it was atleast 6-7 women there. She is very busy and she spends time with her patients. One important factor I forgot to mention in previous post is do not leave the Dominican without dr Duran authorization especially if you have a drain, you risk infection and your primary more than likely will not touch you, no one wants to be responsible for another doctors work. Also in doing so dr Duran will remove herself as your doctor, rightfully so. Make sure you have a plan in force at home if you can not stay the recommended two weeks stay, nurse certified lymphatic massager, and doctor who you can follow up with for blood work and X-rays to make all is going well. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy yourself.

Cipla recovery

Hi ladies I forgot to mention I now know the secret to a successful recovery at Cipla, all you have to do is hire one of the staff members to stay with you during your recovery. This is dane on the side of course. My friend paid one of the staff at cipla $50 and she was able to get her pain meds, water and and assistance during her stay. I highly recommend you consider this. Leave all your valuables you take with you with Elizabeth dr Durans assistant you need your passport while checking into Cipla prior to surgery, you need money so you can buy your meds immediately after leaving Cipla. Do not trust anyone to buy your meds for you, You may want to because you will be in a lot of pain but you will regret it when you find out you possibly paid $100 more than necessary and you still didnt get all your prescription ( an incident that actually happened) . Ladies wherever you go When you are out of the USA always carry your passport, you can be arrested if stopped for any reason if you do not have your passport. Unfortunately, I mentioned this because someone I knew did not have their passport and and experience complications. You can't assume everyone knows this, just a reminder.
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