TT, BBL, BL w/ implants and Major Lipo DRA DISLA DOLL SOON!!! Dominican Republic, DO

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Just a quick update I received a quote from Dra...

Just a quick update I received a quote from Dra Disla for $6500 for TT, BL w/implants, BBL w/implants, and major Lipo. WOW the price!! :-) As you can see, I'm a big girl, and she isn't sure I'll be able to handle BL @ the same surgery. She said 20pounds, but I'm 213, so aiming @ 150 first for best result!! Aft my fittest I'm about 130, 140 if I have a lot of muscle at the time. After FOUR big babies, I'm dying to feel normal again! Also a note ladies, I was very small before each of my kids and have high stretch marks. I've not lost the weight from the last one but I always get big (she's now 3, & never before THIS big). It remains to be seen how much more good skin I have to pull down after weight loss upcoming, and also how many stretch marks I'll lose when I get my surgery. Haven't read too much about healing on top of that already busted skin, but I can't imagine it will be easy and I plan to keep detailed updates as they come, including any pertinent info I unearth along the way, IT'S NOT EASY TO FIND??? I've already been on my diet for two weeks (before my quote) & have settled into a groove where I know I'll be consistent. I'm doing high protein slim fast, it had worked for me before, and had already shrunk my stomach (hunger) amazingly well. It's easier to eat less dinner and so forth, which is my one non controlled meal. I'm proud of the fact that I'm on 1200 calories a day, I'm focused on water next, and I'm slowly picking up my exercise. SLOWLY. It's allot of friggin work to haul around 200lbs everywhere you go, but I'M DETERMINED, with the grave and love of God, to be fit for this surgery (6 months goal). Best possible results, here I come!! Also, I've also considered yily, she is so awesome at snatching waists and giving that badonk I've always wished for (mine includes implants because I'm concerned about long term fatty loss, then it would SAGGY too, o hell NAW...) but it seems she schedules a crap ton of surgeries for the same day and can't do them all herself, so allot of girls are complaining and it looks like obvious to me what's her handiwork and what's not. I don't want to roll the dice there. Baez is THE BEST with boobies and the only one down there that uses the textured implants, if I need two rounds, she will be the go to titty lady LOL. Altamonte is awesome from what I can see but she doesn't do anything at all except tummy tuck and BBL, like ever, and there are only a few (but all of them are good) reviews on her. Just some opening thoughts LOL,a summary helps so much!!

Doing detailed research on scar therapy and preventing wounds reopening, also prepping sensitive, damaged skin for major surgery. Guess we'll see.

fat girl pics

Just uploading my before weight loss, extreme fat girl pics. Never to return. A good reminder for myself what will happen to me if I overeat and stop excersizing...!!! Sorry for anyone who suddenly feels the need to investigate eye removal surgery after viewing LOL.

Remember with pics upcoming, I'm determined yo do this without WLS. I like beer, although I don't often I value the times I do, and also I'm really worried that I would continue to over stuff that tiny pouch of a stomach and gain the weight back. That's just me though. I have several good friends that still say, years later, that it's a life changer. So this is just my story, wish me luck, I'm on here because I can use all the support I can get. Hmu if your journey is similar to mine, or you live near Miami, or whatever. Thanks

The Scale

Idk why all of a sudden my pics are uploading sideways, but whatever, you get the idea. 213lbs. 65 to go before surgery. CAN I DO IT???

weigh in :-)

So my three year old got sick and when I took her to the doctor I weighed myself. I've lost three pounds! FINALLY something LOL, I was starting to get upset. I watch my 600lb life and so forth and in always thinking they are lying yup themselves about the calories they're I?????? I will be keeping a food diary from here on out. I feel the weight straying too come off, but it had to go faster. I cut out one diet bar or shake per day, I'm down to three and dinner, but I will have a glass of whole milk with it, and sometimes a banana or a piece of toast. So clearly need too go to slim milk, add more water, and start measuring calorie intake very closely at dinner. I am getting better but I'm frustrated it's not moving along faster. I guess all fat girls feel this way :-(

As a side note I'm going back too running as well. I do am airborne shuffle with some sprints at the end for training effect LOL, nothing spectacular. We got a puppy a few weeks ago and he needs regular excersize also (ginormous American bulldog!). He seems happy with my pace, he's still relatively little. I did a little bit this am. I wish I could speed this weight loss up without putting myself in the hospital. I've a friend that sells the it works stuff she's going to send me some "greens". I'm sure they work,I just hope I can keep them down. Here's hoping.

Good that there is progress, but DEPRESSING that there's so little.

Starting measurements

Wow what a lard ass!
Bicep R *12 1/2"
Bicep L *13" (guess which arm carries my babies LOL)
Bust *45 1/2"
Waist *45"
Hips *48 1/2"
Thighs (both are same) *28"
Calfs (both are same) *16"

Holy sheep shit. Still sticking to my diet, and cutting down my dinner portions. Doing well there. Also started talking the vitamins that everyone says you need pre surgery, for right now just a multi, and it's already made a WORLD of difference. ENERGY. Adding vit C, A, Folic Acid, and B12 for absorption come payday. I'm skipping the liquid stuff for now, that looks like a recipe for disaster for me personally. Once I taste that stuff, I'm going to be able to keep keeping it down maybe 5 days and then Mr porcelain and I become intimate buddies. That's just me, So don't let that stop you if you're considering it, it's supposed to be more easily absorbed into your system in liquid form so if you can choke it down, hooRah.

So much energy I did half of a video work out this am. I did the whole thing six months ago but didn't want to burn out so quickly again (duck walk with pride ladies LOL the pain is gooood). I wasn't to stick it out, repeat mañana :-). Anyway, from couch life it's quite a transition. Progress, baby steps. Seems more permanent that way, for me at any rate.

Cultural differences

I've lived all over the USA. I've been in Miami since 2009, and I'm still aware of how differently the Latin culture we are submerged in functions from the rest of the country. So reading stories of ladies who had issues with their doctors over there, these are my thoughts.

DR Is a Latin culture (huge presence in Miami also) that is very personal relationship oriented. They do business with you based on who you are. So if you get stinky, about pretty much anything, and expect to do business with your doctor, good luck with that. If your doc doesn't like you, you will quite likely (actually happened to one girl) be sitting, waiting, for your surgery until midnight, with nothing to eat or drink. Because they could care less about your twisted panties and actually don't want to work on you anymore. And at this point, trust me, you don't want what your asking for either. Calling your doctor a liar (but you said the price includes this, and you're not doing it, so I wasn't to pay less. No. Don't do it), challenging their prowess with the knife (I don't like my scar, it's your fault. You missed a spot on my Lipo. My ass isn't big enough. Seriously no one would get anywhere with that with US doctors, so think first) is a VERY personal insult to one of the more prideful Latin cultures there are. Don't ask for a refund, you won't get it. Like period. Not happening. If you want your doctor to do the best surgery they can on you, you must make them like you. You can't blame them for anything, unless you want to forget about their involvement with you altogether. Compliments, water works, emotional connections. They will bend over backwards, give you the shirt off their backs. Ladies you ate worried about the language barrier, don't be. They are used to it and there will be someone on staff to translate. Worry about the culture, and offending someone with something you might think is normal here, but might literally cost you your ass elsewhere. Btw this is from an accumulation of almost a hundred different reviews I've read recently reflecting the same thing. You don't get "customer service" in the DR LOL! These are not tipped waitresses, they won't lose their job or any sleep about a bad review. You get personal care. One on one, friend or foe. I'm just saying maybe that's what we need to remember when we leave the country. Especially when our "they" will be slicing us up in short order.

Don't ask them to reassure you of their skills either (you read a review that someone had an infection, etc). That's offensive. Js

Also, everything is a hustle. Need meds? Don't get delivery. Get them yourself, before surgery, in the states if possible. If you don't listen to me, don't be shocked when someone comes back and says "gosh, not enough money". Also they don't have the fda down there, don't be surprised if your meds aren't working as expected. Go to a reputable pharmacy. They delivery beer, food, anything and everything you want, but you will tip, extravagantly, or be sorry as hell later. But after all, it's ice cold and it came all the way up to your bed, so that's actually pretty nice right? LOL, ya, and tip EVERYONE. Even the docs, the wheelchair pushers, the lady that cooks your food at your rh, the owner, EVERYONE. Think you don't "have" to? No worries, you DON'T LOL

Happy healing, best of luck to all :-) :-)

Also, that said, dear Lord I hope I don't piss anyone off down there. I don't want to even worry about the driver (flight leaving when you say?)


Weighed myself at publix today, I've lost five pounds! :-) I was dying to see some progress, and eyeing WLS again, which I do whenever I have a setback. Yay!!!

Me later: Only FIVE pounds?? *sniffle

Gotta work HARDER

As a side note I am also considering Dra Duran, and contacted Bella Vita about a quote and some other advice. And LOL they can't help me yet, I'm still too fat even for a quote. Motivating, and depressing.

Gotta work HARDER


Boo. I started tracking every bite and sip with the fitness tracker app, it works really well and had a gorgeous lost of commonly eaten foods pre programmed. My point is I've been vigilant. I know it's only been a month. Fat girls ate supposed to lose faster at first, I'm not. Im still shocked at how many calories are in a simple PBJ (400!!! Who knew??). So whatever even though I haven't cheated even a little tiny bit (until TODAY), I've gained it all back. Just five pounds, but the issue is it was really darn difficult just to squeeze that five pounds off. It wasn't that hard to resist crap foods that others ate right in front of me or skipping dessert. My sweet tooth was really kept in control with the slim fast. And I was (WAS) determined. That scale moved so slowly. SLOWLY. It was really discouraging. Jogging was good, getting up in the am sucky, but I got over it. No big deal really. But I don't understand why it wasn't working. Or how with so little food in my system every day I wasn't getting anywhere. I guess it was still too much. Idk what could be next, nixing dinner?

Bottom line is, I need help. I'm seriously considering WLS before my regular sx. This also runs through my head: what I'd I bust my ass, and lose weight over the course of a YEAR, and it's still not enough? What if I fail forty pounds shy? And then ALSO no longer qualify for the wonderful tool that WLS is??? Do you realize just how possible that is?

Guys, I'm 35. It's already a helluva lot harder to get fit, heal an injury, or best an infection. My general understanding is it does not get better with time, that difficulty level, at ALL...

So maybe I'm a failure. On my own I suck. That's what this means to me. But it's true.

I've done enough research to know that I'll still have to diet and exercise, I know I can't just sit and stuff tiny bits of jelly doughnut into my teeny tummy and expect the surgery to melt that goo right out of me. It will matter more. But it will be slightly easier, more physically sensitive, and therefore more in tune, and my work will show greater effect. My chances of success, long term real success, are exponentially higher.

I'm considering the sleeve, in Mexico. I'm continuing my diet and exercise regimen, especially the tracking. Seeing is believing! So the savings I'm putting towards my beauty surgery will have a primary goal first, just a small delay.

Thinking of the neighbor I had when I was young, drop DEAD gorgeous lady. One of several who took me aside and said, you can have all of this. You only need to clean yourself up a little. A cute nose, etc. Nothing serious. Just my advice. She was not the only one, I repeat. The longer I do this to myself, the more clean ups I have. I've always had fabulous boobs. Umm no dinner plate nipples. Lol but that's one more, only recent. And so forth, involving scarring, money, recovery time.

I'm an idiot for living this way for so very long.

Please don't post a bunch of generic, very well intentioned rebuttals. We all think this stuff sometimes, and when I get to the flat side and feel my NORMAL(!!!), pretty, feminine curves for the first time in twenty years, I'm pretty sure this will ring true in hind sight, and I'm not jumping off a stupid bridge because I've LET MYSELF GO and can't get where im supposed to be without help from a surgeons scalpel. I know my worth is priceless. But the mirror tells a different tale, and that's the journey wrt are here to share. Thanks in advance for understanding that, it's very helpful to have this resource.


So I clearly quit very quickly. I guess the five pounds I lost in two weeks wasn't enough for me, and I got sooooo depressed. I wanted a quick, painless fix. So I considered WLS for a while...I got approved, I even have my passport. But seriously, that's another $5,000 on top of the cosmetic surgery I already need. I still really want to do this thing myself. So I made up a month long workout schedule that's pretty slow and basic. I'm working up to a one mile jog, 25 situps, 10 dips and pushups. I actually have all that doubled for month two, but it's getting into the daily habit and sticking out out that's so challenging for me. If I overdo it at first then I'm going to quit, apparently.

So that's the plan, and I'm going on slim fast again. If sleeve patients (WLS again) can handle VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) of 800 calories a day for a couple of months as long as they get 100g protein and all their vitamins...well that's what I'm aiming at too. After all, hunger is only a feeling. This is intended to be short-term, all of it, and the exercise is what I'm working up to.

Also, I'm considering changing to Dra Duran. Disla seems to do best with skinnier body types, yily is so busy, but we'll see. I won't schedule until I've gotten closer to my goal. I'll let you guys know where I'm at in a month.

And btw, I gained more weight after I quit the last time. I went up to about 225 at last check. I'll not be visiting the scales again until I've hit a couple of exercise and diet goals, I could use some prayers of support if anyone reads this. Thanks in advance. Hopefully my next update will be my one mile jog, we'll see. :-)


Boodie wish pics. Can't white girls have curves too LOL?? What's funny is my blonde haired (like paper white blonde) sister has a boodie like Niki Manaj...Not fair at all. I got slipped with the gene pool.

On the plus side, I've been sticking to my exercise every single day and I'm jogging now after two weeks of walking a mile I had marked out with my trucks odometer. So soon I'll be adding diet. I wasn't to be my fittest for recovery and still have some fat for this glorious boodie I want. Weight isn't important, size, shape, and health ate all that matters. Hope it works this time & I stick to it

Running for my life

So since my last update, not sure how long that was, I've worked my way up to 1.5 miles jogging straight through every single day. I'm doing Battlefrog Miami this Saturday, but CLEARLY not the whole thing LOL. I've got no idea what I weigh, but I feel better. I hope to be up to two miles solid jogging (I work my way up by walking stretches and sprinting at the end for training effect) today or tomorrow. The Battlefrog thing is like an obstacle course, which had just given me something that sounds fun to aim for. It's been my motivation this week, for sure. I'm volunteering to help set up for my race ticket...every dollar is for my SURGERY. The whole thing is a 15k (motivated, but I'm not harboring a death wish Lmao!), but they also have 5k, 1 mile, and 500 yard kiddie option. I'm glad I'm volunteering for set up because I can see first hand what I'm up against, and hopefully keep myself from looking like a total idiot while still enjoying a big kids playground LOL. Anyway, it's working for me so far.

As to the diet, I'm doing slim fast and it's working just fine. I haven't city down to 800 calories like they do on the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) for weight loss surgery patients, but I think I'm at about 1500. Which is a vast improvement. I keep looking for cheaper options but none that I've found so far taste as good and keep the cravings at bay. Gotta have high protein and chocolate, and vitamins, and it has to taste good! Doing the bars, but if I really want something sweet I'll have a shake (basically chocolate slim fast milk LOL) at night. I'm working it all in and just trying to figure out what really works for me. It's funny but the exercise actually makes the crap I was eating profoundly less attractive. Donuts no longer call my name so sweetly.

So that's where I'm at this moment. I hope I keep it up. I guess my next milestone is five miles? I should be skinny by then right?? LOL. I hope, but I have this horrid fear that I'll still be chunky. Guess we'll see. I've learned that jogging bras actually serve a valuable purpose, even if their "support" for my two big girls is a joke, it's better than chafing and blisters from underwire GAW. I'll post a pic or two this Saturday and then I guess I'll bore you when I hit my next goal. Thanks for your patience guys, I guess some of us thicker ladies have a longer journey than most!!! SURGERYYYYYYY lol

One more year of this crap...

So it's been almost a year. I did extreme calorie restriction, and at one point I was dragging my extra 100lbs through two mile runs twice a day. I lost five pounds total the first round and ONE the second. There have been innumerable other attempts in between. I'm now 232...yikes!! It's like whatever I loose, I regain 2x.

I passed some sort of invisible line, when I reached a certain point in my obesity, it became impossible to do myself. I tortured myself with the possibility of WLS and I'm done failing. I need my efforts to work. So around January 2016 I'll hopefully have my sleeve operation. If all goes well, it will be another year before the cosmetic aspect. I'll be 38, or 39...So much time wasted. I don't know if I'll ever find the love I want or the life I need to live as a skinnier, shaplier me,

but I DO know it's one less thing that will hold me back.

So trudging onward. Part of me wants to cry, watching everyone else have their surgeries and recover and enjoy life...but I KNOW I'll get there too, I'd just a little more slowly. *one fine day...


11/10/15 I had RNY with Dr Sosa in Miami. I had a complication, my stoma (the opening to my new stomach) healed closed and two weeks later I was back in the hospital for a revision. It was a real struggle at first, everything made me sick! And given how I had no issues sticking to a diet beforehand I was shocked at how truly addicted to food I was, how it seemed uncontrollable. I want expecting that. I also had allot of issues with sugar, it didn't make me "dump" but it made me sick as a dog. I had found out the week before surgery that I was officially diabetic, and although I walked out of the hospital with my sugar steady at 94 and completely relieved of that issue, my body still had a big problem processing it. The monumental cravings and of course the consequences were absolutely overwhelming, and it often felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel for me health wise.

But I'm now only 11 weeks out, and can Peru much easy whatever I really want, within reason. As long as the amount is small and it's well chewed (I often eat with a baby spoon), I'm good. But getting sick from sugar and starch meant I had to stop eating them and deal with my addiction and cravings, and I did. So in spite of my well healing body, I don't eat that stuff.

My weight had ballooned up to 238...I was HUGE. And exhausted. I haven't been big my whole life!! My body was not adjusting well to being this piggy to say the least. But at any rate.

I'm now just 11 weeks out. And already down to 175.

Next stop, DR baby. Getting there fast FINALLY


WELL All I can say is i wish I'd done the surgery sooner. I'm down to 155 as of today ???? Not bad. I have to wait until November of this year, at least 12 months after, to have my next phase. But at least it's FINALLY getting there. I know I'm still going with Disla for boobies, and I'll talk to her about possibly doing arms and nose. There's gonna have to be several rounds. I'm nut 100% certain how I'm going to split it up, pretty much EVERYTHING needs some work, as you know. But I'm getting there at last, and am seriously saving and planning for this. November baby.

DOWN TO 141LBS!!! LOST 100LBS!!!

WELL just an update with some pics. I had horrible stretch marks before my weight gain with my last child 5 years ago, and the extra 120lbs definitely enhanced the issue. I'm still losing, looking at November of this year with any luck. My stretch marks and muscle laxity are extremely high set and wide so I may need a FDL/ fluer de lis/vertical tummy tuck for best results. Of course I did already know that but one can always hope. I may also be doing my tummy tuck and thigh lift with Dr Fisher here in Miami so I can save on recovery costs and have my doc right next to me forever should something happen... But we'll see. The other option for round one is Dr Manon in the DR. Starting the saving and serious planning process now, so one step at a time right? Anywho, updated pics. Sorry guys I know it's kinda gross ????

Updating pics

Still losing and gaining health, saving for Round One hopefully this November. Considering changing to Dr Manon, also looking into vaginal rejuvenation/labiaplasty possibly through insurance this summer, I'd finish the cosmetic external portions in November if that's the case. Also going to try to do some minor things, remove my wisdom teeth, some laser hair removal, etc. That's the goal. I may have to break up the surgeries more then I'd like but we'll see. In the meantime, save and continue to get healthier! Already prepping my skin with Biotin, pure coconut oil and pure vitamin E. Whenever I get this I want my scars the closest to invisible possible LOL

Super pleased with how much lose skin is arriving and how low the stretch marks are. If they get even lower as more lose skin arrives (as I lose the last of the weight) I may even be able to wear a high waisted bikini someday. Here's hoping LOL

121lbs... Wow!

Some pics, the inevitable skin sag of major weight loss. I got up to 147. On the plus side, because of all the additional lose skin I'll be able to have (almost) all of my stretch marks removed... Praying and hoping. On the down side, I'll need more extensive plastics then I did before. But it's gonna be great anyways LOL Looks like I'm actually going to get round 1 on the road, we're set to go in February ) yay tax season!). All I can do now is pray.

Current state

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

No surgery just yet, but thus far had been quick to respond to emails even late at night.

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