I Am Looking for a Roommate for OCTOBER 2014 for Dr. Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am set on becoming a Duran Doll and I am seeking...

I am set on becoming a Duran Doll and I am seeking a roommate for 10/2014. According to my extensive research and post op experiences, I believe Dr. Duran is the best choice for me. She is very agressive in a positive to ensure that I achieve the best results possible. I have to remember to pack everything that is needed and hopefully this too would be a great experience for me. I have already underwent breast augmentation, so I am familar with the surgery process and look forward to a beautiful body, simply a beautiful me.

Anyone looking to switch dates for Dr. Duran in Dominican Republic.

As you can see, I have been on this site for close to 3 years. I am now ready to go ahead with the procedure. I just received my quote from SurgiCoordinator Laura for $3800.00. However, I also contacted the office directly. If you have Sprint, you can get on this international plan, that does not charge a monthly amount, it just charges 0.20 a minute. I am still waiting on my quote from Dr. Duran's office. I did ask Wilkira (Dr. Duran's assistant) if they are affiliated with SurgiCoordinator and they are. SurgiCoordinator charges $200.00 for their services. I always said that I would record my journey, because so many other women have helped me. So right now I am waiting for my date. I have been told that Dr. Duran will be on vacation around the time of Labor Day. I would actually prefer for a sooner date, and wish that someone was able to switch dates with me. Until next time......

I Have a date with Dr. Duran

Hello Dolls, so I have a date with Dr. Duran 06/27/2016. You have to keep calling, usually the best time is 8:30 AM Eastern Standard time. I had to send a copy of my receipt for money gram (home delivery option) in order to confirm my date. After sending my receipt Wilkira, sent me an email for my SX date and I sent a confirmation email stating that I will go with 06/27/2016. I am now trying to figure out the best recovery house. I am looking at flight tickets and right now.....round trip will cost me about 642 plus 37 for trip protection. It might be too early for me to book right now. I may be able to find more cost effective flights closer to the SX date. Any suggestions, please help.

I have switched from Dr. Duran to Dr. Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami - BBL

I had many reservations regarding being unable to reach Dr. Duran just to set my appt. The great news is that I finally got through and was able to set my date for 06/27/2016. But I realized if there are any complications, my recourse is rather limited. Thus, why I wanted to remain in the states. I am not sure if my waist will be as snatched as Duran's outcomes, but I will surely look better than I did before I arrived. My SX date with Dr. Alvarez is 06/28/2016. I plan to arrive early the day prior to surgery just to get myself acclimated and rest. I have been taking Vitamin C, B-12, iron, and folic acid. I will keep you ladies updated. By the way, I am selling my date for Dr. Duran
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I will have a good one

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