Breast Lift and Implant Exchange this time Rhinoplasty next!- Dominican Republic

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Introduction: For those potential patients who...

For those potential patients who still hold on to the antiquated belief that the best doctors are In the states....And for Doctors in the states who discourage traveling overseas for body modification, outwardly touting safety as their concern and inwardly concerned with the safety of their income. Welcome to the 21st century.
There's a diamond in the heart of the Dominican Republic, so rare in so many ways I almost don't want to share him...his name is Dr. Fernandez Goico. Detailed and Intelligent descended from a lineage of physicians, And trained under among others Dr. Pitiguay of Brasil aka the father of modern-day plastic surgery, it is clear art of medicine is in his blood.
He posses Membership not only with the Society of Plastic Surgeons in his native Dominican Republic but *also* with the International Society of Plastic Surgeons. Talented as he is handsome and as classy as he is caring. His passion for his work is evident in not only in the asthetic outcome of his patients. But In the way he addresses each patient putting their safety first.
Join me this October as I travel to Santo Domingo to join the ever growing phenomenon of medical tourism. I will be receiving ethnic rhinoplasty allong with breast implant exchange and lift.
Plastimedic the facility in which Dr Goico operates from, is one of the newest (less than 5years old) and most modern facilities the country has to offer,* currently touting a 0% infection rate. *(The same cannot be said for CIPLA which house a cluster of surgeons whose reputations preceed them some for better some for worse. As a RN I urge you to do your research and study your potential surgeons accredations, affiliations and most importantly know your doctor's history a quick Google search will steer you in the right direction) *Thanks Tammy!*
Following surgery an overnight stay is required for close monitoring. Plastimedic offers a handful of semi private rooms in contrast to CIPLA 's army style thirty bed unit which offers little to no privacy. Post operatively the nurse/patient ratio was at worst approximately 1:10. In the states post op care due to the acuity of the patient should range ideally 1nurse to a maximum of 4 patients. The more patients nurses have especially in such a delicate state can lead to unintentional yet potentially devastating errors/ oversight. This alone has been a huge deterrent for many seeking the care of CIPLA Affiliated Plastic surgeons because they do not want to go through the post op overnight experience, in general patients have said they feel like they've stepped back in thank you.
I will reside at a "Arelis recovery house" run by a former Nurse of Dr. Fernández Goico which is not only beautiful and spacious offering single rooms with gorgeous private bathrooms, it prides itself as being situated in one of the best residential areas Santo Domingo has to offer patients during their fragile period of recuperation.
Post operatively I will join the ranks of past and present Goico "dolls" a term used proudly by patients in DR to pay homage to whom they have had their work done by. Transportation is provided to his follow up visits as well as the airport. He and his wonderful assistant Karel are always available, The Doc makes house calls and urges you to contact him no matter the day or time and yes...he provides you with a phone if needed.
He is a class act, in a league of his own, and somehow remains humble and accessible it's absolutely charming as well as disarming. What Surgeon gives you direct access to them in the wee hours of the morning? Or let's you whatsapp them about a pill and not ....President Obama's doctor perhaps lol that's IT!
In Dr. Luis A Fernandez Goico's meticulous world. Every patient is a VIP.

Heads? (breasts) or Tails? plan revisions...
Rhinoplasty is a go I took the ex rays (per Dr. Goico's request) and decided to inform/prepare those who knew me for the upcoming change ( bruising/swelling) they may see in the next 6weeks. Then I experienced a strange phenomenon EVERY ONE was against it. Someone reccomend removable nose shapers, (which i tried for 3days,) I wore them till I bled. And when I took them out each night my heart dropped....when I considered forgoing rhinoplasty altogether and using a less painful size my heart dropped further. Being born of a higher melanin content doesn't mean you are supposed to automatically love your nose...but on this journey I've learned many still hold on to this antiquated way of thinking. Normally passive I've become the spokesperson for ethnic rhinoplasty. My #1 question "What if you look like Michael Jackson?!"
My reply: he looked D@MN good circa "Thriller" the problem wasn't that he had his nose done it was his mindset (body dysmorphia) not knowing when enough was enough. In having to fiercely defend my decision, I've had to admit to myself... rhinoplasty is something I want deep....within my heart of hearts ever since I was a preteen, I've envisioned it and now I can't think of anything I want more. With the talented hands of Dr. Goico I'm ready to get my beautiful nose and move on with my life...dedicate my neuronal activity to achieving a new dream. For that, ability...that freedom I am ready and willing to Travel to a place I've never been and make a 20year dream a reality.
It was heartbreaking telling my father whom I'm nearly identical to. But at 32 I'm done making decisions for others happiness. There comes great pleasure in coming out of whatever closet you're in. Initially, facing the opinions of my coworkers, friends and family was Overwhelmingly oppositional (99.99998% of them attempting to stop me)
*still there*
In conjunction with my rhino I'm also considering BBL + general liposuction instead of my initially planned breast lift with a (10/15% larger) implant exchange. Ultimately, of course I want it ALL but.
For safety which Dr Goico is stellar in emsuring, He, Doesn't reccomend doing all three and I wholeheartedly agree.....but the issue is which two? The decision changes on a daily basis.
The rationaile:
Most docs don't recommend having procedures which require different healing positions. Prone (face down) is contraindicated for rhino. And supine/dorsal (lying on back) even with a million donut pillows compromises the fat transfers, reabsorption, adds unnecessary pressure (I've read up to 400 per square inch on the glutes) undboutedly compromising fragile circulation that is trying to be established. Is created when a patient spends most of their time in supine Yet I've seen docs do both or all three! Ive seen a judicious few who wouldnt dare compromise the overall outcome knowing that the healing position is the second only to the surgery itself!
And as an RN I want a conservative whose looking out for my optimal outcome asthetically. Most doctors want you off of your buns for 3 weeks. There are even devices geared to assist you in this process.
So it sounds as if the answer would be simple right? Rhino, breast lift & implant exchange! Supine position (slightly elevated) required for both....but that's where things get complicated. Goico told me months ago...something I took far too lightly "be as close to your goal weight as possible before your lift" because if you lose afterwards the sagging will (albiet to a lesser degree perhaps) return *so I'm passing this gem of knowledge to you*
With 44 days till showtime the problem is I'm 40 lbs away from where I want to be. I'm juicing (avoiding plants Rich in k closer to the big day) but SWEET BABY JESUS it's hard. And now I'm mentally creating the most creative positions that can give me the ability to have rino and BBL. So far I've come up with laying on my stomache but placing a wedge pillow from my torso to my chin (perhaps even cutting a divit in the area where my chin will rest so that my with the help of a neck pillow (positioned backwards with the opening towards my back) my head will remain's exhausting but invigorating. I'm ready for change.

I'm Going to what's app Goico about my concerns I'm sure we will come to a conclusion. He was a realist from day one im the one who had to slowly realize what he said about a breast lift in haste before meeting a comfortable weight maintenance range made perfect sense. That's why he's wonderful. He's available, knowledgable, and honest.

* tomatoes, certain greens rich in vit K , supplemental vit K, vit E and Fish oil, birth control (ex. Nuvaring) are in most cases contraindicated min 2weeks prior to surgery due to their interference with the bloods natural clotting ability. going super green before my first surgery almost prevented it from happening. My clotting factor time was horrendous* in fact my Australian, doctor (who ultimately performed the breast aug 11years ago) exclaimed "if you had been in an accideeent you would haeeve bleed ouut before the ambulance arrived!"
This time around, although I'm juicing, I intend on withholding certain veggies closer to the big day.

Throw out your wish pic!

That's basically what I was advised by the good doc! My advice: use it as a general blueprint, a guideline to make sure you and your doc are on the same page. I'll still have the refined tip and raised bridge, I'll also have alarpasty to reduce my nostril size. Dr. Goico understands vision and i love and trust his work when it comes to rhinoplasty that's the most important part of picking the right surgeon I wouldn't trust anyone else in DR with my face, hands down he reigns supreme!
I am worried about possible keloid scarring when he harvests the cartilage from my ears...but it's something we'll discuss

14 days! the WEIGHt & the WAIT is killing me

I've lost 70 lbs of 100 gained through a flu shot gone bad ( Followed by 60 mgs of prednisone a day which gave me a killer appetite bringing me from 145 to 244) I have 30 more lbs to go, although I'm within the required BMI range Dr. Goico has made it clear that I need to be as close to my goal weight as possible pre breast lift/ augmentation to avoid drooping down the line. I'm bottom heavy, a plus in this situation because ive lost (almost) as much as i can in my upper torso. But I'm determined to lose 10 more lbs and finally make it to 161.4 the "normal BMI range" with due diligence...aka rabbit food.
I feel ok going into the procedure with 20 lbs of butt and thigh to lose. I've been reading docs opinions regarding 20lbs loss post op (god bless real self! Q&A section) most don't seem bothered and some say if bothersome drooping occurs it's usually fixed with slight revision.

size matters!

I'm going for 700ccs. At 145 with natural 36b ' s (which i called 36looongs) 11years ago I got 300cc saline implants which left me with full C' s small D's...they held up WONDERFULLY until weight gain &loss. Even with the sag bags I now call breasts they're STILL my best purchase ever. And i must admit I loved my breasts at 244. So I'm ready for DDD's/E. Or as i plan to tell Dr. Goico...Bazookas :)

looking for a recovery house?

I'll be staying at Serenity. Arelis will be my 2nd RH when i return for my bbl & lipo because I think ill be more helpless and it's a riskier surgery overall. I've heard of the owner diverting issues with blood clots in drains like it was nada, she even took a client allong to a wedding! How sweet! apparently, she gives you the creme de la creme treatment as she is one of Dr. Goico's former nurses. Serenity came as a highly recommend, 2nd it is important that I have a room to myself so for 100$ night (surgery night and 14th night in free btw!) The deal was too good to be true...but it is :) they also take paypal which makes damn easy!

Yo estoy aqui! ( I'm here! )

I arrived day before yest. Serenity had a wonderful driver there to meet me it's intimidating when you walk through customs an down this ramp with throngs of people looking for their loved ones. But he had my name written down in dark letters! (Omgg he was so good looking i almost forgot what i was here for lol) He talked to me about the history of DR an dropped me off at Serenity RH (which is the equivalent of a really posh condo! And located on the same street that the president resides!

nariz (nose) next time!

Whicall my realselfers is who were rooting for me on my nose job! Good news & bad news. I dedecided to do just my breasts this time but the nose will be between Feb and march. my brother passed away a week and a half ago at age 44 while planning this trip. I refused to cancel, knowing that I wasgoing into a foreign country for cosmetic surgery put my entire family in a state of panic but now that I've made this journey solo I could definitely do it again and again! I promise that I would only do one procedure so that my family wouldn't get upset and as a woman of color the biggest problem they had was with my rhinoplasty. So i let it go this time but they will have to get over it in February because I'm coming back for round two baby asap :-) because of this, I did have a rhinoplasty consult as well as my breast lift and augmentation consult, as you know, I lost 70 lbs so my breasts needed tlc! Theyor asymmetrical sagging and my excess skin was hanging at the bottom of my implant I wanted to go bigger and Dr. Goio help me find a happy middle ground that both he and I were comfortable with.for anyone that's afraid of medical tourism I can't speak for other doctors but being with Goico was like being with a top Beverly Hills surgeon he gives you all of his time he's incredibly meticulous and detailed and even then my surgery was supposed to take 2 hours due to the amount of work I needed done on my breasts it take for coming out of anesthesia, and having him tell me in detail how it went and knowing exactly what my concerns were he went on to verbally address how he had handled each one of them. he's a class act and I feel so blessed to have had him work on me I wouldn't recommend anyone else for surgery in the Dominican Republic he might not tell you what you want to hear because he's focused on what you need to hear! As awesome as this trip has been I've already planned My return in jan


I'M posting from my recovery Suite where each patient spends their 1st night the nurses have been incredibly attentive and i had a lovely dinner in bed (since I had a drain and catheter in *blush* I honestly feel like a VIP Dr G works with plastimedic And has a zero% infection rate and no deaths unlike CIPLA) ive taken my first walk and recieved my shot of blood thinner. Im sorry I made my last post using Google voice and it was very (English as a Second Languageesque) so forgive me! what I meant to say in my last post was the surgery took four hours instead of two and for good reason! he removed my saline implants gave me 505 cc high profile gummy bear silicone implants reduced my areola size and lifted the breast Over all.he's a stickler for scars so he doesn't give you more than you need he also Sutures with great care and likes for his patients to tape their incisions long after surgery to ensure the best outcome. Tomorrow my driver will pick me up from serenity and Dr Goico uniquely likes to see his patients each day. Which makes me feel so secure. No other Doctor I know of does that here OR in the states for that matter!

the morning after new twins! my thoughts on surgery

Good morning real selfers! Had a great night (had another "little blue pill" to sleep) the nurses were very attentive it was as if I had hired private duty for my entire overnight stay! And omg the plastimedic facility food is delicious! As a Nurse I'm impressed.
*my thoughts*
my twisting & turning has caused my bandages to loosen so i caught a peek of my twins... and for th first time I didn't curse when i looked in the mirror they're beautiful! Goico is undoubtedly an artist and I'd trust him with any procedure because he gives 100% even the process of marking me up was well, a process with measurement after measurement for the best symmetrical outcome. As much as i love my twins, I've been struck by boobs greed.. .and deep down *blush* know I'll be getting them bigger. sub-muscular implants hide 50ccs ive heard through my relentless searching, high profile implants (which i now have) give beautiful projection but i was told you visually lose ccs (100approx) i couldnt visualize it but now i see what the bloggers meant. When i return for my nose between Feb and march I have a feeling I'll ask for 650ccs and I'm fine with the two stage process. For starters I couldnt have recieved such a nice lift with xxl implants. Some Docs prefer to do lift and augmentation as two separate procedures. Dr G. Was able to do both. So going larger later means I'll still have my beautiful & substantial lift! Dr. G Wanted to make sure i knew what I was getting into by requesting xxl implants and he knows what he's talking about Since he's seen it 1sthand: The weight, possible back pain and skin sagging. We agreed that if I wanted bigger down the line he'd be fine with it but I'd sign an acknowledgement which stated I'd been made aware of the issues that come with implants above 500ccs. Knowing what you want is half the battle xoxo!

discharged! back to the recovery house!

Dr. G visited and checked me out, told me how the surgery went step by step and gave me essential advice on how to care for my scars that i never considered * for example* he prefers that patients stay out of the sun period, because it promotes melanin migration to the insidious even though clothing! I shared my thoughts of going larger & he brought to my attention that because I have my drain, I probably won't go down much more! I told him I was considering going larger but now that I've officially seen them I think I jumped the gun I'm falling in love hour by hour, minute by minute!

what a Doctor!

If you're going to DR Goico is the way to go. He has seen me every day since surgery and will do so until the day I leave. During the pre op consult he joked and said that once he performs the surgery, he considers himself married to his patient. it's only now that I understand what he means. this man is so Invested and hands on that many recovery houses hate it when they have a Goico patient. My driver has complained almost every day...actually every day lol. Dr. Goico made it clear that hes incredibly pickey when it comes to recovery houses and has stopped dealing with most because he has a standard and wants to keep his patients experience as 1st class/1st world as possible. While waiting with my fellow house mate (everyone in the house is getting work done by him!) At his office, I got to meet Arelis recovery houses owner...and i see what ive been missing! She charges 120 a day but you get rockstar treatment. She's not going to hustle you. She is a former Goico RN so she knows his standard and expectations, gives you truly well balanced meals and takes you to DR Goico everyday without hustling you for a tip. Serenity is ok. Would I reccomend it? Yes it's ok. Far better than most. My biggest issue is the food. It could be healthier. Having been overweight, I try to now eat as healthy as possible and avoid carbs like the plague! And here that's mostly what I'm served.
Breakfast: pancakes and 2 sausage links
Lunch: flour tortilla ground beef and a half cup of salsa like salad (my only veggies all day! )
snack: chopped mango and pineapples
Dinner: a big plate of penne pasta. Its junk I wouldn't touch at home. if you've traveled this far for plastic surgery, it's safe to assume you care about your looks lol so I think its jacked up when a RH gives you food post lipo etc that makes you gain weight and poop rabbit pellets. I weighed myself at Dr Goico's office. And granted I'm filled with fluid from the I'V and post op swelling but I've gained 15 lbs since arriving 5days ago. What i wouldnt give for a subway chopped salad, a protein shake or even a v8! But since I'm pinching pennies at this point. I'm dependant on my RH for food.

Dr. Goico is a weekend warrior!

I've said it before and I'll say It again! Dr Goico is in a league of his own. Here I sit in his office on a Saturday...For yet another follow up/wellness visit...ive decided to call them Wellness visits because It's preventive maintenance. Before the weekend, he made it clear that he doesn't want a patient to wait until Monday to address an issue that could be addressed and contained immediately before it becomes a bigger problem. I feel incredibly blessed to be on the receiving end of Dr Goico's care! When it comes to a patient safety, for him there are no weekends off. I feel incredibly taken care incredibly happy that my Drains are out, they're very f****** annoying but very f****** necessary lol! here some shots of his waiting room.

Back home

Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten about you I hope you haven't forgotten about me either! (Don't you HATE it when you've been following someone on real self then they drop off the face of the earth) I have allot to post I'll make each post separate because each topic deserves its own post. My Goico experience was stellar meaning everything pertaining to him his office, the surgery the follow up. I chose a good doc. I wish I could have said the same for my other choices as things were wild in DR. And as a real self sister I owe it to you my real self family to keep it 100% real. I debated as to whether I'd post my thoughts regarding the low points Dr. Goico the eternal professional really looks out for his international patients and it goes beyond your procedure the healing process is just as important as the surgery itself. So when i had complaints not only did he listen and offer alternatives, he basically told me it was my duty to share my expeience to help others who would potentially follow in my footsteps in DR, and he's right. All you potential patients have are photos reviews and word of mouth I've had the experience 1st hand. So i hope I can help you reach an informed decision that you're comfortable with. As for Surgeons of COURSE I reccomend Dr Goico ;)

drop & fluff, post-op blues & stuff

Since I had breast implants for 12 years (350cc mentor saline) sub muscular. With this procedure, (breast lift anchor& implant exchange for 505cc HP gummy silicone) I didn't expect to go through the drop & fluff process (when the pectoral muscle contracts around a submuscularly placed implant and over the course of weeks relaxes allowing the implant to "drop" and fill out the lower pole "fluff"). Because i reasoned "i already have pockets ive had implants forever this is literally a switch" but This was not true my poor muscle still went through the wringer being introduced to a larger implant and with Dr. Goico suturing my breast pocket upon my request so that my breasts wouldn't fall as much to the sides when i layed down. Those two changes going in did not seem like allot but to my body it was, the healing process was just like I it was the first time.
So when i first looked at my breasts i hadn't come to that realization. And thought I'm looking at the finished product! I thought they were small and high, looking down i could only see two little mounds and I admit, by day 3 i was in tears "i came all the way down another country, cut myself open and dealt with this pain for two mosquito bites, I cried under my covers ashamed that i was crying for something this "superficial" in light of having buried my brothers a mere week ago and it made me cry even more because even though it was true...the fact remained I was just upset that they were small superficial or not. (Post surgery blues are real it strikes around day 3-5 mine came & went. Dr. G prepared me for it.)
As much as I researched and knew to wait a few weeks before jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgment...i rushed to judgment (i attached a pic of my view looking down so you see what I meant) in retrospect I can say the breasts will always look smaller looking down *worth noting* its a strange phenomenon...when you're used to having saggy breasts & you look down, you can see...the entire breast....because it's on your stomache! When you have a breast lift and you look down, all you can see is the top of your breasts, your mind thinks youve gone SMALLER even when youve had an augmentation with your lift as in my case, adding 150ccs each breast! I have to look in a mirror to see that my breasts are big. I have to ask others. conclusion: 3 weeks and 1 day later! The breasts have dropped and fluffed. I'm a full D. And initially my D bra was loose. Im hoping i get even bigger :) With subpec HP implants there are noticable differences every DAY! As your muscle relaxes you gain projection and fullness, I agree that HP implants are narrower and i also suggest going 50 to 100ccs larger than your desired cc# i agree that you lose 50ccs visually with HP and another 50ccs having them submuscularly but I love the hp and submusc look.
Now that they're perky, they don't need readjusting in the bra when i roll over in bed they aren't falling to the side everything is firm...and it's as if I'm a teen again lol not a bad thing. I DONT miss my sag bags, but as a creature of habit i have missed the familiarity. Dont get me wrong, I love my new girls, were getting to know each other and with each passing week they feel more like mine but its a process...initially their feel look and movment when stretching for example and worrying because my skin is no longer lax in my chest were completly foreign to me and it was jarring at times. I still wonder if i will be able to do my favorite bridge (backbend) pose in yoga, if the skin I left behind was the reason I was always able to lift my chest and torso higher than my classmates? Another naughty wayyy tmi example of a tradeoff is...i realized cant orally reach my own nipple anymore. This was a definite bummer, But the tradeoff is they're even more sensitive post surg... so although I no longer can stimulate myself I'll have twice as much pleasure when my partner does... Guess I'll have to be nicer to him now that I can't help myself! *sigh* a positive tradeoff: i won't have to give myself a "hand bra" anymore during intimate moments out of embarrassment to keep my breasts from flopping, smacking and even...clapping all over the place! *blush*

Hope this helped & at the very least entertained! Xoxo
(RH post next!)

must haves that I didn't have ;(

the 4 things I wish I'd brought are:

Monistat! The antibiotics are strong ive taken most and hadnt had this issue in years but of course as the old saying goes "anything that can go wrong...": these antibiotics can wipe you out and leave you in desperate unconsolable need of RELIEF.

OMEPRAZOLE! Did i mention...the antibiotics are rough!? by day 2 I was burping fire Dr FG reccomends omeprazole with all the post op meds but it's not included in the price that you pay for everything (perhaps because the need varies). If you do need it and didn't bring your own, no problem he can write a prescription the pills are cheap but then you have to have someone go to the pharmacy, etc.

You might want to bring Your own soap bar, especially if youre sensitive. My place had a dominican brand protex which irritated my face/eyes but did fine for my body. My face remained irritated with fine bumps the entire trip. Someone kindly gave me a bar of dial and eased my suffering! 

Lastly, any anti itch creme/spray that works for you. Hydrocortisone was a life saver. The mosquitos tore me up!

rethink arnica and Bromelain / quercetin Dr FG doesnt think its necessary for the $ and FYI: both are known to cause rapid heartrate something that should be more prominently listed. I found out the hard way.

hope this helps!

serenity needs a makeover

Ok sorry to keep you waiting for a review, I had seriously considered writing nothing. But after returning home i couldnt fathom sending anyone off to DR and picking this RH because i was silent. I paid 1300- 1400 for 16 days and for that price I could have gotten more for the same price. Dr Goico has taken serenity off his list. Meaning the ones that are still listed are ones he has varying degrees of confidence in.
the good:
The location is safe,
someone cleans everyday,
you get food,
you get transportation,
that's it.
The bad & the ugly:
there is no Internet connection in the room which wouldn't be a problem if the rest of the house was air conditoned. All the windows and balcony doors are open so when you open your bedroom door you're smacked with sweltering heat and when you inhale youre nostrils are filled with the distinct smell of car exhaust because the condo (although in a posh area) is on the corner of a main street and you haven't seen traffic till you've seen DR traffic. "honking" is the second language everyone lays on their horns and muscles through traffic paying no attention whatsoever to the lights. The most dangerous part of the trip hands down is being in transit! So if you're as serenity, say goodbye to silence and clean fresh air. things i hadnt looked for on a recovery house. Two evenings in a row we saw terrible car accidents... and ppl just hopped out of their car picked up their car pieces and they left! even with earplugs you can't drown out the honking till oh let's see 2am?, my two best days were sundays because there was barely traffic...and rainy days because for a few moments after the air was almost breathable. As you know you can't drink the water, they provide bottled water but it's obvious that the staff doesn't understand why, so they make your drinks & juices soup and use ice with their water...i felt consistantly Ill after each meal lost my appetite after a few bites yet I was hungry I couldn't figure it out till I got home. Ants were on my bed all the time, by the end I went to the bathroom and it was nothing to find one in my underwear. as i statef They Keep THE Windows AND Balcony open in the common area instead of using the ac so unless you ask to.have meals in your room you have to use the common area if you want the sub par food or internet so all the house guests were worried about sweating into our incisions and we did! we each towards the end of the stay ended up taking breakfast and lunch to our rooms and only venturing out after 6pm to the balcony or living room. There were ac units in each room....that were draining down the wall which left streaks of yellow and black all of us had coughs. asked for another house, the owner did adress the situation and had them paint over it and clean the condensation but it was obvious that this was a recurring problem because the wall had multiple water stains that had been repainted and bled through . It could be a great place if changes were made but personally I would advise ppl to stick to Goico's list.


I wouldn't have post this had you lovely ladies not have been so wonderful about the review. I literally held my breath Reading the comments. Here are the pics as confirmation. The walls that had the water stains and black "streaks" from condensation. Were painted over once I complained but paint doesn't get rid of cough producing mold! We were all displaced into the hot common area
So the water damage could be painted over since it was in every room. Woke up to hammering one am, I understand renovations need to be done but none of us were told in advance, even when it was going to be in our room.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so amazing. He rocks.

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