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Hello am ray 21 married with two smart kids

hello am ray 21 married with two smart kids. ???????? 5 yr and 5 months
i been reading and taking notes for 2 years on rs.
i been talking to dr. duran for a few days and got a qoute for $3800
for a tt, bbl, lipo in full abdominal and inner thighs
i also did a quote with dr yily. but she wont $1500 more.
i have not put down deposit yet.
so far i been making plans and getting flight quotes and adding up cost of supplies.
o yeahhhh.
i also have a rh in mind am 95% sure i will book reservation with daisy rh she very sweet and always respond within 20 mins.
she have a special for $75 a day which include your your own bathroom and and queen bed i prefer my own space and will not be sharing space with any other person.
i have a few questions for my #duran girls.
1) how did you handle your money in dr
2) how long was you there before you got clearance to go back home
3) what to pack ( cause i see some rs girls pack overboard )
if i made any error please excuse any typos am on a little cell.??????????????????

weight measurements

Hips: 41

Waist : 35

Waist to belly button: 37


haven't heard anything from dr.?i sent her some questions about post surgery and etc.
i hate waiting (¯?¯)
but from reading other girls reviews she lack communication?due to high volume patient's.

Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit

Out of stock.
Any they don't have a date when its going to be available.

Phone service....

How did you stay in contact with love ones.

I contact my company they said its be roaming.

And its 1.49 a minute

I ask daisy rh she said download magic jack.....

Duran info

..... Like reallyy

Feeling some type of way.

No reply back yet

How can I trust with my body if she can't respond. ????????????

Am thinking about changing Dr.
But then I keep looking at recent Duran dolls and it give me hope.

Plus I can save a lot of coins if I go to Duran.

Come on TT, Lipo, bbl, and inner thigh for 3800. Can't get no cheaper.


Sorry the email I provided was a mix up sorry


i have not got a quote yet from duran i got duran and baez mix up
yily quote was 3500 for?bbl, liposuction
but because i wont liposuction in inner thighs and a tt its 300+1000
dr. baez quoted me for 3800 for tt, full lipo abdomen, and inner thighs
now am just waiting for duran.

*** update ***

I think am going to pay bella vita consultants $150 to get ahead and stop sending emails over and over again and don't get nothing.

Also am also working with Anthony Hasan, MD

wish photos

More wish.

Fatima Almonte, MD maybe

Adding Fatima Almonte, MD to my basket of choices.!


Am thinking about a bbl+BL+LIPO+TT
From Duran have anyone had those procedures done if so how much trying to get a estimate.

2nd quote from yily

But am still sticking with Duran


Hi right now am at my pcp ( primary care physician).

About to ask questions on
Hemoglobin and overall health.
And prescription that Dr. Duran prescribes to her dolls.


So my doctor today:-)
Had labs done for hemoglobin and etc i get my results Monday are Tuesday. Told him the truth about Dr. Duran he's Didn't judge and he said what ever doctor Duran prescribe he fill it for me so am happy cause my insurance pay 100% for prescription. ???????????? that save me about 200-300 coins. $$


Saw. My doctor not " so "
Lol stupid auto spell check


More items ?????

Australia Fragoso Baez Quote

I got a quote from Baez.
All together with lift $5550


any ways my gut say duran but its nice to have a back up plan

Duran contact information

Found it on another doll page.


So am going to attempt to call Duran myself.
To obtain a quote myself.
To save 300 from Bella vita


Called 809 565 5348
Don't know who pick up but it wasn't Duran. Any who she told me to call back FRIDAY 8:30 AM SOOOOO HOPEFULLY FRIDAY I CAN GET A QUOTE FROM DURAN FINGERS CROSS ????????????

Yasmin Sotomayor recovery house

?? luggage

Soooo I just love fucking animal print
So I had to order ???????
Am debating on what size am thinking 24“ because the suitcase come with lots of space plus am using space saver bag


Matching travel tote

am only taken a luggage and travel purse the travel purse can hold wallet , passport, money, id, charger, phone.
also when returning i plan to pack a compact pill organizer to hold pain medication/sleep since i plan to get a 8 hr or less flight so i wouldn't need all my meds

silhouette recovery house?

i was doing some research on rh i .
i think silhouette is a nice place to stay but not for $90.oo


Am staying a daisy rh
This place is awesome
The owner is nice she all ways respond to questions she have a awesome rh her rates for single or double is $75 only for the month of July and august

Come with transportation and care TV WiFi, washing garments, personal refrigerator

She wash personal clothing for $5.00

Recovery house contact

Arnica Montana, 30C Pellets, 80 Count Tube Boiron

This is basically the same if you where to buy from MMH.com

Just 1/2 the price.

?? Don't forget


In the screen shot I will be taken the following.

Also skip the sqeem and get the this waist clincher. Save 1/2 your money
Trust me I have one And a sqeem

Don't over pack and pay extra fee

save the hassle of paying the airport fee use space saver bags


sooo i was told to call back today. who ever pick up the phone ask for my email and found my request but at that time duran was not there (ugh) i don't know what to do.

But pray.

If I don't get a quote in 1.5 weeks I might pay bella vita ??

But that's $300 if I won't the next available sx date





me and daisy (aka daisy recovery house) be communicating non stop and today i told her about my issue getting a quote so today she going to call her for me to tell her about me and get me a quote ????????????



???????? inner thoughts

IDK why am so obsessive with her?its not healthy.?why keep stressing over a quote.
when i can easily go to almonte instead in a snap of a finger.?and can deliver the same results.
and she always responsive.
$100 for blood transfusion if needed
$170 for my garment cause am planning to have tt, lipo, inner thigh lipo, bbl, bl
i bet as soon as i go to the next duran start falling in place.


I found a site through fb support secret group a lady helping with consultant AnD travel SUPPLIES AND HEMOGLOBIN

****third party link removed****

she have everything from gauze to ensure drinks to an boards to pads, compress sock lol go look and its not pricey

??? FYI

i can't even front yily do sone good damn work


She do some good work also

# Quote from yily

$5500 USD

Extra garment 140
Blood transfusion $250
Massages 31 each she recommend 10

Rx she prescribed

: heparin
: ciprofloxacina
: klossara
: ronex
: augmentin
: finitacid
: ferrous sulfate
: thrombocid
: vitamin c 500 mg
: folic acid

She notes on quote your hemoglobin must be 12.9
And bmi CNT be over 35.0


?? maybe today I have a quote.

Daisy rh is talking to her
And told daisy to tell me to forward it to gmail Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com

board and LIPO foam? Vets help?

How to use board and foam together

Don't you drain the 1st week.

Would it get stained?

Did anybody buy a back board also was it necessary.?


throw shade somewhere else cause your sx didnt come out right everbody not the same.


yily having a special ?save $200-300 bucks.
only for new client's ?august 1st thru september
i was originally qouted $5500?but if i go aug or sep its $5250

??? TEAM?

my final wish photo???

?? wish

DURAN finally respond

So after much stalking and stressing I was my time.

She won't almost 6k not including massages , garment, for bbl, BL, LIPO, TT

Yily won't $5250 Wtf

Duran done bump her head.
So am #yilydoll soon to be?

DURAN not even guaranteeing me Idk why there dolls that's huge.

don't be mad



made my mind up.
lol i know
yily will be my doctor
she responsive to all my q's
she deliver what i won't
she can perform all sx that am requested instead of my breaking it down into two surgery.
as for duran.... ?no shade she perform well
but lack communication and in my book thats important.?all that mny she get she should hire 4x secretary lmao cause the way she handing businesses is said really it took my rh house to get a quote if it wasnt for daisy rh i still be stalking


Her my items
I will be talking pineapple juice and granola bars and 2 box of poptart so I can snack btw meals.

+ hygiene

spells check

sorry for type errors


Me and Yily been exchange messages a lot and I mean a lot we shoot for sx 09/03/14

We discuss

Tt+bbl+LIPO full abdominal + LIPO inner thighs +BL+ and abdominal etching with inverted nipple on my left side.
?????? for $5250


Changing my date, my daughter start school September 3 ( kindergarten)
So am going to bump it to the end of September.?


My daughter settle in school so now its back to me.

Since the break I been going back and forth on TT + BBL + LIPO THIGH INNER + ABDOMINAL LIPO or BBL + LIPO ABDOMINAL + INNER THIGH LIPO

TBH I dont have time to recovery for the tt i plan to zoom back to work and i cant spend 10 days in DR

Lady's please give me your thoughts about skipping TT and get get Bbl and LIPO?

Am also thinking yily r Carbral

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

yily my dr

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