Well Overdue Mommy Makeover

Being a single Mother of two can wreak havoc on...

Being a single Mother of two can wreak havoc on your body. Now that my youngest is old enough I feel comfortable enough to travel for my procedure, be able to recover and follow my aftercare instructions the way I need to. I've been researching for many years, like many of you, have tried everything under the sun but muscle separation won each and every time. I have decided to travel to the Dominican Republic for my procedure. I am a 44 year old Mom and my boobs sag, my stomach is a huge sagging pouch that flops over to a point where I can't even shave without lifting the sagging skin :(. My backside is deflated, and I have flanks. I can't fit a lot of clothing and everything feels tight on my abdomen area. Although I have a great fiancé who actually doesn't want me to have anything done, has been very supportive and is with me every step of the way. I feel awful about the way I look and there are many nights that I cry myself to sleep. I feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit and pretty much try to stay covered up all the time. I feel disgusted looking in the mirror and want to look and feel great for my wedding and in general. Below you will see my before pics.

Before Pics

Here are my before pics

Working on bmi

I have been planning my strategy to bring my bmi down to an acceptable level. So far I've been drinking more water, no overeating, no eating after 6pm and I'm increasing my fiber intake too. Telling you it's not easy when you're stressing about life in general.

Fell off Bandwagon

So last night was my engagement dinner w family and friends. Had a queens breakfast lol then skipped lunch and went in on dinner as if an apocalypse was coming :(. Let's not even mention the drinks. I'm totally disappointed
w myself because of the food intake. Today I will be stronger.

Lost some more weight

Hi guys just a quick update weighed myself again today lost a few more pounds goal is about 30 lbs in total only lost about 9 since I started my weight loss journey (October) to bring my bmi down for my surgery so I have a ways to go...

A few more lbs lighter

Hi All
Still working on losing weight I lost a few more lbs clothes fit a bit looser, stomach area more droopy I can't wait until my date
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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