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I am either about to make the worst mistake of my...

I am either about to make the worst mistake of my life or the best decision ever either way its a huge leap of faith that i keep telling myself i am strong enough to endure. My family is less than thrilled about my decision to go to the Dominican Republic to have major surgery but i am trying to block out the negativity and proceed strong in mind and spirit so i can come back home and strut around looking so damn good they will be forced to eat their words haha lets do this let the countdown begin


Has anybody used this? Its not cheap about 100 dollars for the surgery set you are suoposed to take it 2 weeks pre op and 2 weeks post op. I know some doctors stateside provide it as part of their surgery package and the reviews ive read online seem positive. It has bromelain and arnica in it as well as some other anti inflammatory and natural healing components its a lot of money though anybody have a personal experience with this?

So many complications

So I am about three weeks from getting on this plane. In the past two weeks so many of Dr Mallols patients have come forward with issues that for the first time I am considering backing out. I dont have the time money energy or desire to end up in the hospital or worse. 3 kids and 50+ hours a week career that I cant risk . Datgurlme ends up in the hospital 3 weeks post op???? Van 101 having to see a stateside ps to get her healthy. Ms spoiled infection in her breast and now tlundquist has an infection that started in her breast as well. And the infamous Bey1115 has dropped hints about complications as well. I feel like im choosing to go on a surgical campout lol I have done countless hours of research on my doctor on D. R. On the recovery house the dos and donts ive got every damn vitamin cream salve pad and potion known to man ready to roll. So now what???? Anybody else feeling this way?? Ive always been kind of scared of this journey now thats heightened to terrified.

As big as you can get it?

So I have been thinking about my bbl which was the procedure that first began this whole journey and so many girls say they lose their fat transfer for whatever reason ( and they come up with many) so should you start out as big as you absolutley can with the idea that you will loose some ? My husband who is a big fan of big bootys says yes but what if its huge and stays huge lol i am adding a variety of wish pics that i think are just enough without looking ridiculous

I did it and I would do it again

Had surgery with the most amazing Doctor who treated me like a princess the entire time. He gave me exactly what results i asked for. He continued to provide mr with excellent aftercare. He checked on me daily. If i ever had any problems he was on it. For example when i became miserably constipated i asked him to help me he had the pharmacy at my recovery house in 30 minutes. You will not find another doctor who will care for his patients the way Dr. Mallol does

3 weeks post op first day back at work

I apologize for the bathroom selfies. I had received a question about dressing my new body in a professional environment. I manage a large chain restaurant. There is really no way to hide my new booty from my employees but as far as the general public i dont think its an issue. My job is demanding and takes a toll on my body on a regular day. Today made me feel like i went back too soon. I hope to adjust my new body to my old everyday life very soon. My doctor still checks in on me almost everyday. He has been amazing.

The before and after behind

2 months post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been extremely patient and kind

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