Having my Tummy Tuck with Lipo and BBL Tomorrow with Dr. FG - Dominican Republic

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So, I used this website quite a lot to find out...

So, I used this website quite a lot to find out about different surgeons and ended up choosing Dr. FG because of his prompt and detailed responses, as well as his curriculum and result photos.

I wasn't up to doing all this before my surgery, but I am having it in a couple of hours and I can't really sleep, so I decided to spend my insomnia and start describing part of my journey here.

I am 31 years old, 2 beautiful girls and closing the baby factory for good (my husband had a vasectomy as well, so we're really done).

My first pregnancy was the one that really destroyed my belly, and I guess my second one could not ruin it more, so it kind of stayed the same.

I arrived friday morning to DR and saw Dr. FG that afternoon. He was really attentive and the whole consultation just confirmed to me I made the right choice. His office is beautiful, filled with an exquisite decor and the whole environment just seemed very clean.

I had all my exams done right in his office and I'm ready for surgery tomorrow morning (actually today in a couple of hours).

I'll see how I feel during my recovery to try and share as much as possible about my experience.

Any tips for my recovery period will be much appreciated. Thanks :)

On the flat side!

Hello! I'm at the house already. Was released from the clinic today at 9am and Dr. FG told me the surgery went fantastic. I wasn't feeling any pain until a couple of hours ago. I took my pain meds and I feel better but still feel a moderate pain on my lower back. I've been walking around a lot as recommended and trying to behave as perfect as possible but this faja thing is not something to take lightly. I'm trying to fill my mind with patience because I don't know how I will be able to tolerate it for a whole month. With the surgery, so far everything's been very good. Now, I'm staying at my friend's mom's and I think that might have been a serious mistake. Don't get me wrong, I saved some serious cash because my friend offered her house, but for this process you need people you have intimacy with or a straight up recovery place, where they're used to dealing with post-op hysterical ladies. I've known my friend's mom for a while now, but it's just not the same. I'm thinking of hiring a nurse at least, cause I want to be able to feel I can rely on the person taking care of me. Again, don't judge me, she's a nice person, but it's just hard to explain, I don't feel comfortable having someone who not only I do not have this sort of intimacy but doesn't really know exactly what she's doing and thinks she does more than anyone. Let's see how this evolves. Will post pictures, I just don't want to remove this faja or my clothes for now, I feel exhausted.

2nd day post-op! I am so excited with my results!

Today I went for my first post-op and was the first time I removed this "lovely" faja. I had my massages with Dr. FG's venezuelan therapist who is just amazing. I could literally feel the liquid and the swelling going down. This girl is not just your regular after surgery masseuse, she's a well studied person (4 years of Physical Therapy and did her thesis in Plastic Surgery). I've had "lymphatic drainage massages" in the past and they're just that: massages. This girl (very kind person by the way) doesn't just start pressing and massaging, she opens your valves first and then drains, then she does the ultrasound (at least that's what I understood with my mixed up spanish).

Dr. FG came down from surgery and saw me real quick to confirm everything was in place.

I uploaded a picture that I asked her to take for me. I promise my next one will be without tapes, it's just that she had already started covering me and I didn't feel like asking her to remove them.

Have my next massage tomorrow, I'll update afterwards.

thanks for you all cheering for my well recovery, it's very positive to had a good feedback. :)

1 week post-op: Tubes free! :D

I guess I could say I have good news and not so good news for this post.

Let's start with the not so good: my drain clogged and I didn't know until my massage today. This means it was probably clogged the whole weekend. My TT tube was removed on friday (BTW awkward sensation, but couldn't say pain), but my lipo one (coming out my lower back) was still sucking a lot of fluid out then, so Dr. FG though it would be much better to just leave it until Monday. I didn't have a massage this weekend and I'm not staying at a recovery house, so I guess no one had the knowledge to know that it was clogged. When the therapist saw me today, she noticed right away, and Dr. FG confirmed it and removed it. He said I must have stopped draining much since there was no liquid pouring around the tube, so it was meant to be removed today anyways. Still, I feel so swollen! After my massage I felt much better (took the pictures before though), but I still feel just that: swollen. Again, I know I've mentioned this before, but Dr. FG's therapist Ana is simply amazing. I am a true believer of these post-op massages, it's just too clear.

The good news (I guess) is that I am tube free and feel a lot more comfortable when I lay down or sit. Dr. FG told me not to worry about the swelling, and I have a good memory and saw my body before this episode so I know the outcome will be very good. It's just I don't want anything to slow this down :(

It's so funny, I cried today after knowing this had happened and Dr. FG just sat next to me, held my hand and said: Go ahead and cry, and hit me if that makes you feel better. I started laughing immediately, and actually felt much better. His sense of humour is just another extra of this amazing human being whom you clearly see REALLY CARES about each one of his patients.

2 weeks postop :D

Second week postop and I am feeling much better. Guess you can see in the pictures I am much less swollen (still some though). My butt still looks really nice, but Dr. FG was really realistic about me not having a lot of fat, so I guess some of it will disolve, I can live with that.

Pain has gone down to a 2 or 1 out of 10, barely taking 1 pain killer (if any) once a day. My scars are looking great, will update on that time.

Other than that feeling great, little back pain because of my posture, feel very tired even though I have only stayed in the house and slept, but doctor said it's normal. Going out for dinner today for the first time since I got here, and I am celebrating it like a convict being released! >:p

Got my before and after!!

Hello! Dropping by to share my photos here as promised. I just came back from DR (went for a wedding and felt great). Dr. FG sent them today and here they are. I am so happy with my results that I booked to do my tata's in November! Now that the rest looks good, my tits do not match.

He said my case was in his top 5 tummy tucks and that just made me feel like I won an oscar! :-p
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

From the first contact I had with Dr. FG's office everything has been great. Excellence is seen all over the place, from the clinic itself (Plastimedic) to his assistant Karel, to Dr. FG himself. When you hear him describe his technique and how he makes a few things different (and explain why he does so) you notice you're in the hands of a true artist, and that's exactly how I feel now, like a piece of art. :D

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