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Hello ALL! I am a mom of 3 boys = twins 5yrs & a...

Hello ALL!

I am a mom of 3 boys = twins 5yrs & a 2yr old. At this age of 33 yrs old no more kids for me for sure. From northern NJ and just returned from my 10 day family vacation down south. I drank all i wanted and eat all i wanted back to my exercise and clean food regaman as usual! Need Tummy Tuck, Implants, Lipo, & back flanks ASAP!
Honestly I have been heavy all my life as a young adult my weight has always been towards 160 to 180.
Recently got laid off from my job, and can't think of a better time to have this procedure w/ countless days of recovery! YAY Therefore I truly need to do some research on Dr's in DR $$ and if i am truly lucky I can link up with someone whose going soon for moral support! Please Help!

HOLD up!

Well back to clean food eating and Jillian Micheal's workout for me!..:) Day 1 and OW so sore!..(punk)
Also doing my research and I have two doctors in which might be my final decision, Dr. Robles or Dr. Almonte can't decide even though I think they are associates. Nevertheless this world throws curve balls, So i now have a big big batt!
I wanted to get my surgery like the end of November but my man (yes my man he is the dad of all my boys still we have not wedd maybe after the surgury! (wink)) sorry off track!
Anyway during the holidays his industry is on overload and he even works on Sundays but of course this year they are asking him to start late November til early Jan 2014. Sooooo I wanted to go back to school for my second degree ;0( (tear) in January 2014 which i have already been excepted NOOOOO... I guess I must figure something out!

A bit excited!!! One week or so away to indecide on the date to chop chop!

Finally my boyfriend will stop working doubles and triples at work soon! HOORAY!! Therefore I must move forward with booking my surgery date #flight #downpmt # bloodwork! So excited hope its really does happen. Does anyone have advise on how to go about for my blood work.

Decided on Dr. Almonte 4 sure!! So GOD willing JAN 29TH~~~

OMG I began taking some of my pills pre-op!! I just finished emailing the doctor with some last minute concerns so when she answers them I will #downpmt #bookmyflights! 30 days will go super fast I already have a million things to do to keep me busy (as a new entrepreneur) 0.

PS I super super lover my boyfriend/babbydaddy LOL! He has already given me the surgery $$!! SO I AM good with that!!
THank you almight GOD please let this all be worth it, all I really want is to be SUPER FABULOUS and come back w/ great health of course!!

PSS diet not going so good weight in at 172..:(

Passport expires on feb. 5 2014 but i'll be returning after that HELP!!!!

Help!!! I am on my way to an express renewal as we speak!


Excited still about me surgery YAYAYAYA,,, Been taken my meds.. trying to do my exercises cuz even though i'm not losing weight like that I will deff have a speedy recovery and get my body strong! Believe me I have to many kids to attend to this MOMMA needs a fast recovery!...LMAO
Even-tho its NEW YEARS today I am about to go to the MALL , yes girl I must shop 4 less for ish I need for my trip, and hopefully I'll also be able to score on ish I can bring back to gift my man's aunt out there!!
-- As far as my surgery I am kind of having doubts on my implants kind of extra SCerrrED!!! I sent my surgery deposit as promise on Friday. Just waiting to hear from her since there min stay requirement are 10days but to keep it real I have a huge concerns coming back home or flying with tubes coming out of me. So god willing w/ an extra day or two I won't have that problem. (Who knows wishful thinking)

Also started juicing dropped clean food ;0(
(Whole pineapple/ 2 sticks of celery/ apple/ cucumber w/ skin)

Well about to press play on DVD tybo!!

My breathing has just gotten heavier and heavier!!!

I am supper supper scared now 16 days away.... Lord please let me come back to the states with good health please please!!!
Been buying things to prepare here and there need to put it all together for evaluation. Also waiting on my passport to arrive I paid $60 dollars extra for a rapid expedite.

**I am bloated right now sorry God please allow me to get my period B4 my flight, that's will be the topping on the cake for me..
Also taking a health express course that certifies me and finishes on Jan. 23 so that's excellent timing for me.. So busy trying to reach for the stars and become this excellent entrepreneur I know I am... Wish me luck babes!!

OMG i dn't have insurence and I desperately need to check my HEMOGlobin b4 I leave...

Lesley (Dr. Almonte assistant) suggested I get a physical, but some doctors will not except me since I have no insurance HELP LORD PLEASE!!
On a side note my old passport arrived in the mail Tuesday just waiting for my renewed one, "great news", since its only 12 days away!!!

** Also the messages that a tummy tuck candidate must get when returning and tubes are out are called " Lymphatic drainage massages"" DAMN THAT SOUNDS PAINFUL..;0( well has some deals on Spas so I'll ask about that.. TATA babes!

Great Great news for me!! #Passportcheck#HEMOglobin test checked

Rec'd my passport yesterday!!!! So let that be a lesson for all girls leaving the country last mint. (renewal pkg sent via regular mail Dec. 29th, paid extra expedited fee $60.00, arrived Jan. 17) total 20days!
OK #Hemoglobin journey done I literally called all physicians in my area, (but no one would take me b/c NO insurance) so God sent me an !! I managed to find one whom provided me with free prescription and set me up @ their partner lab place. She wanted to go a step further and prescribed 3 blood exams including #HEMO for $75.00!!!
Side note almost finished my Healthcare class final exam on 1/23. Also had a successful meeting with a nonprofit org. business starter #networking#meetthisRichBiotcch#inthemaking!!


The rumor is after you send your deposit the communicate stops or slow down!!
With that being said my family and my in laws (whom are from DR) don't want me to have this surgery let along in DR..(cray cray). So 5 days ago when I was at the doctors office the nurse was questioning my blood work request, so I explained to her why and what I am about to have done. And even offered to call her and she can speak to my Dr. assistant Lesley overseas herself on my phone. But no answer at all, 2 calls no answer no call back super embarrassed! OK but if i am having surgery and my fam calls and no answer and no call back that will not and can not fly with them....

3 more days for me ....OMG OMG OMG...

Got my hemoglobin # 12.6 :0(-- ... Hope I will be able to get all my procedures on my wish list done. Well So excited and scared and confused we feeling so many things can't even concentrate.
Last minute shopping for ointment/ suppository/ snacks/ Tylenol. Still need some tank tops and flip flops!
My flight has been confirmed with Lesley and my recovery house as well.

Super Crazy for me like right now!!

Last two days my family has gathered an intervention for me no not for alcohol or drugs but according to them "plastic surgery". My mom just even begin to swollow the fact that all my doctORS REFERRALS have been through a computer all of them (mainly from this website, keeping it real). They clam I have gone to far and they thought I wasn,t seriuos about this! They don't want me to go especially since I will be flying alone. My mom stresses the fact of scamers and fakers in the cyber world and how anyone can fake a profile throgh here! And honestly the more they and I talk about it I sould stupid and it gets fucking real @@@%&%& So the only way I rec,d their blessing was to have my man"s family member his aunt whom lives i Dominican Republic ut there to be my to accompany me from the airport in

Did I do that...:-)

Damn pressed the post button above way to soon, before editng my last sentences.. Sorry babes'' Anyway I will be accompanied by his aunt she will be my advocate. Well I'm writing this 2 a.m. In the morning taxi will be here in 3 hours so last minute packing to do tons of stress and currently looking like hell in the face.. I love you pray for me keep you posted next time ill be wrighting definitely be in Dominican Republic love u girls please pray for be.

surgery is done baby...

It took about 5 or so hours.. I am on heavy meds so I been sleeping all day. Tell u more later xoxo to all Barbie's that have been praying 4 me.

I am@ Soraya recovery house!!! Day 2

Well were do I begin still recovering from surgery day2. My results are a gift from heaven she is VERY skilled at what she does honestly. I am not just speaking about myself but others as well. This doctor has not been exposed as she should. When I tell you my waist, back and tummy tuck is small that is no joke.
My first day she hugs and kisses me, she completely gave me her undivided attention even though there is a lot of traffic at her door, and she just gave birth a month ago. WOW.. This superwomen Dra. Almonte gave me everything on my wish list and more she did extra lipo on my inner thighs and a tiny bite on my arms. But before that she even suggested getting fat transfered to fill out my whole on my backside. Eventhough I declined the gesture was amazing.
Back to day1 it was meet and greet her assistant Lesley and Raqueal took me all over the building for multiple exams, they are the biggest sweethearts u will ever ever ever ever..
That same night Almonte draw on me and meet my family member that spent 2nights in the clinic with me. After that day 2 surgery @ 6 am mission completion...later babes to exhausted to continue!!!!

some pic after one day of surgery..

Excited already

more pix




OMG its like been 21 days since my surgery!!!

Well it sure has been a long time since my last update, but my name has changed to busy busy!!
I don't even where to
After surgery I guess I was sent to Soraya's Recovery House, the house will deff make your recover and assist you with every need. They have good meals cooked and 24 hrs nurse on staff (which you will need believe me). The lipo on my back was fire fire fire "NO JOKE". The house has two bedrooms + the nurses room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and small size balcony area that's very cool. My roommate was a lovely lady name Sandra she is on she honestly was a great emotional support towards my recovery... During this journey I have met amazing people with excellent stories (i know this cuz I love to ask questions). Lastly the recovery house is in a good neighborhood considering another country and near stories, which me and Sandra visited often during our latest days. Ow my last day @ recovery house Dra Almonte gave permission to remove my drain so the owner volunteered to remove it, which I was scared as hell! But recorded it so I will post it soon.. chio for now more pix comming very soon,,



23 days in and its mentally and physically better and better!!

Well back home and Thank God I am stronger and stronger everyday! Coming home was big re-adjustment back to reality. (My man/kids was so excited 2 see me and I them we practically cried)..#TEAR# so cute! My home was destroyed and my man said he'll never be a single father stupid!
As you see in my pics I am looking the bomb and healing just fine. I live in Northern NJ aka Hudson County so massages range from $75 -$110 each (we are required at least 10X) so the receipts adds up. But Thank God my mom-in-law got the hookup with her friend that comes to your house to conduct massages she gave me a great deal for 10pkgs for $400.00. So if your in my area hit me up ill pass the info.
I love love my results BUT since getting these massages I've been having more time to be without my FAJA and when I sit I have little rolls. I mean maybe its just me being sick in the head and its not all that bad or what. But damn I did pay $6150.00 so I feel some type of way! I reached out to my Doctors team and sent pics they expressed to me that I am still at the recovery stage so I should wait a few more weeks and drink Pineapple & cucumber juice with a healthy diet... I'll post pics so you girls can tell me what you girls think!

Drum Roll Please!! Drainage removal video... (a bit graphic lol)

The last day of my stay at the recovery house the doctor ordered to have my drainage removed! Thank the Lord because I has terrified to bring that thing home! But just like everyone else says it didn't hurt all that
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Fatima Almonte, MD

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