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Hello all. I been stalking realself. Lol. Read so...

Hello all. I been stalking realself. Lol. Read so many reviews and got so many tips from all of u. I'll tell u a little about myself. I'm a 24 yrs old mother of 3 n let's just say I want my body back. Love my munchkins to death but they took a toll on me lol.
After my 3rd baby I knew I wanted to do something to feel sexy again. I became addicted to the gym n workout twice a day for couple of months n lost so much. As time went by I lost someone very close to me. Every little girls first prince charming. Yes I'm daddy's little girl. I know he's in a better place but it's been so hard and it definetly effected me.
I just didn't care about anything anymore n completely gave up. Couple months went by n I found myself gaining all the weight back. I was so frustrated n decided it was time for a change.
Long story short, I slowly started changing my eating habit and started going to the gym again. N I started feeling better about myself and the weight was coming off.

As time went by I found myself on realself.. . (My new bff). I was always interested in a mommy makeover. Who wouldn't want perky boobs wth a flat stomach. I know I do. So I started my research on it. Google every questions I can come up with. Read every doctors answers, and finally I decided this is something I want. Am not doing this for anyone but realself lol.
I want to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see. Don't get me wrong, I love myself...I just hate the lose skin I carry around. It's very uncomfortable and bring my confident level down. I sometime won't go out with my girls because I rather stay hidden from the world and that's not fair to them. They been there for me since we were little n I don't want to lose them over this.

As time went by I started looking into different doctors and read their reviews. I decided to go to Dominican Republic to get my surgery done after reading so many of u guys post. I contacted multiple doctors... the well known ones on here and others. Finally I met Dr. Fatima Almonte and I fell in love. I loved everything and didn't have that "what if" in the back of my head. I emailed her n the next day her assistant Lesley contact me, and gave me her whatsapp.
After answering every questions and sending my pics to them I got my quote. It included more then I expected but was please. All I asked for was breast lift and tummy tuck....she added full lipo sculpture on my back,abdomen flanks, waist and armpit area and a added bonus...bbl. ????
I was more than happy and excited. What attracted me most to DR. Almonte was of course her work but mostly the fact she only does 3 patients a day. I was so happy to know she wouldn't rush on me. It was a little peace of mind to kno she would have some time for me.

Right now I can't wait for Friday January 1 2016 to make my $350 deposit in her account to lock down my date. February 24 is the date I'm looking at. So definetly if anyone is going to DR around that time, let me and we can be buddies. I'm super excited and can't wait to started a new chapter in my book. One that would change my life forever.

Stay tuned, I will update my journey every step of the way. Here's a couple of my wish pic.

It's official

Earlier today I brought my vitamins to bring up my hemoglobin level. I'm currently at 12.7. Not too bad but I need it at 13. My goal is for it to be at 14 by February. A friend of mine told me the higher it is now the better because after surgery it will be low and if it's too low, I will need blood transfusion.
My doctor recommends to take 2 iron and folic acid daily and a multivitamin. I read that b12 and vitamins C helps as well, so I got them all. I hope I'm not over doing it lol. Guess we will see.

So today I was able to sent my deposit to Dr. Almonte. OMG!!! it felt so surreal. My emotions were all over the place today...I was super excited, and nervous at the same time. IT'S OFFICIAL GUYS! Count down begins...NOW!

????HAPPY NEW YEAR!!????

Happy New Year everyone. Hope every have a bless year.

Sooner than expected

Hello everyone...I spoke with Lesley yesterday. She told me February 15 was available if I want it, I thought.. sure, y not. The sooner the better. Once she told me I was all set..idk wat came over but I was screaming for excitement. Lol. This is really starting to feel real and not just a dream anymore.

I am currently 5'6 and weigh 194lbs...I'm trying to be 180 lbs by surgery. I have 14lbs to lose in a month in a half. I think I can do it....just have to workout more n have a clean diet n ofcourse drink plenty of water. I can't wait for next month.

So..I been too afraid to post my before pics.. but I think it's time. As u can c I have a gross body after my my kids. I breastfed all 3 so my girls dropped and I need them to go back up. As for everything else.....all that got to go. 41 days to go!!!

13 days to go!!!

Hello Realself. In 13 days I will be on my way to Dominican Republic. I'm schedule to have sx on feb. 15 with Dr. Fatima Almonte. Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now. I hope all goes well. My number one goal is to come home safe to my babies and bae ofcourse. He's been my number one support thru all of this and I'm very lucky to have him. This will be the first time I'll be away from them n its tearing me up inside. Just thinking of the what "ifs" brings me to tears. I know there's nothing wrong with putting myself first but I'm not use to it. Lol. I always make sure everyone around me is taken cared of and happy that I forget about myself. Having my mommy makeover will not only make me look good but feel good and get my confident back.

I post some before pics to look back at once I'm on the other side. U have to know where u came from in order to know where ur going in my opinion.

I'll kep u guys posted. Still have lots to get done till my day. I'm the type of girl who like to lay back n do things last minute. Lol...don't want to keep thinking about it and freak out.

Everything in 1

Good morning RS. I posted something last night but it didn't go thru so I'll repost it again. Tomorrow I will be traveling to DR and I'm super hyped about it. I'm completely all set for my journey.

Here is my list of things I did to be prepared:
** I will be getting a TT, full liposculpture on my stomach, back, flanks and armpit area. I'm also getting a bbl. Total cost came to $5,150. (This includes 10 days stay at a recovery house, meals, 24 hrs nursing monitor, transportation from airport/ clinic/ consultations, preoperative cardiovascular evaluation and blood test, EKG, X-Ray, post operation meds, 1 post garment, 1 night stay at the clinic and free of charge consultation post op.)
** After making my $350 deposit to secure my date I'll be bringing with me $4,800.
**I added chin lipo and inner thigh lipo. Lesley informed me chin lipo will cost $200 and inner thigh will be free of charge so I'm happy.
** My flight costed me $463.36 for round trip.
** I'm bringing $1,000 with me for extra cash. It also includes:
**** Insurance $150
**** Blood transfusion (if needed) $150
**** Stage 2 garment $170
What ever that's left will be for my lympatic massages and anything else that may come up. I'm hoping to get 10 done. Lesley told me prices massages ranges between $25 - $30 per sessions.
**So I'll need $250 - $300 for lympatic massages.
I will be staying at New Life recovery house. Hopefully all goes well.
Alright ladies here is my list of things I brought and bringing with me to DR. I'm probably not gonna need them all but better to be safe then sorry.

Triple antibiotic
Arnicare gel
Dermoplast pain relieving spray
Arnica Montana 30x tablets
Percogesic Aspirin (it's like percoset)
Anti-embolism stocking
Lipo board
P EZ female urinal
Donut seat
Scaraway silicone sheets (not bringing with me but will use later)
Alcohol prep
First aid tape
Super absorbent under pad (disposable)
Personal safe

*Maxi pads
*Depend underwear
*Granny panties (3)
*Feminine wipes
* Baby wipes
*Cotton tank top
*Front zip robe
*Slippers/ flip flops
*Gold bond shea butter cream
*Palmers cocoa butter formula with *vitamin E skin therapy oil
*Chap stick
*Night light
*Pillows (not bringing with me but need it for later)
*Pill organizer
*Antacid tablet
*Gas X
*Nauzene for nausea relief
*Milk of magnesia
*Dulcolax laxative
I spent about $300 on supplies between amazon and walmart. I also brought some of my supplies at to save a couple $$.

I brought 2 maxi dresses from Rainbows that was on sale for $5 each.

Well ladies I think that's about it. In total I've spent approximately $6,923.36. Not too bad.

This is where u can buy ur tourist pass so u can skip the line. Hopefully this helps.

That's all for today. I'll continental to keep u guys posted. Can't wait to be on the "flat side" lol. Take care ladies


Good morning RS. I landed in DR at 7:40 pm yesterday. After going thru immigration and custom the driver was waiting for me and we drove straight to the recovery house. So far no complaint. I was so tired after my flight. I ate dinner then I knocked out. Neper the driver told me I will be heading to my preop apointmen this afternoon. Can't wait to meet Lesley and Dr. Almonte.

It's almost time

Hey guys. I'm at the doctors office and I just finish getting my blood work done n x-ray. To me the needle was kinda thick so looked away. Then I went on the 3rd floor for my x-ray. I met couple of other girl getting their surgery done tomorrow as well so I don't feel alone. I'm in my room now just waiting to hear my results and to meet Lesley and Dr. Almonte. I'm not really nervous anymore....I'm more excited now. :D


Good morning ladies. I made it! Im feeling better but still in pain. As u kno I had a TT, BBL and Full liposculpture in my back, front , flanks and armpit area. I feel like I just go jump by a group of thugs. Every where is soo sore. My bbl especially.. it feels like a burning sensation... I asked the nurse if that's normal n they all said yes so I guess I gotta get use to it. I been laying in bed all day till now. Raquel came n cleaned my wound n changed my dressing. She cleaned my drain then hook my faja back on. I can't walk straight, gotta walk like a grandma for a while. Over all tho I'm glad I did this. I know I feel like a mess now but hey beauty is pain lol. I'll write another post about my surgery wen I feel better. Talk to u guys soon, n thanks for following me on my journey. :xx

My journey so far

Hello ladies. I'm towards the end of day 2 and I survived. So far my journey is not easy. There are days that's easier than others. Where do I start. I want to be as detailed as possible so u guys know wat to expect.

On February 15 around 11 am Dr. Almonte came into my room. She's super nice and so pretty. She looked like she was 20. The first thing she did was give me a friendly hug which made me relax. I didn't feel like I was about to have surgery at all. Felt more at home. She looked at my body then marked me up. I told her I wanted chin lipo but she suggested I get inner thigh instead so we agreed and she marked my thighs. Another nurse came in and gave me the famous blue pill. It's so tiny. I swallowed it then she said I'll be back in 20 mins for u. A little while later another nurse came in with wheelchair and told me to sit. A 2nd nurse started putting my IV in. From there things got blurry. I remember being wheeled out n we past the main desk but that's it. I knocked out. I did wake up at the end of my surgery cuz I remember I couldn't open my eyes but I was being pulled at left n right. I'm not gonna lie...I Freaked out... I thought the anesthesia wear off n I was gonna feel everything. I guess they noticed me trying to move. I think they added more drug in my IV cuz I passed out again. After everything I opened my eyes and I was in a room with at least 5 other girls. We stayed there until the anesthesia wears off. Then u go to ur room. I felt freezing cold so I told the nurse and they covered me with 2 blankets. I was already told I would be cold from the anesthesia wearing off so it was normal. While laying there I remember I felt like my butt was on fire. As if u been laying in 1 position all day long. It was very uncomfortable but I couldn't move so I just deal with it. A little while later. I was wheeled into my room and stayed there over night. The first night was hell for me. I couldn't move, my but was on fire, and everytime I tried expression myself no one understood me. I was beyond frustrated. I couldn't sleep at all. I knew every hours thru out the night. I was given a shot in my arm for pain every 4 hrs but it only lasted about an hour or so. I admit I cried like a baby. I knew it was gonna be hard but damn. Idk how I survived the night.

The next morning nurses came in and out to check my blood pressure n vitals. I still wasn't able to move and the lauguage barrier was awful. The nurse were supper nice tho so there's no complaints. Around 10 am Raquel came in and I was able to communicate with her in English. She so pretty n nice. As she was changing my dressing we talked n joked around. She felt more like a big sister to me. She explained to me that I'm gonna be uncomfortable for a while but it gets easier. When I first notice my stomach I was beyond amazed. Couldn't believe all the muffin top was gone. At that moment I didn't care about the pain. Told myself it's worth it.
Around 5 or 6 Neper came to get me n there was 2 other girls that had follow ups. He drove us to the recovery house. When I got there I was moving slower than a snail lol. But the girls there was super helpful. They help me get established n comfy. I stayed in bed a little but one of the nurses advice me to walk a little, so I did. I felt pretty good. A little while later I had the urge. Yes ladies I had to go. At first I was so scared n nervous. Kept telling myself it's too soon. My roomate (fierceAt36) talked to me n said it's better to go now. It means I'm not constipated. So I listen and went. I didn't force anything. I went along with my body. To be honest it didn't hurt at all. I was so relief. As the night approached I was a bit afraid cuz I knew it was gonna be hell for me. I had no comfortable position to lay in. I tossed n turned at first but I realized wen I put pillows behind both sides of my but I was a bit comfortable n I was able to sleep. Slept till 1 am then fell back asleep around 3 n slept till morning. So day after surgery was not too bad.

Day 2 after surgery:
Today I woke up and felt pretty good. I still can't move much and my butt is still painful. They feel like rocks. A BBL is no joke. I mostly feel all my pain and discomfort from my butt. I tried massaging it myself but there's only so much I can do. This morning I felt a different kinds a pain. It's from my drain. I was the drain was wrapped around my was on the inside. Every time I move I feel this burning sensation. Even wen i walk slow I still feel a shrp burning feeling. It come and goes but today was the worst. Most of the girls at the house went out shopping so it was mostly me there. I tried to move but couldn't so I called for help. She helped me get up but the entire time I was in excruciating pain. I couldn't bare it anymore so I cried like a baby. I didn't know wat to do cuz if I move it hurts, if I don't move it still hurts. The nurse helped me move to the living room and they place a foam on my back. That foam worked like magic. I instantly felt better. I layed on the couch for a little while. Once it was dinner time I moved to my room. I'm really hoping I have a good night . Well ladies. That's all for today. This surgery is no walk in the park but I think totally worth it. My roomate was able to take a few picture of me this morning while I was getting a sponge bath so I'll share it with u guys. I wasn't able to stand up straight so the angle may look weird but that what I have so far. Hope this helped.

Getting better

Hey RS, today makes it day 6 since my surgery and I can honestly say I feel so good. I'm able to get in and out of bed, Walk to the bathroom by myself, sit at the dinner table with the other girls. I couldn't do any of that before so I am blessed. Day 1 thru 5 is really the hardest...OMG. felt like I was in hell. Today I walk outside with another women from the house. We walk around the front yard and back yard. The weather here is awesome. Not too hot. There's a nice breeze. I'm currently sitting on a rocking chair in the patio. Rocking myself back and fourth.

This morning tho I had a upset stomach. I think I had gas. Kept burping like crazy and my stomach was killing me. I told Maria and she brought me coca cola...suprisingly it helped. Had me going to the bathroom like 3x but the gas left n now I'm all better. Later the cook gave me green tea and chicken noodle soup. I honestly felt like I was at my grandmother house. They made sure I felt better and kept checking on me. New Life recovery house is awesome. I have no complaints. The food here is sooooo delicious and it's a lot man lol. Ima get fat here. The 3 girls that mostly work here is Maria aka my mama lol. She spoils me. Then there's Nancy and Alexjandra (I think I spelled her name wrong). These 3 girls are awesome.

Rosie is the masseuse. She charges $25 for each massage. The first massage hurts cuz ur body is super swollen and full of fluids but I promise u, by the time she's done... u feel so good. It's like she set u free. My first massage was free thanks to my roomate (FierceAt36). She gave me her last one since she didn't have time. Then I paid Rosie $150 for 6 more. Getting these massages is money well spent. Well that's all for now ladies. Let me knw if there's something u would like to kno. Thanks again for following my journey n I want to wish all of u guy a speedy recovery for those who already had surgery and wish the upcoming girls luck and strength. It's not easy but totally worth it. Would I do again......hell no lol. One time is enough for me. Have a nice day guys. :D

Selfie! !

Hey guys. Today was good. Barely any pain. My body is so sore tho. The massages are helping with the swelling. My stage 1 faja is already Loose on me and I'm on the last hook. Tomorrow I will be buyin my stage 2 faja. I'm so excited.
Earlier I had a facial and Rosie did a great job. She got rid of everything. My face is silky smooth. I'm glad I treated myself after all I been thru this week. Took a selfie earlier and was amazed. Can't believe that's me lol and I'm super swollen so imagine wen the swelling goes away... :DD


Home Sweet Home

Good morning RS. It's been a while since I updated. I been trying to get the hang of things. I came home Thursday around 4:30 pm. That day was so horrible. My first flight was delayed by almost 2hrs. Then wen I landed in New York there was no wheelchair available so I had to force myself to walk which was so hard. Every 5 steps I had to sit and take a break. I waited over an hour for a wheelchair. I finally went thru immigration and custom. I had less than an hour to catch my next flight. Had to wait for wheelchair again and ended up missing my flight. I called bae and cried cuz I didn't know wat to do. He contacted delta airline and they book a different flight for me free of charge. (It was first class) I waited over an hour again for a wheelchair and I got feed up n just started walking. Even tho I was in a lot of pain I didn't want to miss my flight again so I told myself to man up. I was so frustrated with myself cuz I couldn't do things on my own. A lady that worked there saw me struggling n she helped me to the ladies room. I cried on her shoulder and told her I waited over 2 hrs for assistance. By the time I was done with the bathroom she had a wheelchair waiting for me. (She was an angel sent from above) I told her I dont know where my suitcase was. Within seconds she had it for me. She told the guy pushing me to bring me directly where I need to go. I was finally able to eat. When I got to my gate (which was all the way at the end of the airport) I was told my gate was change. I was piss. By then it was 2:30 n my flight is at 3. I waited 20 mins for a wheelchair once more, had to take a shutter bus to my gate. Wen I finally got there I was literally the last person to board. It was pass 3. Wen I landed in Boston suprisingly there's was a wheelchair waiting for me n I had no problem getting to where u pickup ur luggage. When I got there I saw bae walking towards me. I was so freaking happy. I just wanted to jump on him and hug him tight. He took over and wheeled me to the car and went back for my suitcase. We drove home and I saw my beautiful babies. They were waiting for me, they hugged me so tight. I cried a little seeing them. Told myself...all my troubles at the airport was worth it. I was finally home.

These pass few days has been rough. Babe does everything for me. From taking care of the kids to keeping the house clean and making sure I'm all set. He took me a nice shower Saturday morning. It felt sooo good... I couldn't shower for over 10 days. The water in DR isn't sterile so u can't let it touch u so u don't get infected. After my shower we watched YouTube videos on lymphatic massage and he attempted to give me one. Believe it or not he did a pretty awesome job. I felt better after. I took a couple pics before I put my faja back on. I do light excersize around the house meaning I walk around. I went downstairs to cook breakfast this morning. I was proud of myself. I took things slow ofcourse, had a chair near by if I needed it. Overall I'm doing better. I'm not in much pain, mostly soreness and I'm supper swollen still. I get the itching sensation now but I trying to ignore it mentally. If I can't, I ask babe to used a towel n gently rub it on my back. It helps. That's all for now. Take care ladies.
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