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Well i am soo greatful for the wonderful ladies on...

Well i am soo greatful for the wonderful ladies on realself who have had the courage to share their stories with out you ladies i would have never bumped into the amazing work of Dr. Yily.. and i would never ever have had the courage to even think about having my procedures done out of the country.. 

So here i go this is my first step in hopes of informing the next round for girls about my experiences and the steps i plan to take to make my body dreams a mind blowing reality... So that said let me just say me and spelling do not get along so forgive the jacked up spelling that im sure will be on my posts....lol 
Glam 17 thank you for the supply list i found that extremely helpful and my plan is to post all steps of this journey including pics of recovery in DR yikes i know but i think it may help the next bunch i will also be posting before photes and post op photes all along the way for all my ladies who have had their transformations I HAVE A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS (smiles) can you please tell me what recovery house you stayed at ? how much a day was the fee? and most importantly how was the service and care are they nurses? 
Oh yea i tend to have long posts so be warned lol ok more questions for ya i have read a few post about the need for blood transfusions did reading that overly concern any of you ladies that fact makes me a bit nervous also how was the language barrier?one of the realself ladies suggested a translor app which i have been playing around with and i think it will be extremely helpful..Oh ladies was there fyfi because my app needs internet?? was the surgery proformed in a hospital ? from your experience was the facility up todate did anyone take pics I will..
So now a little about your girl i am 36 year old wife and mother of Three two girls 13 and 9 and my boy who is 6. My babies are my heart but lord did they do a job on my body to say the least So heres my master plan Tummy Tuck/Breast Implants not to crazy mine have just deflated ,lipo of flanks, lower back and possible inner thighs and of course i will be using the fat harvasted for Yily's well know Brazillian butt lifts i have always had a decent size butt it has just fallen with age and yo yoing up and down in weight.. Now that is my ultimate get it together package i have emailed Dr Yily's office and now im waiting for my response the date i am seeking is the first week in Aug 2013 that is 10weeks away i have been waiting 2 years for this so 105days aint nothing lol again thank you ladies i truely could not do this without your support please keep the information flowing and i will do the same

Uggghhhhhh im still waiting I cant take it im tryn...

uggghhhhhh im still waiting I cant take it im tryn to be patient but i have already found my flight all inclusive resort and RH i am just waiting to see that email in my in box i might just pass the f out but i cant take it Dr Yily where are you???contact a sista pleeeeeeease lol i am beyond ready lol 5 years in the maken lets get it lol tomorrow i hope is the magic day fingures crossed yall....... g nite

I have been trying to post my befores but i keep...

I have been trying to post my befores but i keep getting errors i will continue to try.. my goal is to lose 15 pounds before the surg. we will see how that goes i just want my face to be a tad thinner so it matches my new fig... So i will do weight updates every week as well hopefully my pics post this time around Ladys be gentle i wanted to but it all out there so you can really see detailed before and afters..

I was asked to provide the link for the JMspa so...

I was asked to provide the link for the JMspa so here is the info if you need anything else i can help with let a sista know:)ok Jm spa which sounds awesome by the way http://www.spamedicaljm.com/
i wish i could do my whole 7 day recovery time at JM's but i am traveling with the hubby who will be caring for me at the resort :) So i will be at the spa for 1 day than off to the all inclusive resort that way my huz can eat and drink as much as he likes without having to prepare meals all he has to do is tend to me plus over all it cuts down unxpected costs we have narrowed it down to 2 but i think it will be the Be live Hamaca Resort for us...

Oh yea so ladies i went over the med list that Dr...

Oh yea so ladies i went over the med list that Dr Yily provided with my Doc in the states and she said there is no real heavy duty pain med included the pain med that is on the list is more in a strong moltrin catagory so i asked her to please prescribe a strong med and she said yessssss i am siked now cause me and pain do not do not do not get along lol so you guys may want to consider getting a vicoden or oxy script from your doc in the states for realz anywhooo I am sooooo hyped cause i wanted to get a baseline of my hemo levels Yily requires at least 12 mine was 13.9 Hollllllllllaaaaaaaa im golden lol im getting every freaken thing tucked and sucked lmao

All we need is positive inspiration and tones of...

all we need is positive inspiration and tones of information so to all my real Self ladies i got nothing but love for ya lets get amazing together Im sending my deposit and booking tommorow dam i can believe this is real

Oh my goodness I just made my 500.00 deposit I am...

Oh my goodness I just made my 500.00 deposit I am so nervous and excited.

Hollaaaaaaa i got my confirmation email ladies i...

Hollaaaaaaa i got my confirmation email ladies i am officially confirmed for Aug 5th HERES THE PLAN: I will be arriving in D.R. at 4am and heading straight to the CIPLA for my presurgical testing i have requested the first surgery appt so after my test results are complete i will line up for surgery :) My estimated surgery length is 3 and a half hours. My first night of recovery will be at the CIPLA my next night will be at JMspa I plan on rooming with my husband 75 bucks each while there my husband will observe the JMspa nurses and learn how to care for me than on day 3 its off to Be Live all inclusive resort for my remaining 5days of recovery and my husband will take over my care. Our flight and resort have been booked So theres no turning back now ive never been so excited and nervous at the same time..

Ladies yesterday I held my first Mommy Makeover...

Ladies yesterday I held my first Mommy Makeover Fried Chicken and Fries Sale and i made a $220.00 profit that covers my second compression garment and massages (smiles) next month i will be doing fried fish lol if i raise another 2bills that will cover my meds lol My Husband is covering the mommy makeover, flight and resort but i gotta handle the extras

QUESTION ????? My Ladies who how have a Brazilian...

QUESTION ????? My Ladies who how have a Brazilian butt lift: regarding your final results after all the healing and swelling was goneDid it make your butt hard and lumpy??? Cause i love my giggly butt and dont want it to feel hard and lumpy? firm yes but i want it to be squeezable lol please let me know

****REGARDING JMSPA ***Ok fyi your care taker can...

****REGARDING JMSPA ***Ok fyi your care taker can stay with you at jmspa they will have to pay 75 bucks to be your roomie but my husband will be able to room with me at JMspa :) yay just made our reservations with Junior who spks english and is super sweet i told him he is a star on realself lol

I removed my befores because of all the drama on...

i removed my befores because of all the drama on the site right now i will post them back up when i get closer to my date in the mean time im sure i will have plenty to say lol

My plan is to lose about 15 pounds before my sx...

my plan is to lose about 15 pounds before my sx only because i want to be at my best ive lost 4 pounds this week so 11 more to go im not rushing it i want my body to be as healthy and stronge as possible so im focused on consident cardio 30 minutes 5 times a week plus resistance training 3-4 times week i cut out beef i dont know why but beef bloats me up and just seems to sit on my stomach if that makes anysense, the majority of my food intake is veggies, greek yogurt, and saute'ed chicken or fish with oliveoil and fresh herbs,and vitablend veggie nutriblast smoothies for breakfast my carbs are limited to dinner time only and must be multigrain and tones of water and i haaaate water lol when i get closer to my date i will repost my befores

My plan is to lose about 15 pounds before my sx...

my plan is to lose about 15 pounds before my sx only because i want to be at my best ive lost 4 pounds this week so 11 more to go im not rushing it i want my body to be as healthy and stronge as possible so im focused on consident cardio 30 minutes 5 times a week plus resistance training 3-4 times week i cut out beef i dont know why but beef bloats me up and just seems to sit on my stomach if that makes anysense, the majority of my food intake is veggies, greek yogurt, and saute'ed chicken or fish with oliveoil and fresh herbs,and vitablend veggie nutriblast smoothies for breakfast my carbs are limited to dinner time only and must be multigrain and tones of water and i haaaate water lol

Lmao some chick don stool my wish pic lol soooo...

lmao some chick don stool my wish pic lol soooo ladies i have begun shoppin im sooo excited AND once i complete my list i will post it i am 95% done and totally in buget i will keep yall informed gnite ya gurl giggle ohhhhhh my bad happy mothers day yall xoxoxo

GoodMorning Ladies I hope all the current Yily...

GoodMorning Ladies I hope all the current Yily dolls are healing nicely and to all of us next in line Holllllaaaaa.. Gurrrls i am so excited all i do is think about it, I dream about it and when i wake up i hit realself to check up on my gurls and do more research lol look-n @ bellys, boobs and azz has become my obsession smdh Yall dont even understand i mean i am already 80% done with my supply list and i got the nerrrrrve to have the stuff already packed in my freakn suitcase lmao mind you my sx is not until Aug 5th gotta love me




Sooooooo im on the count down i have decided to repost my befores as i NEVER let haters contrrol my flow and i refuse to start now nahhh bump that only 80 dayz left till i leave them thirsy b#tches in the dust lol PLEEEEEEASE lmao xoxoxo

Callin all "Yily Vets i Need your advise" IM GOIN NUTZ OVER THESE FOAM BOARDS

i have a question????? Im going nutz tryn to figure out if i should even bother purchasing the foam for under the garment does Dr yily even use them mostly the yily vets just mention wearin a tee shirt under their garments and some ladies say the foam actually creases under the compression garment is that true?? thru much surf-n i finally found a non bendable board for the front would u recommend that one? is that necessary to prevent creases helllp??? my budgets tight and i dont want to buy them if they really arent something Yilys hot on using. Thanks RS fam


Ok ladies so ive been stressin lately i saved up all my last questions so that i can send dr yily one email instead of a bunch of little ones so i got my 8 questions together and sent yily a message over aweek ago asking a few SERIOUS last questions like what brand Silicone implants she uses and stuff like that so I can finalize my shopping and STILL Nooooo response i also have decided to switch from my thighs being lipo'ed to my arms and I wanted to let her know. but it has been about 10days and I resent it 5 days ago and still nothing im getting a little discouraged i total know and understand that Dr yily's office is busy but communication is vital this is serious surgery and i need to feel like my doctor is there encouraging words needed please


The 411 regarding Boards, compression garments and Foam
ok I have been racking my brain trying to decode this board and foam thing and heres the scoop... I will be purchasing a front nonflexible board (click on pg2), the back hexogon flexable board (pg3) www.inthepinkroom.com I have also posted pics of them both .I will also be purchasing the regular foam the one that comes in packs of 5. I will be purchasing arm compression garment and chin strap from the pink room as well...I have opted NOT to buy my second compression garment on line..I was soooo tempted to because I know I could save a few bucks but I have no idea which size I will be so I decided not to take the chance I will just bit the bullet and pay the 140.00 in D.R. I will be purchasing regular sports bras for added support for my new ta-ta's :) ok post sx gear (check)
WHOOOOA that's a load off my mind I was analyzing like a mug lol but hey this my help some of my Yily next in liners cause all we got is each other yall lmao lawd knows Dr yilys office aint hit-n us back but we waiting lol don't front, yall know you check ya email first thing in the morning and if theres no Yily reply you like daaaam smh but if you wake up and Yily has graced you with a reply ohhhhhhhh LAWD the suns shine-n again lol oh YILY, YILY WHEREFORE ART THOU YILY (yea I got jokes today) have a good day ladies---- holdup let me check my email real quick.............. Dam nothing lol happy wait-n yall.....


Ok my ladies so here they are I opted not to go with the triangle instead I chose the hexogen because it looks like it covers more area and is more conducive with the natural shape of the back ** and it seems like it will apply a good even amount of pressure to that spot that the yily vets say may crease you know the lower back area so some of the ladies have been using a rolled up towel. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP YILY VETS!!

Arm compression,chin strap and Foam purchased

ok all done with garment purchases whewwww im so glad that's over these purchase made from www.medicointernational.com


Just got home from the gym I got it in at Lucille Roberts yall I love that step class estimated cal burn 600 hollaaaa So far during my last weigh in I was down 5 pounds :) I have about 8 weeks and 7 more to go mission get Strong, get healthy get Sexy is in full affect..... any way guess what was waiting on my porch MY BOARDS yay meeee I def think I made the right choice with the front nonflexible and the hexagon flexible back board although it says flexible it still has stiff ness to it which I think is perfect to minimize that back crease the front board is truly nonflexible and will be perfect to provide protection from the anaconda squeeze of the faja both boards have the perfect amount of padding to provide as much comfort as possible cause we all know we are not in anyway gonna be what I would consider comfortable ok I also received my foam they feel soft and velvety in addition I received my arm compression now my arms measured at a xl so I ordered a M I tried it on and it fits my arms now smug but I can still get them on so I hope the M is not to big I cant send it back so it is what it is receiving my garments is really making this real and dam it dare I say I AM EXCITED:))))


To be honest it is not really any different than an ace bandage it just has a tighter elasticity so if your in a pinch I suppose wrapping up with a few layers of ace would do the trick.. but that's just my observation..


Lost 3 more pounds this week total in the last 3weeks 8 pounds down only 6 more to go ((yay me))

Due to renovations JMSPA will be CLOSED on my dates in Aug

Can anyone suggest a alternative recovery house JMspa was my first choice but I was just sent a email stating they will not be open due to reno's

Anyone have pics of Yasmine or Angela's recovery house

well ladies any insight on Yasmine or Angela's recovery house any pics any great experiences or dare I ask any not so great experiences I want the real yall cause I aint try-n to end up in no hole in the wall hungry,filthy and in pain oh hellllll no They gonna make me call OBama lmao tell him to send air forceone and get my ass up out of there lol


Vets how soon after sx do we get our first massage???? Do I need to budget funds for it or is it something that gets done when we get home.... Also any ideas on how I can add a second day to my cipla stay?do you think it will be a problem that my husbands with me? since JMSpa is closed ughhh I think its just easier for me to stay at the CIPLA for the first two days hey maybe Yily might even pop in and check up on me the second day im there than off to the resort with my man..

Ladies I finally GOT A RESPONSE HOLLAaaaaaaa

So 3weeks 6 resends and two phone calls several smoke signals and 4 message pigeons later Ladies I got a response and answers to my last set of questions lmao Im on cloud 9 lol its so crazy how no matter how long it took one simple email makes everything better ahhhhhhh like a mommy kissin a boo-boo alllllbetta lol We could be pissed and fuss-n about communication and as soon as we get that response its like there was never an issue at all lol so I am set my second day will be at cipla relief.. back to good vibes and exciting vibrations Team Yily Baby!!!


Q.What is the Brand name of the silicone implants used?
A. Eurocilicon or Silimed

Q. Is there a nurse that will come to my hotel?
A. I can tell a nurse from Cipla to go to the Hotel you'll be staying at to check on you. It usually costs 25 or 30 dollars per visit.

Q. Do I need to bring some type of bra for Breast implant recovery?
A. No, the is included.

Q. Is there a masseuse that will come to Boca Chica?
A. I can recomend a girl that goes to the place you'd stay, but I'm not sure about if she can go to Boca Chica.

Q. i would like to lipo of my arms not my thighs can I discuss that with Dr Yily on the day of surgery?
A.Yes, it depend on your hemoglobin levels.
Q. how much extra to add my chin?

Q.Will you arrange pick up driver for us please?
A.Yes. I just need your flight information

Q. How long after surgery are massages started?
A. Four days after.

Q. Urgent Jmspa is not available aug 6th so I need to stay at the cipla on Aug 6th can you please help me do that? my husband will be with me and I am staying there the day of surgery Aug 5th but I need to reserve Aug 6th at the CIPLA as well please provide me with the info so I can make reservations thank you

A. Just send me your flight information and i'll send a driver to pick you up and bring you to Cipla.

On the phone Yira told me that it will not be a problem for my husband to stay with me the second day at the CIPLA and that the second day will be added when we arrive.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013, So Lovely Indeed wrote:

So Lovely Indeed




LADIES LADIES LADIES DAM A BOPIT I TEST DROVE THAT SH!T AND IT AINT WORK IT JUST SMOOSHED DOWN AND MY BUTT WAS STILL ON THE BED SMDH SO BEING THE CREATIVE PEICES THAT I AM I DECIDED TO MAKE A B0OTY BUMPA THATS WHAT IM CALLIN IT LMAO I googled the measurements of the jetblue seats and I went hunting for padding that can be rolled up and provide firm!! support with padding and I think I got it I will be making my booty bumpa and I will keep you posted pics and all so hold tight new wave of yily girls the booty save-a is on the way lmao to be continued- oh big up to myself cause I Got it In today at Lucille Roberts that step class aint no joke 600 cal burned and another pound down this week only 5 more to go WHATTTTTTTTT........

Seriously I need to carry my a$$$ to sleep

ok its 11:09 and my ass is still scanning RS for before and afters really I got to stoppppppppp! lmao but I cant tits ass and tummys are my obsession lol but im gonna pry myself away and force myself to go nite nite smdh but best believe I will be back on bright and early in the morning (shrug-n my shoulders) shiiiiiiiit but I aint ashamed lmao Goodnight


My RS ladies I have been a busy beaver (big smiles) I compared the supplements of the presurgical vitamins that some of the rs ladys have used to the presurgical vitamins I found on Surgury Vitamins.com and here are my findings. I chose (Surgery Vitamins) that's the name of them Ladies this is just my personal choice I have nothing to do with this brand I just want to be a detailed as possible for my rs ladies so heres the product information along with my two cents :) the SV regimen is a total 28day complete system which included 14days of presurg vit. and 14days post surg vit I think this system has a awesome aray of vitamins and I feel this was the best surgery vitamin regimen for me it was 79.99 with free shipping a bit pricey but I am willing to invest the money to insure my body is strong and my immune system is as ready for surgery as possible. Here the info from their site HEALTHY HEALING chica's (smooches)
How The Surgery Vitamin Products Help

Your surgery date is approaching and you want to be ready. Now is the time to stimulate your immune system's readiness. Taking the proper nutrients in advance of your procedure and during recovery can help your body overcome the physical stress of surgery and support your healing journey.

Enhance your wellness after any surgery or procedure with our pre- and post-op doctor-developed nutritional formulas. For optimal results and faster recovery, use both formulas as part of your recovery regimen.

Surgery Vitamin – Surgical Support Formula

How it Works

When taken before and after surgery, including cosmetic and dental procedures, Surgery Vitamin's select blend of vital nutrients promote optimal outcome by reducing recovery time and surgical stress while encouraging proper healing. Supported by scientific research, these ingredients have demonstrated the ability to boost strength and resiliency of the immune system and tissue, promoting the body's natural healing process. These nutrient combinations are designed to nourish normal structure and function.

?Comprehensive blend of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids assist the wound healing and repair process
?Potent antioxidants boost the body's defenses against surgical stress
?Helps reduce bruising and visible scarring
?Encourage faster recovery
?Easy-to-use, 28-day formula for immune support before and after surgery
?Designed specifically for surgery; does not contain Vitamin E or other ingredients that may increase bleeding

Surgical Support Formula*

Vitamin A

Supports immune system functioning and aids collagen strength. Vitamin A is required for bone development.

Vitamin C

Essential and required to build and re-build connective and collagen throughout the entire body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that also supports the immune response. Vitamin C levels can drop after surgery and deficiency may result in healing problems.

Vitamin K

Aids the body's natural blood clotting and important for bone health.

Vitamin D, Calcium

Work synergistically to enhance usability: Calcium is needed for proper muscle contraction and important for bone health, Vitamin D helps promote calcium absorption.


Full complement of eight B-vitamins for cellular metabolism, tissue repair and immune support.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral used in enzymatic reactions involved in tissue and wound healing, regeneration and repair.

Copper, Selenium

These antioxidant minerals support normal cell damage repair


Mineral involved in approximately 300 biochemical reactions



Two key amino acids for wound repair and immune function that help improve immune function by working to stimulate wound healing and restore cellular energy, respectively.

Surgery Vitamin – Bromelain+Quercetin

How it Works

Only to be taken after surgery, Bromelain+Quercetin helps inhibit bruising, swelling and inflammation.

?Potent antioxidants boost the body's defenses against surgical stress
?Helps reduce bruising and visible scarring
?Encourage faster recovery
?Easy-to-use, 14-day post-surgery formula



A potent pineapple enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties. Plays a role in reducing bruising and swelling.


A plant flavanoid (commonly found in fruits) with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Quality & Commitment is Our Promise
Rest assured, when you take our surgical support formulas, you nourish your body with natural ingredients carefully sourced and selected for quality and purity. Our products are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) providing you with the highest standard of health support.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


For good measure 2 weeks ago I began my Iron 65mg one a day and Super B-complex it has vit c 180mg/ vit B1,B2,B3,B6, Folic acid, vitB12 and biotin.. I know these suppliments absorb slowly and that it takes time (weeks) for increased levels to be reflected in our blood work.

Lucille Roberts Step Class is the Truth!!!

Just burned my 600 calories Whoaaa I got it in. It feels good to know im moven in the right direction... A little less than 8 weeks to go....

My Computer was down for 3days Lawd Have mercy I am Back

Ladies my charger broke I was at a lost for 3days I was about to go into RS withdrawal as soon as my husband handed me a new cord I went straight to RS to do my rounds I missed my ladies so ladies my supply list is complete and here is what made the cut.... I originally budgeted 360.00 but that quickly went out window im just so nervous my husband will need something and not have access to it so I had to make sure my supply list was tight and on point......Total spent 504.50 so I went over 144.50 so heres the goods....


Plan on getting from my doc Dr. K.C. Pain meds,Medication list and yeast infection meds
9-18mg of Iron twice a day (prevents some forms of anemia but you must take it for weeks b4 surgery)
Complex B once a day
halls candy $2.29/ bag
chucks (prevent drainage from getting on bed)
female urinal (I test drove this baby it was just like haven a penis ) lol
baby wipes
baby body wash
cheap wash cloths that can be thrown away (walmart)
abdominal binder $17.77 allegro medical compression garment from lipoexpress.com
alcohol pads (cleansing insertion sites)
Surgilube/ aquasonic gel - cheaper (for massages)
Two flat sheets for bed
adult underwear/pull ups (for drainage not peeing!! Lol):
safety pins for drains (I don’t know why but one of the ladies had them on their list so hey)lol
paper tape $2.99
large ace bandages
toothpaste ,mouthwash,toothbrush
Flip flops
2 cafgans
Vitamedica Surgery program http://www.recoveryelements.com/clinicalsupportforsurgeryprogram.aspx
Arnica for swelling natural store
Tape measure
Yeast infection meds
Stool softner
Thigh high compression socks
*Tee shirt bigggggg
*Bigggg sweat pants
Bigg granny panties bring my own lol
Black long summer dress for plane ride home (hides any drainage spot)
blanket for plane ride home
Warm blankets for recovery (heard CIPLA is cold)
Pillows (angled back surg pillow the it looks like a ramp)

Front zip up duster (yea the oldlady house coat type heard easy front access is priceless)
Huney=my husband (warm sleep cloths heard CILPA is a bit nippy)
Pack wifies
Water pills
Large bandaids non ouch kind
Laundry detergent with color safe bleach (quick gel packs 5 loads)
Chap stick
Dial antibac soap
Bactine spray (disinfectant as well as numbing spray for drain sights)
Sleeping aid
Water pills
Back board
Front board
Arm compression
Sports bra
Chin compression
Scissors ( may have to cut the croutch out my granny panties )
Lite Gatorade packets (Sugar free no need to waist calories)
Camera pluger for computer (for downloading pics to RS)
Powercord for computer (to keep RS ladies informed)
Kindel plus cord
Ipod plus cord
My home made Butt Bumpa is the truth (more info to follow but it kicks the boppits ass no pun intended)lol
So there we have it ladies of course after my transformation I will also post what wasn't used and how much $ I wasted lol 7 weeks 1 day to go I am turn'd up right now!!!! gotta find me some more before and afters lol

Time to chill and let time do its thing

Time waits for no man but it seems like its take-n for ever for time to tick by so I decided imma enjoy my kids and husband have a hell of a summer and focus on fam until my date is closer I literally dam near live on PS research and RS updates but I feel content that I am informed and confident that I am prepared and ready so ladies Im taken a break I will touch base from time to time and I will be back one hundred about 2-3 weeks before go time..... Speak to you soon however if you have any ??? feel free to PM me :) later yall ya gurl sexy jiggle

I totally fell off.....

dam I haven't exercised been eattin crazy and haven't even taken my iron or B vitiams in 2 and a half weeks can you say self sabotage wtf am I doing I just cant seem to g3t back on track shiiiit I look at my before and im like iight Yily can work wonders with that so why am I fu@k-n up now smh tomorrow its back on back 100 back exercise back eat-n good back focused 5wks 3 day b4 my date bills have tried to derail me life is trying to derail me but this is for me this is my dream this is my joy so heres to a new me no mater what the devil throws my why>. Me and my bf JC got this (big smile) good night yall talk soon

Im BAaaaaaaaCK and the count down is ON YaLL 12days and counting!!!

So I chilled with the Fam enjoyed serious Fun in the sun just returned from family Vacation to Myrtle Beach Amazing... And now its back down to business... Boobs and Azz business that is... I cant believe I am down to the final count down... How am I feeling well im excited, I have butterflies but mostly I truly believe im ready to get this on and popp-n

Started Presurg Vitiams Now I know its on Ish just got real

i'm two days into presurg vitiam route and cut out all alcohol dam I aint gonna front no grown up juice for me for the next 44days holly ish smdh!!!!! Went and got presurgical blood work down and I have my appt for my medical clearance on the 25th I have also started to put together my D.R. Surg folder which will include 2 wish pics which is gonna be hard as hell to narrow down cause I have about 150 to go thru lol a preprinted list of questions in both English and Spanish, my proof of deposit and my corresponding emails....Also have made kids care schedule since my husband will be coming with so I had to situate my three rugrats:) Everything is coming together from this day forward I am 100%focused on strong body strong mind and a balanced spirit..... Positive thoughts from here on out I am hyped!!!!

8 DAYZ and counting......WHaT!!!! HEMO LEVELS 14 HoLLLLLAaaaaaaaa

So things are coming together.. Heres my stats Had appt with my Doc on Friday Presurgical Testing completed and I passed with flying colors yay me Ekg (check) Bloodwork (check) Hemo level is 14 Holla @ ya gurl Whattttt!!!! I have just about wrapped up my supply list I added on a spirometer its basically a lung exerciser and is useful after surg to ensure lung health and no fluid build up hell cant hurt.. umm got my hubby tons of his fav videos to watch, uploaded books to my kindle i will be uploading more nothing like a good urban book to get your mind off things..finalized and Printed out Kids Calendar.. My Doc wrote out my scripts Helllll yea I love my doc Bigg up to Doc K.C. got my oxycodone for the pain (check) the only one I could not get filled was the Heprin it appears to only be distributed to hospitals so I will have to get that in D.R. I sent email to see how much it will cost.. I also sent confirmation and last questions email to Dr Yily I will share my questions and answers once I get a response and last but not least DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! My Husband, My Love and best friend My M'er F'in Man hand over 7,500.00 to me he worked his ass off putting in OT for the past 6month to make my dream come true.. Thank you Huney when I become a nurse in 11months I got you baby This man always puts my needs and wants before his own god truly Put him on this earth to love me most folks have to search for their soul mate, mine is lye-n right next to me :) Ok enough with the mushie stuff ""LADIES IT'S ON"""" 8 dayz and counting whoop, whoop lol

Details about spirameter

Using your incentive spirometer after surgery will help you keep your lungs clear and will help keep your lungs active throughout the recovery process, as if you were performing your daily activities.

How to use the incentive spirometer
1.Sit on the edge of your bed if possible, or sit up as far as you can in bed.
2.Hold the incentive spirometer in an upright position.
3.Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and seal your lips tightly around it.
4.Breathe in slowly and as deeply as possible. Notice the yellow piston rising toward the top of the column. The yellow indicator should reach the blue outlined area.
5.Hold your breath as long as possible. Then exhale slowly and allow the piston to fall to the bottom of the column.
6.Rest for a few seconds and repeat Steps one to five at least 10 times every hour.
7.Position the yellow indicator on the left side of the spirometer to show your best effort. Use the indicator as a goal to work toward during each slow deep breath.
8.After each set of 10 deep breaths, cough to be sure your lungs are clear. If you have an incision, support your incision when coughing by placing a pillow firmly against it.
9.Once you are able to get out of bed safely, take frequent walks and practice the cough.

Really waiting on response again smh

So im 4 days away from sx date been emailing yily for the last 3 days for last confirmation and last questions and still no response this time I put Urgent on the title smh Yily, Yily oxenfree come out come out where ever you are your next round needs you


So I tried to call the office and I used my translator at first but I guess I sounded like a confused kindergartener lol so the ladies pasted the phone around a few times and im like " can I please spk to Yira FIRST in my brokedown Spanish than in English and than one lady gets on the phone like " can u call back later we don't understand you smdh I gotta laugh I guess they learned that one line in English for us lol guess I will try again later Starting my day the Yily way popped my presurg vitamins , drank my protein shake and staring at my inbox waiting for her to respond lol



1. Please confirm My surgery date for Monday August 5th 2013 First patient of the day if possible please?

Yes, madam! You are confirm for 8/5/

2. Please confirm that you will arrange pick up for me and my husband from the Airport to CIPLA by CIPLA DRIVER for 50.00?

ARRIVING in D.R. MONDAY August 5th at 3:39 am // FLIGHT #609 jetblue

Yes, we have someone to pick you up! They will have your name.


1. Are the implants used filled with silicone liquid or silicone gel?

Silicone gel

2. Will implants be placed above the muscle, behind the chest muscle or dual plane breast implanted position a combination of both)

Behind the muscle

3. Brazilian Butt lift question- I have some butt now, it has just falling and flattened out and my goal is to pump it back up.. Is the fat injected infront or behind the glut muscle?

Between the muscle and the skin.

4. I love how giggly my butt is now once I am completely healed will it still have some jiggle?Emoji

Yes, it will

5. The state of New York does not allow Heparin 40 mg injections to be purchased so I will have to purchase in D.R. can you please tell me HOW MUCH IS HEPARIN so can be prepared to pay.

Yes, you can buy them here. The cost of the 8 you need is about 85-90 us.

6. Id like to request that ONLY Dr Yily preform my procedures NO INTERNS AND NO STUDENTS working on my body OK?

It's always like that. Anyways, there always assistants and nurses inside to help her move you and give her instruments. There's also the anesthesiologist.

7. What floor do I report to when I am brought to CIPLA ?

Come to the 2nd floor, suite 208. If not, stay in the lobby, my assistant will pick you up


Today I made my wish pic folder complete with photes and discriptions on the aspects that I like about each photo also printed out all my correspondence,filled and picked up my prescriptions, Made my medication schedule for my husband that way it will be organized and easier for him to track when its time for meds and which meds are next, I also premade flash cards with Spanish translations of things I may need to communicate like, I have a headache,i feel faint ummm "I didn't get my blue pill" lol hey I learned from my Yily vets lol I also made a emergency translation flashcard packet incase my husband needs to get assistance fast the cards cover all the basics I will use our Spanish translator as well just didn't want to have to rely on it,, lets see what else oh at first I had packed all my meds in my suitcase but than I decided to put them in my carry on because number I have my oxy in there and hey you never know and I would be up shits creek if my meds popped up missin so all those jokers are stay-n wit momma lol I found out that the Heprin is gonna be a grip like 80 or 90 bucks thank goodness I was able to get all the rest of my meds thru my Doc and it only cost me a 28 dollar copay thank you united healthcare. Oh suga! how could I forget got the D.R. Weave done today I stay weaved up baby the bigga the betta is how I roll and for D.R. I will be rock-n sexy black beach waves down to my soon to be new booty,, Huney imma be tooo much lol tomorrow its nails toes and a 30minute massage I love me some massages. packed my son up tonight and the girls will packup tomorrow, Paid the bills that will be due while we are away and set up reservations for my littlemiss that's my dog but she don't know it she just like one of the kids lol anywayzza shes all set for the doggie hotel complete with doggie icecream and peanut butter treats everyother day.. and last but not least confirmed my Brazilian appt for tomorrow gotta get my girl all spiffed up for her debut lmao iight RS its almost showtime nite nite ladies zzzzzz


GooooodMorning RS Fam Final stats starting weight 197 goal was to loss 15 pounds final weight in 181 I lost a total of 16 pounds :) Armsleft 12"right13" thighs left 27 1\2 right 27 1\2 Chest over breast no bra 39" under breast 34" Waist at bellybutton 38" Butt 45" and hips 44" I am all packed up and sooooo ready to get this show on the road I have taken tons of before pics this morning for when that "I don't know why I did this stage kicks in) lol I seriously am so excited I cant believe this is really my reality LADIES ITS FINALLY MY TURN (HUGE SMILES) only 13 hours to go

At airport Now D.R. here we come :)

Thank you to all the Yily vets who provide the info and support I needed along the way and to the furture yily girls I got ya back I will be posting up every step of the way and when I wake up on the flat side I told my Huney that he may have to do my first post op post cause I heard that the surgery wipes you out so he will be taken pics and keepin my RS fam up to speed until I can take over he will sign off as rudebwoy so if the post is jacked up lol take it easy on the man lol So wish me luck nah better than that send prayers up for me cause its about to go down Holla at ya gurl Sexy Jiggle


We Are Here and just as planned once we arrived at the DR airport we switched out 30 bucks in pasos for tipping and we purchased our visitors passes 10 bucks each. next step pick up our luggage which was a breeze compared to us customs and than we headed outside.. I have to admit I was nervous praying that the cipla driver would be waiting for us with a sign that said my name and sure enough as soon as we hit the corner we saw it MY NAME :) I must say so far soooooo good now me and my husband are chillin in the cipla lobby until they open at 6ish no big deal gives us a chance to take it all in it is now 5:04. On first impression of the facility very clean, modern, sleek and pretty Im feeling more and more at ease....but the communication barrier is real yall but so far so good


Hey y'all it's been 2 1/2 years time for ROUND 2 despite exercise and healthy eatting some fat has returned around waist and on arms. I am looking To retouch waistline with lipo on abdominal, back and arms and fat grafted to my butt I have fullness up top but have lost volume on lower butt area. My goal is to have procedure with in the next 6 months yikes can't believe I'm considering this roller coaster ride again lol

Where's my surgery sista NATALIE

Nat I'm looking for you if u still stalk this sight hit me up please I can't believe I'm consisting round two lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yily's amazing lipo skills she contours womens bodies just like i imagined in my mind but i could not find a Doctor in the US with the same artistic vision that Dr Yily has hands down her creations are a 10. Her services are affordable, her patient care ratings are great and she puts safety first Dr Yily creates that dramatic hour glass figure that i find beautiful and sexy I am counting the days till i become a hourglass by Yily....

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