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After YEARS of the SAME nonsense of trying to lose...

After YEARS of the SAME nonsense of trying to lose weight I've finally decided to say F it I'm going to create my DREAM body!!!!! NEVER BEEN SKINNY, but had a nice thick body UNTIL my squad started coming along...lol. The story begins, after losing 68lbs my freshman year of college, I got PREGNANT. 11 years later, 5 pregnancies with 4 boys, 7 YEARS OF BREAST-FEEDING, I'm left with this BS...LOL...after months of not sleeping and stressing my husband he's FINALLY aboard with the idea of me getting a MMO with lipo to my FAT ASS ARMS AND INNER THIGHS. (TOTALLY HHHHHAAAAATTTTEEEEE MY ARMS AND REFUSE TO WEAR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS)new STRESS begins, I've gotten quotes from Dr Mejia, Almonte and Yily. I LOVE ALL THEIR WORK...TRUE TALENT DISPLAYED ON THE SITE! but I'm leaning towards Dra Yily. Sent my pics got my quote and I know my date is available after that for some reason I've NNNOOOOTTTTT been able to send any emails to her assistant I believe her name is Sasha....PLS HELP! anyone have a good contact for her???? Scares me to pay the deposit without knowing if my FMLA papers can be signed for my job. I'm a 11p-7a nurse on rehab floor, my nights are CRAZY so I'm looking to take off at least 6 wks. Any advice????


Ok so I go to my bank to do a wire transfer to pay for my deposit since Chase QuickPay takes 3 days for them to make mini deposits for verification purposes....After leaving the branch with what I believed to have been a DONE deal mind you I sent Sasha a copy of the receipt, I get a call from my bank stating that the routing number to Dra Yily is incorrect WTF...so I called Chase in Perth Amboy to ask for the correct number that rep stated that the routing number and account number is correct she was about to verify if my transaction went through or not which she's reading the 1st names of people who have wired money to that acct today and of course my name was NOT THERE FML OK SO WTF IS MY BANK SAYING clearly the info is correct ????? so I called my bank letting them know but of course the rep who handled the transaction was on BREAK my luck...LOL I've gotta laugh b4 I FILL OUT....so I left a message for her to call Chase bank and speak directly to them so she could find out what the problem is....I'm on the EDGE OF MY SEAT AS I WAIT...


Got my call back the wire transfer went through!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!


Omg after review my quote a MILLION TIMES just noticed it DOES NOT INCLUDE A TUMMY TUCK FML right now.....I kept wondering why it was so low.....like come on y'all seen the pic its CS that I NEED a TT.... :-(


5200 with bbl, tt, Lipo armpits, back, flanks and waist.....300 extra for inner thighs!


Question.....How do i figure out my return date? sounds REALLY stupid but it's a real question....I'm Leave on Aug 2, surgery on the 3rd, does the arrival day get factored into the 10 days stay at the RH if so what about the overnight hospital stay????


Hey family!!!!!, did anyone have to fill out FMLA paperwork for their job? if so, what did you list under the procedure?


10 hrs down 6 more ahead.....at work sleepy....


I had to take down my picture which of course were naked ones of all my problem areas, apparently some people from my jobs are on the site and started with the BS of spreading rumors of me posting NAKED pictures of myself.....ctfu TOTAL boredom.....smfh....I'll definitely post post pics.


Does anyone have another # for Dr Yily other than the 8093315050? losing my mind need my FMLA paperwork filled out with the corrections on it.....the first 1 was filled without procedure date, surgery type or leave of absence period....totally frustrated and i understand they are busy BUT DAMN it's been a drown out situation that start with Sasha who referred me to Luz /Yomi. FML


OMG booked my flight from BWI to SDQ with spirit airlines for a little under 500 bucks that's with insurance!!!! Here's the DOWNER my flight leaves @0615a my poor husband who's going to have to drop me off $0330a after getting off at midnight that Tuesday morning SMH my poor baby cakes..lol....It seems soooooooo official now....Praises to the ALMIGHTY!!!!


Totally forgot to mention that my FMLA PAPERS we're submitted and approved!!!! Off the whole mouth of August returning to work after labor day.


All praises

God is SO AMAZING!!!!!!! So my boys God mom whom I haven't spoken to in almost 3months just texted me the other day saying she couldn't let me go to DR alone that she'll be coming along to show support.....I broke down and cried. She was suppose to come with me from the beginning but we got into it and she basically said F it and we just stopped talking. In the back of my mind I was truly terrified at the idea of going alone. She's also a nurse and speaks a little bit of Spanish which would make recovery so much easier and just having a familiar face in an unfamiliar territory will make it a blessing...The moral of the story is GOD IS GREAT!!!!! I prayed asking for signs whether to have surgery or not and he's been opening doors left and right, so ladies take courage and let's continue to have FAITH in him!!!!!! Stay BLESSED.

Wish picture


Omg totally freaking out, went to the Doc's I'm apparently 5' 5 instead of the 5'6 and 213 FML and I know they are strick about have a BMI of under 35.....not a bad eater at all, according to my "DOCTOR" night shift is the cause of my weight problems...lol...ANY ADVICE?


Working doubles and stressing about leave my family just want Aug 3 to be tomorrow ALREADY.

Butterflies in my stomach

Everytime I think about going anxiety kicks in. I feel I need to lose more weight b4 the trip but my energy level has been so low I'm going to blame it on the heat....lol....I got blood work done last week and just the results on Wednesday hgb was 12.8 but the draw was done in the middle of my cycle so I know that played major role but paranoia is sinking in, so I'm taking iron, folic and vit b BID and will start adding the Arnica (spell check ) on Monday.


Sorry BID just means twice daily. Shout out to all the nurse!!!!!


So when do we get weighed exactly? Is it the day of bloodwork or the day of surgery? And do they calculate BMI the same way as we do in the states?


So excited!!!!! Saw a missed call from Dra Yilys today and yesterday while I was asleep, come to find out it was Luz, 1 of Yilys AMAZING staff calling to conform my surgery!!!! Made me feel good about everything...GO TEAM Yily!!!!!


Just getting off work on Sunday morning, it's 0912am by now I should have showered and been asleep by now, but it's IMPOSSIBLE right now. I am going through every possible emotion.
My husband got me a juicer I've been going crazy juicing for the last 2 days hopefully my hgb will be on point. Fingers crossed! But I've got my mind made up on my expectations, not looking to be a supermodel I simply just want to honestly be able to wear sleeveless shirts something I haven't done in public for over 15+ years, I'll repost pics to show the rolls...lol....on my arms also on the belly ctfu while smh. OK sleep is kicking in cause I'm starting to ramble.

Crunch time

Last minute running around.....on yeah not sure if I mentioned I'm flying solo WELL no me and GOD (corny) I know but in reality HE'S ALL WE NEED DOLLS! Stay BLESSED!

Repost of pics

Don't care who see's this anymore (if were work together kiss my ass, go talk about that!) For the test of the AMAZING DOLLS out there I promised to repost before pics......see what I mean about the arms????? :*(.

Spell check

Rest not test.


At the airport tired as hell, BUT SUPER EXCITED....balled my eye's out after see my family off. Seeing my husband get emotional made me cry more he's a MANLY MAN so I know he's going through it..made me feel so loved.....away broading soon....will post once in fort Lauderdale!

Yily DOLL!!!!

Today is the day!

Omg so EXCITED and feel so blessed for getting all the love and support out there.....this site has been a true guide. Currently at the RH waiting for Mr Jose the driver! Kisses for now!

Made it one the flat side!!!

1 wk post op

Review of my experience

Will give a full review after getting home, it's been an experience of a life time! Kisses for all the love will reply individually asap!


The day of my appt to take out my drain is when everything that could go wrong is going FUCKING WRONG....I was told to be ready by 630a for my 9a appt. Up at 5a got ready.... . 854a still at the RH WITH NO JOSE THE FUCKING DRIVER TO PICK ME UP.... end up calling a cab NOW WHO IS EXPECTED TO PAY FOR IT? cab driver came, on the way to the clinic the dude gets LOST FML I had to point it out to him because I remembered the daycare across the street, my flight is at 3p......HAVING A MELTDOWN HAD TO VENT DIDN'T WANT TO BE A BITCH TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT......once home I'll tell you guys how I'm TRULY FEELING.

Just a number

As I'm walking up and down reclining hall I realize that I'm just a number crying from the pain and feeling the fluid rolling on my back do the drain being broken. No 1 GIVES A FUCK....even though me miss the 9a appt WAS NOT MY FAULT.....I'M HERE in PAIN simply an EMOTIONAL WRECK.


Hey dolls I'm so sorry for the other day for my TOTAL MELTDOWN. Now that I've been home 2 days now and had a chance to reflect on that day I REALIZED I WAS OVERWHELMED, DRAMATIC and OVELY EMOTIONAL. I think the fact that everything was pretty smooth while there and the day of my return home was when things started to go WRONG caused my breakdown....anyway will still be posting my HONEST review of my trip.

Pic b4 massage 9 days p.o

Yes I still have my drain in

Me and my bestie. MR DRAINO.

Depression kicking in

I still have to post my review but recovery has been depressing my faja is so tight wearing it 23 hrs a day, getting no sleep and just being uncomfortable is making it so hard to stay positive. I still TRYING tired of feeling helpless. I pulled my drain last Wednesday day 14 like I was told I simply cut the stitches off and just pulled it out like the nurse from DR told me to do, by Saturday I had fluid in my abd and needed it to be drained. Thank GOD for my friend who had her procedure back in March came over and helped, well my faja was too big that's why I was building up fluid, well that night we wrapped 2 towels around my abd for more compression and with the help of my husband got the faja buttoned up, so much for breathing...lol


So last week I had a doctor's appointment before going did my reg routine shower, ab board and faja but for some reason my stomach right below my belly button was extremely painful, running late for my appt I sucked it up knowing I was going to take off my faja once I got there. Took it off for my doctor to see, she was total amazed at Yilys work but once I got home I think the ab board was rubbing on my incision this is the out.....2 pics of my stomach I'm starting to FREAK OUT DON'T WANT MY INCISION TO OPEN UP PRAYING TO GOD. Anyone experienced this
..please advice...

Things looking UP

Back at the GYM!

On my way to a 6 pack

Going to the gym has become so much more funnier

Still at the gym

Thank you Dr Yily!

In the Poconos with my family for the FIRST time in my life I felt AMAZING in a bathing suit minus my arms lol

Loving life

Happy new year!!!!

To all the beautiful dolls and dolls to be HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAY YOU ALL LOVE YOUR RESULTS!!!!!! ;)

I'm baaaaccccckkkjj

What's up RS family, sorry I haven't been on here, but I started to realize my addiction to the site was becoming unhealthy. Looking at other reviews made me obsessive with the idea of having the perfect body, if you've read my review you know how I HATE my arms, love the stomach Yily gave me but MY ARMS was a BIG NOOOO...lol. I realized I'm a married woman with 4 kids who would I be fooling with the perfect body. My shape looks natural and I get enough attention both from my husband and strangers anything more might cause me to get a divorce lol....so that's why I've taken a back seat with the site.....here are some update pic's from Costa Rica!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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