Tummy Tuck Revision BBL and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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So I want to start by saying this is not my first...

So I want to start by saying this is not my first round of surgery. I had a tummy tuck e yrs ago by dr Yager in NYC. I spent 10k and it was a complete waste of money. He is the worst.

Then I decided to get a breast reduction. I was 5 ft 155 and a 34M. Yes ladies I said 34 M. I had severe back pains so I went to dr. Dr Nelson Rubio performed my surgery. Even though it im satisfied with my new breasts I do feel he won't be the perfect doctor to perform surgery anywhere else on my body.

So I decided to fix my stomach for the last time. I wanted robles. I love her tummy tucks even though from a lot of reviews I notice she leaves much to be desired in the sculpting aspect of the lipo. However I'm not looking for a new me. Just an enhanced happier me so I'm not to concerned about having a tiny waist. However in the wake of the recent deaths I have been a bit traumatized.

Which leads me to a new doctor Julio Molina. Who is also from dr and has few reviews but what looks like excellent results. As you can see my stomach is a complex beast. I need an artist. Any suggestions???

Not trusting Molina!! Back to Robles???

Ok so as I said before I recently heard of this doctor Molina Suarez from real self. She looked fabulous so I decided to look into him and was considering choosing him to be my surgeon. First I went to his website. It's not done. There are no pics no valuable information which worried me. So I checked his IG page. I like how he is always posting about a women's heath and the things he can and won't do. It makes him very respectable. So I reached out to him on what's app and he answered all my questions and prices were reasonable. So I was confident I was going to him. Today I logged on to real self bc he has 2 more reviews. Awesome more people taking about him bc he only had 6 reviews here. But there are no pics there is one paragraph about how great he is. 1 post was created the same day the acct was opened hmmmmm!! So I go back to his IG page and see he doesn't really have pics of his "dolls" like tops 5 the rest are of random things!! Is he the real deal?? Should I be worried ?? Even with the recent deaths Robles is looking more and more like the surgeon for me!


Here are pics

Decided to try something else

I was not able to have my surgery this summer as expected. So instead I started working on other problem areas. I tried a new treatment called Kybella for my double chin. I'll make a new review.
Robles or Molina

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