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I am still in the beginning stages of planning my...

I am still in the beginning stages of planning my plastic surgery journey. I am so far beyond excited!! I have decided that i definitely want to go with Dr. Disla, she has responded to my emails very quickly and in reading other peoples reviews i am impressed with her work. I have been quoted 6000 for a tt, megalipo, bbl, bl with augmentation. I would however appreciate any advice regarding where to stay, and what i should pack and if there is anything else i should know before surgery.

Decided on Disla, saving $$ and picking a date

Well after emailing Dr Disla several times, I am feeling more and more confident in my decision to have her be my surgeon. Right now I am deciding on a date. I want to go in late may or june sometime- i just have to schedule my time off at work. I am also waiting to finish some xmas shopping up that way i can send in my deposit. I have several coworkers that ive shared my desire to go to the DR and get px with disla and they are so impressed with her work they are considering going as well :) I have also decided to go with Armonia for my recovery house. I have looked them up on FB as well as reading others reviews and having them be recommended by dr disla herself. I am also going to be spending time losing a bit of weight and trying to get as healthy as possible to aid in recovery. Now that i have made up my mind it seems as though it will take forever for the day to actually arrive. So excited and looking forward to my new body!!

This month ill be making my deposit!! On to the next chapter....

So it seems Ive been waiting for forever to reach the "ready to make the deposit and secure a surgery date" moment. I order the last of the Christmas presents tomorrow and on the 27th ill be making my deposit and securing my surgery date. I havent really told anyone in my family about the surgery as I know they will just try to talk me out of it, telling me im fine just the way I am. But thats just it- i dont feel fine with the way i look. I feel i have done my research, im confident in my choice of surgeon and to be quite honest I am willing to accept any risks that come with surgery. To me, the benefits far outweigh the risks. I was speaking with a friend that may be going with me to have surgery herself today, we discussed body image and she is struggling to take her pics to send to the Dr because she avoids looking at herself and taking pictures in general. I realized that its insane how much of how we feel about ourselves is related to body image, and I think its quite sad. So im looking forward to starting the process of building a brand new me- both inside and out. Something i have not shared yet on real self is that several months ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS for short. In general i was told that I wouldnt be able to have children (im 33) and was given a rather long list of horrible side effects- skin tags, excessive facial and body hair, dark skin spots, etc etc. All of this was in the middle of a breakup of 3 years in which i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. I feel that at this point in my life I am ready to leave all of that behind, im ready to start feeling good about myself again. I am so blessed in so many ways- i have a wonderful family and amazing friends and a good job. There is no reason to dwell in the past and carry that baggage forward, so here is to a new chapter and I wish all of you other real selfers out there a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Deposit has been made, no backing out now!

I have finally gotten over the rush of the holidays and bit the bullet and made my deposit. Im just waiting for Dr. Disla to confirm my surgery date of June 5th. Originally I had planned on going to the dominican with a friend but as of today she has backed out, so it looks like im on my own. Hopefully I can meet some lovely people on here who will be out there at the same time I am. For some reason knowing that im doing this on my own makes it more real somehow. Im starting to get nervous, and i have decided that its time to get serious about this preop weight loss. After all a healthy body aids in recovery and I would like for this to be as easy as possible. In other notes I recently had my blood tested just to find out where my levels are and I was a little above a 13 woohoo! Hopefully I maintain that. I have also been looking into getting my teeth fixed while I am out there- they aren't horrible just two tiny gaps on each side of my two front teeth and my canine teeth are still baby teeth. So i contacted a cosmetic dentist who gave me a quote of $2300 for 4 veneers and 2 crowns plus the cleanings etc. So depending on how much overtime i get at work between now and then, I may very well be coming back a whole new person- teeth and all.

Date has been confirmed!!!

So my date has been confirmed! June 5th it is :). I have made my airline reservations as well. Just a side note for those sending deposits via western union- make sure they pay out as US dollars not pesos, apparently there is a difference in the amount when it's paid out as pesos -it's actually less. At least that is what I was told. Anyhow I am just getting off of work- time to head to the gym before going home. Gotta get those extra pounds off!

Just a random thought....

I feel as though who I am on the inside doesn't match what I look like on the outside. I know there is a pretty, vivacious woman locked somewhere inside this plus sized unproportionate body of mine. I'm ready for the world to see me as I feel I am. Anyone else feel this way?

Starting to dream about it

So I'm starting to have dreams about surgery. I was completely convinced that I wanted my bl with implants and now I'm starting to second guess that decision. Maybe it's too much surgery all at once? Then again maybe having doubts is all part of the process. I saw the movie fat sick and nearly dead recently and was inspired. That being said, I am also going to be juicing for lent so wish me luck on that! I figure it only makes sense to reset how I eat and approach food prior to getting a new body because lord knows I would hate to go through all of this just to end up back where I started in a few years.

When it rains it pours

This has been the week from hell, there really isn't any other way to describe it. I have been working so much overtime trying to accumulate extra funds for this Sx so I won't be broke afterwards and of course I end up with more unexpected expenses. My cat got sick out of the blue yesterday and so like a responsible pet owner I took him to the vet- turns out he may need Sx himself and might be in renal failure! My poor poor baby! So he is at the animal hospital where they are running tests to see exactly what should be done but my estimated vet bill thus far for him is $1400. Then came my eye appt in which a ton of testing was done ie fundal photography etc turns out I need new glasses and my migraines are probably caused by eye strain. I go to pay my bill and it's a whopping $756 AFTER my insurance. So it was bye bye extra funds and now I'm having to say hello to more OT. Not to mention it's just been a stressful day in general- my bro had eye surgery today and will have more surgery tomorrow, and my cousin who is a cop was shot while serving a felony warrant and is now in critical care. I'm just overwhelmed- hopefully in the upcoming days I'll have a chance to breathe and regroup.


I got my days off of work approved!!! My passport also came in two days ago. I paid to have it expedited and overnighted to me ( I was paranoid it wouldn't show up on time) and it only took a week! I also have ordered my supplies off of amazon and they should all be here by mid April. Funny enough lately I'm more excited about surgery than I am nervous. What I am nervous about is traveling with all of that cash and to a place I've never been! Is anyone else out there going in June and staying at armonia? It would be nice to have a buddy...

More excited than nervous... I think...

So there isn't too much to update on. I already have my bag packed and I've nearly met my overtime goal with regards to work and spending money. I've seen a few reviews lately with girls incisions opening up and spitting stitches etc and that is what freaks me out most I think. While I know it's fairly common to spit stitches I hope that my body is the attack and disolve the stitches type because reopening incisions would freak me out! Other than that I'm working on losing 10 more lbs before I go- I have about 6weeks so wish me luck!

2 weeks from today!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by... Two weeks from today I'll be boarding the plane. While I can't say that I'm completely nervous yet the weird dreams have started- nothing bad just odd enough to cause a bit of anxiety. I have faith in my choice of Dr...I think I have done my research and prepared as best I can. I've been packed for a month now and I'm checking and double checking the supplies... Still haven't found a Sx buddy but that's ok.

One week left!!!

So I have one week left. It doesn't seem quite real that it's nearly here. I feel like I've been planning this for so long I thought it would never get here. Still no surgery buddy but that's ok- I figure I'll meet girls at the recovery house. My bmi and hemo levels are good. On a side note the blood builders taste so icky to me- there's something about that strong iron taste that reminds me of blood and makes me want to gag.
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