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I'm so excited about doing my surgery with Dr....

I'm so excited about doing my surgery with Dr. Disla. She responded promptly and told me that I was a great candidate but because I'm over weight it's a risk for all the procedures I want. Told me that I should get the TT/Lipo and BBL and then come back for breast. Quoted me 5500. Told me it was a risk. This alone was enough for me. She couldve easily taken my money and did it all at once but she care enough not to take that risk. I asked what if I lose 50-60 pounds before I get there? I still have 6 months I more than positive I can get it or get close to it.. She told me if I lose the weight she'll give me a discount of 500 and do the breast surgery! !!!! SAY WHAT!!!!! IM LOSING IT ALL and its even more of an incentive for me to lose... I'm super excited that I chose her.. I wanted yily or duran but I more than positive I picked the right Dr. She responded the same day and emailed me multiples times a day.. she has answered every question no matter how many times I email her. No I'm looking for recovery homes for me and my sister and flights. I don't plan in going until February but that gives me plenty of time to get all my ducks in a row!!! Any advice would be helpful! !!!


So i was online searching for good vitaminsto take for surgery and I stumbled across these on Amazon. ... Great reviews and helps tremendously for pre and post surgery. .. It helps with swelling and bruising.. It comes with great cream for scars as well. . Im most definitely buying them all.. You guys should check it out. ..


I hate Arizona. Every flight from here to DR is overnight and over 10hrs. How horrible is that and with layovers for 5 and 6 hrs... Truly ridiculous. ... ugh.. I just want a nonstop flight in the morning. And I most definitely don't want to be traveling after surgery for 15 hrs alone. Something to most definitely think about. On a better a note loosing pounds and and got my labs results back. DR. Disla told me I was I perfect candidate for the surgery. Just need to drop more weight :-)

Paid my Deposit!!! It just became Reality to me!!!

I have been working hard to lose weight.. 16 pounds down... Yay me... Disla initially told me not to pay my deposit until I lose all the weight I wanted to but since February is right around the corner and at the rate I'm going I won't have anything to worry about in when February gets here! ... I'm super excited. Also going to pay my deposit for recovery house SHOUT OUT TO JULES ( HEALING HAVEN) She's so cool and understanding and I'm excited to stay there. . She has answered all my emails promptly. She has a great promotion going on right now. .. I also have to start looking for my flight, stuff thats important to take, and my passport... oh yeah meds and vitamins... I hate I can't show her wish pics though.. I tried and she told me when I lose weight and get my new body then we'll discuss what I want that body to look like.. Lol!!! I like her already!!! DISLA DOLL!!!!


I'm so upset right now. My sister was suppose to go with me but now she's saying she can only afford her flight and not to stay at the recovery house... Ugh... I'm pissed. ... I can't afford to pay for my surgery plus my stay and hers... I'm pissed the fuck off.. And I dont want to go by myself.


Excited that Dr. Disla confirmed my date and deposit! And finally got my sister back on board... God knows I didn't want to go by myself. Been looking through everyone else post and trying to get an idea of what the best and most important things to pack. I am packing very light.. Also found a lady to do my massages here for reasonable prices. Ladies for speedy recovery it's essential to have atleast 2 lymphatic massages before surgery..


I want to post pictures but I have some very distinctive tattoos... Ppl will automatically know who I am.. Do ppl know how to cover them up or what app I can use that will allow me to cover them up?


My weightloss is going great!!! Down 26 pounds and counting... I don't want to lose too much because I want to make sure I have enough fat for my BBL but I do want to lose enough where there's not a lot of risk for everything I want. I have about 15-20 more to lose before she tells me if she wants me to stop or if she wants me to lose more.. Super excited!!! I will eventually post pics of me before the weight loss, after the weightloss, and also when I have surgery...

February is almost here and 42 pounds Lighter

Its amazing how I feel like I was just planning this. I still haven't gotten everything situated.. Time can slip up on you before you know it.. Never the less I'm ready.. I'm still losing weight and feeling great!!! I sent over my pics and Dr. Disla told me once I lose these last 8 pounds which will be a breeze that I can stop.. YAY! !!! I want to make sure I have enough fat for this nice round ass I want... LOL! !!! I've been working hard getting this weight off been it's been worth it... 42 pounds lighter!!! I will post before and after pics I promise... I'm so happy with the Dr Disla I couldn't imagine choosing a Dr. That I have been trying to get a hold of for months!!!


My passport got here really quick. I just did my application on January 3rd. I just checked my mail and it was already here.. Thank God!! Things are most definetly getting real!!! Less than a month left to prepare and I'm so scared and nervous but ready. Paid my deposit for my recovery house yesterday. Staying at Healing Haven for 10 days. Just want to get it done and get it over.
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