Round Two! May 2014 !!

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Ugh. Where to begin! I like many of you have been...

Ugh. Where to begin! I like many of you have been undecided about getting any procedure done, yet due to pregnancy I feel that my tummy won't got back regardless of all the excercise. I have started a countdown and God willing in December Right after graduation I will travel and meet Dr. Yily! Hopefully all goes as planned for me and all of you if you have any advice or know anything that you may want to share it is more than welcomed! I shall keep updating statuses I just recently emailed Yily and an currently waiting for a reply, as soon as I receive it I will update. Thanks!

Undecided. Help anyone?

I've learned today that Dr. Yily won't be performing any surgeries in December due to her pregnancy so now I'm stuck and don't know if to go seek a quote from my second option which is Dr. Duran I know two people who've gotten surgery with Duran and they look ok but now what I'm looking for and there really aren't that many patients of Duran with post op pictures on here. Pleas help me I'm as confused as when I started researching :/.

Team Duran Doll!

After continous research and stalking I have come to a conclusion and that is that I will be having my surgery with Dr. Duran! I've been stalking her Instagram, twitter and Facebook and OMG! Her work is amazing her sculpting skills are incredible and her BBL's are everything! The pictures on her website are nothing in comparison to the ones she's uploaded recently on her social pages! I have been talking to her through whats app and she replies promptly! I am so excited guys! I'm 100% sure that I am getting my sx with no other doll than Duran herself! If you guys need any further information or have any questions don't hesitate to ask cause that's what we're all here for!

I am adding pictures of Dr. Duran's recent patients!


So as I had mentioned before I am getting surgery with Dr. Duran, I have spoken to her twice very sweet and amazing personality. We didn't agree on a quote or date yet because I am anemic and my hemoglobin level was 7 and we all know it has to be at least 12. She gave me a list of Vitamins to start drinking that will boost my hemoglobin. I have purchased them all and started drinking them today. I'm hoping that by December everything is normal!

Here are all my vitamins

Iron 65 mg
Vitamin C
Folic Acid
Centrum Women 1 a day

Finally received quote from Duran!

So I finally received quote and surgery date from Duran thank God. I will be making deposit next week and purchasing my flight as well! I will be leaving the states Decber 30th and surgery is scheduled for January 3rd! I am so excited and I have even created a countdown! Duran gave me a list of supplies and medications needed pre and post surgery of which I have already bought about 90%. I will upload the list and pictures later!

Help please!

I need numbers, emails or Facebook pages of recovery houses please and thanks in advance for your help dollies

BBL seat!

Ladies, after researching ways to sit after getting a bbl I have come down to the conclusion that a boppy pillow will not do the job! Therefor I asked a plastic surgeon and he said he usually has his Bbl patients sit on a inflatable donut ring and then place the boppy pillow on top! I ordered both from amazon and the prices are really great!

Supply list as of 08|06|2013

• maxi pads (45 count)
• chux (25 count)
• Waterproof Bandaids (30 count)
• Surgical Tape (2 rolls)
• Boiron Arnica Cream (2 tubes)
• Tylenol Extra Strength
• Latex Gloves (40 count)
• Adult Moisturized Wipe (320 count)
• Baby Wipes (520 count)
• Femenine Wash
• Dial Antibacterial Soap (6 bars)
• Hand Sanitizer (2 bottles)
• Diurex Water pills (45 pills)
• Dulcolax (50 pills)
• Organix Shampoo
• Organix Conditioner
• Body Wash
• Toothpaste and Wash
• Deodorant
• Wifebeaters (10 count)

The boppy pillow and inflatable donut are the only things missing and are on their way! Hopefully you guys find this list helpful if you have any questions please ask!

My flight is booked!

I can't believe it, I just wish time could fly and that this semester is an easy and fast one so that January comes and I can finally go for this surgery that I've been longing for since I can remember! But the wait is REAL! Waaaaahh

My countdown madness

Yes I am obsessed, sorry lol.

Feeling B L A H.

Woke up feeling a little on the down side today. I know this surgery is months away and maybe I'm over stressing it but the fact that I still haven't found a recovery house or haven't been able to find a way to send the deposit to Duran and she doesn't answer has really got me feeling low but I am confirmed for the 3rd. On a brighter note I got an amazing Sx buddy she's scheduled for the same day and doctor as I and just as crazy as me isn't that wonderful? It sure is because finally I have someone to talk to that has the same interests as me and won't get bored of hearing about this surgery journey because she's excited about her journey too! Anyways have a great day dolls.

Great and unexpected news!

I just found out that my cousin is also getting SX and with DURAN TOO! Isn't that lovely? I'm beyond excited because I now have someone that's close in relation to me who will be sharing this emotional journey with me! She has booked her flight and we leave together and her sx is also confirmed for the same date! Thank you baby Jesus for being so good! The only downfall is that I had to part ways with my sx buddy but she understood and I'm sure she will find someone else and I will continue supporting her in her journey as well! Anyways I wish all of you the best of luck in your journeys and I will keep you ladies posted :)

Hello Dollies

Today wasn't the best of days for me but I came home to my shipment from amazon and that made everything all better! The boppy pillow, inflatable donut and Pez! All I am missing are the Arnica tablets and my supply list is officially done!

Items that arrived

How I feel today!

For some reason I woke up feeling SUPER Dominican today I'm even having a beer for breakfast please don't judge me I Just excited and happy because everything is working out the way I've planned (AND BECAUSE MY GUT WOKE UP FLAT THIS MORNING LOL) God is good there is not a doubt about it. On another note the semester starts in 15 days! Can we say excited? YESSS!!! Because its my last semester and I will officially be a college grad! Thank you baby Jesus for all your blessings! Have a happy and productive Sunday everyone

Me at 221lbs

This was in January or March of this year can't exactly recall the day but I was 221 pounds! Mind you I am only 5'1 anyways this picture was the point of realization to me. I couldn't believe that I was so big and didn't notice it so I decided to lose weight and now I'm at 189 :)

Pre Op Pics

Because my review would be incomplete without them like my cousin said and because it would be unfair to myself and the rest of you beautiful ladies! I'm at 189 now trying to go down to at least 170

Recovery House Decision

My cousin and I have decided to stay at Dominga's, I've read some negative reviews where they say her air conditioner shuts off and that there isn't any hot water she told me that those problems were fixed and that new air conditioners were installed! Her house looks clean, comfortable, modern and safe she offers everything except the massages but can refer you to someone who can give them to you!

Dear Dr. Duran

This is how I be feeling when she doesn't reply to my messages!

I've been ghost for a few days!

Well hello ladies! Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed I have so many things going on at the moment BUT I'm still excited about this sx!!! 137 days to go and I have the greatest support and greatest friend my cousin NjEx who's kinda mad at me cause I haven't updated my blog in a few days, but I'm here and updating! I decided to put myself on the calorie counting diet I was on before along with the juicing and detox waters I will be posting some recipes for you lovely ladies who may be interested :)

Detox water No. 1

This detox water helps your body release toxins and burn fat! I've used it many times before and it indeed helps if you ladies are interested in trying it I will gladly give you the recipe. You must drink a pitcher per day and it doesn't taste bad :)

Detox water No. 2

This detox water is specially for water weight as our bodies sometimes retains water, just like the previous one its a pitcher a day, this one does taste a bit weird but I've lost up to 5lbs in one week if I drink it accordingly!

Detox water recipes

Detox No. 1
•1 lemon
• 1lime
• 1 orange
• 1 cup green grapes
• 8-10 mint leaves

Slice the lime, lemon and oranges put all ingredients in a gallon of water let it sit over night, drink one gallon a day.

Detox Water Recipes

Detox No. 2

• gallon if water
• 2 tablespoons cranberry juice
( no sugar)
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice
• 1 dandelion root tea bag

All ingredients in gallon of water, let it sit over night a gallon a day for 7 days!

First set of wish pics!

Noticed I hadn't gotten my wish pics together! I've been undecided on whether I want round hips or natural looking hips, a round butt or a heart shape this is so stressing lol I have 4 months to figure it out so let's see lol

Mail time!!

My passport came in the mail today! Yippeeeeeeyyyyyy!

Ordered this today!

Chin compression garment for 25$ not bad !!

Different types of butt shapes

Here are the most common butt shapes keep in mind that the 'round' would be the same as 'bubble' hope some of you find this as useful as I did cause I've decided over a heart shaped butt :)

This is the link where I got the information and picture from if you want to read more about the topic!

Just updating a bit!

School and work have had me super busy and even knocked down my excitement for my sx a bit BUT that doesn't mean that I'm not happy or looking forward to this because my countdown is REAAAAL! I can't believe I'm at 115 days away when just a few days ago when I started I was at 178! Time indeed flies! I started jogging yesterday and eating healthier, started counting my calories again and drinking my lean shakes trying to lose at least 25lbs before sx! Wishing all you ladies a great journey ?

My breakfast today

Whole wheat toast, hard boiled eggs, multivitamin and biotin, and a cup of green tea sweetened with honey!

105 days!

Started my countdown at 178 days so hard to believe that I'm already down to 105 days! This makes me super excited! 5 more days and it'll be double digits instead of triple! Yay me!! Have a great night everyone!

Keep in mind


The messages I get from these BIRDS

These 'women' in my opinion ratchets don't know how to act these days making a fool out of themselves all tough over the internet. Girl have a seat you ain't nothing girl!

Lit a candle tonight

Like the true Dominican that I am I have lit this candle tonight asking my saint to protect and watch over me and to multiply to others what they wish on me, and my saints never fail me! Have a blessed night everyone

So. I have been eating like a piggy!

Yea I said I was going to diet and so I did for TWO days until the smell of real non diet food won me over! I need to be stronger and really set my diet and follow it faithfully because I need to go down to at least 170 before sx and I'm 3 months away in a week! I'm at 194lbs right now I better start taking those diet serious! I seen women much larger than me get sx but in order for me to look the way I want to I know I must do my part and drop some weight!

Ms. Piggy aka Me

The pic didn't upload with my previous post.


Double digits! Finally! Now I feel the countdown has gotten REAL! Have a happy and blessed day y'all!

3 months to go!

I started my review at 6 months pre and I cannot believe that it's already been 3 months that I joined RS and started my journey! I can say that this website has been truly helpful and although I don't socialize with many of the ladies on here, the very few that I do socialize with are amazing women and I want to thank them for all their words, advice and reviews that have helped me so much! 89 days left I can't believe it! Happy Friday y'all!

3 months pre op

Haven't gained nor lost any weight. I do need to start working on losing some weight because I was told to lose 20 to 25lbs and 3 months will surely fly by. So I need to get it together ASAP. I might start juicing but food is so yummy. Waaaah

Changed my flight!

So excites after DAYYYYS of emailing duran and calling her office I finally got a response and was offered a date sooner! So I gave my January 3rd date to my friend shanty and I will be leaving NY November 12! So excited!!

Just waiting for the day!

Done with all my packing!!

My hemo!

I went ahead and purchased the megafoods blood builder but I'm too impatient to sit and wait for it to be shipped so I went to vitamin shoppe and picked it up! Magically, all my anemia symptoms have gone away, I'm not always tired and lazy and sleepy I feel more energetic! I have also been making beet juice (yes I know sounds gross) but I've heard it works wonders for us anemic people cause it helps boost your hemoglobin! Also the guava and red pepper juice is great for boosting hemoglobin levels too as for the taste, I'll reserve that lol! On Friday going for my pre op tests with my doctor and hopefully getting my prescriptions!


I have all of my supplies, my things are packed, my flight is booked but I was uncertain as to where I would stay because truthfully, I'm not a people person so a recovery house, with strangers wasn't exactly what I wanted, for months since I started my madness my aunt has been offering me her home and more than willing to care for me but I was unsure because to start, I haven't seen her in YEARS and I had no idea what her house looked like I didn't want to say yes and then get there and be upset if I don't like the way it looks and I may sound super ungrateful but after weeks of debating whether or not to ask her for pictures of her home without offending her I finally asked and I must say, I looooooooove it! Please don't mind her posing in some of the pictures lol

Aunt's house

Again don't mind her posing she's too cute!


Hi ladies just wanted to let all of you know that RiteAid has all vitamins buy one get one free!

What should I do?

After speaking to my professors, the majority of them agreed to let me make up the work that I would miss being out of class for 2 and half weeks so now I'm undecided whether to leave and get a 'passing grade' or stay and finish my last semester with excellent grades! I still have BOTH dates with Duran after speaking with fania and Elizabeth since this morning I still haven't come up with a decision but I sent Duran a 500$ deposit via Citibank this morning just waiting for fania to confirm it! Also Duran doesn't honor quotes on what's app only the ones she sends via email!

My cutie suitcase

As much as I said I wasn't going to buy a suitcase because my mom has many, something about this one just said 'please take me home and to DR with you' and how could I say no? It's only 4.3lbs! And it was 60$ at Marshall's :)

Diuretic juice!!

Tastes quite yummy !! Helps detox and weight loss!
Celery, cucumber, green apple, pineapple, lemon and orange!

Just 69 more days!!!

I can't believe in 9 days I'll be EXACTLY 2 months away!! Super duper happy cause now I feel that things is about to get real!! Lol to all of those who already had their surgery happy healing and to the ones coming up soon good luck

Exactly TWO months left!!!

Dear sweet tiny baby Jesus! I'm so happy omg I feel like time has disappeared I remember starting this blog at 6 months pre and I used to get frustrated just thinking about all the days left and now it's just 8 weeks! Lord Jesus! Anyways I wanted to wish my friend Mamacita1987 a safe flight and the best of luck on her trip and surgery, I will keep you in my prayers and I know you'll be looking super fly girl! Happy Saturday y'all!

Keep Calm and realize I'm 5 weeks away'

Unbelievable how time FLIES! When I started this journey I was 6 months away from surgery, half a year! And now it's just 5 weeks away! Excited much? YES I AM! I get so happy and excited when I see new dolls and their post op pics!! I just can't wait. God willing everything will be great!

21 days!

In 21 Days I will be in my country God willing! I am so excited and anxious and nervous all at the same damn time!! Just watched the Spanish news and they reported that a lot of women traveling coming back from the DR after surgery are getting infections due to bacteria in the water so ladies please please please make sure you use bottled water when bathing and drinking your meds!!!

DR in 3 Days!!!!

So ready and excited for this. I leave to DR on the 26th but my surgery is still on the 3rd! God willing everything will go great and as planned. I am a little nervous and even worried but I leave it all in God's hands and I have a really great feeling! Hope you all enjoy your holidays !

Super late update, but better late than never!

First I'd like to thank all of you for your wishes I truly appreciate it! Sorry I took as long to update, but I now know why is it that some ladies on here take forever to update after sx. This is no joke. It's not even the pain it's how uncomfortable everything is for the first few weeks!! Jesus I thought it was gonna be smoother but now that I'm feeling much better everything was way worth it and I would gladly go through it all again without hesitating! Mind you the first few days I don't know how many times I asked myself why I did this to myself!!

So. I arrived at DR on Jan 2nd I was scheduled for the 3rd with Duran at CIPLA but instead I ended up getting surgery on January 10th with a different doctor at CECIP!

I am beyond happy with my results, just upset because I would love it if the swelling went away completely! This faja has got to be the most irritating thing in the world!!! Anyways. Everything went well thank God! I had a tummy tuck, lipo to flanks, back and arms no bbl because my doctor stated I didn't need one! WAAAAAHHHH! But either way I am in love with my body and can't even imagine how much more I will be once the swelling goes down! I've lost a total of 13lbs so far but the swelling is still there ugh !!! I keeps faja on faithfully only take it off to bathe! I bought my second faja while I was in DR at a FAJATE store that my aunt took me to. I paid about 100USD for it.

I got a total of 8 massages and I cannot stress how AMAZING Zara was! She is hands down the best masseuse! Very caring and over all humble not like many people in DR who just see dollar signs! I recommend Zara to everyone! Not only are her massages great but she's also very helpful and thoughtful. She sent me over to a lady so that she could fix my first faja cause it already too loose, brought me some tea that helped with the swelling along with some other stuff to put under my faja! She also got me some oil called 'Rosa Mosqueta' which is to help the scarring of my tummy tuck! I tell you she is the best thing to have happened to me in DR along with my doctor and aunt of course!

Pictures !

Here are some pictures !

More pictures!

Few more pics


Has anyone heard of Daisy recovery house?

Less than 100 days for round 2!

This time I'm not going borderline crazy because now that I've been through this I'm not going to over pack and over stress myself. Time flies! Hope y'all enjoyed Valentines! Happy healing to all

My tummy tuck incision :)

Hey guys sorry for taking so long to upload my tummy tuck incision. I've been waiting for some of the swelling to go down but it just goes and comes. There are days when I'm not swollen and days when I wake up looking like a balloon. My scar has been healing so well it makes me super happy! It's really thin but long. I've been using silicone sheets for about two weeks now and some oil that Zara got for me in DR it's called Aceite Rosa Mosqueta. It's pretty good. Well happy healing and good luck to dolls with their upcoming sx :)

3.9.14 marks 2 months post!

The swelling has gone down tons, but there's days that I feel like a balloon. My back hurts so much and is still hard as a rock although I've been getting my massages. My tummy tuck and belly button have healed wonderfully thank god! I have a waist cincher from Salome that I wear over my faja (it makes my waist ridiculously tiny) and a squeem for the gym. I started the gym last week only cardio and light weights. Cause unfortunately lipo doesn't make cellulite go away! I'm reconsidering to wait longer for round two because each day my body changes, and as I was told it'll take approximately 6 full months for me to really see my final results. I wanted round 2 in May but that'll only be 4 months post. Either way, I'm not as anxious as I once was before, maybe cause I've already been through the process. Let's see how
all goes!

Tummy tuck scar cover up!

For those of you who also have a tummy tuck scar that you'd like to cover up without the need of a tattoo! I use dermablend and it works wonders! But it must be the leg and body it's made for scars, tattoos, burns, varicose veins! It's smudge and sweat resistant for up to 16 hours! You must buy the foundation , the primer stick and the setting powder in order for it to work best!

My love for high waisted pants!

I just can't get enough of how great these high waist pants look on a flat tummy

Before and After

These are front and back comparisons of pre and post surgery. In the front post pic you can see I still have plenty of stretch marks and you can tell how well dermablend covers them on the previous picture!

3 months post!

So, as they say you truly start to see your results 3 to 6 months post surgery, and believe it's true!

Almost 6 months Post!

In about 2 weeks I will be 6 months post op I will be flying back to DR soon for breast lift and semi implant and possible bbl but not certain about the bbl yet since my butt size is pretty good I'm only 5'1 and I don't want to look too exaggerated. I don't wear my faja as much anymore but I do wear my corset which I think works wonders. I've gained 9lbs of which I believe have just gone to my butt and thighs lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran

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