SNATCHED by an ANGEL in 2016 - Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

Hello RS, First and foremost, I must say that...

Hello RS, First and foremost, I must say that prayer really changes things. I'm so glad to have FINALLY made it here.
I'm a 42yo mother of Five (4b&1g) and I'm in need of a full Mommy Makeover. I mean the "works"! I'm 5'4" 208lbs and still decreasing. I've done quite a bit of research and I've chosen Dr. Fátima Almonte in DR as my PS. I'm hoping to have my sx in March. Though I can feel it, full excitement hasn't really struck me yet, but Grateful is an understatement. I'm waiting to hear back from her Assistant Lesley to confirm my date. So far, I've been getting quick responses. I AM SOOO READY! I've read so much about Dr. Almonte, I'm convinced she's an Angel of Beauty. Blessed with skills to make a Physically busted, emotionally drained woman look and feel good again. So much to do now. Passport, travel/care items, lab work, etc. WoW...Lookout world another "Almonte Doll" is on the rise! If anyone have any questions please ask, or any pointers or advice, please share.
My New Me Journey, The Beginning...


Forgot to add my are a few.

Spread Your Wings Angel of Beauty I'm On My Way!

Well I must say, today is one of THE most happiest days of my life! Deposit Paid! Researching RHs in progress. Anyone going on the 31st of March? If so, at which RH will u be staying?
Can u say, "Cry Me a River" or "Standing Ovation?" That's the emotional roller coaster I'll send on if I even began to tell u about my life's journey. But just know that this is a prayer and dream come true. If my dearest mother who loved her some Jesus was still alive, she'd surely say, "NuhAh! The Good Lord don't have nothing to do with this foolishness. BUT. Because he's a faithful and merciful God, and knows that we're foolish, he STILL loves us see's us thru." I don't think she really understood because she was never a big girl, or busted. She was one who believed that's being disobedient to the word. I don't really know if this is spiritually right or wrong but I believe with all my that God has a lot to do with this. Anyhoo, I PRAISED Him! I shouted! I ran back and forth! Honey, let me tell u. I've bn back n forth in the mirror about 8 times already. Looking at my box of too little clothes like, YES babies momma won't be long now! Hecks, I even did a little shopping for a few of the main things I want and need. Just a few more things and I'm done.
My apologies. My pics keep downloading sideways.

Rain Hell Sleet or Snow...Pedal to the Metal

It's been pouring down out here for two days. But hey. I gots thangs to do. Did I mention I paid my deposit yesterday. Bought my plane ticket via Delta Airline with Wheelchair assistance last night. Sent off for my passport today. Completed my shopping (I think lol). Gonna have my labs drawn toward the end of the month.
Passport breakdown-Just incase anyone wants to know.
Passport photo *cost varies
Passport Book $110 / 28 pages
(No cash or debit/credit cards accepted by the Agency or Depart of State for this fee)
Passport Card $30
Same as above
Over Night Return Fee $14.85
Same as above
Agency's Processing Fee $25
Post Office, City Clerks Office, or any AUTHORIZED location
(Cash, debit/credit cards IS accepted for this fee)
Total of Cashiers Check $154.85
Plus Agency fee $25
Total Paid $179.85
I'll post pics. I hope this was helpful

As of 01/09/2016 Hgb Level is 13.1

Hey Dolls, I went to the Dr. Yesterday 1/9/16, and all my blood test results are looking pretty good. All within normal range except for my platelet count was a little elevated. No big deal at all. BUT. My hemoglobin level is only 13.1. I deliberately waited til my cycle came to have my blood drawn. On the fourth day this is my result. Good but not so good. I'm gonna go hard on this blood/iron building regimen. Still have some time before the sx, don't want to drop down by ".2" and be out the game. Gonna try my best to be at least 13.5-14.2 when I go. All I have to do is boost up, so I'm quite Happy about my overall lab results.


Hey Dolls can ANYONE give me any insight on what this "Mandatory Insurance" $150 is all about.
WHAT insurance am I suppose to purchase?
WHO do I purchase it from?
WHEN do I purchase it?
WHERE do I purchase it?
I'm trying to get all of this financial biz squared away ASAP. This Fee is apart of my "ITEM LIST"
I emailed Dr. Almonte's Assistant, who sent it to me as well.

Seriously DELAYED...RS Site not working out

Hey u guys. I thought I was getting use to navigating on this site but I just realized I'm not. Some of u have either responded to my comments OR have commented on one of my post.
I find it a little time consuming and becoming irritating trying to find the actual comments. I guess u can say whn it comes to RS site, I'm seriously delayed.
I can read the comments via my email but whn I open to the site I'm in never never land. So I won't be on here any longer. I'll continue to post my journey and pics and leave comments that won't require a response.
So. I apologize in advance if I haven't responded. But I don't know WHERE to find it.

Who's Has a Date with Dr. Fetimá Almonte on or around March 31st?

What recovery home will u b staying. if u don't want to answer in the open, please inbox me. I've bn thinking about buddying up with someone. Not sure if this is going to happen but I'd thought I still ask.

Cost of Iron Infusions in DR???

Does anyone know the cost or the price range of an Iron Infusion in DR. If so, will u please share. I'm trying hard to get my Hgb up but I may need one if I don't succeed with my efforts.

PSSS...I Got My Passport Today YAY!

So as u may know, I purchased my passport on Jan 6th. I just got it out the mailbox this evening. Now I'm just waiting for them to return my birth certificate and my passport card which will both be mailed separately.
Yeahhh...It's getting REAL! Two more months and I'm OUT!

I Lied to Myself Now I'm CONFUSED :(

Hey Dolls, so I told myself I'm not going "snooping" around as my girl AlmonteDollInTheMaking calls it. Lol.
But I get a lil curious and I'm interested in the Journeys and overall outcome of the beautiful woman who have gone before me as well as u Dolls who are waiting like me. I've ALWAYS had a nicely shaped bubble butt. Not square, or heart shaped just a deep back arch and round bubble.
Notice I wrote the word "had." Now it's falling. The top of my buns under the layer fatty flanks are getting flat and then comes the bubble and right under my projection, at the bottom of the cheeks, my butt has deflated and are now running into my thighs. Ur but is suppose to b lifted up, not blending into Ur thighs. Ugh!
So my dilemma is...
I've read and saw pics of tuns of reviews on my Chosen PS. And they were awesome, but lately I've bn seeing more and more reviews, past and recent where patients who received her work had obvious flaws either with their TT having too much fat remaining in the abdominal area or waist OR their BBL which was not as they wanting or had obvious flatten areas of the bottocks or not enough fat graft, or booty sculpturing.
These stories and pics concern me. Like what making me think her craftsmanship is going to be superb with ME.
I heard about Medina but haven't looked him up to view his work. Also Yily and Cabral.
My stomach is priority but just like ALL of my money will b right the first time, it is imperative that whatever is performed is performed RIGHT the FIRST time. I'm not paying this money and taking on my years of a dream finally coming true just to have to return for a "round 2" of the same procedure.
I compared some 1-5 day post op pics and some Dolls had noticeable well rounded projection and/or lifts right after surgery in spite of any swelling. And some Dolls clearly didn't. Some had me like how could that have bn missed or not corrected?
I don't need much done to my butt but the required needs STILL needs to b done right.
I've seen a few of Yily's arts and I was very pleased. I'm sure there's some dolls with not so successful stories with her but I can't find any. I'm just so damn confused now.
Am I tripping? I rather lose a little bit of deposit than to have regrets later. I'm not sure about anything anymore. I believe they all have bad makeover days, I just hope that day doesn't fall on mine. So I try to keep this in mind but now I'm like, are these post I'm reading a sign that I need to switch? If so WHO do I switch to? This is SOOO not good right now. But I still love me some Almonte's work. Some of the reviews and pics have gotten to me and I'm more than a lil bit concerned. Do keep moving forward and hold on to my faith that all will b well or do I take this as a warning? GEESH!
Does anyone have any input or advice to share? I'm all eyes.
Two months left. If I stay with my Angel of Beauty will she let me down :(
*Mayb I shouldn't have went "snooping." (sigh-smh)

Ok. The BREAKDOWN IS OVER, I'm staying

Thank u ladies who came in and neutralized my concerns with ur words of wisdom & encouragement. My emotions are now back intact and stablized.
As Mentioned, I truly believe in my PS Fátima Almonte and I truly believe her hands and skills are a good fit for me and my body.
There's pros and cons yes, but I'm gonna roll with her becas HECKS I FELL IN LOVE :)))

Hey Dolls! It's Long But Well Worth the Read

I copied and pasted my response and tried to edit it to a form of a general post. I apologize for the length but I had a lot to say. Again. lol...
I'm sorry Ms. "---", I just saw ur comment. Rt after I posted my last comment above, I wrote and posted another Post saying the breakdown was over and thanking the Dolls who responded. So u must have posted ur comment at the same time or afterwards and I missed it.
But No girl, I didn't change my mind. I get these RS emails all day everyday and whn I'm home in bed I open them and read the reviews and view pics. I don't allow any negative irrelevant things to bother me. It's just so happens that I stumbled on a few things (not major at all), and I mentally got caught up into the "what ifs." Which happens to b normal. But I think I really over exhausted myself mentally (I felt it), because I was on here for some HOURS and didn't even realize it.
So I mentally allowed anxiety to consume me which lead me into a small breakdown of being scared, mind bottled or confused. It was a WEIRD feeling I tell ya. I had to reach out cause I'm not one to trip out or lose my cool nor the anxious, worrier type.
Lol yeah the Journey is REAL.
So...A few Dolls on here promptly responded and it helped me to redirect things and quickly overcome that zone I had just entered. I had to tap back into reality. #1 The thought of money being doubled or having revisions are concerns of ALL patients at one point or another. But. NO PS is 100% perfect all the time; with every patient for various reasons, but fear and anxiety will cause u to lose sight of this if u let it. Truth is, no matter who we chose, we'll never escape certain cerncerns. But we have to feel confident that we've made the rt decision.
So...I scratched
whatever itch I had and honestly, I don't feel the way I do about any other PS the way I feel about Dr. Almonte and this is the way we're all suppose to feel about the PS we choose. I truly Love her work and hecks I know in my soul she's the PS for me and "MY" body. Just as I was the day I reached out to her I'm still confident that I'm in good hands. I've learned It's peak season rt now so at times, they may not get back to us as quick as they usually do or in a timely manner every time. This may be discouraging BUT don't let it. They WILL respond.
Continuing on...The Dolls are rt, it's easy to log in and get scared, confused and start the "what IFs" whn ur reading all these reviews. But girls, I'm not about allow anything to block this. So I had to hurry up and redirect that negative energy away from me. U c, it's all in the psyche.
Dr. Almonte is GOOD and my confidence lies with her. If u feel the same, then I say stick with yours as well. I know in my heart that my PS won't let me down. Hecks if I'm not pleased with something we gonna cross that road IF/ Whn we get there and keep going til we get it right TOGETHER cause babyyy...with Dr. Almonte, the end results are going to b INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!!!!
If u should run across anything on here, a flaw here or a flaw there, I say try hard to not allow it to cause u to second guess ur decision. Especially if it's nothing major. Our PSs are trying their best to create perfection out something that is either mildly, moderately, or severely imperfected.
Hecks THOUSANDS of us are going to our PSs tow up from the flo up and still coming out as walking Miracles! I'm just being real.
Being excited, afraid, nervous, impatient, worried etc, can so easily cause us to forget these things. So Dolls, it's about being consistent with staying focused and taking it one day at a time for me.
Heeey...I think this is a good feed to post. Long as heck though but Mayb it can b a help to someone else, when needed.

My Wish Pics, That's Right Dolls "ME"

Hey Dolls, Hope all is well.
So today I've FINALLY decided to kill shame and drop a few of my wish pics. They're not ur normal "PS or Mommy Makeover" Wish Pics. My wish pics happens to b of my "Real Self."
Yes Dolls, I want to look like the ME before I gained all this weight and cellulite galore.
Again, Death, MVA, and Stress initiated my food binge a couple of years ago. Getting hit with one stress factor after another, I found comfort in food and junk food. A Bottomless Pit is what I had and an "I don't give a damn" attitude to go along with it. Now don't get me wrong, there were times whn I'd tell myself to stop or tht I knew better, but looking back I know depression had become my middle name and I couldn't stop. Though I was seeing the lbs collect upon me, I didn't care enough to stop. Seeing my body changing and knowing I was the cause of it, only made me more depressed and in turn I found more comfort in food. A VISCOUS cycle indeed.
U c for me, I've always bn one to greatly appreciate how the body looks with clothes off. That's what stills matters to me today. It's all about the appearance of my body when it's Naked. Some women focus on the appearance of their bodies with clothes on. We all like what we like so I don't knock anyone's preference. This is just mine. If I'm looking good naked, then no matter what I put on, it's gonna b a show stopper. I never wanted to wear the suffocating "suck me ins" to make myself look good in my clothes. I wanted to look good and feel good without all tht. After having all my children, I was left with a gut and stretch marks. Age, poor collagen, and gravity also was and still is against me. I cud never get into the gym thing, but I was mindful of these things so I made it a habit throughout the years to keep myself right until the habit became apart of me (my lifestyle).
I certainly didn't want to wait to get 40 (42now) and become busted.
My children, family, and friends were all in awh. I mean they could not believe how big I'd gotten. All the rolls of blubber, all the cellulite, all the stomach, thighs and ASS was hard for folks to believe, especially those who hadn't seen me in a while. All of my children took after my body structure and they have all asked me are they going get like this later and each time I replied, "Only if u allow urslf to."
But hey. It happened and it was real. I was eating up my house, out foods, and your house.
In late 2014 I made up my mind to start working out in the gym to lose the weight, BUT. I wasn't mentally ready. A big part of me was still stuck in the habit of eating like crazy. I was 238.5lbs at my largest ever and 5'4" in 2014. I lost 62lbs by March 2015. Then I backslid until I was up to 227lbs. One time of backsliding was enough for me. Hecks it's too hard trying to get this fat off. So I meditated and prayed day in and day out even at work. I came to a made up mind just like that, to get back to ME and never revisit this chapter of my life again.
One thing that helped me was thinking about my children. Was I going to live a viable life and be around to see my grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren? Or was I goin to continue to eat years of my life away?
I chose to live and return to the healthy lifestyle I once knew. I vowed to do this and fix the extra damage I've done to my body. The damage tht exercise can't fix. I bought some of that Hydroxycut from GNC. Took about 8 tabs total but didn't like the way it made me feel. Ewwwe, So not good. Not to mention all the possible side effects that were freaking me out the whole time. Heart, Kidneys, and Liver??? Nawh...I need those. I pass. I guess either God or my body said, "Hell to da Nawh! U gone do this COLD TURKEY SISTAGIRL!"
I said, "Ok. Then Cold Turkey it is." Gave'm away. Smh STILL. 60 or 70bucks gone down the drain.
Now here I am, trying to get me back. I'm SOOO HAPPY to know I'm not alone. Fact. I can relate to every post I read and every picture I see. I KNOW the struggle and the pain. This is y I don't allow the words, "I'm praying for u" to b words of a cliche. When I say it, it's either already done or the next thing to b done. I like this site bcas I never knew so many ppl of all races look like me or have something that's similar to mine. From deflated helpless breast to fat back, to big gut, to sad thighs, to saggy booty. I am her and she is me. I'm glad I found this site, it's bn very helpful during my journey. Correction...The Women/Dolls on this site and their post and reviews.
In conclusion, My wish pics are of myself because I admire no other woman's body more than I do my own; even as it is now. Hecks I know what lies beneath.
So...I wish to look like "ME" but a me MAGNIFIED
---My Wish---
To weigh no less than 157-163lbs as seen in my pics. I hold wt good so anything smaller isn't a good look for me.
Bigger full breast, flat Abd, small waist, nice EVEN hips, nice raised butt, firm arms with no batwings, thighs tight and defined. Never had any legs so call me Whoopi, I can live with that lol.
I'm over being ashamed of myself for letting myslf go.
This Is My Testimony...So here r my wish pics ladies 2012-2015.

Pics didn't upload!!!

My apologies Ladies. I think it SUCKS to take time to write and post pics and the pics doesn't download or upload to the site. I'll try one more time. I c quite a few ppl have this same issue. It's not my phone nor computer. There4, there's an internal technical issue tht needs to b corrected.
It takes time to write and post pics. I'm not one who'd keep trying when I know the issue isn't on my end.
Because my update did post, I'll give it just ONE more try.

Pics to My WISH PICS Post


Hello RS Family. I pray that all is well with everyone. I'd like to first take out time to acknowledge my Lord Jesus and thank him for all the love he's bn giving me since the day I was born. His Grace, his Mercy, his Understanding, his Guidance, his Covering and Protection, his Patience, his Never Ending Forgiveness, his Chastising, and his Never Ending Blessings. I've can't help but to sing with praise..."When I think about the goodness of Lord and all he's done for me, my soul cries out!"
When u don't have nothing or no one, Jesus is THERE. I know many of u have witnessed his love and like myself can share MANY testimonies. He's truly worthy to b praised.
I pray tht all who have had sx is healing without complications. May God ease ur pain. For those who may have already encountered a complication/s, it's not easy, I'm sure of this but Stay encouraged. Keep ur faith and know Jesus WILL heal u. May God continue to keep his loving and merciful hands on all of us. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
RS Family I didn't intend to start my post out like this but I've bn praising him since I woke up this morning and right now I'm smiling becas I noticed my praise has overflowed to my post.
I mean do u ever think about the Lord and feel so joyfully overwhelmed by his love that u all u can do is cry becas u love him so much? Well it's a wonderful feeling, and strength to my soul.
Keep him close to ur hearts, not just during ur journeys but ALWAYS; thru good and difficult times and continue to witness his power in ur lives. I'd like to thank u for sharing this moment with me.

Today I'll b going to have my CBC drawn. I have already prayed and asked God to bless me in every aspect of my journey so no need to ask him again becas I know he heard my prayer/cry the first time.
In regards to my iron intake and overall health, I've bn doing my part to best of my knowledge.
Unfortunately, I've bn a little under the weather these pass two days. Stuffy nose, itchy throat with mild off and on dry cough. This isn't the norm for me. I hardly and I do mean hardly ever get sick. My children and myself rarely get ill, but mayb the it's just my turn. However, it want to come about just before I go to the doctor? The devil is a liar. My test results will not b hindered in any way.
I'm just a month and a few days away now u guys and I'm SOOO excited! I'm having my CBC done now becas it's actually the first result after over a month of oral iron therapy. Knowing my numbers will give me insight as to where I'm standing and /or wht changes or adjustments need to b made (if any), during the rest of my waiting time. I'll have one last final draw, just before I leave for Sx. I'm still doing the same iron supplements as named in my previous post. I believe it's gone up just not sure how much. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll check back in with u guys as soon as I get the results.
Have a wonderful day everyone and may continue to bless u and keep u. ONE Love
***Scuse the typos


Hey RS Family...I want to take out a moment to thank all of u for ur kind words or encouragement and support. I even want to thank the RS Management Team for their warm welcomings to all of us.
I must say, this journey is truly an experience and I'm so grateful becas God is right by my side seeing me thru.
I have no complaints what so ever and this too, I'm grateful for. From the beginning starting with Dr. Almonte's Assistant, Lesley who has bn so pleasant and patient from day one to the down to earth women/dolls I've met on this site and the overall level of support thts given to one another on here. Boy if we had more of this in the world, I'm certain it wud b a better place (just a thought).
Back to the beginning...
I try hard not to call and bother Lesley & Dr. Almonte becas I KNOW they are BUSY. But Dolls I tell u whenever I do talk to her, I swear we need more ppl like her in the US. She speaks with a calm caring voice. Her attitude is always the same, pleasant and "Here to Help." She'll tell me in such a sweet voice, it's ok take ur time. But I find myself still rushing just to free her up becas I can only imagine how busy she is. She has made an great impression on me and has always made me smile. It's always a blessing to meet sweet, kind and caring ppl. Especially those who are dealing with either ur livelihood or health.
I knew before I was introduced to RS tht Dr. Almonte and Team was just right for me.

Then I found all of u here on RS! Absolutely AMAZING! The care, support and encouragement on here is like tht which is found in a church where true ppl of God and followers of Jesus fellowship. Thank God for this site and its members. I even a few dolls who are so down to earth, at times it kind of stings my soul tht we live so far apart. But hey, maybe we'll keep in touch. Some experiences and Journies do bring ppl together and the friendships last a lifetime.
On another note, I thank God for my family becas they are just as excited for me as I am lol. Only my immediate family and my RS family knows at this time. I know, I know, ur probably saying why haven't u told anyone else? Well I have my reasons which are more specific to spiritual than anything else. I'm AM going to tell others but not yet.
I have about a month and a week left til my time arrives. I've purchased my supplies and once I have packed my things, which will b soon, I can then say I'm officially ready. I'm so excited u guys! Please keep me in ur prayers, as I will do the same with u. Most of all, continue to love and trust in the Lord Jehovah becas he is the most high and his love for us is will never fail. The Good and the bad, we must count it all as joy and know that our father in heaven is in control when we allow him to be and he will never ever forsake us.
May God's Blessings and Protection be upon all of us. Have a wonderful day RS Family. Catch u later :)
*scuse the typos
I don't feel no ways tired, I come too far from where I started from...Nobody told me that the road would b easy...But I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me...

3WKs & 4DYs Til Take Off!!!

Hey RS Family. Time has really flown by! I can't believe it's my turn for the "Count Down." I'm so excited! Thanking God for allowing me to get this far.
So. I'm all packed up and ready. I'm taking a 1Lrg & 1Sm check bag, and 1Sm carry on.
Oh and I also printed out ALL my emails; my plane ticket and gave my hubby a copy; and I also copied my passport n card in color and gave him copies along with addresses, names, phone numbers including to both Embassies. On another upcoming post I'm goin to jot down additional things I'm taking tht were bought after the initial supply pics were posted.
By the way...I'm goin to get my Hgb results TODAY. Very Excited about this as well!
Well, I'll b checking in with u'all a lil later today. Until then, blessing to everyone :)


So as u know on the 22nd I had my CBC drawn. Today I receive all my test results.
So here's the thing. I'm going to take some time and write this post to share with u'all some important pointers in regards to raising ur Hgb level. Y now? Well I didn't want to do this too prematurely becas I had to first c if I did right by my knowledge and the additional info I Hgb will have atleast a semi-significant increase within the appropriate time allotted.
Now this is what worked for "ME."
If ur doing wht works for u, I say stick with it, but if wht ur doing isn't really working then, consult with ur PCP and u can try this if u want.
Ok gonna try to b quick...
In DEC/2015 my Hgb was 11.8.
JAN Hgb 13.1 and then just a few days later 12.3.
13.1 on my cycle and a lil dehydrated. Yes. If ur not hydrated enuff u CAN have a false higher Hgb. However, other lab values WILL reveal ur on the dry side or dehydrated. After ur hydrated ur Hgb will stabilize to a more accurate reading.
On the other hand if ur over hydrated/diluted, u CAN have a false lower Hgb. IKR. So this helps to explain the variation in the values I just gave.
Now moving on...Per Feb 22nd results, almost 2wks after my cycle ended, my Hgb is up to 13. So frm 11.8 to 12.3 to 13.0 and well hydrated.
Other results...Mammogram came back Neg. But I do have a confirmed "non malignant" "Lipoma" (glob of pure fatty tissue) at the base of my left armpit. It needs to either get sucked out or cut out. Excision is the recommended method. So a lil nick of an opening and just like tht, it's out. Lipoma Confirmed-Benign via Clinical Presentation, CT Scan and Mammogram, Thank u Lord. Cause I NEED and want my breast done. Pap Smear Neg. Thank U Lord AGAIN. So my labs, test, and overall health remains GOOD.
Moving On...
What am I doing? I'm simply but not so simple, avoiding foods that interfers with iron absorption.
U guys it's good to read the reviews RS to get info here and there, but if u REALLY want to acquire valuable info, the best thing u can do for urslvs is READ and RESEARCH. Just as with anything else on earth, "u get out of it wht u put into it." Of course whn it comes to certain situations this principal somehow gets lost. Hmmm...Anyway.
A few Foods tht interfer with iron absorption, I'll list a few and leave it to u to research the rest. SPINACH, EGGS, GRAPEFRUIT, COFFEE, TEA, WHEAT BRAN, CHOCOLATE, SEVERAL Kinds of BERRIES, FIBER, TOMATOES, KALE, MANY BEANS, APPLES, CALCIUM, NUTS, and the list goes on. Do ur research.
Ok. U c, many fruits and vegetables are high in certain contents tht blocks iron from absorbing via the intestines.
Exp. SPINACH. GRAPEFRUITS, and many others are high in OXALATES. Oxalates inhibits the absorption of non-heme iron, (Look up heme vs non-heme iron). Yes, spinach has iron but due to the OXALATE compound in raw spinach, ur body will get everything but the iron from spinach. To decrease the amount of oxalate in spinach or any other oxylate containing vegetable, u can boil it for a few minutes.
EGGS contains a protein called Phosvitin which inhibits iron absorption.
Apples, TEA, Mint, and others contain POLYPHENOLS which is a MAJOR inhibitor of iron absorption.
U c this is why I said, "simply but not so simple." Now u can understand why anemia is SOOO common. Iron is a metal that our bodies don't make. We have to get it from foods or non-heme iron products. At the same time, if we're no knowledgeable about the foods and their inhibitory actions, we can prevent our bodies from getting minimal to no iron.
Now. There are several post where dolls have sworn by drinking raw spinach, kale, beets and other veggie juiced and their Hgb according to their reports have increased. So again, so whtever it is tht works for u. This is just something to b mindful of if ur Hgb is increasing as it shud and ur PCP hasn't diagnosed u with any iron issues.
How do I do it? Simple. I research EVERYTHING before I consume it. I'm telling u GOOGLE and I r best friends. I Googled ever single thing Whn I first started out. It's time consuming at first but if u pretty much eat the same foods often, thn u won't need to look ur foods up any longer.
Next...I time manage my intake of iron foods and iron blocking foods to ensure adequate daily nutrition. Starting my day off with iron on an empty stomach.
Note: Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar and Alcohol is said to enhance iron absorption. I do both. SSS TONIC 12% alcohol.
Note: Vigorous EXERCISE is said to decrease Hgb level due to the exertion of RBCs. This is why they market supplements for Runners and Athletes to help prevent anemia and give energy for endurance. Research this to. It will surely help. I KNOW my Hgb wud b higher than it is but I'm going HARD trying to get this fat off. Basically I have to replace wht my body is burning off. So far, not doing bad at all, Thanking My Lord Jehovah.
So. If u want to try something different, thn start by researching EVERYTHING ur going to consume BEFORE consuming it. And don't forget to WAIT and allow ur body time to absorb the iron before consuming foods tht block iron.
So that's about it u'all. I pray tht this may b helpful to someone. May God's Blessing Remain Upon U. I'm sure there are many typos so pls
Scuse the typos.
In closing, my Hgb is 13.0, I'm about to step it up to iron supps THREE TIMES A DAY til My Day Arrives! ONE Love :) If u have any questions feel free to ask. I know I was typing long and fast so if something isn't clear let me know. Too tired to edit tonight. Xoxoxo :)

24 DAYS! Iron Supps ^ 3Xs a Day

Hey RS Family. I'm up, and refreshed. Thanking God for allowing me to wake up and giving me another day to strive to be closer to him. Hope all is well with everyone and ur families.
I'm attaching a few pics of some more items I purchased. Some things may or may not be needed but I rather be over prepared than not prepared enough. I kept all my receipts so once I'm back home and find there's item I don't need, I'll be headed for a refund lol.
I have my Boppy Pillow packed just in case the booty can get a little love.
While waiting on my results, I had to reup on my iron supps and I added Hema Plex (for one 1/2wks only) and Pure Absorb to the regimen. Starting today, I'll be increasing my iron intake to 3times a day. My goal is to increase my Hgb level. I'll love it if I can achieve 13.5-14.2 by the end of the month. Realistically, 13-13.8 is achievable. Praying for this increase as well.
So I packed lite. I didn't pack 10days worth of clothes becas my clothes will be washed frequently during my stay. Some things I bought for aftercare isn't needed til I return home. I'll post the additional pics and try list some of the things I packed.
2 MooMoo gowns w/pockets one Zip up and one with snaps (Walmart)
10prs of Granny Panties (WalM)
Regular bras
Sports bras (just in case my breast get a little love) (WalM)
Several Non Skid Socks (eBay)
6 Maxi Dresses
1 Pants Set
1lite sweater
1 Corset (Amazon) to wear while faja is being washed.
1Thigh High & 1reg. length Anti Embolism Compression socks
1 Abdominal Binder (Amazon)
1pr slippers & 1pr slide in flipflops
1pr closed toe shoes
Boppy Pillow (eBay)
Neck Pillow (eBay)
Fanny Pack (eBay)
Money Belt (Thinkn about wiring money before I leave) (Amazon)
Awaiting compact safe
Wound Supplies
Insentive Spirometer (eBay)
Female Urinal (Amazon)
Face Mask
Pulse Oxymeter (eBay)
Sanitary Napkins
Chux Pads 36x34 washable
Chux Pads 36x36 disposable
40%DeeT insect spray
10 paks of Large Body Wipe
1Lrg Pak Huggies Wipes
3 Bath Towels & 8 wash cloths
Medications oral and topical
Leaving All Jewelery at home gonna buy a few costume pieces


Just 2Wks & 6DYs left. Last week I had a problem with my car. Had to spend money to get it fixed. NOW one of my "Bushings" has gone bad and has to b replaced. The total auto repair (parts & labor) in these two weeks totaling $1650.00 with all the other monthly obligations and "reserve money?" Geesh Talking about BAD TIMING.
Well I'm not going to allow this to steal my joy and excitement u guys.
I'm just looking at it as God is letting me get all of this out of the way so tht I won't have the hassle once I return home while healing.
Above all things, Jehovah Jireh is my God so this brings more than enough peace and comfort to my soul. Staying Encouraged and Faithful, I'm Pressing On...
Will update again soon
*The Journey is REAL


Hey u guys. Hope all is well you and yours. It's been quite an experience in these last two weeks, from March 9 the day after my last post to March 24th.
First off, Given nothing but praises to my Lord Jehovah for making EVERYTHING possible. Secondly, I'm proud of myself for not allowing an unexpected circumstance to cause any waiving of my faith.
I jumped on my grind, recopped what was lost and then some. All this means such a short amount of time, God made it possible for me to get back all that Satan "thought" he was taking from me and so much more. This is why I praise him.
I'm still packed up and ready to go. I'll know my Hgb from two weeks ago lol tomorrow. But Auntie Red rolled up in here like her presence is wanted. Knowing I don't need any of her visits cause I need to go have my sx. Lol yeah she's a cold piece of work when wanna be. But I want to know becas it will give me an idea of the progress I made in the duration of that month. I was at a 13.0 on Feb 22rd. Praying I went up at the time of my last testing. Well there's not too much to say other than I'M SOOO READY TO GO. SO READY TO GET THIS OVER WITH. SO READY TO SEE DR. ALMONTE's REVISION OF ME and I'M SO EXCITED!
Have I lost any pounds?
YES (naturally). I gave myself a realistic goal to lose atleast 30lbs in three months. I've lost 31.5lbs. since January whn I was 208lbs.
I'm feeling good. Feel HEALTHIER and this is what matters most.
I will post as much as I can for those who are pending sx after me as well as for those who are in debating status or have already had their SXs but are still following.
BLESSINGS...and Next post will b PART TWO BLESSING in the past Two Weeks. Oh and I'll take some updated "Before SX Pics" and post them hopefully before I leave.
**Scuse the typos


Sharing a little joy!
While mishaps were transpiring in one area, BLESSINGS were being delivered in another.
Friday my third born returned home from receiving a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to Indiana State University D1; GPA being just a smidge away from 4.0.
This makes the Second of my Four sons to receive a FBall Schoarship. My youngest says he's next. I say Indeed he is. It wasn't easy raising my babies alone, but I can say, over years they've made me a very proud parent and it's truly an honor to be their mother. I won't go on and on becas this really isn't the site for this, but this mighty blessing came about in the midst of my journey so I'm clapping and waiving my hands and sharing my Joy which is actually a testimony. U c, Whn my sons were very very young they put prayers in the prayer box at church. This one here was no more than 6yrs old at the time. But I NEVER let thm forget that God received their letter of request and prayer. No matter how old they became, Their prayer was still viable and was going to be answered in God'd time. If I couldn't give my children anything thing else, I gave them God. I know I spoiled them in several areas but their characters and integrities as young men are intact as well as their souls.
I'm so excited! JOY JOY JOY! Here are a few pics.
One more day til I take off for DR. I will keep u guys posted. Have an Awesome and Blessed Day :)
*scuse the typos

TODAY is the DAY and I'M UP UP & AWAY!

Headed to the airport. Boy time went by fast! Can't believe I'm about to be in DR making a long overdue dream come true. Thank You to all of u who extended urselves to me and making it easier for me to get to the his point. Hecks y'all I can't believe it. I AM ON MY WAY!!!!
I will post again once I land.
*Prayer Faith and Determination


I'm post as frequent as I can.

I Made It! PLEASE pray me thru the next two weeks, for they are the most critical phase

Thank you all so much a can't stay awake rt now...everything is well no breast done nor arm life. I'll b back in six months for R2. I tried to snap q few pics Hope they post. Oh and I will return EVERYONES msg soon as this initial post op phase passes.


POST OP DAY 2 Doctor's Visit

Hey RS Family, I've bn responding to most of ur wonderful messages of prayer and encouragement. I still have a few more left.
I still haven't got a chance to c myself yet. I can barely stand up straight. Geesh this is crazy! Tender and sore. I will post a detailed post of my sx and post op experience as soon as I am home and settled. Note...I said "MY Experience." Ok tht was a lil bit of back in the days South Central LA attitude. I just wish we didn't have a lack in respect whn it comes to others experience on here. Anyway...I loves me some y'all! U ladies are truly AMAZING!!! Can u close ur eyes for seven seconds and imagine all of us in the same huge room at the same time? The strength of a woman is amazing...but the strength of a group of women who stands TOGETHER is an incomprehensible PHENOMENON!
Sentimental but REAL.
So. I went to my doctors appointment today a got a pic taken while my fajate was open. I'll post it.
My Hgb was 12.3 in Jan. 13.0 in Feb. I tripled up and it was a 13.7 for March. I get to DR and it was
ELEVEN.EIGHT! Then they said they had to do a Manuel Hgb. I showed thm my doctors papers so they cud c for themselves but of course they had to go by their numbers. So...I wasn't able to get the Flattie Pattie Twins Done, nor my things of Bat Wings. But honeys let me tell u. I'm SO GLAD becas I wud have bn up stink creek bcas I need every bit of my lower and upper body strength. Mid section is just helpless n SHOT! Lol.
Lipo w/TT, and a lil fat added to the sad face BOOTY. Hoping and praying it looks lifted and happy now. We shall see. Oh and I got my sides done and tht dog'on lipoma I found last month is gone too, Thank u Jesus and thank u Dr. Fátima Almonte. She did THAT! Everyone including a few of the gals on here who are just as sweet in person tells me tht my waist is very small. I can't wait to get to a mirror so I can see wht they are seeing. Not to much pain. More soreness and tenderness than anything. I don't mind walking bent over becas Thts less stress on my incision site.
DO NOT PUT STRESS ON UR INCISION SITES LADIES. You will surely have a case of wound dehension if u do. This is where u pop ur sutures and/or ur wound edges separates ur incision opens. Back to the doctor or ER u will go. So please be careful cas OUCH this ain't no joke! Don't rush ur bodies even if ur feeling the energy take it easy. BIG HUGS and Many Prayers. Never Cease Praying. I'll connect again soon. I have to lay down now.
Feel free to ask whatever question I'm here for u as well.
Scuse the typos


For those who don't know, I'm staying at GIANNA COLOMBO's RH and I absolutely LOVE IT...Would I go anywhere else? NO. Further Details in my upcoming detailed post/review.
I'm now able to stand up a little so I was able to get a few pics taken. I have the black waist /corset thingy over my Fajate becas it provides my back with so much comfort while standing or walking. Here's a few pics. Not the best but I tried.

The Journey Is Real Post-Op Review

Hey RS Family! I've made it home.
This is the THIRD attempt to rt this post as a "Detailed" Expierience during my journey!!! Boy o Boy. The first time I attempted and COMPLETED it I was still in DR on Sat after the day my Roomie left. It took forever uploading as if it was buffing or something, thn it disappeared. I call another RS member and she said she didn't see it on her end either. SO...I started another before I left. Got midway finished and thn forgot and turned my phone off before my plane took off yesterday. So this brings me to my third attempt. Forgive me, but it's not going to be as detailed as the first but I will hit the main/very relevant details. I want to get this done becas u guys have bn WONDERFUL and so many of ur stories have helped me and I want to continue in with mine, in the hope tht it will be helpful to or someone or simply decent read if nothing else. Ok I'm going to try go straight to the points and make this as quick as possible, So please scuse all typos, abbreviations, left out words, etc.
Hgb 12.3 in Jan. Hgb 13.0 Feb, increased iron Sups to three times a day and Hgb 13.7 in. Mar exactly one week before sx I got my results. SX date 3/31st. Arrived in DR 11pmish 3/29th. Received msg from Dr. Fetima Almonte's Assistant, Leslie saying sx moved up to the next day 3/30th be at clinic 6:30am. Called Leslie and small friendly debate held becas I was concerned about getting my blood drawn and my Hgb resulting in the lower status due to me just getn off and ELEVEN HOUR flight of being oxygen Deprived. *Being at a very high attitude in which ur body isn't use to can have an impact on ur Hgb result due to oxygen deprivation or lack of oxygen over a period of time. How significant, depends on each individual's body. Her debate barely any effect. My debate-I begged to Differ. To top it all off I was on the last day of my March cycle which lasted for three days and was the same normal cycle as Jan-Feb cycles.
6:15 arrived ar clinic 3/30th. EKG good, Chest X-ray good, Hgb dropped so I wasn't able to got everything I wanted done which was a little expected becas even the ladies on here who had high Hgbs never say they were able to get everything the wanted. Too risky for one thing. So I was only able to liposuction to abd, waist, and sides, w/TT, fat grafting under buttocks fold. where the buttocks had lost it's volume and flattened out. No breast, Bat Wings/Armlift, back, or full BBL lift, thigh saddle bags are still present and AWEFUL so no sculpturing done to hip area. No tenderness either at the locations either. ROUND2 in months mandatory. Plans already in progress. Brought money back home and I'm saving it for R2.
At clinic took the famous "Blue Pill" forgot the name of it. Rolled to OR with IV already in hand. Was given dose of Diprovan ( Sedation Med) via IV. They LAYED me down and Two hours or so later, I woke up in my room with a nurse standing over me, IV fluids, and Foley Catheter. The room at CeCip was large, Very Clean. I had two vomiting episodes and tht was it. I only felt moderate soreness and slept from the analgesic she was pushing me with. She said the name of it in Spanish or mayb she didn't know what I was asking so from tht moment on, I refused all pain meds, had them to take a full set my vital signs and thn, proceeded to take my pain meds. This was just my preference for my immediate post-op care.
While at CeCip, the ENTIRE Team Almonte was Hands Down...Superb. Had quite a few laughs during conversation and jokes. It's a business no doubt, but once Leslie knew the I was disappointed becas my hemo wasn't high enuff to get me breast, arms, or back done, she came to where I was. U c, I don't believe in quick fixes. I wanted enuff done to where I came home looking and feeling like I had a MMO done. Not just a flat stomach. To each his/her own but not me. I'm also one of patient soul when patience is required. So taking my loss and coming home and saving to up to have my procedure done either in the US or with another PS was absolutely not problem for me. Again, thts just me. But they assured me I had a very nice shape and was going to be happy with my results. Am I happy? Still a lot of swelling but thus far I am. Leslie came to my side sat and talked with me and thn collected the money. She was real cool, nice, supportive and sweet in person, just as she had bn over the phone.
New Info...So after and during my visit with Dr. Almomte the next day in my room, she informs me tht she saw and felt a "big fibroid" in my lower abd tht extended across the pelvic area just below or at my umbilical area. So off to my doctor I go this week. Becas I knew I was coming to the DR, I went and had all kinds of test done. From testing my blood levels for this and that, to Mammogram, to Pap smear. I can't feel anything and neither can she right now with all the swelling. I asked did any of this prevent her from doing anything she would have done during her normal procedure and she replied, "No." She said she was still able to do the muscle repair, lipo and tuck successfully, Advised me to "Go my doctor and tell him what she says and schedule to have it or them removed as soon as I'm healed." After going home and doing research, I told her, "Nope it's not happening. I'm not about to go thru tht." This was very concerning to her but we moved on. Becas for now, I have a made up mind.
Whts crazy is...There's a lot of times I'll read on here where some dolls say they have very heavy mentrals and /or their mentral periods lasts for more than 8days 12-16days, and I'd think to myself, Oh she might have endometriosis or FIBROIDS and doesn't know it." Lol and here I am with a fibroid or fibroids. Well if its big like tht thn, there's no way it's coming out vaginally and having an abdominal hysterectomy is OUT of the question. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact tht they grow and grow and my stomach will get big, or tht I can start having painful and heavy mentral periods or tht my period can last forever, leaving me on the anemic side. I guess I'll cross tht road Whn/If I get there. But for tht I'm back home I'm goin to target the foods and things tht helps increase my estrogen hormone and avoid those as much as possible; along with other actions, and take it from there.
Anyway...Once at the RH Leslie, and Tonya txd me to check up on me. They really made a difference. The entire Almonte team did what they cud to make sure I was comfortable and happy. I truly appreciate them.
I stayed at Gianna Colombo's RH and give all PRAISES to God for leading me there. From beginning to End the care was well up to par. Very attentive staff. Needs, Requests, Assistance galore, Med schedule followed. Meals three times a day and I was pampered and cared for with sensitivity and every bit of compassion. Me and my roommate were in GOOD HANDS the whole time. I did my research and it paid off. Reasonable rate, SUPER CLEAN and pretty inside, and I was properly care for. Business with a big touch of FAMILY environment. Hecks if u don't want wht they cooked they will go above and beyond to make sure u get what u want. I said DANG! lol. The absolute BEST Y'ALL. I praised God for the RH I chose. Especially knowing there's so many others out there tht have crazy horror stories behind thm. So my advice to u wud b...
Big n Fancy is great, but ladies are u looking for a VACATION, to BRAG, or to RECOVER with the utmost care rendered?
As for myself, CLEANLINESS, PROFESSIONALISM, "COMPASSION", VALID CERTIFICATIONS (for those administering med injections), and overall KINDNESS, ATTENTIVENESS with NURTURING personalities and attitudes. I can care less about bid and fancy...Hecks after going thru such a sx, me and my body needs all the which my roommate and myself received at Gianna's. In addition to this she's a certified Ethestecianist (have no idea of how it's spelled) but she specializes in lymphatic massages. Believe me they are extremely beneficial. Be sure to schedule ur appointments for after u return home. BIG BIG BIG KUDOS to Gianna Colombo and Team.
Well not too much to really share, so this concludes my review. I took some pics and will post those following this post. If u have and questions, concerns, or advice feel free to make them known.
Thank u for reading my post/review.
Much Love and God Bless u All...

Uploading Detailed Failed Three Times

Detailed Review Attempted THREE TIMES...I GIVE UP.
First Attempt...Saturday the day my roommate left; exact same thing as just now....Uploading files never uploaded and ENTIRE detailed review/post was lost Second Attempt...Sunday before I left but I forgot and turned my phone off whn the plane got ready to take off.
Third Attempt... Just now! Uploading Files never uploaded. My husband says this may b due to the need to "Refresh the Site's Page." This means all unsaved data will n lost. So I'm going to just post my pics for now becas now I'm frustrated. I took my time again and again no review/post.

I Had a Blessed Journey

Due to Uploading technicalities Detailed Review Failed to Upload AGAIN...But my Journey was Blessed and all is still well.

GOD IS GOOD! VOID the previous Update!

WHOOP! WHOOP! My Second Attempt to post my review DID GO THROUGH Y'ALL!!! Man! I was so frustrated I got off like I'm DONE.
Took a mini nap and thn said. I'm just gonna try one more time. Because there's ppl on here who have bn very supportive as well as ppl who are coming behind me and have yet to have their surgery. I wanted so bad to give back to the RS Family I talked to God and said I REALLY want this to go thru this time. Honnies...As I was scrolling down view the last pics I posted (because I have a couple more to post) I saw tht my SECOND REVIEW DID POST. After minutes and minutes of a LONG DELAY it posted, YES! I AM NOW A HAPPY CAMPER!
Hey I've thanked u guys from the depths of my soul for extending yourselves to me during my journey. I will continue to post updates atleast once a month from here on out.
R2 is also coming up so Stay Tuned Family...
REVISION of whtever needs to b done from R2 (too early to know at this time), Breast lift w/implants, Arm lift, back lipo (if and where needed), Lipo sculpture to Buttocks and Hips (saddle bags gots to GO). Thigh lift on R3 is Hgb not up enuff on R2. LET's GO!


Hey U guys, I was talking with someone and she asked me in consideration of the pain & discomfort is this sx something I think I'd do all over again.
So. Wht I'd to do is share my answer with u as well because, I didn't touch much on my pain/discomfort. Well I did because the main discomfort I've bn experiencing is Soreness and Tenderness. Not really a feeling of "pain" except for after meals. Lmbo...Hooooh u can't eat ur normal amount of food. THERES NO ROOM lol! Girls I tell u, I was overeating at one point and everytime it felt as though I was paying for it with my life. SLOWLY.
Shooo...For a min I think I was in my "Love to b out and eating mode." Don't act like it's just me. Heck ladies u know how we do it. We go shopping; we're sitting down at the food court eating something TASTEY. Or, we're stepping inside one of those restaurants to eat, bcas it seems to add the topping on the cake when being out. From going out when accompanied by a man, to "quality Girl's Time", to shopping, etc. This is something we lovez to do.
Bringing it back to Base...
However, my girl/roomie ask me to not eat too much one day we sat down to eat and I thot of the pain and put a limit on that baby reaaal quick. Lmbo. Afterwards, I felt good. No Abd pain. Now I'm just about at my normal amount without the feeling of extreme discomfort.
Laying down...
They had these big pillows a lil bit smaller than sofa pillows and regular pillows. We were propped up on these and our head were elevated semi-high. So our bodies posture resembled one who was in a reclined chair. Neither one of us were use to sleeping on our backs so this, along with the sx made the first two nights a little difficult finding comfort. But we did sleep. Getting out of the bed was the worse. We cud have called them every time every time, but I think we both knew they'd come running, just as they do whn we call them for our other needs. So I can tell we both found our own ways to gettn up independently without putting strain on our internal and external incisions and sutures. I must say misery does love company, because I felt a little better knowing someone who was going thru the same thing at the same time I was. We encouraged one another, laughed
at one another, helped each other etc. When those dang Stage II Fajas were put on us, we got knocked rt back down...OMGn!...and knowing this brought laughter in the midst of our pain. All the sore and tenderness and now ur compressed even more! Makes u say, "SHIT!" Sargents, u know what I'm saying. Rookies, u have yet to find out.
Would I do this all over again? No. Not this part. But. Lipo grafting YES. The amount I got was not too bad. I'm able to stand up and walk straight, but I don't completely becas it's comfortable whn I lean a lil forward plus it takes tension off my incision site.
Sleeping and not being able to slp on sides or stomach added to the discomfort.
So. Mz. Boppy Pillow is a MUST HAVE. And the tall white platic female urinal is also a MUST HAVE. Ladies I peed twice on myself first day post-op. Half in panties and pad and other half in urinal. The second time I cried like a baby. After tht episode, I knew not to get to far from my urinal. Though my brain felt strong enuff, physically inside, my body wasn't. The staff was rt there to help and this is what broke me down. It was at THAT moment tht the reality of things hit me. I had sx and I'm DOWN and I was HURT. I wasn't able to do as I did pre opreratively, "Take Care of ME" Lol/Smh It. Was. Crazy.
Looking Back, I must say...What an EXPERIENCE
(in a whole different country).
Scuse the typos
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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