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Dra. Duran just responded for my quote and it only...

Dra. Duran just responded for my quote and it only took 2 days....O by the way I'm 34 years old, 5'6 @140lbs with 4 daughters and I feel it's time for me to feel good about my body... I really appreciate all the information from the previous Duran patients and the ones on their way...I send my prayers out to you :)...ok now it's time to make a doctors appointment....April 2014 is right around the corner

This my quote and procedures from Duran

So in your case liposculpture, bbl, tt and breast augmentation my price us6,300

PCP appointment

I got my well women exam and blood work scheduled for Oct.28...all should be well I pray it is...then I'll confirm my sx hubby on board and said I'm not traveling without him..yeah...he can carry me post op and I can be the big baby. .how he do when he get sick.

Wish pic

My Iron/pre op

I didn't feel like taking too many pills so I opted for S.S.S Tonic...I'm normally cold all the time but since I started taking the liquid iron. ..I'm good n now I sweat for no

more wish pics

wish butt

PCP Visit...check

Don't you just love it when you tell your primary doctor your having sx and they say. .."for look great" thanks doc but I want to look like .....damnnnn she look great hella hella hella fine!!!!!
Lab results next week...until then ttyl

Test Results

Complete Blood Count (CBC)


                                Mine          Standard

WBCx10^3.  8.5  4.3 - 11.1 /uL

RBCx10^6  4.35  3.93 - 5.25 /uL

HGB                  12.1  11.6 - 15.0 G/DL

HCT           38.0  35.7 - 45.2 %

MCV                  87.4.  80.6 - 95.5 FL

MCH                  27.8.  25.9 - 32.8 PG

MCHC                  31.8  31.6 - 35.1 %

RDW                  14.2  12.0 - 15.5 %

PLTx10^3  430  166 - 358 /uL

MPV.          10.2.  9.5 - 12.9 FL

RDWSD                 45.5  39.0 - 49.9

SX Date

I just talked to Elizabeth and I'm scheduled for transformation on April 3rd...yeah so excited. ...anxious...etc etc


I'm addicted to RS...Real talk...I don't play candy crush at all anymore...I can't focus at work either...I'm following sx, checking updates RS is a

A Selfie

My frontal and my butt...lot of more kids for me I'm so ready 4 a change

At home hemoglobin test

50 bucks on ebay...60 on amazon

For all the Coffee drinker

Be cautious of your coffee intake because it may interfere with your iron absorption....I drink about a cup a day and hemo was 12.1 so I'm going to cut back from everyday and see if my hemo goes up...


I ordered just to see how it feels and fit compared to my spanx...I need more compression on this belly right now ;)
If it don't work out I'll just send back plus I got $30 discount...couldn't pass that up

Maria E Faja delivered

Spanx ain't got nothing to compare with this faja...I had to lay down to put it own and got a little light headed when I stood
But once I moved around and got comfortable...I played dress up for about an hour and my clothes fit better than with the spanx..With this compression I put on clothes I haven't wore in about 8 this will not replace my sx but I get a small glimpse of my figure to come in was worth the buy

My alleged sx buddy

Well...okay I started off with my hubby joining but my friend who I originally started this journey finally said she was going through with now my hubby don't want to come...okay he uninvited himself. friend got her quote from Duran and it was cheap...but I don't feel her excitement. ...When I talk about April I feel like she brushing it off and then started talking about doing research on the anesthesiologist. told her I been following Duran for a year. Smh...I have a feeling she going to bail on me............really I think I should prepare my hubby to come....what rs ladies think

The Anticipation

I think I want to move my date up....I can't wait...too anxious especially after seeing the November dolls post ops with Duran ;)


I'm such a procrastiner....I know I need to get my passport asap cuz the days are flying by. O my hubby back on board. .said he will never let me travel to another country without him and with all that cash... I just clipped some coupons for some of the supplies needed so I will begin to collect my necessities. O my Christmas is right around the corner...I feel like I'm being selfish because I refuse to spend what I normally do but I got my money (dinero) tied up for my .okay I'm rambling. ..Happy Holidays

Work Leave

I just my leave approved for the entire month of April....let's go :-)

At home blood test is in....

Got my little gadget today and my hemoglobin still holding at 12.1...I still got some time left to try to get it higher #april2014

The Test

Menstruation. ..ugh

Okay my period used to come in the middle of the month but now it switched to the very end of the month...should I be concerned since my sx is on the 3rd...# cause for concern

OMG time is flying.....

I gotta start getting my supplies and buy carry on luggage only because my connect flight is only 50 minutes in between....we gonna be running lol

Dra Duran!!!

I just sent her an email about how many surgeries she do a day.....she hit me back in minutes and said "No se asuste 
Pueden haber 5 incluso"......don't more than 5...

More Convo with Dra Duran

Hey I've been calling this morning to make sure Elizabeth have me down for April 3rd......I just spent 1900$ on my plane tickets I'm ready

Dra. Duran...
Today is holiday, Dominican republic dont work today, but you dont need call elizabeth i have my schedule with me today and i saw I have Mary in schedule for april 3 (tt, ba and bbl) 
Ok? Dont worry

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El 06/01/2014, a las 01:03 p.m.

My dreaded pre op pics

Im currently 141lbs
5'6 tall
36 B
35 waist
39 1/2 hips

Money Money Yeah Yeah

Someone must notify the universe when folks trying to save money...cuz bulls*&^# always comes up...but this heckup will not deter me...Thank god for credit with Amazon

Whoop Whoop

My hemoglobin went up from 12.1 to 13....yeahhhhh!


I got $10,000 for my transformation and I'm excited because I haven't spent this much money on myself in one wop since I got my bachelor's degree....o time is flying by...

I got my passport...

Supplies ordered from Amazon and already had

Graduated compression socks 20/30
Ace bandages
Lanacaine spray ( itch, pain, antibacterial)
Lioton (heparin gel)
Arnica gel
Boiron Arnica pills
Rose hip seed oil

Already had:
Alcohol pads
Small hand mirror
Iron pills
Vitamin C
B vitamins


My items are all coming in...I'm so excited and I just can't hide

All the good news

I'm so glad to hear about all of new dolls coming out on the flat side without any problems.....Team Duran all the turning back :)


OMG next month I'll be in the DR.......beginning to nervous


Flight booked...April 2nd -12th

Recovery House reserved

It's my Birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be getting wasted for the last time until long after sx....Time to turn up! April 3rd is my birthday gift to


My hubby have the nerves to get upset when he hear me telling friends about the DR. I don't share my exact sx procedures. I guess he think people not going to tell I had work Really I can tell what I want because this is my smh

Crazy Dream

I had a dream that I told the doc that I wanted C cup breast but I woke up with DD breast...omg I would just


Count Down

Let the count down begin. ..I'm about to order this massager from Amazon and that'll be it until I come home transformed ;)

Tick Tock Tick

The days are down to single digits. I'm not scared but tense due to all of the unfinished business at home and last day of work is this Friday...I had to take some muscle relaxers last night...hopefully I can get everything handled when I don't have to worry about work..pray for me :)

So Surreal

Only a few days left...home life is taken care of....just have to clean today and tomorrow.....I'm ready..ready ready ready :)

mo money mo money mo

Bills Bills Bills

I just scheduled for all my bills to paid while I'm out of the country. I pray that all goes well and the sx be a success with non or minimal complications.

1st day in DR

Let's start with American Airlines...they switch my flight time at last I notified Dominga last minute....get on plane 6am...then had to wait an hour because something was wrong with plane...finally connect in Miami and that plane didn't leave on time..get to DR @ 3pm...wait in line then wait in another line..finally exit airport and guess what no phone... had a tantrum..started crying...venting on facebook...etc...paid for some high ass coffee just to access wifi at bar in airport...then had to buy phone to make a 2 minute call...Dominga apologize and said she forgot about flight change and came back to airport..she was actually there at 12p my original arrival picked up after 4pm so of course no test today...anywho...Dominga is nice and her place is clean...I used google translate with the cook and got exactly what I hubby is supportive. .private room, bath and balcony.
Time for sleep..hope all goes well tomorrow

The Wait

Ladies...the waiting @ is for real. your best to have test done before day of sx... Just got cleared by cardiologist ...I been here since 730 am and now its 143pm...she said my cholesterol was a little high and asked me where I was from...when I said Texas she said o

1 day post op

2 days post op

I didn't have sx until friday morning because all the drs had a meeting a 6 on Thursday. . So I had to spend 2 nites at the Cipla...Friday around 740a I took the blue and went to sleep. ..I woke up in sx but didn't feel anything that hurt...Dr Duran kept asking if I was okay because I kepr moving my head....afterward I was I a recovery room with 2 other girls but since I was wide awake thet took me to my room. 1st night was hell. .my ass hurt so bad and I could not sleep. The next morning I had to get 2 pints of blood which 8000 pesos..About 190$ us...I didnt leave the Cipla until 930p...Dominga staff picked us up and he drove carefully but that ride was hard. ...we got to Dominga's and my hubby helped me upstairs. ..yes I said upstairs. ..but once I got up I was not planning to come down...I finally got some sleep last night even though I had to sit up in a weird position but I worked. I woke up this morning and was able to sit up on my own and walk to bathroom by hubby was like god cuz I was bugging I'm about eat breakfast ttyl

3 days post op

My my my these drains are killing me...the burning sensation will bring you to your knees. I'm walking more but very in the morning...I'm still sleeping on my n there's no other way..I will Duran on Tuesday so hopefully I get these drains out..ttyl

round booty

4 days post op

Man I just went to my follow up and Dra was nothing nice. She put them hands on me and squeezed and pushed omg...She closed my faja and I actually feel way better because my stomach was swollen... I got to look at my breast and she did just what I asked for :) I got my back drain out and the front will be removed on Friday....

4th day

4th day

5th day post op

Last night I got my 1st massage and that shit hurt....I didn't cry but wanted stomach had so much fluid since I couldn't close faja due to tummy tuck the first 4 back drained alot n it felt gross..I did feel a little better after the massage but this faja closed is the devil. I woke up this morning n couldn't breath and had to pop it open :(
I'm still swollen on stomach regardless of wearing this faja tight....I can't wait to burn this thing

Swollen day 5

5th day with faja and dress

Day 6

O my...I'm still swollen in the tummy area but the massages are helping..this damn front drain is not working and thank god tomorrow it comes faja is on the last latch possible. .gots to get this swelling down..I'm so ready to go home..home sweet home

1 week post op

Well ladies this is no speed race...recovery is a mutha...I got the drains out and tummy went down some but can't even be out of faja for 2 minutes before I swell again (exaggerating a lil) Dra said I needed smaller faja..I was shid I thought this was small as it can I'm telling u its like I'm a xs right now! When my swelling subside I will take a full frontal but until then imma get some sleep cuz I go home in the morning. ..yelp yelp

Last day in DR

Being Home

I have 4 kids and being home is not easy. You want things to be normal but their not and won't be for a while...I felt a lil sad this morning because I can't even comb my daughter hair and the hubby went back into his normal ways...not helping with the girls...I just have to take it one day at a time

10 days post op

2 weeks post op

Omg my skin is so icthy and matter what I put on still itches... got me looking crazy.....but I love the shape my body is taking ;)

Devil Faja

I got a smaller faja and I wore it all day yesterday. problem...but when I laid down to sleep it became possessed. ...I was dizzy..head was spinning...omg worst night but I didn't want to take it off because the feeling without would've been horrible.. baby I had to say fuck it and sleep in my side.....I know now that I will be sleeping in my 1st faja until this one loosen a bit...I felt like I was being squeezed by a boa constrictor...omg

3 weeks post op

The swelling is finally subsiding....I feel good about my results. .just gotta get used to the boobs

The Waist

My waist is currently 27 1/2 inches...pre op it was 35

1 month

I returned to work wasn't that bad but the faja tore my butt up..I couldn't wait to get home in order to get a breather...I'm not getting tired as easily but some days I need a nap

6 weeks post op

Ladies please stay off the scale because it misleading due to your swelling....I love my results. The lipoed areas are killing me though but I shall remain waist still at 27 1/2 and butt/hips 42 inches ;) and breast are 32D but I could only find 34 D bras

6 weeks photos

darn it

I got a small faja burn right above my belly button..I protected my skin n still got burnt...damn

the burn from devil faja

trying on matching underwear

8 wks po

I got my xs squeem today...yay

10 weeks post op seroma

I had to go to ER today because tummy was warm to touch...catscan was done and I have a small seroma...was referred to a plastic surgeon given antibiotics and naproxen

12 weeks post op

4 months po

My body is still a good way

7 months po

I love my new body...butttt.. I have 1 area that I'm concerned lower abdomen under belly button is's bothering me because I want to be flat! I contacted Dra Duran and she told me to wait some more but if it doesn't change liposuction would do.....I'm not trying to be perfect...I just want what I hubby is already planning another trip to DR...talking bout he want Duran to add more to my men and the booty ;)

I guess this would count as a Rd

My previous post I discussed my pooch...well I'm scheduled this month for lipo of my lower abdomen with Dr. Roehl of Houston Texas...I hope all goes well and this be my last sx for sometime...but hey we want what we want ;)

1 year post op

I still say it's worth it!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Duran is a very good doctor. ..and I'm glad I chose her for my mommy makeover....she takes her surgery very serious....she's a very busy lady but once you have sx she makes you a priority... love love my doctor

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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