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My wish pics....In love Dr. Yily''s work...sent my...

My wish pics....In love Dr. Yily''s work...sent my pics and info, waiting on a response back. Too geek ed my mother of 1. My son is 13 and I'll be 40....I'm ready......#teamsbatched #teamyily I'm 6ft 240. I'm very curvy. My goal is to loose 15. I have what's considered a big butt and small breast...I want the waist to go with it...Looking to get.. TT/LIPOSUCTION &BREASTLIFT

I got a quote

It took a couple days but I finally received my quote from Dr. Yily. I was quoted 6,000.
Full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair
Liposuction of the back, stomach, arms, bra area and flanks
Breastlift or breast augmentation
I'm also waiting a quote from Dr. Robles.
I think that 6,000 is reasonable. I really in Enos Yily's work, but I also like how natural Robles dolls are. I'm really set on Yily however she took a few days to get back so I researched others.
Going forth, I'll be gathering my med aND try to convince my mom to come with me. I'll keep dolls posted about my sx date....

So ready, I've received my quote and I'm excited! ...

So ready, I've received my quote and I'm excited! I'm hoping and looking forward to a March 2017 date... I'll be going to the DR and I'm having surgery with Dr. Yily. I received an email explaining in full what 6,000 would cover. Very detailed quote. I'll be sending my deposit to secure my date. My goal is to be well into the healing process before my birthday in May. I've been asked why am I doing this? Why my decision to go to the DR to have it done?....LOOK I've been thicker than a snicker my whole life. I'm 6ft 235-40lbs, I'm 12/14 on the top 14/16 on the bottom...(I can get it lol) im not hurting the eyes so thats not it.This isn't about pleasing a man or anything of that nature..This is for me!!! #teamnospanx. Why the DR well i researched and researched i like how natural Yily's work is, so it was a no brainer for me...I lost my passport so that's my next step and then I'll book my flight. I wasn't asked to lose any weight but I'm going to drop 10 to be on the safe side. Like I said I'm looking towards the end of March, if any of you ladies are traveling and or planning to travel to the DR around that time and would like be my surgery buddy hit me up!!!!!! We Can Get Snatched Together....til the text post....

Deposit Sent Date Scheduled YilyDoll2017

I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. Like I stated in my previous post I'm 6'0 tall about 235-40lbs. I'm small busted and I'm bottom heavy. I'm considered rather curvy. My quest for surgery started after I had my son. I only have one child and I'm 39. I had my son by c-section 13yrs ago. He was almost 9lbs. To make a long story short my Dr. didn't give me a bikini cut because of how my some was positioned and the size. I'm was and still am totally fine with the decision. However it doesn't matter how small I am I still struggle with the pouch. It's scare tissue fat and extra'm doing this for me. I absolutely love my shape but I deserve to feel good about all of it...I think 6,000 is all the worth it. Deposit sent. Date scheduled. Booking my flight and working on supplies.....

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sent the request, responded in 24hrs. Sent in pics on a Saturday waiting on a word back..

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