Ready to Start the Skin I'm in Just Want a Little Upgrade - Dominican Republic

I'm team Dr. DURAN. ....I will be getting my help...

I'm team Dr. DURAN. ....I will be getting my help with this journey with the beautiful ladies @ bellavita_consultant. ...I'm so excited if anyone is planning to go around the time would like. ..Please by all means message me. I would love a sx buddy especially since I will be traveling alone and to be honest my family is not showing any support. Glad I found this site. If you have tips, suggestions ...I'm open to all.

over whelmed

I need help!!!! I feel like I'm lost, I don't know where to start what to do first. ...I wanted to get my supplies started but I don't have what to get. Just applied for my passport but undecided on if I should bellavita_consultant services or just research on my own. ...I know I have plenty of time but I like to know i have some things accomplished. Any tips. ...oh if you dolls are wondering I'm going for tt lipo bbl...Team duran.

Getting started

Ok I know I can be a little anal but I got my paperwork started for my leaving of absence and I think I'm going to take my trip either the first or third week of June. Been tracking my period and I due for it on the second week. that too much prepping? The only problem I'm having is getting my doctor on board he is being a little hesitant on giving me my prescription oh well hopefully he'll have a change of heart by June. ....gosh I didn't realize how much planning goes into this

surgery postponed :(

So highly irritated. ...I'm going to have to postpone my surgery. ...I'm so pissed but everything happens for a reason even if we don't approve will keep everyone updated when I pick a new date. .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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