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Beyond ready for Dr. Almonte to fix this mess!...

Beyond ready for Dr. Almonte to fix this mess! Love the angel I carried but can't stand this sloppy saggy body she left behind lol.

Having a TT, BBL, and liposculpture of full back, waist, flanks, underarm area, and inner thighs!

So far Lesley has been super responsive and patient. From what I hear the Dra. is just as sweet.

I am currently finalizing my leave with my job before I finalize my date! Yay! Also checking out recovery houses. Heard good things about Barbie RH. Also, apparently, massages and a facial are included. That's what I'm talking about..

Starting Photos!!


Starting Photos!! Yikes!!

Wish Pics

Wish Pics 2

Bootay!! These are photos I plan on showing to Dr. A to get the right size and shape. Also the right definition from the back sculpting. I need to emphasize that I am NOT trying to go very big on the BBL. I wear a lot of tapered slacks to work and having a VERY large BBL in those type of pants in an ultra-professional work setting would be disastrous.. :(

Back starting photo

Deposit Made!!

Just waiting for Lesley to confirm my date of January 5th, I believe at 11am. I must be one of the first two procedures.. Not the last.. The 4th procedure of the day must see a very tired doc...

Date Confirmed!!

Date confirmed for January the 5th!! And my friend is meeting me there to be with me thank goodness. But I just read a disturbing post by someone on here. Something about the CDC warning against these surgeries after 17 to 19 girls have come back with 'serious infections'. Then the poster somehow jumped to HIV, from 'serious infection'. I'll have to go research this myself a bit more and chat with Lesley about the precautions taken at the surgery center. How disturbing.


So many updates! So my date was pushed up to the 2nd due to a holiday being observed on the 5th. So right now I'm less than 4 weeks away!!! Starting to feel really real. LOL!

My flight is booked and I'm registered with TSA for expedited security because I already know, after I'm cut and stuffed if someone/something holds up that security line...

My supplies are mainly here. I didn't go really nuts. I just have 5 maxi dresses, larger underwear, neosporin, adult diapers, laxatives, and I'm going to add some pads. I won't be bringing too much else besides the normal toiletries as I'm trying to pack as light as possible for my trip home.

I've decided to go with real recovery armonia. They have decent prices, nice pics, space for my travel mate, and are quite responsive. I'm planning on getting a massage package, transport, and I may have them send an overnight nurse with me to the hospital as my travel mate can't make the new surgery date but they'll be there after.

I'll probably pack my suitcase a little more today and I'll upload pics. I also will be sure sure SURE to upload body pics right before, right after, and as I progress.. :)

All Cash...

Everywhere.... Does this make anyone else very nervous? The doc and the recovery house. Cash. USD. The recovery house ok. It's less than 600.00. The surgery is in the several thousands which is different. I know I can do a bank transfer since the doc and I share a bank but I'm not willing to carry that much cash overseas nor am I willing to transfer that much money before checking everybody and everything out with my own eyes.. LOL. I guess we'll be having a frank conversation :)

Only 3 more days!!!

I am kind of starting to freak right the heck out!! Like omgee am I really doing this? Why, again? Will I really need a BBL after the waist, back, abdominal and inner thigh 'sculpting'? What's the plan with these scars because I can not have a mess.. LOL! But even after all that I still want to do it! And am looking very much forward to spring and summer!

I think I am all packed? I still don't have much I am bringing. I feel like I could have made my carry-on work. I have been wracking my brain trying to think if I am forgetting anything! I figure, though, when I buy the fajas I will buy a post-op bra and lipofoam as well. Rather than trying to predict what I will need and most likely being wrong. :) Kind of wish I would've bought the pads and adult diapers over there as well. Then I def could get it all in my carry-on...

Another source of apprehension I am sure is that I will be going alone! My travel mate had an emergency come up and could not make it.. Which is bad because I will be alone but is also kind of good because I will be alone. LOL. I don't know about anyone else but when I am in pain or 'in my feelings' that is right where I want to be left. Alone.. LOL. So we will see how it goes.

I am not hearing much in the way of plans. The recovery house and doc asked for my itinerary but that was it. I triple checked with the RH that someone would be at the airport to retrieve me when my flight landed so hopefully that will not be an issue. Otherwise I think I am all set and hoping my hemoglobin is where it needs to be (fingers crossed).

So for the scars I am planning to leave them alone until the steri-strips fall off and MAYBE try maintaining a slight stoop when I walk on purpose until they do (first 3 weeks) just to keep the tension off of them, since that is how we get widened scars. As well as sleeping with my body pillow and other 10 pillows to keep me from assuming a position that creates pressure while I sleep. Then I am planning on using ScarAway's silicone strips while in the evening while I sleep and their silicone gel kelo-coat stuff during the day. All, of course, under the smallest fajate the doctor and recovery home can fit me into. :) Hopefully XS

Also, seeing as I will be on pain medications as well as have lingual braces put on 2 days after I get back from the DR (I would rather be in pain all at once), I doubt I will be eating very much solid food. So my plan is to do something like a juice diet for the following 2 weeks after I get home. I plan on essentially blending up kale, spinach, fruit (fruit juice), protein powder and liver (if I can stomach it) and just drinking it through a straw.. So we will see how that goes!

Ok that's it for now and tomorrow I will FORCE myself to take and upload pics of what I have packed, new body shots (as I think I gained a bit of weight), as well as ALL of the pics I plan on showing the doc about things I like on people as I have been collecting them.. And there are a lot!

Night ladies!

Updated Before Pics..

Day before surgery pics!!!

Suitcase all packed!!

All Done!!

Love my new abdominal area!! Didn't have a chance to get a good look at the rear as i still can't stand up straight but what I did see looked pretty good! Still lot's of swelling and draining which is normal after only 2 days. Dra. Almonte is officially the best. Very sweet and friendly. Also from what i can see, very talented!

I love, love, love my recovery house real recovery armonia. I couldn't ask for two more attentive aides. Very knowledgeable and truly caring. Ok a few pics i snapped. Ill get some more as i can straighten up and spend a lil more time outside this faja!

Random Drain Info

So apparently, you know your drainage journey is coming to an end when two things happen: 1) you start putting out less and 2) the color of the drainage changes from dark red to light red to yellow to clear. So mine (after just under 3 days) has changed from a thick dark red substance with visible clots to a lighter consistency/ red color. To, just recently, yellow serum visibly separated from what. Appears to be trapped string clots in the tube. I thought id attach a pic for anyone who wanted to khow what 'serum' looked like.

Random Advice I think helped in getting the results I was looking for..

Bring pics! In a binder. I did! I think it helped. I got EXACTLY what I was looking for! I say this because when we first started talking she was drawing 'hips' on me. Which makes sense as that's what a lot of girls usually go for, the super curvaceous look, when I showed her the more athletic look with just a round bubble butt that I preferred, she said 'Oh, we need projection'. Erased the 'hips' and said we really need to scoop your lower back and thighs and when I woke up and got a look at my backside what I got is what I wanted. Very projected but still reasonable for me!

About those trapped drain string clots...

Don't let what just happened to me happen to you. Ladies (men too I guess) If you see your clots forming a rope down the length of your tube, get it aspirated IMMEDIATELY! Just because it's 'flowing' doesn't mean it's flowing at the appropriate speed. You could still be accumulating fluid. And let me assure you, getting 3.5 giant syringes of trapped fluid forcibly sucked through a semi-rigid tube inserted in your back and under immense pressure, is NOT what you want. If ppl don't want to do it and think it's fine, get a syringe and slowly aspirate it yourself. You'll save yourself the pain..

Popped a stitch? and Drain pull *GRAPHIC*

So when i went to change my paper tape last night it looked like i popped a stitch!! Sent pic to doc. Still waiting for reply.

Don't rush to stand upright ladies! Not sure i was trying to stand upright but i may have gone a little bit too far when my back was hurting from the stooped position once or twice.

Either way i made some bootleg steristrips out of paper tape and then paper taped over them when i paper taped the whole incision.

Also, last night, i pulled my drain out. It was just not working out with the all the blood clots and things. I was around the doc's 50 cc amount to pull and felt the whole setup was just doing more harm than good.

Suture popped update.

Idk where that post i just made went but my anxiety made me check what i thought was an incision suture popping again tonight (found it last night) and glory be to God it looks healed. I will attach photographic evidence of my sanity, lol, since i know incision separation should not heal in 1 day. Tecassol powder and paper tape equals a tummy tuck incisions best friend!

My Scar.

She's so pretty...


Healing nicely... Still have a slight setoma in lower abdominal area. Will write seroma update soon. Ciao!

It's been 4 (and a half) months!! Sorry for the Delay!

I will try to upload pics later on tonight but I did not want that to stop me from giving an update. So, bottom-line, overall I am very, very pleased with my results.

My abdominal contour is amazing, the scar is low and thin, my waist is quite small (sometimes appears lopsided but still small) and my BBL is nice overall (the muscle on the right side juts out at a weird angle when I flex but how often is that?).

But the journey has not been easy and Almonte and co.s aftercare leaves QUITE a bit to be desired.

First, please let me say, REFUSE TO PAY THE 'INSURANCE'.. IT IS A SCAM!You will NEVER get paid!!

I developed a HUGE seroma that caused me to have to drive to their associated dr. in NYC several times for draining and incur a bunch of travel and medical costs that I have yet to be reimbursed for, 3 months later. Last thing I was told by Lesley was that she received my check and was 'figuring how to get it to me'. Really? You all managed to get my payment. We have the same bank. Is a wire in the OTHER direction that difficult? I think not. So my take on that situation is it is complete BS and since nothing life-threatening is going to happen if I am NOT reimbursed my 200.00+, it is a waste of my time to keep sending Whatsapp messages for Lesley to ignore.

Moving on. As I mentioned I developed a HUGE seroma. It was a beast! It is just now fully resolving. Yes ladies, very, very large seromas can take up to 4 months to close. Almonte and co. did put me in contact with a friendly Dominican doctor in NYC who was willing to drain it for me. I went to him three times, had two drainings then started doing it myself Why? 1) his schedule was ridiculous. we were not viewed as 'real' patients so we had to come 'after hours' after he saw all his 'real' patients; which, when you're making a 4 hour drive up and back, becomes a tiring annoyance. 2) the cost. Gas, tolls, wear and tear on my car, time off work, his fees (which weren't bad at all and would make sense if you lived in NYC). Each trip would be about 100-150 RT, then add his 50. It got too ridiculous especially after it became clear that this imaginary 'insurance' (which btw the claim forms are completely in Spanish so if you can not read Spanish, good luck) was very unlikely to pay out. So after I went up the last time and could not get drained because one of his 'real' patients, left, missed their turn, came back right before mine and then continue to jabber for over 45 minutes, I decided I was done and could do it myself. Which I did successfully.

I replicated his technique after reading about proper technique and asepsis, copied his pucture location, ordered sterile syringes from Amazon and needles from a medical supply in the sizes he noted in my medical notes, and got the job done. It was very scary and I do NOT recommend it but I had exhausted all my options. No local plastic surgeon would touch me (SURPRISE! not) and even the ER tried to play me. So I said I was done with the wasting of money and I do NOT beg and continued on to do it myself.

Thank the LORD I did not develop any sort of infection and it was effective as it barely accumulates anything now (I was draining ~15 ccs every few days) and have not had to drain it for weeks. Which I think it is actually closed at this point. Last draining (over a week and a half ago) was only around 6 ccs).

So that is my lil update i'll nab you all some pics later tonight or tomorrow :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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